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6lovers_1500-56a6e0673df78cf77290a757If we observe the natural world, we see that animals don’t second-guess themselves. They detect a stimuli in their environment, and they respond according to their nature and design. Humans are more sophisticated, yet we are still designed to respond freely, and naturally, to the stimuli in our environment. That’s what makes personal development seem so difficult: because we have been born into such an unnatural situation, the work of development is in unblocking the psychologies that prevent us from being natural to our design. And that requires that we face and acknowledge these psychologies. It is hard, but it’s the best work we can do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dreaming felt like a bit of a jumble last night, and I only remember one dream very clearly. In that dream I’ve gone by a house that my friend, Mary, and her husband live in. They have a large garden and, in the dream, they also have a barn area and the house that they’ve fixed up. They’re going to be having some kind of a Halloween party.

So I’m going over there for the party, but when I go in the house I seem to have a really kind of strange outfit on because I’m halfway between deciding to dress up for Halloween and looking normal. I have my hair long, and all poofed-out. And I go around the house and I start climbing up on things, and I’m climbing and going up into secret attic areas with little openings into them. And sometimes I can get up into the attic area, and sometimes I can’t.

And then I come downstairs to where the people are coming. I feel like I’ve altered my appearance a little bit for Halloween, but not that much. I’m just in some in-between state.

And as the party’s winding down I come around, everybody’s out of the room, and I go over to a washing machine and it seems like I’ve turned a handle and some water has started to come out. And it takes me about two or three minutes to figure out how to turn that off. Then I’m going around the rooms again seeing some of the people. There are some women there that are kind of easy to be around, and some that are difficult to be around.

And Mary’s husband finds me and he seems really angry about something, and he thinks I’ve damaged this plant – and the people that have the house are going to charge him $1,000 for it. I kind of thought it was his house, but I must be confused, or maybe they live out in the barn and the house belongs to someone else.

The whole dream was like that. It was a little confusing with people coming and going all the time. But I tell him I’ll help share the cost, so that mellows him out, if there is a cost. It wasn’t clear there would be.

And then I go back and I see that the women that put on the party are now, at the end of the party, sitting down in the doorway and starting to want to collect money from people for having come to the party. And I think that’s all backwards. I can’t quite figure that out. It was something that should’ve been done beforehand if they were going to do it. So it just was all this jumbled up dream.

John: The theme of the dreaming has to do with going ahead and doing some action, or unfoldment. In other words, proceeding in a fashion, acting out in a fashion, in order to facilitate the process, or means, by which something from within can come out, can come through.

In other words, the scenario is that everything is kind of in a natural setup, in terms of how things are shaped. So once things are put into place, once something is shaped, then comes the unfoldment. And so the unfoldment has to do with a living out of an energy, and, when you live it out, that’s when you come to understand and appreciate how it actually is. In other words, that’s when something, then, comes from within to the outer.

Now, what kind of living out is involved? In other words, it’s as if it’s a process upon which you have to let go of yourself to unfold, and, when you do, then that which occurs, or goes through you, is able to transform and to change you. And whether that involves having to do anything in the outer, or not, well, the usual interpretational way of looking at things is to assume that it does. But it probably does not. It can, for some, however, but it doesn’t necessarily have to do that for others.

And so what you’re doing is this party that’s at Mary’s, Mary stands for an inflection of an area in which you are able to easily go, can influence or can affect, as a flow, and the going there and the participating is important. The energetic unfoldment is important. In other words, this is an image, but what the image is talking about is an energetic, and the unfoldment of the energetic is important in order to cause a greater realization to be there. And so if one doesn’t allow the energetic to unfold, one sits in a capacity that doesn’t necessarily have much going on – like the issues that you suddenly had having gone to this party. Everything got really jumbled

But by facing the energetic, that’s how something gets sorted out. So what is the scenario characterization of things that you’re asking this question about? Well, energetically, you’re apparently looking, and wondering, what is going on in relationship to how it is that you are experiencing something, vibrationally, inside of yourself. You’re wondering, okay, what is that about?

And one can go about in kind of a quiet, reserved way, or that can take on a dynamic that one lives. If it were to take on this dynamic, it would take and facilitate the breaking through of the parts of yourself that are normally kind of reserved, or hidden, or like in a mask. It would enable those parts of yourself to awaken, to come into the flow.

