A Flow That Enhances

energy_flow_by_wakko666-d5yzim0We often associate qualities to people, such as compassion or kindness. But it’s not so commonly understood that qualities exist energetically outside of people – a compassionate person, through a lifetime of repetitive acts, connects to the quality of compassion and can radiate that into the world. Very few people are consistent enough for a true connection, but throughout history such people are often called saints. We are all capable of it, though, if we so choose. Here, Jeane is shown the process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my next dream a woman friend and I have gone in to an auditorium – it feels like a town we’re not familiar with – to watch something. We go near the back of the auditorium and we sit down in these little wooden seats, and when I sit down and I cross my legs, my foot hits the rear end of the person sitting in front of me.

Well, I look up and there are two or three Arab men sitting there in their long white robes and one of them starts really causing a fuss because I kicked him in the rear end, and women aren’t supposed to touch men, so he’s turning around and causing a fuss.

Other than apologize I feel like the best way to deal with this is for me to just ignore it because I can’t do anything about it, and to me it was a little thing and it’s just culturally he’s fussing. So I scooch my chair back a little and then I just am not looking at him because I’m not going to deal with his fussing.

And he must have gotten up and I look to the right and there’s some other people that must be the women and children from his family that have come and they’re talking there, so I put my attention on what’s going on on the stage because I wasn’t sure if we were going to watch a movie or what. But instead I see there’s a group of people that have gotten up to sing.

And that’s all I remember about that dream.

John: So even though you have the station, and you have the pills, you don’t quite know how to use them yet. That is, not in the way that you might be inclined to think that that sort of thing is literally done.

You do introduce an answer in the dream, however, and that is that you put your attention, you redirect the attention, to something that’s alive and quickened, almost as if that is something that’s missing. You have a sense to know where the problem is by being able to address something that draws the attention, that quickens the energetic, as the solution. That’s very interesting.

Let’s see how that would apply. Let’s use your dad as an example. You can see where your dad might be bothered by something in some subtle way. Well, rather than address the manner in which he’s bothered, because that would be like inappropriate behavior, the feminine doesn’t go up and do that sort of thing.

The feminine has to have a better, subtler approach to changing things. So what you do is, in feeling the awkwardness that you know is troubling him, you figure out what is it that you can energetically do that sparks the energy so that that just goes away?

Because it’s almost like the feminine, from her understanding of the mood of things, can see the energetic imbalance and turn that mood from an energetic outer imbalance, she now knows how to take and spin the interest level, the excitement level of what can be done, activity wise, or just changing the way one is going about and that that relieves it – like maybe one takes a walk or maybe one goes for a swim, or whatever.

You’ve developed an understanding of how you can use a tripwire, so to speak, energetically, that kind of takes it into a whole other level of flow, and thus brings out the brilliance, and the quality, and the genius that underscores the depth of what your father is really all about.

And that the other is just some sort of stickiness, we all have our little stickiness areas, and you don’t go touching and dealing with the stickiness areas – that just invites a huge reaction. So that’s how you use your station and your pills.

Jeane: And in this last dream it feels like I’m a little frustrated because I feel like I’m flying around in a circle in a confined space, perhaps in these small planes, there are two of them.

It feels like we’re circling around and I want the planes to land but there’s something that they’re supposed to do or bring in or land that we just seem to be flying in circles and it doesn’t quite come together yet for a landing.

So it has a slight frustrating feeling to it.

John: So this is a warning dream. It’s saying that you can’t let your impatience get the best of you. As you see this stuff continuing to continue, if you get worked up and agitated about it, you can’t hold your station and apply your pills.

Actually, this quality where you change the tone of something rather than address the specific problem, and you have to do this from a point in which you’re not agitated or worked up because otherwise that doesn’t come across because the masculine senses this kind of thing and draws the wrong conclusion, so you have to be as naturally smooth and rhythmic about this as possible so that there’s no sense that you’re challenging anything, or trying to manipulate in some fashion, or have a reactivity in any regard.

