Not Ready to Go Home

cosmos_2014_by_redxen-d7498s7In this short image, a huge concept is raised: If, after this human experience, we die and return to the source of our arising, have we been of benefit to God and creation? If we look at the natural worlds, everything plays its role in the process of the whole. But we have freedom of choice, so we have to choose to play the role we have been designed for. Just shopping and procreating isn’t a fulfillment of our human purpose, we need to be in service to the whole in whatever way we can, according to our uniqueness. And doing that requires a greater consciousness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I had this other little dream where I’m looking for somebody, and I ask the sister or something or whatever, where is he at? And I’m told, “Oh, he’s gone home.”

Now I’m supposed to naturally know what home is for him because home is the same for all of us. It’s back into the essence.

When someone says they’ve gone home, and they’re talking to someone, there seems to be a natural language that everyone knows what home is. And I’m out and about, and when he’s gone home it’s not like one goes to where his home is at to relate to him, because you relate to things in the flux and in the flow of what is going on.

And when a person goes home they’re in a state of rest. And when they’re out and about they’re in a state of flux. Or, in that state in which the inner and the outer have an aliveness and a language of the soul and everything communicating.

So it’s an interesting image. Yes, there’s a certain relief to the idea of being able to go home, but then again that’s a fairly dormant perspective. I wouldn’t be asking the question if I wasn’t of a motif of wanting to do something, or being fluid and in a flow.

And when a person has gone home, they’ve gone to a point like where the drop goes into the ocean. And so it creates this image that a person always kind of has this choice where you can go home, but then what does that do for creation? And creation is helped by being able to hold “the soldier between two worlds” place. It’s a very interesting, odd, peculiar image.

There was nothing wrong with the fact that the person had gone home. It’s just that, I don’t go home. I’m not going to go visit him at his home, even though I kind of know where it’s at. I guess I’m supposed to because the sister, when she says that, does not explain where home is. So obviously I must know where home is at, but that isn’t my frame of reference.

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