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Jeane: In this dream, I know you’re somewhere in the background, but my focus is on two, feminine, winged figures or entities. One’s quite large and standing there, and she has wings. The other one is similar is shape but smaller.

I’m just trying to bring them together. I’m trying to get these two angelic figures together in some way, by working with the breath. That was the first image.

John: There is the idea – long-held by many spiritual and religious belief systems – that we all carry in our nature a connection to guides – angelic or other energetic entities – that we’re able to bring close to us, both internally and externally, depending on how we are in our lives.

Such a connection has to do with a certain type of rootedness within Creation – meaning being more closely connected and aligned with the purposes of Creation, instead of the ego-based “purposes” of the human such as money and power.

In other words, these angels and entities are here for us, but in some ways our relationship with them is limited by our own thoughts and actions because an angelic essence can’t come close to us if our energy radiation is hostile to what it is.

By that I don’t mean whether we believe in them or not, it’s similar to the idea that none of us would go to a bad part of town, where we would feel uncomfortable or in danger. Who and what we are energetically determines how theses essences and connections can be with us.

Part of having a rootedness in Creation is to be able to give anchor to such guides and essences into life – into the world. That is part of the process that the human was designed to do. We need that rootedness as a safety from becoming swept away by energies that are too high for us to contain.

So, in your dream image, you are shown a larger effect and a lesser effect. You have to somehow consolidate these, bring them together, as powers or forces of your nature. Then you can effectively work with it (bring it into Creation), rather than just have it sweeping over you in an unconscious way.

The images are portraying the effort of bringing them together as an aspect of your lightbody, and as a realization of the significance of this in terms of how it reflects a masculine aspect of your self that gives access to it.

I’m actually not quite sure how to say it because the feminine carries the presence that’s able to bring it and hold it together in a state of completeness, as a container of one’s overall being, but there is something about the quality of the masculine that enables you to be able to sort this out and not get diffused by this energetic effect.

It can be a problem for many people when they gain a connection to these energetic forces (of a greater beingness of themselves), that they then don’t have the proper grounding to sustain it. In order to properly, or truly, realize a higher-self quality, it needs to be brought down and through, into Creation. When it is not properly grounded within, a person runs the risk of being overwhelmed by it.

That’s what you’re working with there. You’re trying to figure out how to take these guides, or these forces within, and make them a valid, sustainable inner aspect that you’re able to carry and embody as you go about in Creation.

To do that, you have to see how the large and small come together, how they work together, how they’re part of the overall that also takes into account the denser aspects in Creation. In other words, carry both the inner and the outer together, or you can’t actually carry either of them in their proper way.

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Jeane: As this dream begins I’m in a wooded area up high on a hill. I sense there’s a man I’m associated with nearby, but I don’t see him clearly (if I did see him, I think he’d be dressed in black). I have to make my way from here into the city below, and its a journey from east to west.

I head down, and I even have to climb over fences to get where I’m going. When I reach my destination, there’s a war going on. Then I have to begin my way back, from west to east, but now I’m being pursued – I’m even being shot at.

Any weapon I have seems to be out of ammo. But I’m running through cities, very intent on getting back. I come to one area of a city and I’ve taken shelter. I’m trying to stay down as low as possible as I run from place to place, trying not to get shot.

I look up at one point and there’s a sporting goods store, and the owner is in the window. He has a rifle. I signal to him to throw me something, but all he has to throw me is a bow. When I pick up the bow, I see it has a little sling on it with a leather cup that fits over my elbow for when I pull it back to fire it.

I tell the man, “Great!” because I’m actually a very good shot with a bow and arrow. I had seen another woman shooting a bow and arrow and realized that she was doing well with it. So this is something I can do.

Then I look down on the ground and there are these little rocks lined up that are in the shapes of animals. I decide they are just the right shape to fire with my bow and arrow. I don’t really have an arrow, but I have these arrowhead-like rocks that will be good objects to fire with the bow. So I pick up all these colorful rocks and put them in my pocket. Then I look around for some rougher-shaped rocks that I could also shoot and I quickly pick those up.

Still, the most important thing is to get back to where I started, so I keep moving even though I have to go through an open area and one or two people fire guns at me. They don’t seem to hit me, though – their bullets fall short even though I’m out in the open.

As I keep running I suddenly come upon a series of railroad cars where people have been living. At the end of one car I see people just piled up and spilling out –  it’s hard to tell whether they’re wounded, or dead, or just in a daze from the war.

I notice all this as I’m passing through one of the cars. I see some overweight men there who are drunk. Then I see a silver gun on the floor. I pick it up but it’s an old-fashioned gun and it doesn’t have bullets in it anymore.

I try to fire it towards the window to check, and then I drop it because I just know I have to get back to where I started.

The image I have in my mind is that when I get back to the hilly, wooded area I’m at a little higher point than where I started. I still have to go over a fence to get back.

What I see in my mind is that when I get there, it’s all going to be this chartreuse green color, or it will be black, and I seem to think those two colors are the same. Then I shift slightly and I see that I suddenly come across a scene where it feels like the land and the sky and the water are all a soft, blue color.

That’s the whole dream.

Tomorrow we’ll explore the deeper implications of this chaotic scene.

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John: So, in this dream I go to a place where I’m to pay my debt. In the short-term it’s a lower number than I expected. Long-term it’s a larger number. (So, already we see that the dream has incorporated both the expansive and contractive elements from the previous two dreams; see Nearing the Top and Rough Flight.)

As I enter this office building I run into a certain friend. While I’m in the office, I’m very focused on settling this debt – I don’t want to carry this burden. But I also can’t ignore the fact that my friend is there as well.

I’m in such a hurry that I’m holding my car keys in my right hand. I want to get in and get out. My friend is excited to see me and he comes up to say “Hello.” He sticks his hand out to shake, and it catches me by surprise. I realize that as I’m shaking his hand, I’m still holding the car keys in my right hand without thinking.

As this is happening, I thinking, “Oh wait, I need those keys back!” Then I wake up.

Isn’t that interesting? So, what this dream imagery is showing me is that the only way out of the dilemma I have faced in the last two dreams is to let go of my means of transportation, or at least what I perceive to be a necessary vehicle for me to get where I want to go.

In the first dream I had a tank-like truck that couldn’t get me up the hill. It was a burden that was slowing me down. In the second dream, I’m off the ground, in a helicopter, but the ride is frightening, and I have no appreciation for it, because it’s so out of control.

For me to truly reach my destination, I have to let go of my old ways, aspects in me that prevent me from progressing onward. I have been shown the two extremes of my nature: the contractive feminine aspect (the heavy truck), and the expansive, masculine nature (the out-of-control helicopter).

Now I see that to pay my “debt,” to rid myself of what is holding me back, I have to let go of the keys that keep me in the driver’s seat. There is no “normal” price to pay that will get this resolved.

I can’t travel towards God by controlling the vehicle, I have to let go, settle back, and let the Divine function through me. I have to trust that God will provide the means, if I let go enough to be guided.

Until I let go and trust in that, I will continue to swing back and forth between these extremes. It’s unproductive for me to think that I can figure out what’s going on, or to try and be pro-active, when we can see how poorly everything functions when I’m left to my own devices.

The solution for me is to let go. I just have to surrender to the process. I just have to hand the keys over. That’s how a person consolidates.

So I’m shown that I’m not going to be able to resolve one extreme against the other. I’m too caught up in the dichotomy. Only in letting go will I be free enough to get to the destination I seek.

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