It all looks quite natural. If you think about it, that’s how the Naqshbandi tradition is meant to work. In other words, when you meditate it is said that you place your attention upon the principle of love, or the quality of what you feel inside, and you hold that and dump everything else into it.

Because if you don’t do that, then what happens is that your mind races out to whatever it is that’s bothering you, that’s agitating you, that’s a predicament and you just make that to the point where you drive yourself bananas, crazy, insane.

But if you can then take all of that stuff and dump it into this quality, this depth inside, it gets absorbed and goes away. And that is a quality of meditation, that’s the principle upon which everything actually works. And what you dreamt, in terms of your station and your elixir pills, is how to apply that in terms of where you find yourself.

In other words, there’s one way of applying it on the inner, and there’s another way of applying that so that that innerness comes through into the outer, and that is the state and sense of pills that you carry. You know how to do that.

You put your energy upon a flow that enhances, that’s excitable, that’s of interest, that also, by the fact of a certain focus that’s involved in all of that, heals. And who would have guessed: it’s kind of invisible.

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Meditation and Dreams

jerry_uelsmann_stone_meditationHere John describes how he meditates before sleep as a way to foster the inner connections. What he also comes to realize is the roles that dream imagery and symbolism play as a way for those inner connections to be brought through into life and realized. Both the higher and the lower are required in a spiritual process. Unless we take our inner knowings and manifest them in outer actions, we are only fulfilling half of our promise to God and creation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, my way of looking at this was to recognize that I can have a theme that will resonate out of a meditation dream – if I stay with it long enough. In other words, by 2:15am in the morning or something. However, by midnight, I actually have, and am in touch with, the energetic on the other side – the inner. But I can’t bring it through. 

I have to somehow or another sit with that a bit longer before it comes through. What I’m actually sitting in, and with, is a type of light that, then, is reduced to an aspect of sound and is kind of brought through.

But the problem with this approach is that it’s speeded up, it’s awful transcendent and, ultimately, it’s exhausting to the body. And so what I’ve started to do was I started to notice that this 2:15am business can be 3:15am even 4am if you’re not careful.

And so I started to realize you can’t keep this up forever because what happens is a certain quality of dream imagery, it’s like a subrogation is taking place between a certain level of dream imagery that happens in ordinary sleep is compromised by the depth that one probes of the inner that one goes so much into that it’s as if there is a gap again in terms of a displacement.

And so as I started to say to myself, this is ridiculous, this is ridiculous, I’m slowly shortening the time frame up. And as I shorten the time frame up I have problems, I can use the focus and attention and still pull out the imagery, along with the vibration. If it’s before one am, but after midnight, I can pull out the vibration but not necessarily the imagery.

If it’s before 12am I come out of it in a state that has gone somewhere, but may not be able to pull out the vibration or the sound. However, what I was experiencing inside was fairly profound, and I can tell that.

And so what this is causing me to realize is that I have to ask a question. And when I came out of my meditation dream yesterday, the position I was in back in creation is one of anticipating a change that is coming. But in order to understand what that change would be, in terms of a symbolic depiction, I’d have to dwell another two hours to pull that out.

In other words the vibration wasn’t enough that I could make heads or tails, within it, out of it. And so I’m recognizing that what I’m doing has a problem. I just made a determination that I was going to see what my dreams can do about this.

In other words, the teacher said that you don’t need to meditate a long, long time. And it’s also been said that the true reason for the meditation is to establish a connective correlation so that something from within can flow through one.  

So that also raises the question, why is that necessary? What is that about? And so I thought, well I’ll just leave that as a seed thought now for the dream world to take over because I might be slighting the dream world by the experiences on the other side that are a little bit over-the-top.

Well in my dream I find myself looking for a consistent, unfolding consciousness. And what I’m looking at, and putting a criteria on, is that 40% of this has to come from the masses. Not the majority, 40%.

And 20% is the effect that kind of happens from within. In other words that comes down but at some point it has to go into and effect the masses. So when you total the inner coming through and then the effect upon the masses, you end up with a 60% overall.

