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John: I just want to continue a bit on the thread we’ve been on, beginning with your dream, Updating the Past, and then my dream, The Need for Redemption. What both of these images are pointing to is a process in us that’s going deeper, toward vibrations held in us from our past. By touching these vibrations, we are given an opportunity to rebalance, heal, and rewrite the events that put them there originally.

Even if we don’t know exactly what moment in our history the vibrations represent, it’s an important process to understand because it requires bringing two parts, or two halves, together. It’s a type of reconciliation, where former antagonists lay down their differences and realize that they can’t move forward without each other.

This reconciliation is needed on many levels, whether between the masculine and feminine genders on this planet, the masculine and feminine aspects within each of us, or the parts of our own history that we bury and negate – we even need to bring those back into the fold, so to speak.

This reminds me that a teacher used to say that someone who is a bad person can sometimes reach more quickly to a depth within themselves. That’s because it’s easy to set the bad behavior aside when they don’t necessarily have any strong spiritual illusions that power it.

In other words, those who think they have an idea about how to change things, or have an effect in the world, often go around in circles because of their spiritual illusion, or their angelic nature – they have fixed themselves to see only one side of the issue. We can’t close ourselves off to the aspects that can bring wholeness.

But in my case, in terms of some type of historical conditioning, it’s as if I’m able to look at both sides of the equation. I’ve always been a bit like this. In fact, I often surprise people when I can sit down and describe how things can go haywire, even if the subject is not in my area of expertise. They wonder how I know, and I just say: “Well, to be a good businessman in today’s society, you have to have a certain degree of the criminal mind.” That way you can protect yourself, because those two aspects are somehow related.

With that in mind, in a roundabout sense, that’s how you (Jeane) and I are correlated: historically, our two clans were infamous for feuding. But actually, at the epicenter of a feud, there is often common ground. In other words, if you can sort out the reactivity (animosity), you can come to a point where there’s a meeting, energetically, and a balance can be regained.

It is said that, in the journey of the soul, those that you struggle with the most are often people whom you were “married” to in the past. In a given lifetime, that which you’re married to can be, if you knew the karma of your soul’s journey, something in which there’s a history of differentiation, or antagonism.

Somehow or other, those divergent aspects get pulled together, and it’s like bringing two halves of a whole back together, and it tends to create a lot of interesting change and growth. To bring two halves like that together, each of those halves have something to contend with within themselves.

At the depth of the feminine, there has to be the forgiveness. At the depth of the masculine, there has to be the letting go. The feminine forgiveness is going to be difficult because she will always have a certain confusion as to why things act up in the way they do because it won’t make sense to her. In other words, she won’t have the facts as to why they continue to go on.

At the threshold of the masculine, the degree to which something pushes him, or touches him, or attempts to direct him, he’ll have to accept that or else he’ll continue to stay in his own trance, which is a state of separation. That, too, is an interesting dance that’s brought to the situation.

It does seem that our dreaming is starting to now shift towards what lies ahead, almost as a preparatory state, because of our upcoming trip to Egypt. It’s like something inside is fast-forwarding, bringing through what we can catch up with, or recognize, or come to know in this place. But as long as we avoid these knowings, or don’t acknowledge them, they will remain dormant.  

So now, all of a sudden, in order to help us experience these hidden vibrations that are in places that we’ll soon be able to partake in, we almost need to have some flash memories come back.

In this regard, there can be an appreciation: in my case a letting go, in your case a forgiveness and acceptance of an overall responsibility. In my case letting go to a responsibility that I’m not fully aware of, having been on the other side of the equation (an honest business man), yet still in that culture. In other words, we are getting more subtle to pull all these energies back into cohesion.

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John: Now there’s another way we can look at your dream (see The Manuscript and Hiding in Plain Sight). In it you’re acting like there are certain little things that need to happen, but a part of you knows better than that. There’s the symbolism of the office, and the author is a depiction of a type of wealth – books, universal wisdom, or however you want to look at it. The wealth of that aspect is opening up, but it can be grounded just as quickly. At some point earlier for you, this energy was opened up but it didn’t go into your life in the right way, so it had to be shut off because otherwise it was an abuse.

There’s a very interesting way of looking at this type of abuse, or misuse. For example, when Adam ate of the Tree of Knowledge, he was banished from Paradise. In the end, it was said that this was part of the Will of God, because what was important was that Adam become God’s deputy on earth. Adam wasn’t meant to sit in Paradise. So in a sense he had to screw up so that he then could be on earth, yet still have the deputy quality inside. And so his journey back to God is one of redemption, surrender, and forgiveness; turning towards the real all over again. That would not have been possible had he stayed in Paradise.


That’s why it’s said that the closer, and higher, you get to a particular quality of realization inside, if you misstep, the devastation of the fall is that much greater. At the same time, the devastation of the fall, and the veils that come with it, are all part of a greater plan and understanding. As you then work your way back, however long it takes, to where you had fallen off the pinnacle, you then bring in more gravity, more clarity, and more appreciation. You take on an expanded or evolved role. That’s the development journey.

So that’s the flip side of the setbacks that take place. Each one causes you to build a more refined and stable overall beingness, which has the quality of, and relates to, a very deep thought – man being just a thought of God in its truest essence – that then works with all other thoughts or onenesses without deviation. Whatever it takes to create that appreciation and awareness is what tends to happen.

In Adam’s particular case, he felt guilty and he grieved. He slunk around as if he could actually hide himself from God. He went through all kinds of gyrations that did nothing to help his predicament, and for long periods of time it actually made the situation denser, until he finally reached a turning point where he could find forgiveness.

Of course, this process was very confusing because nothing like it had ever been seen before. Before this, the angels were in a singing-the-glory-and-praises modality. Then they were tasked with service toward man, to bow before man. Adam is walking around, an abomination, and yet the angels were supposed to recognize that there’s something more going on even though they didn’t understand it.

It takes a long time before it can be recognized that something more is to emerge as a result. If you look at it from the angelic standpoint, it could look like Satan won the battle. But no! Satan only has a role to play as part of this whole thing. And Satan can more perfectly play the role because he too is linked to Creation, because his roots are in the high plateaus of Creation. So he can be effective in a way that the angels can’t. He can be a worthy opponent against man, giving man something to stretch against as part of opening up this greater dimension. The stretching and the struggle can cause man to take on more of the deputy role.

So that’s kind of an overview of the whole thing. The same pattern exists when you are coming back to this huge inner dimension of yourself: you fell, and now you have worked your way back and are ready to assume the mantle again. We even experience this process as simply as when we’re walking around and we’re perturbed or dense about something and we can’t shake it off, and then suddenly we’re feeling gleeful and happy because we can sense that we’re very close to something, you know, on the verge of breaking through.

This is the territory your dream is playing in.

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