So, there comes a time, in other words, when your development on a consciousness level gets to the point where something is kind of choked, as far as the energy which needs to be lived. And so, hard to live because that’s when you face the unknown, and that’s when everything around you starts to become much more confusing again. It’s easier just to think that you’ve caught up with something but, rather than look at it very closely, you just leave it in a box and then something no longer is able to properly process through.

So there’s reluctance to do something, energetically, because to do something energetically is going to cause you to have to be confronted by things that are not there now, that are shadow sides and veils of yourself, that will have to be swept in or absorbed, taken in. You actually absorb these things.

When you’re taking and living an energetic you then absorb the abstractions, and you absorb those abstractions in order to have access to the energy that, then, only takes you to a point of greater confusion as you’re trying to then sort, and shift, things to determine what that’s all about.

Now, you’re doing all of this inside of yourself. Yes, to a certain degree you can part with this as a reflection in the outer, but the important thing is to catch up with the unfoldment from a depth inside of yourself – and to whatever degree you find yourself complimenting that by actions in the outer. That’s a whole other thing.

When you compliment that with actions in the outer, you do ground it, and you do make it rooted to the point where whatever it is that’s still in the way becomes issues, and complexities that you have to contend with.

But, otherwise, you can sit in kind of a la-la land and it can feel nice, it can be nice, but to properly break through to what it is that you are able to sense, and touch, at a depth inside of yourself, and also, then, from whatever the inner is that has already laid, or shaped something, as far as a pathway, you can go at this in a way so that it seems that there’s not much to have to contend with as obstacles, or you can take the energetic off, be a little louder in the energetic, and that then will cause you to have to come to grips with the effect, the change agent effect, of the energetic.

And when you have to come into contact with the change agent effect in the outer, just because the outer is reflective, and you’re never quite sure what all it’s reflecting, or is causing it to be reflected. When you contend with that, then you have put yourself into a need-to-know basis which then what needs to come through you, for your own edification, in terms of living this quality of energy, the information then can be provided.

So this whole thing starts off in which it’s being pointed out that the living, to be able to live a particular way that is awash inside yourself, to bring it out, is to find the hidden parts of yourself that are yet in a mask, causes you to come to grips with that front and center. And when you come to grips with that front and center, then you’re going to have to sort out and come to grips with understanding the confusing variables that are generally of a mental kind of nature, or masculine kind of nature. You’re going to have to contend with all of that in order to break through the confusion and bring things back down to what is comfortable, to what is at peace, which is the foundation of your all-encompassing inner side of yourself, which can sit more in a quietness.

Now the dilemma for the feminine, is the feminine is always trying to break out, but it is breaking out, in terms of its doingness, to ideas of what is going on, contributing and supporting the ideas of what is happening around in the atmosphere – and not listening more intently, and realizing, that when it comes out it is coming out in accordance with having to live, or bring through, something that it has as a basis of its energetic being.

Thus, like I say, it will cause one to have to contend with parts of themselves that are in a mask yet, and in having to contend with those parts they will then find that the scenarios that they are living out take on this whole jumble that is part of the process of taking in, and being able to sweep in, and to accommodate the whole. It’s easier to kind of sit in a limbo, but your dream is suggesting that something then comes out of the limbo, where one can sit in kind of a spiritual illusion fascination, and imagination. It’s suggesting that you’re to be taking this energetic more or less into an acting out, or living out, state.

And, when you do that, then what is needed for you to be able to do that will come through because you will have hit that need-to-know basis, as opposed to holding it in kind of an entrenched condition.

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Today, Jeane’s dream is an excellent example of how imagery that can be disturbing at a surface level, can actually be pointing to something important at a deeper, inner level.

Here, a young girl is willing to trade herself for a pearl, and then a man has an intention to buy the girl. But when we see these characters as aspects of the inner masculine and feminine, we find a deeper relationship trying to unfold. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: This was a dream I really didn’t want to do, because I didn’t like it. It’s almost like there’s this young girl – she looks like 11 or 12 and even smaller – and she’s dark-skinned, and it’s like she’s run away from home.