And so the challenge is if I can reach the 40% polling, because it’s like a type of polling that takes place, then I can effect a meaningful change in the way things are flowing, or changing, or shifting. In other words, it just naturally happens then.

And so there is a simple system for determining if I have a 40% polling consciousness from the public. I don’t worry about the 20% because that’s kind of a given, as an effect that sits there from within trying to come across into manifestation. Reaching the 40% makes it easy enough so that the flow and the linkage then can automatically be like a 60% effect.

So the image that I have is that of a sifter, in other words I have a cloth upon which flour is poured across the length of this cloth. This cloth is held like a long, long sheet or something, and then it’s shaken a little bit with the flour on top.

And the flour is poured as consistently as possible. And the cloth continues to go outward, in other words, there’s more and more flour that’s there, it continues to sift outwardly. And the flour that sifts through is the 40%. And this is what carries the appearance of being like the cookie-cutter scenario.

In other words I do not need to expend much monies, that is, outer energies, I just need for there to be a constant effort that has a 40% overall influence. At times I get over excited and try to help things out when the flour that is needed is being sifted in its own due way – so that a result is reached.

And I am still trying to get the last of the flour off of the cloth as consistently as possible, in other words, trying to now pay attention to that as opposed to it just happening that way. This causes something to say, quit the agitation, it isn’t necessary.

So what is going on is this image and the overall intended effect this causes, was answered in response to a question raised at the conclusion of the meditation dream. I can feel that a shift is coming, I mean I can feel that in my bones or in my nature, but I’m not able to portray how it’s to occur, or how it works out.

And so I’ve left it in the dream world to symbolically portray. I also felt that if I remained in the meditative state, sleep state, longer, I would reach the sight I needed with regard to what is intended to happen, but instead I placed the issue upon the dream world to bring through, because I’m coming to a realization of the fact that one can’t potentially exhaust themselves with an over-indulgent meditative journey.

In other words, it’s not all about transcendence, it’s also about the imminence. You have to work with both. And this is where the sifting is taking place with the 40% effect, that is, in the outer. Because of freedom of choice, this is what is needed in life.

As the 20% effect emanates, in order for there to be the predestination of that, it has to set off a certain crescendo, or focus and attention, that is built in to the ethers as the 20%, but reflected in manifestation as a 40%.

That doesn’t mean that the 40% is clear – they can be completely confused, but their focus and attention about something needs to be different. That’s the precursor. It’s the 20% of the essence that sweeps through and brings about the insight inflections that are needed for it to go the rest of the way – for a shift to occur.

Or, as I said, the 40% effect is needed before the focus effect I feel in my bones is allowed to come through into life and effectuate the shift as supported by mankind. Until you get to that point, it’s not supported by mankind, and the darkness or whatever you’d say, the collective, snuffs all these things out or actually bastardizes or makes it even worse.  

The last two nights I was receiving the distinctions from within, and was able to reach the insight I needed, but was unable to pull it into a clarity without dwelling. I’m realizing that this is an over-indulgence that leads to its own kind of separation based upon the physical getting into an exhausted condition.

There needs to be the reflective effect of the outer that is absorbed in a grounded, sifted, sort of way. By that I mean it is one thing to go inside and take a look at what is knowable and seeable, where everything is known but nothing is for certain, to make it manifestly so this requires me to be conscious in creation, or manifestation. 

To stay strictly in the inner is an indulgence that takes one beyond a particular point in manifestation. All change does stem from the inner, that’s true, and that it is the inner need and imperative that brings things through into life, or establishes that which needs to be brought through into life, but this is done through the dream imaging.

This is how the knowingness is ushered from the inner into life. The knowingness is the 20% factor in the whole. The dream realized symbolically, as flow, sifted through cloth imagery-wise or symbolically is the 40% factor of humanity, or of the outer.

So what I was able to recognize can be summed up as follows: Meditation lays the foundation for the inner access. It is through meditation that we come into a space where the inner is able to access through us. The dream realized then carries the transmission into life. 

And this is how that principle works in terms of a human being being the conduit for change and shifts.

