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univ_1920We often speak about connecting to higher energies as the ways and means of making a spiritual journey. And  part of that has to do with the intelligence and guidance that comes with higher connections – that’s how we make progress into the unknown. But that’s describing a one-way process. As we go further we begin to understand the importance of our responsibility, or our ability to respond. Because guidance is one aspect of connection, but another is the ability to respond to the urgings of what the universe is asking of us – and to be able to bring that into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream I seem to be a young woman that’s gone to the house, to be in a house with a man that I’m, with his parents, and there’s other people. It’s a rather large estate, and I’m doing something specific there, but at some point it’s like he doesn’t quite get it, and because he doesn’t quite get it, I feel like I have to leave. And I go into another room, and it’s winter.

I’m not even sure how I’m going to survive because it’s out in the country, and I have to leave, and I’ll be walking through winter weather. But I’m putting on a coat and mittens, and not even looking at him because he’s come into the room and he doesn’t seem to quite understand this.

And his parents really don’t want me to leave, but it feels like because he can’t get something that I’m going to have to leave, or stop doing what I was doing and leave, and I’m just really kind of heartbroken over it. And that’s the first dream.

John: I’m looking at this, too, sort of thing. It’s as if something is not able to get what it needs to get, or understand, in a responsive way, an attentive way, in relationship to how the outer needs to change. Or does the outer need to change? Because maybe it’s all a big illusion to think that the outer changes. Maybe the only thing that changes is that we change, and because we’re intertwined, the other automatically happens.

Well anyway, that’s not what I’m seeing happening, however, in the dream, and so that means that something is missing in how things need to unfold. In other words, it’s like you have reached some sort of recognition, and understanding, and consciousness inside of yourself, but consciousness that you’re reaching inside of yourself isn’t intertwining into life.

So I guess that’s what your dream is kind of reporting, and I seem to be going through the same kind of reactions, myself, in that a certain kind of responsiveness isn’t happening. Where the difference is I look at it in terms of trying to be more reactive, and I look at it as being calmer.

In other words, nothing works. Everything seems to stay in some sort of collective staleness. And the strange thing is that in order for something to properly emerge, it needs to rise up. In other words, the world around needs to start picking up a certain degree of recognition, to go along with what is waking up – or otherwise the problem continues.

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