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Who will save us? We will; each individual saving themselves, at first. Which is good news because it means we don’t have to wait any longer for everything to change. We can begin now. The human design and the planet we are born on are everything we need to succeed. All we lack is the passion, the desire, and the trust that it can be done, and that we can do it. The journey requires such passion, desire, and trust because everything else will appear to be against our success, so we need the strength to keep ourselves moving forward. And it begins with the understanding that there truly is more to life than the way we live today, and, in fact, that truth is undeniable. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My sleep dream kind of goes through this in a very peculiar way. In the dream, hope and relief was promised, but I didn’t get the memo. I haven’t caught up with what that means. I make the best of where I’m at because I haven’t gotten the memo about anything, so I’m just blindly going through life not knowing any better about how things could be different.

And then I come to learn that someone was supposed to relieve me of this ordeal by now, but didn’t show up. It’s like they forgot. So I went through the worst imaginable, not knowing any better, and somehow I seem to still be alive.

So, in the dream, the sensation is that of being immersed in sound, as if sound is a problem here that is too much to contend with. So, in the dream, this is sound that gets in every pore of my being. It blocks out the light so much so that I don’t know that there is such a thing, or that there is a difference. It’s like a purgatory. It is like I am bathed in it.

In the dream I come out of what I voluntarily went into, in other words, I didn’t know any better, and it’s like going into the bath of it all. It’s like one great big tub of things, and creatures of every way, shape, and form are falling off me, coming out of my pores, from my breath. I appear to be as toxic as a person could ever possibly be. I hadn’t noticed that you could see this.

Every out-breath is just, oh my gosh, fog, and this, that, and the other. I mean I woke up as if I should be struggling for breath, it was so overwhelming, all of this toxicity dangling, and crawling, and creatures every which way. And see, the thing of it is, these creatures were like a bifurcation of an immensity of sound, is what they were. They were an immensity of sound. That’s a strange image, wasn’t it?

And so now I find myself almost like in some sort of state of redemption, or something, or some sort of state of something. I’m before those who just look as if unable to believe what they are looking at, and that’s when I find out that something was supposed to have come to my rescue, but forgot.

So, as I’m standing there, or as I’m there, it’s like a quick accounting is being made, and it’s almost as if what got forgot, and who forgot, and what’s to be done? And so those who have the responsibility are called out, as if they are all restaurant chefs, they’re all cooks, to a process of some sort, and these cooks all cook in different ways. It’s like, what cook was supposed to have dealt with this, that didn’t? And one of them, one of the newer cooks that kind of wasn’t as sophisticated as the old cooks, it turns out that this cook was the one that forgot, or let me go too long.

So it is decided that I’ve been ignored so long that I’ve been ignored in a wrongful way, too much, in other words. I was never meant to devolve to this point. So, to make amends, tomorrow this person who let me go into such dire straights is to come over and tap dance on my table. And I am told that they will use their own shoes.

Now the image I have is they’re going to somehow take these shoes off and tap them on the table. They can’t possibly get up on the table themselves, or at least I wasn’t thinking that. And just as I am considering this to be a bit over-the-top ridiculous, I am told it isn’t all absurd. At one point the person actually dances with a partner, and, in it, is the hope and relief that is revealed.

So the meaning is, in my meditation dream, and sleep dream, denseness that is all-pervasive is represented. First of all, it’s represented as a condition of sound, and there is no visible light in a condition of sound, because the sound is like all-consuming, and infectiously consuming.

So in the sleep dream the sound is reduced into all of its compositeness, and it’s as if it’s all germs and viruses of every way, shape, and form that consume the body and my being. And it is a wonder that I’m even alive. The contamination is so great that I suppose there would be a way of looking at me and saying that I am rotting, but don’t know it.

In this dream I am shown that when the moment of redemption arrives, and no one knows when that is to be, that is when there is hope on the horizon. That is when I’m able to dance the inner dance. That is when I am able to be relieved of a nearly unimaginable affliction, an affliction state so out of it that it is good I had been amnesic, not knowing any better. Ignorance somehow was my redeeming quality. And, in the end, I am able to give all of this affliction up.

The relief, to begin with, seems a bit silly because I have been in such distress for so long I don’t know any better, but there comes a point where I am able to shift into the inner exquisiteness that is possible – instead of the outer appearances, that are more dire than I know.

