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ggy676sIf we expand our way of thinking about a full breath, breathing in and breathing out, we can see that it has many facets to it. When we are born, we are expressed outwardly into the material world, and when we pass on we are inhaled back into the worlds of energy. Everywhere we look we can see this process. The universe expands and then contracts. When we create an art work, we have put it outside of ourselves, where we can learn something about it, and then we incorporate that knowledge back into our life going forward. We can look at this personally, or at the level of the universal for greater understanding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remember a scene in one dream, and it felt like it was repeating a lot. I think we were going to visit Allie’s relatives, or we were going somewhere, but it’s like I was walking alongside and you were in a blocky green car, almost like a square car, like the old Model Ts or something. But it was this dark green color.

There was something in front of it, so it was like the pace was just slow. It’s like, I didn’t know what to do to get it to go faster, because it’s like we couldn’t control the speed at all. And so then I was concerned about when we got there, and when we’d get back. But I recognize that because of what was in front of the car, I couldn’t do anything about the speed. It just seemed like that dream reverbed a lot.

John: In this dream, Allie represented a hiddenness, and the green car represented a journey into the inner worlds. And the bias is that it has to do with speed, rather than depth. That’s the bias.

It’s easy for one to get because the sense is that you have light, and sound, and light is faster. And so you can come to experience this in terms of time as an aspect of speed. And that, then, can lead to going back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth to figure it out, because you’re looking at something that is outside of time. And yet you’re working in trying to understand it, as your ticket into it, with time.

And that you’re only dealing with one component of it. And your component that you’re working in terms of, this element that involves time, is missing space, as well, outside of time and space. So when you’re playing with time, you’re playing with the in-breath, and you’re playing with space, taking something into matter and whatnot, you’re playing with bringing something from space through, you’re doing that with the out-breath.

And you’re reverbing back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth because you’ve never had the experience of recognizing that the breath works this way. A person usually only catches up with the breath from the standpoint that you can have the masculine breath, and the feminine in-breath, and that the breath takes something out of a stillness down. And there can be an exasperation, which is the interval, again, where this in-breath turns to the out-breath. And then you start the revealing of the in-breath going back.

Usually a person only catches up with it up to that degree, and when they catch up with it to that degree, you come to recognize the entire breath as a state of delusionality, as an illusion. As almost a bad trick: that we all breathe, and yet, when you take that breath out there is the stillness – and that is much more real.

But, no, there is a purpose of the breath. And no one understands the purpose of the breath. The breath is important in terms of time and space. Now, they both are put in conjunction with the breath. Actually, I think I might have it reverse: time might be something that comes down into and consecrates itself into life, that brings something in, that’s time. And space is where something, then, goes to the in-breath up.

So, if you’re sitting there trying to figure out how to speed something up, you’re only looking at one component. What I’m trying to understand is that which is meant to be speeded up, that is an aspect of time, whereabout is this in relationship to the breath?

Well, you’ve taken and introduced the breath in a component way. You’ve introduced the breath as an aspect in which this is a step to another use of the breath. The use of the breath, this is a step in between, now, what you just did, you have to come to understand the time and space of breath. And this is important to understand breath in a way that no one understands breath anymore, and that is: breath is the means that makes man a crown of more than just creation, the universe. Because it is through the normal in-breath that is where a person has awoken to things and develops maybe the magic side of their nature, and gets into occultish kinds of qualities and things. Dwells with the angelic side, and tends to leave it at that.

But the true importance of the breath is it’s a traveling into a revealing; it’s an aspect of a revealing. It is in the in-breath that this revealing occurs. And what is being revealed?

Within the depths of a human being is all the wonders of the world. And that’s on the in-breath. The in-breath has it embedded, it’s all embedded. It’s almost like frozen time. Time comes down as the out-breath; it’s frozen time, which means it’s caught in a spaciality that has to rise up on the in-breath. And so, when it rises up and comes out and one can go into it and probe the mysteries of the in-breath, then you come to know things that you didn’t know before. Everything is able to be revealed through the in-breath.

But it remains hidden, it remains unconscious, unless it is brought into time, unless it’s brought through, which is the purpose of the out-breath. That’s the reason for the breath. The way one conducts himself in life, where they’re caught in little subtle ways that are bifurcations, and you get into the masculine and the feminine, and you get into the whole kundalini energy of things and such – that can actually be skipped. If you really come to know what the reason for breathing is, that it is important.

