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energy_imgThis dream follows up the theme from our last dream (see Greater Purity), where Jeane found that what she was working with was contaminated. As humans we are meant to bring higher connections, or energies, through us in to physical life. Yet we have to offer clean and safe passage to those energies, otherwise we put them into manifestation with a bit of contamination – a bit of our personal biases and ego. The goal is to become a pure conduit, where we are facilitators of higher aspects of life into this planetary level. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the rest of this dream I seem to be at this house that might be owned by a wealthy woman I never see. There’s a bunch of us staying there and we’ve partied the night before.

I’ve gone in the house and a lot of us sleep there, and my bed is right next to a door, and on the other side of it is a couple who are probably help out around the place or something and they seem kind of poor and everything. She’s almost nine months pregnant. 

And their room is right near the foot of my bed, so I kind of keep an eye on them. So on this particular day, I kind of have two things on my mind. One is I wonder if the couple is going to need help when she goes in to labor.

They think they have it all covered – it’s their first baby and he’s going to drive her to the hospital and stuff, but I’m thinking I should offer my help and whether they would be open to that because I would be the one that would hear them, their door’s right near the foot of my bed.

But while I’m thinking about this, what I’m doing is I’ve gone over in the living room and there’s an area where a bunch of plants have all kind of been pushed together to create a decorative effect. 

But I realize that the plants have been pushed so tightly together they haven’t been pruned in terms of some of the leaves that are dying. And so I seem to have a relationship with these plants, and I go over and I have a sack and I’m culling off some of the leaves that have died.

At the same time I realize that other leaves that have turned gold and should be left on because they create a really pretty effect, but some need to go just so you can see what’s there – it’s way too bunched together.

I’m filling my sack with leaves and it’s a surprise that behind the other plants was a kind of interesting plant that had been hidden because everything was so crammed together. So I’m just very busy.

At the same I’m aware that the kids think they have it all handled about getting to the hospital in time, but now they’re beginning to reconsider and maybe they’ll let me help if it’s needed.

John: So what you’re portraying is the catching up of a part of a depth inside of yourself. You’re in the presence of it, so can you catch up with it? 

In other words, you’re in the house of a person whom you never see, who probably is fabulously wealthy or who knows what, because she holds parties and causes things to happen that are popular and have tremendous effect at her place.

But you don’t directly connect with her as far as you realize, yet you’re staying in this place, you have a bed in this place and from the foot of the bed, from an extension again of yourself, is this room, and access to the room of something that is coming into being, that is being born, that is being nurtured.

So what you have is an image of a connection that comes through this part of your higher self, this woman, all the way down through you, across through you, and into life, and into manifestation, so to speak, or through the door, or through a room, where something then is able to be born.

But that part is kind of trying to be independent, doesn’t necessarily associate or identify with the linkage. And yet you are in a position where you can hear, and now you’re using the quality that’s creative, in other words, you feel it in your bones so you create with this.

And when your heart is in the right place, your focus and attention is in the right place, things bleed through. In other words the leaves, which can be all dried out because they’re ineffective in terms of coming across, can have a quality of unfoldment to them. 

In other words, some of the leaves that are dried out that don’t get utilized or manifested, which fall away because something didn’t consciously come through, well you pick those up or pull those off – they’re yellow, yellow is a color that’s an inner light, a recognition on the inner. And the full inner of course comes from the grandmother.

So you don’t see that light, or her, but somehow or another you’re affected by that. And that affect creates a quality of presence about your nature as a focus and attention that’s sincere to your being, so that then that which is happening which you are also aware of is a further extension, right down toward life, or where life is created, where something is born.

In this dream you’re able to win over the acceptance of what you have to offer in that area, to create the full linkage. To begin with it doesn’t look like maybe they necessarily need your help, but then they come to recognize, or something comes to recognize, that all of that ties together.

So you’re working with a frame of reference where you start off in your dreaming, you set the tempo of something by depicting that what you do isn’t necessarily effective – still there’s a deleterious effect, because even though you start in an emptiness there still can tend to be a contamination.