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Getting Smaller and Smaller

Jeane: I had two very contrasting dreams. In the first, it’s almost like I’ve fallen, or I’ve traveled, somewhere and I’m going down into this kind of… It’s like going into an envelope and finding a much smaller envelope and flowing into yet a smaller envelope. Everything is white, and pretty, and delicate. It reminds me of those folded paper fortune-tellers that we played with as kids – they open up in four ways or something.

So these envelopes keep getting smaller as I travel down and in, and there’s a very pretty feeling that goes with it. It’s almost like being inside a lily or something because it’s white and flowing and it’s getting smaller and I’m kind of seeing what’s in the next envelope, or going into it.

But I don’t really see into the next one because someone distracts me by yelling out a name, and because they’ve said this name, I become a person again and I can’t continue into the next smaller envelope.

I feel like I’m somewhere in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, at the university, but I don’t really see myself on campus or anything. I just have the name, but because I have the name in my head there’s a person now, so I can’t keep flowing into the envelopes. They’re pretty little white envelopes and I can’t get back there even though I really try. That’s the first dream.

John: What your dream is describing is what it’s like to go inside yourself, in a way in which you are letting go. Normally we hold onto things, even our thoughts. A principle behind meditation is that we have to bury our thoughts. The idea is to figure out how to let go of our thoughts, or bury them, within a quality of the vibration.

But it’s just like remembering a dream: as soon as a thought comes into your head, something dense that causes a distraction, that thought will obliterate whatever else is going on. Dreams are generally quiet and subtle, and they have a vibrational flow. Any sort of thought from your waking state is much denser and tends to shut off the vibrational flow of the dream, and therefore shuts off the journey itself.

So in your dream you are portraying both the journey and the interruption. It’s like an in-breath dream, because as you’re going in on the in-breath, you’re going deeper and deeper into a subtler place of emptiness.

Your limitation is when a thought comes up that’s still an issue for you. Then you suddenly find yourself in that place, based on whatever that thought or that specific issue was. You instantly step off your inner elevator, so to speak, and find yourself in Chapel Hill, representing something you still need to deal with.

You have to think what Chapel Hill signifies.

Jeane: And there was also somebody’s name, but I can’t remember it.

John: It’s almost like subtle humor with yourself, in terms of a certain persona that you’re still hanging onto.

Let me ponder this for a moment… whether this is an out-breath or an in-breath action. The image of going into smaller and smaller envelopes is like an in-breath. Yet when you flow into the outer in a vibrational way, you’re actually going into the density of things in a smaller and smaller way. So it’s like you’re going in both directions at the same time.

The vibration… that’s why this whole thing has a paradox to it. The smaller and smaller direction, then, is a letting go of things. In other words, that’s where the paradox is. It’s not a microcosmic thing. It’s the letting go of things more and more, smaller and smaller envelopes, which is why it really is more of the in-breath quality.

The in-breath takes us home, yet is stopped when there is still the need to identify with something. So you are still identifying with something – Chapel Hill – as a process of educating yourself. It’s like you haven’t grown out of it completely – it still interests you in some fashion. Otherwise things would just keep falling away and falling away, until all of a sudden you’re into an emptiness, or a nothingness.

It gets smaller and smaller until there’s just nothing tangible to put your finger on anymore. It’s interesting that you would have an inner motion dream. That’s what I would call it. I mean, I’ve had the outer motion dream, or an out-breath dream, which is like coming down an elevator but maintaining a certain focus and concentration on something as you get off the elevator – before you go zipping back up.

This is more of a dream of the in-breath, and what it’s like to go deep inside where everything falls away and the issues that you contend with get smaller and smaller, less and less, until poof!

The actual vibration of a nothingness is so great that the tendency, at some point, is to still hearken back to something that hasn’t been completely let go. And then the thing is to make a note of that subtle reflection – represented here by the Chapel Hill aspect – so that you, in noting it and feeling what it is like, can let that go, too, to travel even further, into the deeper, subtler areas within yourself.