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visionsAs we talk about inner guidance and connections to higher things, at some point we have to wonder: what is the limit of our interconnectedness to the world and universe around us?  And the answer seems to point to the idea that if we can develop the connections, there is virtually nothing we can’t gain access to. And that can mean glimpsing the future, as well. Certainly some people have the ability, so that means we all could be capable in the right circumstance – because it’s part of the human design. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the first dream in terms of this is to break the spiritual concept that, when something speeds up, that it’s always good, and that when something can be done that can appear very magical and transformational, in terms of the outer, that that is always good. It’s not necessarily good if it doesn’t take into account the bigger picture down the road, which is where prophecy comes in.

So in the meditation dream I come to know a new way of doing a mannerism that is faster and more effective than the way I had been doing this. I adopt this faster way. This particular faster way has a collateral damage effect that rubs off. I am unable to change the attention from what had been an eventful event. In other words, something that on a sensation level that was wonderful, also conflicts with something, and if I’m not subtly and sensitively aware and do not take that which is conflicting within to account, then there is a collateral effect.

In other words, I would be misusing my speed, my energy, my sight. In the way this needs to unfold, energetically, what has happened has in terms of the whole something has been inadvertently altered, in other words, it didn’t take into account everything. In other words, I made a mistake in terms of adopting this process. I didn’t take something into account in terms of how it fit with every little aspect of things.

And had I, there would have been a relief sensationally and simultaneously in which any of the slower nuances and veils that people carry would have fallen away and there would have just been a wonderful… everyone would have felt a wonderful sensation. They may not have been able to explain why it’s a wonderful sensation, but they would have felt it.

So to go back to how things had been is no longer possible. In other words, this sort of thing is meant to unfold and that’s why it is presented with all of its sensation potentialities. So the new way has to occur so it’s not caught in some sort of set perceived awareness that it’s fluid like that and awakening.

So, as a consequence, I suddenly realize I have the problem of figuring out how to shift, in other words, take something that is speeded up and being able to shift that into the awareness of something that is slower so that it gets it, too. It has to get it, too, or otherwise there’s going to be a subtle tearing away. I am troubled by the realization that I now have created a problem as the limitation comes into life, in other words, where something is faster and when something is slower, and the faster has to be embraced, but to embrace it it has to be part of the overall natural design, and if it isn’t part of the overall natural design, then you have a problem. No matter how good you see something, it has to include or be intertwined with everything.

The reason I had a dream like this was to point out how hard it is to slow down a flow and get rid of a result that conflicts with something so that there is a collateral effect limitation in terms of how the future overall can be. So you have to feel that, to sense that, to see that, and that’s where the prophetic comes in.

So the meaning is because recordings are being made of this quicker effect upon the present, in other words, on some level a recordings are being made of this, or it’s unfolding, in other words it’s playing out as a movie. The trait I cause to happen becomes more and more entrenched. In other words, I’m trying to make it denser and denser if I’m not careful, and I’m not supposed to do that.

The challenge is to get everyone to realize that in the fullness of time the net effect is beneficial, or if you can’t do that then there’s a counterproductive quality that will undermine things. And in the dream I am struggling to make sure that I get others to receive what I’m doing. In other words, I am prophetically feeling how the future needs to be in terms of the result effect, because if I miss something then whatever struggles is deleterious to the process.

So the thing is, is if I can’t tell people so that they are able to understand, because for them to understand they would have to have the prophetic awareness awoken in their being, then I am not able to properly take in that full sight. So I have to be able to bring even that through, inner into outer, so that they can rejoice in terms of what is happening.

Because this isn’t so, all I can do is sit with what I know. I lack the means to communicate such an awareness until such a consciousness side has awakened in the overall flow. I’m acting like that happens independently or something, but it doesn’t. A human being has to be able to bring that through, and bring it through for others.

This dream explains why it is that I am troubled by not being able to get others to understand a perception I have, and that perception I have is based upon a prophetic quality that I inflect. To truly understand requires this prophetic area to be awoken in the environment. It is awoken from within, and this must occur before what I am trying to communicate is able to be heard.

