Helping the Situation

free-as-a-birdThe images in our dreams are beautifully crafted to show us something. Here we have a dream with aliens that are limited in their movement, and birds that provide the energy to make changes. Jeane meanwhile is positioned between the two forces – the aliens, or something unusual in her life, and the “free as a bird” energetics. She is trying to reconcile these aspects to the benefit of all. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in my main dream, which is the only one I remember really, I’m traveling and along the way of my traveling I go into this house kind of in the mountains.

And when I get in there, and there are people in there, family of some kind and maybe some other people, I begin to realize that these people are aliens. They’re making some kind of changes that are causing changes in the outer environment, like the mountains seem to be melting a bit. The snow is melting; it’s getting hard to travel because it’s getting slippery out there.

And so I realize that they need something from us in order to make their way around, and I figure out how to get away and I start traveling – even though everything around me is melting – but I have to come back to the house at some point. When I come back again like they’re still trying to capture me, but they realize I can move around in a way they can’t move around in.

And what I’m studying is that one of the ways that people get power is from these tiny little birds. Because I can move around and it’s gotten too hard for them to move around outside with everything melting, they’re willing to give me some power from the birds. And I’m looking at the birds, and some of them are these tiny little finches, and then there are even tinier birds that have a little yellow and black in them. Those birds have remained wild or free. They haven’t figured out how to kind of take their energy yet, or use their energy.

My thought would be I want to see those birds get free, but so far all I can do is go ahead and use the energy of the finches they give me and, when I use that, I’m able to go outside and move around, which is something they haven’t quite mastered yet. But, ultimately, I want to be able to free the little birds.

John: That’s a good reason to be going into something that is a process and a manner that is different from what it is that you’re more naturally attuned to. In other words, what you’re dreaming is that you’re going into a situation in which what is taking place there is an unfoldment that is different from what it is that you’re accustomed to doing, that is your process of unfoldment.

And what you see that is going on, you’re explaining to yourself that the reason why you’re doing it is to be able to ultimately help them become more free, that they are having to contend with something that keeps them from quite getting, or realizing, what it is, and how it is that they can be.

That’s an interesting reason. It’s an interesting reason to explain why it is that you’re doing something that technically deep down you feel is a little out of vogue with how it is that you are -in terms of how it is that you’re able to access something from deep within.

In other words, why it is that you’re going into, say, another tradition, that has its various practices and whatnot and mannerisms that cause awareness to open, but that for you what awakens as an awareness has another level to it. So you’re doing this in order to help the overall, in other words to help that situation, to help bring that situation through.

That’s a wonderful feminine position to take in that that’s what the feminine does in life, is it sits at a fundamental point in herself in which she accommodates what is happening around her, and helps bring that out and through, so that there is a greater clarity. I mean you’re describing this process that is a process that you naturally do, and are compelled to do, because this is how it is that you see meaningfulness in terms of yourself.

I guess you could say that’s why you are a psychologist even because that was a means to help people see something that they needed to see, and understand that they weren’t understanding in their normal way of going hither and thither.

And so you’ve gone into taking a class of another teacher with the same fundamental background quality in your nature, in that you’re coming close to that so that you can help them understand something that they may not be understanding under the current scenario that they are in, kind of like being too close to the forest to see the trees.

In other words, its ‘not like those techniques and those practices are the end all be all for who you are. Your soul level is explaining to you why it is that you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s an interesting characterization, isn’t it?

It’s how you really feel about it, but it’s more than just that because it also suggests and indicates that this is actually how it is that you are in terms of everything about you. What is meaningful for you is to help something see itself in a way that is important for it to see itself, that it has been missing out on all along.

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A Natural Way

Jeane: In my dream it felt like I was on a river. It must have been somewhere like Egypt (where we recently traveled) because I see that the people are wearing Galabiyas (a traditional Egyptian garment).

It seems as though there are three different things you can do with a boat on this river. I think one is that you can go up or down the river, and another is that you can go across the river. The third thing to do, especially if you hire a guide (it’s difficult without a guide), is just swirl by yourself from one spot to another, wearing one of the Galabiyas. But you have to know what spot to swirl from. It seems you can swirl from one spot to another, and another, and another.

Sometimes you can do it kind of invisibly, and sometimes you’re visible. I think you might need a guide if you want to do it invisibly. I’m not sure how it works exactly, but that seems to be the option I’m studying the most, trying to figure out how that works.

John: The theme of this dreaming is, how do you carry yourself, or how is it that you’re able to be  – when you feel okay about everything?

In other words, there’s a way of carrying yourself, you could call it a manner in which something vibrates through you, that, if you’re attentive to it, sweeps you along into a flow. In that flow you naturally find a spot, if there’s meant to be a spot that’s most natural to you, and from this spot you’re able to go to deeper and deeper depths in this naturalness that you feel inside.