Because I reach a point in which I let go and leave the direness behind, the reflection that unfolds is able to touch outer life as a mirroring, an effect that transformatively goes into the outer, and awakens, redemptively, a deep within wholeness from within the denseness of manifestation.

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Rescued_from_an_eagle's_nestFairy tales, myths, movies and dreams all use the scenario of a rescue to tell a story, or share a truth. And, when it comes to dreams, we are always rescuing ourselves – or specific parts of ourselves. Think about it: how many of our inner aspects have been lost to us through our prior experiences and the psychologies they create? On our journey, we want to reclaim as much of that territory as we can, so that our lives can be as full an expression of our potential as possible.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I wish I could remember more details about the beginning of this dream. I’m somewhere, and it’s almost like a place where things are run by someone who’s a little bit of a strong arm. And I want to get out of there.

And, in order to get out of there, I need to get his two kids. And I think I get him, too, but first the thing is to get the kids; there’s a boy and a girl. And it feels like I have one of the female servants colluding with me. I go into a room and I know I knock one person over the head, a guard, and tie them up. And I have maybe the female the servant, so we’ve gotten the girl free.

And then I have to leave her somewhere. Then it feels like her brother’s even helping me – someone’s helping me, some young person’s helping me, anyway. Then I have to go get the other kid.

Then I had to go to another house, bodyguards and people were kind of swarming around the house, so I have to crawl up through the garden, and I see people come in through a door, but again a kid comes and shows me how to go in through a window.

And then we get the little boy. And it feels like maybe we want to take his dad with us, too. I’m not sure about that part. There’s someone we take with us. Then we have to sneak out of the house. Then we have to get all the way to where the little girl is, and then we have to get out of town without getting caught.

John: So, what this dream is showing is that you have this side of yourself, this young, innocent, established, inner side of yourself, which is represented by all of these kids, both boys and girls, both masculine and feminine.

Often times, in a dream, as part of a process, the initial dreams will have you looking at first the ominen and then the ominous side of yourself as something very, very youthful that you have to catch up with. In this particular dream, what it’s showing is that you’re able to catch up with this side of yourself – and you don’t have to knock anything over the head, or, that by knocking something over the head, you limit your potentiality of catching up with this inner quality of yourself.

In other words, it starts off with you thinking that that’s how it is that you’re rescuing something, but, in that process, you only are able to catch one kid, or catch up with one kid. You’re only able to deal with one part of yourself. In that case, what was the kid that you caught, was it a boy or a girl?

Jeane: The first one was a girl.

John: So that’s a sense that you think you have to have in terms of dealing with your feminine nature. But then the dream points out that you actually limited yourself by doing that, because now you’ve set something on guard, or on aware, when it comes to the other parts of yourself. And so you’re in need of having to get help in that regard.

And so it’s a boy that helps you figure out how to reach the other. So it’s as if you now need a clarity now, in terms of how to deal with it, because you’ve done something to avert a more natural flow.

Well, the way the dream ends, though, is the dream ends in that if you can sort this out and catch up with all of those parts inside of yourself, you’re then able to rescue the adults. That’s very interesting. To start off with, you view the more grown up, or outer part of yourself, as a problem. And the kids inside of you are actually your inner side, your more speeded up, more dynamic, your quickened, your more alert, your more viable, your fresher, your more innocent innerness of being.

And the adults are your outer, and so it’s as if you’re trying to solicit the help of the… you’re trying to pull this inner together, and you’re doing it in such a way that struggles with the outer. You’re actually doing things that hurt the outer, and thus inhibit the capacity of yourself to bring the inner, and all of its qualities, together.

And even though you foiter and fumble around like this, you do catch up with what’s needed, and essential, and necessary because, in the end, even though you make it a yo-yo approach, you get the kids and, in the process, you’re also then able to take into account the outer – or the adult side of yourself. Isn’t that an interesting dream?

Now, depending upon the tone in which you dreamt that, it could be like a teaching dream, and a guidance dream, and it could also be a type of warning dream. In other words, if you were critical of yourself you could see this as a type of warning dream, in which what you’re doing is making it more difficult to catch up with the kids – if you’re overly critical with yourself.

If you’re more accepting with yourself, you will realize that it’s a process dream that is giving you information. And if you’re neutral in terms of looking at all of this, and accepting the guidance, it’s a guidance dream. Isn’t that interesting, that you could take it one of three ways?