And the way we are doing it, and dealing with it, we are lost. We’re off on a tangent in terms of it. We’re not even getting the bat out of the batter’s box to get into the game, because we’re caught somewhere on some aspect of the breath, and thus are bewildered and delusional. We can be caught in our over sensitivity on the in-breath, we can be caught in our overindulgence on the out-breath, with the thoughts piled upon the thoughts.

And so we never fully catch up with the fact that the breath is the means, and the ticket, for revealing all of the wonders of the universe. No one knows that. They don’t know that because they’re caught in this other instead. How can they possibly take on what they’re meant to take on?

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Zmogaus Galios

Most people have repetitive dreams at some point in their lives. And it’s really not surprising, because an aspect of our dreaming is to give us guidance about our journey back to God, or back to what created us. The human system is designed for certain types of repetitions as a way of deepening the understanding of what is being done or shown. And certain dreams will keep repeating until some inner aspect of us takes up the message that is being given. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I think I had my dream and then as you were talking most of it just kind of dissolved. But what I can tell you, I know I lost the part of the dream that had to do with a woman, but the other part of the dream felt like a repeat dream, and it feels like I’m masculine.

It feels like I’m in China, and I’m maybe behind enemy lines, so to speak. There’s a way that I can capture soldiers or something. It doesn’t really involve weapons. It involves almost like a spell or something because it involves a going back and forth in a way. And it’s like I’m out there a certain period of time and I feel like I’m being observed. And then at another time, as I capture people, that I come back.

But that’s just my impression of it because I think as you were talking it just kind of went poof, so I’ll just have to see if any of it comes back. But it definitely felt like a repeat dream. And I was being told in the dream at points when I needed to come back, and I had a little resistance to coming back.

John: It’s a dream about observation in that you’re using a type of looking at something that’s in-between. In other words, to look at something is in-between that and a more direct vibration of it – but it is a way of shaking loose a connection.

So repeat huh? So you’re constantly looking and taking into account, and summing something up inside of yourself, as a way of trying to break yourself back into a deeper linkage that is natural and constant.

So what you’re repeating is this process by which you’re using this in-between quality. In other words, most people get caught up in things just going this way and that way and this way and that way. This is a dream in which you’re not caught up in that, you’re caught up in looking at how what it is that you look at keeps redirecting you in some fashion – and this repeats.

It repeats from the inside, and obviously on the outside, too, and that you’re to catch the hint of what that is that lies behind that: because it’s not what you’re going through, it’s something behind that. And you keep repeating things up to a point and then it stops, then repeating something up to a point and then it stops. And behind that is what’s there for you to suddenly catch, to suddenly get. What was kind of the part that you forgot?

That part that you said felt all masculine would be considered the harsher part, and it’s an aspect of a truth, as we know it, in terms of the way things come to us in just the day-to-day life. And, in your case, you’re having things come to you that cause you to come up to a point, and then as things come to you and it comes up to a point it’s a harsher quality trait.

There are two traits here. There’s that, and then there’s the offsetting one that’s softer. And the softer one is the easier one, and the other is harsher and much slower where things come up to a point. But the softer approach is where you break through from something having come up to a point and then that puts you into the heart – and then you start to be affected and trained on both the heart and the soul level inside yourself.

This is like a training that works both inner and outer with the quality of a type of truth. In other words, as things come and they come and they come up to a particular point, from this you inflect something. You reach a point where you inflect something so you know things are okay, you know that this is right, you know that this is a part of the path, or you know this and you know that.

Through that inflection, as a quality of letting go, is where the infused heart awakens, and that’s an aspect of love – and much softer and much faster – and the real essence of what this path is about. It’s interesting that other, though. So, you had the other half, which means you had the softer part.

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touchBridging the inner with the outer, or the higher with the lower, is the work of a spiritual life. We can feel when we make those connections, and also feel when we lose them again. Our systems know, in the same way as these dreams give insight to the dreamer about this struggle. Fundamentally, we need to shift our focus from thinking the outer world is what is important, to understanding that it is inner guidance that should lead us through the outer world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I still seem to be stuck in this pattern of having one repetitious dream.