This dream isn’t meant to put you to the test about some personal nuance, or some awkwardness, neurosis, or complex, or anything like that. Instead, it’s a dream that draws your attention to an energetic vibration that you’re carrying, and proceeding through life with. When you see yourself doing this and note it about yourself, you recognize what you’re doing and see that everything is okay as you do it.

If anything, your dream indicates what happens to you, and what’s meant to unfold for you, as you travel deeper within. You’re able to go places and appreciate things in your environment, yet none of it actually impacts, or affects, or sticks on you in a way that pulls you down, or pulls you out of the flow.

So you’re able to use everything that happens around you as part of that flow – as a wholeness. You’re able to enjoy all of that and, in so doing, you just keep spiraling more and more within this resonance.

I guess it was important for you to see yourself in this way, not having to try and do anything in particular. When you’re able to be like that you find yourself a part of a natural overall flow – there’s no resistance from you that prevents it. You find that the things you enjoy carry that quality, and you go about, doing the things that interest you. You carry this manner as a way of effortlessly being.

In this image, it’s not a specific matter of being situated in some way. It’s just a matter of you going ahead and allowing yourself to appreciate what you feel, in relationship to the activities you do, which are just part of a greater flow. You don’t attach any personal indulgence on it, which would cause you to disconnect.

Instead, you’re putting your attention upon something that opens up more and more from within and, as you go through life, there’s a kind of joyousness to it all. So I guess the dream is showing you that you can have a sense of joy, appreciation, and you can resonate with that, and that alone enables you to free flow through life in a natural way.

Set in Motion

Jeane: I wish I could remember more of the details of this next dream. Like the last dream (see Crime and Punishment), this one also feels like I’m living in a different era.

It’s morning and I’m going over some dreams with you when there’s an interruption. You have to go somewhere. I get up and go outside where there’s a barn-like area with a group of women present. The women are sharing dreams, so I’m telling them the dream that I never had a chance to tell you from that morning.

Then you come walking by… I know the dream (within the dream) involves a strawberry. That’s all I can remember. I do know that you come walking by and you start to give me an interpretation, but I have to block you out a bit because you don’t realize that I’m telling a dream that you haven’t heard yet. 

Next I go into a room and you are there. I’m holding up something that looks like a little wooden slat with eight holes in it. The slat has a firm back, and crayons and a ballpoint pen have been placed in the holes.

I’m pointing it out to you, with a certain amount of happiness; it’s something one of our children has done. We have one child who apparently has a disability and sometimes all the focus and attention is on him. In this instance though, I’m really excited to show you something one of the other kids has done – just this wonderful, normal act of putting the pen in the slot, something the child has been able to do for the first time.

It’s just normal stuff and it feels great. That’s what I’m reporting to you.

John: To begin with, the thing to notice is that you’re carrying something (represented by both the dream within the dream and the slat) from the inner that’s able to come out and be reflected or reported in the outer (first to the group of women and then to me). It comes from a place that can’t be noted in terms of a flow. It comes from a deeper level, where it has been frozen, or locked.

I start interpreting dreams first in terms of flow, knowing that everything goes back further than that. In this instance, you know that what you’re carrying needs to come out in terms of the group, in terms of the whole.

So, that part is similar to your previous dream, in which there’s a setness – something is frozen – that has a sight inside of it in terms of the way you’re able to feel it begin to move, or begin to transcend its previous state. In other words, where it has been there is no flow, and therefore no time.

You get a sense of it having been frozen, and from a time standpoint it’s probably been so for a long, long time. Then when it becomes a motion, that’s when its aliveness can come out. It can be seen and understood better when it is in a state of fluidity. That is shown when you begin to describe what the child has done.

Jeane: Yes, I’m just pointing out something ordinary that is wonderful, like when a child takes its first step, and how excited one gets.

John: Well, that’s interesting because that’s a type of connection with the heart that goes into the simple. I tend to disregard that sort of thing, which makes me a little bit cool and aloof. But you’re able to take something that has been set in motion, that doesn’t know its way very well, and you’re actually able to see something about it that is coming out – that’s emerging, that’s showing potential, that’s unfolding. And you see and feel that as an incredible thing.

It’s very grounded and nurturing to be able to do that. I don’t generally pay attention to stuff like that. To me that’s something that’s distractive and inhibiting to the flow. So you’re taking something that has come out from a frozen state and that has to learn how to be. In doing so, it has growing pains in terms of coming from a deep, set, inner state. 

That’s very interesting and it’s probably why we all have these different elements in us. That’s an example of earth energy, and I’m air energy. I would empathize with it, but I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it and would be inclined to turn away from it. I tend to see things in a quicker motion – I have an acuity to that – so I poke things to try to get them to flash and to flicker – I create agitation, set them in motion, to see what they are.

But that’s not your way, or the way of the feminine. You see something as it’s trying to find itself and you’re able to see it coming out from its state of confusion as it emerges from a slow, dense state. In other words, you don’t lose track of this deep, deep space inside of you.