And you’re meant to grow, and learn, from this as a modality, or process, of unfoldment. Very good dream.

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mountain-village-149This dream has something of the feel of a swashbuckling tale, sent amongst ancient stones, with a chase scene along a stone cliff, and a rescuer who appears from nowhere to avert a painful fate. What could it mean? First look at the relationships: she begins spying on a man who is a criminal, so there’s an estrangement of the masculine and feminine. This leads to a chase that could end badly, yet instead ends with the help of two different masculine figures – so something has been rejoined. And what began in difficulty ends with ease, so there’s a form of letting go that makes the inner connection possible. When that happens, healing can occur at a deep level.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So this is a dream that I had yesterday when I fell back asleep later in the morning, and probably when I fell asleep either during or after getting a remote healing.

So in this dream, I’m in an area with large, old stone structures, and there’s a man and his family in charge there. He seems to be a criminal of some kind and I’m spying on him. And I see him and his men go to a larger, it’s kind of like a round area with little pillars around it that’s looking outside, and on this kind of porch area there’s a large cart there.

All of these things are stone, the stone cart and the stone structure, large old stone, and the cart is covered with counterfeit bills. But he’s saying that the money is from Panama and so he thinks they should move it out that day to Panama because wherever they are you can’t cash money from Panama.

And then I think that they notice that one of them sees me and they start chasing me. So, originally, it’s like I try to get away around the area, but now that they’ve seen me it’s even like I run up a stone structure that is kind of fallen and is lying down. But one of them gets at each end of that structure and it has a chain kind of woven in there somewhere, too, and I grab the chain and it’s broken loose in a way where I start holding onto the chain and it’s flying out over the area.

Well down below is water, and where the chain is carrying me with some momentum it looks like I’m going to fly right into a stone structure. I’m actually trying to just gear it maybe so that I can hit a place where there’s some land, but it looks like I’m going to go right into this big marble medallion on a wall.

And then the chain seems to flip me up of its own accord more towards a cliff area, which has a stone fence with some gaps in it, that’s on a hillside. Well it lands me such that I’m able to just barely grasp like one of the little windows in the marble of that stone fence, and I’m kind of hanging there like I could fall off the cliff any moment.

I can’t quite see whether I can pull myself up through that hole, and then I look through the little hole there in the fence. It’s more like a part of a wall that has cut outs. I see this man sitting there. He’s just kind of sitting there casually with a little cap on his head.

He has a car in the background and there’s this lamb, this really sweet little lamb that’s just grazing on the lawn right there where the opening is. And he just turns casually and looks at his chauffeur and tells him to come over and pull me through – and he does. He comes over and grabs me and is able to pull me through. I didn’t think the opening was large enough. That was how the dream ended.

John: Very neat dream. What your dream was, was as a result of your treatment and whatnot the effect that that was having upon you threw you into a primordial part of your past. This was signified by the rocks. It was something of an ancient quality nature.

And in this older part of yourself, or this part of yourself that lies deeper inside of you that you aren’t properly reconciling so it’s creating problems for you, in this part you’re not intertwining. You have an attitude or you have a mannerism that is not fitting with the masculine side of yourself and, as a consequence, this throws you into a disarray.

Now, the treatment exposed all of that energetically and vibrationally but, at the same time, it provided a healing. And the healing that it provided was somehow you recognized that there was a certain grace, a certain kindness like the lamb, a certain letting go like the nature of this guy that’s just casually there, that leads to a way of alleviating that whole anxiety of being disjointed, or not naturally connected.

And so that was your healing, that was the dream about your healing. You might say that in one sense the whole process right there facilitated this whole sort of transition inside of yourself. And so as the scenario for the dreaming, you might say that you went into the session with kind of a latent sadness, or some heaviness, that existed that you couldn’t shake, you haven’t been able to shake, that you associate with, well, maybe it’s because you’re still recovering from your surgery, or however you want to associate that.

That’s kind of an alibi way of saying it. I sit and look at that and I wonder if it has to do with the fact that your dad was here, too, and you were overwhelmed by energetics that made it harder for you to intertwine, and relate to, naturally and, as a consequence, it caused you to speed up and become a little disjointed and that that contributed to the sadness.

But your dream is basically saying that this has a history for you, and that it was all laid out, it was all portrayed out, and you saw yourself go beyond it – a nice healing.

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