And there’s a couple of men there, and one of them has what looks like a couple of pearls, and so she’s willing to go to them, or sell herself to them, because she wants one of these pearls.

Now, they don’t even look like real pearls to me. There must be some kind of a struggle, because I think there are two or three pearls scatter on the ground and everybody chases them. But the girl runs down a little alleyway that ends up being a dead end, and to the right on the alleyway is a glass door and there’s a couple of men in there.

This glass shop is filled with gold items, mostly gold watches and stuff. It almost looks like 24 karat gold. They notice her, and it’s a blind alley; she doesn’t really have anywhere to run. One of the men in there decides that he’s going to buy, if one of the other men will prove that she’s untouched, then he’s going to buy her. He’ll buy her from one of the other men – it’s not even like she can sell herself now for a pearl or anything.

So now she’s just trying to get away from the men. I think that’s when I woke myself up.

John: You’ve got to realize what the theme of the energetic dreaming was. This had to do with being projected into life in some capacity, or projected away from whatever your comfort zone was, and giving up everything. In other words, the condition of a pearl is an aspect of purity.

Jeane: It didn’t even look like a real pearl.

John: But you somehow or another are willing to settle for something like that. Why didn’t you settle for it? What happened?

Jeane: Somehow it became three pearls and they were all knocked different places on the ground, a then that caused her to kind of run in one direction and then go down the alleyway.

John: So were you chasing the pearls or just trying to get away now?

Jeane: I’m not sure. I don’t remember that real well.

John: Because where you end up is, you end up in a state where you have to be a watcher. It’s based upon time. You’re sitting in a whole other schematic of how things open up or unfold, and in that state you’re seeing how it is that things get bought and sold or defiled.

In other words, you went from a state of pearl where you started to lose the sensibility or the sense of the preciousness of that state, and ended up in a condition where you were observed, and yet you were watching. And this watching had to do with an element of time, and the conditions going on there had to do with what it took to reach that, or touch that, which is pure.

Well, the oddity is that the masculine inside of you is not taking that purity on for itself. It’s buying it. It’s coming close to it, in order to hand it to another part of you, so the more conscious part of you isn’t seeing it. The less conscious part of you is recognizing that there’s something of value there.

It too is like a sojourn where you come from one place and you find yourself stumbling into another scenario in which what is pure about that scenario has to be, you know, you have to come to see that again. It’s your role to bring, or usher, that in – within a watch setting and time setting.

Different than my dream, you’re doing it from something about an overall sense of yourself, in other words a Wholeness like the feminine carries a completeness, a purity in and of itself – if it can ever catch up with it – that is imbedded inside, that is there meant to be laid out, presented out. In other words, it’s got the silence and all of that incorporated within itself, if it can catch up with it, for it to then be revealed into the Wholeness of all of life, because it’s a Wholeness in the microcosm.

The masculine carries the seed energy that comes succinctly along, a lot like pen and paper, that has to come from its state of Wholeness or zone from, you might say, the crown or whatever you want to call that. And then sojourn back into life, and then bring through whatever that is that is all about pen and paper into a succinctness.

And the degree to whatever that is, however that is, because in my dream it’s not revealed, that remains to be seen. In your dream of course it remains to be seen as well, as to what that purity is that’s supposed to suddenly come back out.

Your masculine side is not seeing it, or I should say maybe some part of you is, but it’s not being lived because it’s being passed around. It’s not being taken on and grounded. And in my case, I’m shocked. I expected to get riddled and everything else, coming from a state that was essentially carbon dust, into something that is suddenly back into the river flow, the flood waters of life.

And what is to be noted, and denoted, and made known in terms of that from something that comes from within into the outer?



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Today, John’s dreams point to the challenge of balancing the inner and the outer. Most often we are reactive to what is occurring in the outer, which diminishes our ability to hear our inner guidance. It’s a fine line to shift to an understanding of our outer world through our inner sight. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The dream I had starts out where I’m trying to reestablish an energetic balance. There may be things going on on the inner that are scoping about, but in terms of how I look to do this, I look to do this with images that have an outer context in the dream.

And of course during the day I was seeking to make the determination with the inner context of meditation, but because we live in a world in which the senses and mind dominate in the outer, we have to reconcile what is going on. And that tends to result in an outer way sense of projections, because that’s how when you’re in the outer, and caught up by the stimuli of the outer, the imaging of the flow tends to come across and is reduced as an understandability.