In other words, when I take and I do certain things it creates a certain reaction because I say this or see that and others don’t get it, and they ask me questions and I can’t even explain it to them. It doesn’t really come into life unless you can do that, unless you can somehow with your physical being, presence, or mannerism you can cause that to be known in some capacity. Otherwise, there’s that little gap or veil that’s there. And until that goes away, what is more apparent in the immediate present dominates and controls the focus and attention.

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Energy from Space, Fern73

Energy from Space, Fern73

This dream gives us a glimpse into the realms of prophecy, as John sees an image that mirrors an event in waking life – but which happens after he has had the dream. And then the question: Does one act on the information given in a dream that seems prophetic? If we have learned anything in the pursuit of deeper mysteries, it’s that what is possible goes far beyond our ability to know and understand. To underestimate the energy realms is folly. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my dream the first thing I’m seeing is there are some mining claims. And these mining claims are in an area where the conducting of mining is considered a disturbance. And these are mining claims that mine gold. They’re real valuable.

And as fate would have it, the claims that everyone thought was private, turns out to be on public land. They’re not private. And then all of a sudden, there is jubilation by another party, who has staked claims that are considered valid over the top of these mining claims.

And when the news comes out in terms of the title of those affecting the others, a review of the situation shows that these newly staked and patented claims, that lie over the top of these other claims that are being rejected that aren’t environmentally-friendly, that these claims go right over the top at an angle, and they even sweep in what is the portal, which is the area in which you go into the mining property to do the mining.

So, I wake up realizing that this means that this other party has an unexpected windfall. And then I look again and realize that this is in an area that is also part of what looks like a town or something, where Chinese live.

And the meaning of the dream is I’m concerned about an activity that is wrong. The activity is disturbing the environment, or the whole. What I do causes a change to take place. The result is for the common good. There’s jubilation over the sudden windfall. Other parts of myself that I do not know, that are also me, benefit from this sudden change of fortune.

What’s interesting is I get up from the dream, I go over to the computer and I have an e-mail that came in real late last night. And the e-mail is from this guy from Canada who has this issue of claiming that one of the most valuable mines in the world that has, I don’t know, 20, 30, 40 million ounces, maybe more, of gold, that he claims that the title is bad and that he’s working with an entity that has laid claim to all of this.

And so he’s reporting to me, he’s saying, “Well, if you want to get in on this stock while it’s still 65 cents, you can still be involved in a public offering, of which this company is sitting with the beneficiary rights to half of all of that.”

Now, it is just mind boggling. What is odd to me about this is what do I make out of something like this? Is this some sort of dream about remote viewing? Because I didn’t have anything like this even in my memory when I started meditating and was shocked to see the synchronicity, so to speak, of an event that is supposed to be occurring.

What’s so strange is, it’s really going to be curious to see how this dream could happen, whether the thought pattern of someone that I haven’t even been thinking about, I mean haven’t talked to this guy for months, maybe longer. Could that have affected a dream like this?

Think of how specific this dream was. I saw a sequence of mining claims. They were all laid out kind of in a pattern of north/south. I knew there was something wrong or bad about those mining claims immediately in the dream. And I knew that what they were doing was harmful in some sense. And I just stood there taking that in.

And then all of a sudden, it’s like you get an overlap and that there are these other mining claims and they seem to run across something, including the portal area. I don’t know what to make out of that image to begin with. And then all of a sudden, I find out that the other mining claims are invalid, that there’s something wrong with them—and then the next thing I see is this huge jubilation.

And then I put two and two together. They’re happy over the fact that if the preexisting old mining claims that are creating problems are invalid, then this new scenario, that means that their claims are valid. And so that finds me putting two and two together again.

Then I kind of lay back and all of a sudden, I’m seeing that this whole area is a town like a Chinese town, which means that it involves people that I don’t know, or involves something about myself that I don’t know that’s part of myself, that I’m not catching up with in a depth that’s part of myself.

So, this will be interesting to see what this dream signifies, whether I can be affected like this from something as a thought pattern about me, I guess, from afar. Whether that can come in and cause this whole dream thing like this to—whether someone can do that from afar. I find it hard to believe.

What does one do when they see a dream like this? Does one act on the dream, as if this is completely true? Can you trust dreams to this degree? I mean, it really is a mind-boggling thing. Does he want something to such a degree that he is able to influence the ethers that come in and affect my dreaming just by his force of nature?