Then you carry that into an overall dream that comes down and shows, okay, where you have the creative part, but because maybe there’s a bit of overindulgence or involvement, something isn’t as purely linked as it could be, initially it’s rejected.

And of course I suppose a part of you can understand why it would be rejected because in the earlier dream you started to create a process and in the end what resulted was not good. It did create a degree of shock to you. But then the dream shows that you’re meant to be able to help and to assist.

In other words, you can’t just be connected and linked, and then something happens, and then it needs help and you can’t actually help it. And so then the degree to which you’re connected or linked, which can see this sort of stuff, that’s kind of dire and sad when the unfoldment happens, and where help is needed, like bringing forth life into manifestation, and it needs something in order to fulfill that for timing and such like that, and you’re denied or rejected. 

That’s got a bit of a vibration about it that’s the effect of, yes, you can start to create a process but then it has a dire consequence. But in the dream that you had, there may have been the rejection, but ultimately it became something that surrendered or let go and allowed that process to occur, a connective process to occur, that helped to be there so that then the giving birth through the process could be assisted or supported from top to bottom.

You, of course, being a representative person that had a connection from somewhere else, which wasn’t yet quite fully conscious, I mean you’re aware of some of the ways and mannerisms that this thing could exude itself into life, meaning in the house which can put on these parties that had quite a flair to them, and yet that isn’t there – you’re just there in the vibration of something that has a resonance of that kind of quality or characteristic or trait.

And it has it’s meaningfulness in terms of what that was all about, and you’re able to catch up with that because that somehow is important in terms, then, of the spark of life, and the shift, and the change.

You’re seeing yourself in a unique way and if it’s aiming toward something, or whether it’s just pure, straightforward just the way creation is best facilitated, and actually is facilitated, through some sort of linkage that flows through man. But to what degree does that go from top to bottom, all the way through?

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birth-anne-cameron-cutriHere Jeane dreams of being with a group of women who are pregnant, and who have all gone off to give birth. She remains behind with another woman, yet the time comes for them to go with the others. The symbolism of birth, or being pregnant with something ready to emerge into life, is held back here by the other woman, who is another aspect of Jeane herself, because that life in her is still indulging in personalized pleasures. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The very first dream I remember, it’s just more a scene. It feels like in this dream we’re all women, and we’re all pregnant, and a group of women have gone off to where they’re going to give birth. 

But there’s one other woman and myself who are still left behind because we’re not quite ready yet; we’re almost ready. So I’ve gone to where she is to get her because it’s probably time that we should start going to wherever people give birth and, when I see her, she’s like sitting there. She has dark hair and she has like this honey on one of those… it’s like a wooden spool where you can kind of pick up the honey and then it drips down.

So she has some honey that she’s like picked up and it’s dripped down and she’s licking some of the honey when I find her. So I’m kind of fascinated by that image of her and the honey. But then I need to tell her that we need to maybe go where all the other women have gone.

John: And so what you’re recognizing, or experiencing, inside is the connection that has gotten to a point where you need the next step in terms of the closeness of this. It’s like a type of merging.

In other words, you’re both aspects of yourself. You’re dealing with two aspects of yourself. You’re dealing with the aspect of yourself that knows that it needs to go there for a completion, and then there’s this other aspect of yourself that, in this particular case, is holding back a little bit. It’s not quite getting the memo because it still has a self-indulgent quality to itself.

It still is taking on something as its own edification, which is like the honey or something, the sweetness. It is still trying to sustain, or maintain, that sweetness. And that is holding it back, or is a gap, or is a kind of amnesia, or a lack of total letting go and abandon that is needed.

And that this indulgence in this aspect of a sweetness, this self-indulgent trait that it thinks is important, is getting in the way with going to this place, stepping in and going to this place that you have been aspiring to for quite some time, but are now at a point where you’re ready – as the dream indicates – to give birth, or to merge, or to bring something all the way through – in terms of that essence.

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