That is why it is said that there is a way of looking at the outer, in a way a person conducts themselves in the outer, to notice what, on the inner level, is astir. As far as having the dream that images it with outer images, to start with I had the dream from the standpoint that I was trying to grasp the underlying energy trying to unfold in a general way.

What I mean by general way is an unfoldment that is taking place as more of an in-the-bones, or mannerism, that’s not necessarily quite in the present yet. In other words, it may even conflict a little bit with what is currently unfolding in the current situation.

And when you’re trying to measure something like that it’s very difficult because you don’t know when it is meant to come through. And a lot, a lot of time could be in between that, even though you can get the sense that it doesn’t seem like that.

So initially I’m looking at this in kind of an outer context way by trying to determine what the price of precious metals are going to be, for example, in more of a longer term context. In other words trying to see where the switch is, the peaks and flows and the switches are going to occur. Therefore that are going to dominate or press through, and supersede, eventually, the impressions that are prevailing now.

That’s kind of how I started to try to noodle this out, but then some part of me realized that what I’m trying to do there is too hard on myself, that there needs to be a simpler way, an easier way to do this.

So, in the next dream I find myself trying to lighten that load by settling for what is a reasonable general going forward flow of fair value.

In this dream a decision is being made by a woman to sell hotdogs in front of an established hotdog stand. She is trying to set the price – basically she’s trying to do this by feel.

In other words, she’s not looking at any set of facts or parameters. So first she figures $.55 cents, but then that doesn’t quite feel right to her, so then she moves it up to $.65 cents. So she’s vacillating back and forth and trying to figure out what the number needs to be.

So I seem to come along and make some suggestions. I do this first of all by asking her about the size of her hotdogs, and she says that they’re pretty good sized; they’re nice, meaty hotdogs.

Then I notice that this compares to the hotdog stand who claims to have about the same kind of hotdogs. And then I check on their business that they’ve been doing, and they claim to have had a pretty good day yesterday and that they’re selling their hotdogs for $1.05. So I suggest that, taking this into account because she doesn’t have an official hotdog stand, she can price it in between and the number she was trying to do it was too little.

She should bring the hotdog price up to say $.85 cents for a hotdog. That’s still a better bargain than buying it at the hotdog stand, and maybe two for $1.50. She quibbles about that a bit but decides that that’s okay.

And then comes the idea of a drink. Well, when you provide a drink, I learned from the hotdog stand, that the consistent pricing exists wherever you go. And the hotdog stand is actually a little less. Normally a drink is $1 in most places, and the hotdog stand is selling it for $.75 cents and suggests that you don’t mess with the drink all that much because it is a fairly established thing.

Everyone gets a drink and they’re used to paying a particular price and that’s not really all that competitive. So to create the bargain, I suggest a bundled price of two hotdogs and a drink for $2.20, which means now I’ve cut another nickel off of the drink. Instead of $.75 cents it’s $.70 cents if you bundle it.

In repeating what I indicate, at the beginning, is happening, a human being tends to reflect what is astir in the inner by the way he acts in the outer. That is why it is possible to look between the outer lines of things to ascertain what is astir on the inner.

Once in a while, but not often, you come across a person who is able to bring the inner vibration more directly into the outer without all of the outer reflection hoopla, so there’s more that can be shaped without the veils.

I’m gyrating back and forth in terms of trying to formulate what is a sense of dictum, in terms of factual aspects in the outer, conducting one’s self there in some fashion, just like you that seeks to hold a line, find a line in terms of what works from how you understand things astir, how to then sustain and maintain and ground a value. I tend to be doing the same thing, and both of us could be much wiser for the fact if we could take and adhere more to what, in a sense my second dream quality there, in which you can trust and hold to the conscious unconscious stirring not having to constellate it at some sense.

A human being always has to constellate it, always has to bring that something into a solidity in terms of their soul nature in the outer, but that then limits the depth of the soul. It defines the soul. It sets up something that’s established in a particular way and a soul can be so much more than that. And if you really feel yourself when you do something like this, you don’t like it. It becomes nauseating at some point.

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