What does one do about it? Does one act on the strength of this dream and, if one acts on the strength of this dream, it would be like you were shown something that caused something to happen. I remember this teacher took and acted on the strength of a dream after he got wiped out in terms of this other scandal where this guy stole all of his money. He acted on the strength of a dream, where he saw the price to buy a stock and he saw the price where to sell it, and he took and he did all of that.

I told him I didn’t think that that was right, but he too felt that you don’t keep doing something like that, but he had done it that time when he was in dire straights. Does one have that kind of rapport, that kind of right? If something like this were true, the stock is going to go from like 65 cents to $30 a share in a heartbeat.

Well, I just can’t believe that I can have a dream that’s that specific. That is a very, very specific term, very specific things in that dream. And then there be that e-mail there? This e-mail coming onto my computer probably would be the ability to touch me from afar with a thought process that I picked up in the dream.

If that’s the case, then that’s going to give me a whole different view on dreaming, if it’s possible that someone can take and do that to you. In a way, it almost makes sense that they can because maybe we are that interconnected. This is interesting.

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Today, our discussion refers to the dream described in yesterday’s post (see Warming to the Future).

John: So this dream has the feeling of being a prophecy dream – of trying to project into the future by what can be detected by current signals. But it also opens up a much deeper level than that.

The implication here is that there are changes that are predestined, or preordained, to happen during this period of time on the planet. How the Will of God will play out is always a matter of conjecture, but there are detections that can be made. It’s a presumptuous thing to do, but it’s also human nature to want to understand.

As humans, we can’t truly know the Will of God, but our consciousness, as individuals and as a species, can be in tune with what is at play in a co-participatory way. The scientist we are with in the dream is excited to be able to work with and be part of this research into the early signals of a coming inner change, knowing with virtual certainty that it will occur. The scientist has seen enough data to be sure that we are at an inflection point of major changes at this time.

That, to him, is what’s important. This idea refers to the true teacher in life, who’s connected to Essence, and who can read directly from the Book of Life. Specifics from the Book of Life cannot be shared directly with the student; the teacher can only share a “baseline” of knowledge and some potential extrapolations of that. In this, the teacher provides safety for the student.

The teacher can, however, share information about the inflection point, in which change is coming into life, because we have a right to know what is happening within us. Because we are each part of the mosaic, we each carry these traits, or codings, that are part of the changes due to unfold.

The teacher cannot communicate specifics that he can read from the Book of Life about a particular soul. Those variables are, so to speak, components of potentiality that are left to free choice and fate to evolve. That is the co-creator aspect of a realized soul within a universe that is actually a single, living organism.

The student’s soul lives its specific role, its unique destiny, as a foot soldier in life. Living brings potentialities into manifestation. What occurs on the inner levels affects the outer, and what is done in the outer affects the inner life.

A human being has access to the Will of God at a physical level of experience, but has a natural inner link to higher realms because man was created as a spark of God, or in His image. If man uses his consciousness, he can rise above the physical-only, ego experience of life and begin to know much more of his possibility. By raising his consciousness, and quieting his ego, man can connect more synchronistically into the flow of the Will of God.

Until true consciousness is awakened, our ability to know is limited to the physical plane. It can be very densely limited, to the point where it seems a life just jumps from one murky puddle to another. Yet when true consciousness is awakened, the signs of God that inflect through the inner plane can be appreciated, revelationally, in this world.

A human being that reaches such a level of consciousness has become something more, because he or she is catching up with their inner plane aspects of connection. We can say that person has awakened to their responsibilities; responsibilities, and possibilities, that are latent in us all.

So the first step for a human being is to awaken to the realization that there is much more to life than physical experience. We need to understand that we are designed to reconnect with our higher selves as a journey back to the Essence that created us. Humans are given free choice to choose, otherwise we would have been designed to be robotically in service to creation, and we are not.

But we are designed to choose to be in service, and we are designed to recognize our role in the bigger picture. It is something we all must awaken to. In that process, we begin to recognize our connection to the future. The future doesn’t just happen externally to us, it happens in us and we manifest it into the physical realms.

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