So, in this case, it was like before I went to bed last night, I had gone to my computer and I downloaded some audio and videotapes. And I’m not used to quite how the download works on the computer yet. I’m not sure how I play these things or how they work yet.

So I felt like I kept dreaming about that. I would dream that I was doing the download and some of the tapes downloaded just right, and other tapes seemed to download the middle part and not the beginning and end part. And some tapes downloaded completely.

And I’m trying to figure out how to rectify that so that all the tapes download completely, and that I know how and where to play them. And so it felt like I just had repetitious dreams about that whenever I was dreaming.

John: What you’re trying to do is you’re trying to connect the inner and the outer. And that was the theme of the dreaming: that you’re haywire in the outer if you don’t recognize the inner connectivity of yourself, if you don’t reach that point within that is the body of light, or however you want to describe that, that is outside of the outer reflective condition of yourself.

So, what you were doing is you had this activity that symbolized the attempt to do something like this. In other words, using an Internet process, you’re trying to take and create the medium by which you downloaded from one way of something being, into another way that would be more utilizable.

Something that then could function more tangibly. And it’s exactly what I dealt with, as well. The only difference is that is I saw myself in the linkage and connection of an inner, and its corresponding reflective outer. And then saw what happens when you lose that and find yourself lost again. And that’s what I dreamt. And I had two dreams that did that, each in their own way.

And the first one is in the meditation, and what I wake up dreaming about is the idea of receiving multiple awards for what turns out—which means two different awards—which turns out to be the same end result.

I noticed that there are those who feel that this shouldn’t happen. However, from my position and perspective of life, well, this makes complete sense in both areas in my being. That which I am, as a being, is honored and is seen as being significant, simultaneously, in both worlds. And of course, both worlds are the inner and the outer.

It is through the sensation level that I develop a glimpse between the two areas. And this time, the whole thing is more of the connection of inner/outer, and it’s humorous because it’s like a joke between the inner and the outer, as if they come together as one—and that one is one’s true and whole self.

So the significance of this is I am of the opinion that in receiving an award for meritorious achievement in the outer, that because we live in an inner and outer vibratory universe, that this is a setup in which it is possible to become aware upon the inner level, as well.

In other words, normally, you just see this sort of thing happening in the outer. You don’t realize that whatever you achieve, or accomplish, or do, or what transpires in the outer, has also taken place simultaneously on the inner, except the outer is reflective.

The reason for why an award on both levels is possible to know is because consciousness flows from inner into outer. When we awaken, we realize and see that. What this means is the reflective outer that is ordinarily veiled off from the inner flow, is able to consciously correspond and experience the connectivity as a oneness.

In this dream, I’m seated in a room with others who are able to correlate consciously the inner with its reflective outer. A person comes in the door—comes from the outer into this inner—where I’m seated along with others. And in coming in, he proceeds to make a huge commotion, as if, you know, he’s righteous about his right to be there or something.

And I realize this process included a part of himself that was already there, or the corresponding higher inner self. And here he’s tried to come in to connect with that, with the outer, that has been reflected. And a person from up front, that I don’t see all the way to the front because I’m seated kind of more towards the middle, steps forward and expeditiously evicts this guy.

And then the dream shifts and I’m outside of this room or in another scenario in the outer, I see a bunch of basketballs. Well, about 20 of them, all in a pile or roll about, that seem to have been just dispersed. And I pick up one of them, to examine, and throw it back into the general pile with the other balls.

The meaning of it is, to lose what connects the inner flow with the outer reflection, which is a connectiveness that is lost when the outer reflection is amiss, is what is going on in this dream. In other words, I get carried away, or that part gets carried away coming in, and so then it loses the continuity with the inner.

In the first dream, the outer reflection goes off on a tangent and causes a commotion that wouldn’t have happened if you were synchronized connectively with the corresponding inner consciousness. The lower self that isn’t connected to the higher self consciously loses the natural graciousness that exists.

When this connection is broken, the inner and outer remain veiled from each other, as the outer parts go into the collective of life, which again is all reflective. That’s the image of a bunch of bouncing balls that have no real focus anymore, is the symbolized portrayal of this effect.

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