One With Our Environment

Jeane: In the earliest dream, I live in a building that has an enormous space around it. The building is circular and the space around it feels circular, or, at least, semicircular. Within that semicircle there is an inner circle where I live or walk around.

There are a number of tables set. Somehow it can be coordinated that a meal is available at any time. I seem fascinated by this. I don’t know quite how the system works for everybody that lives there, but it does seem to work. I don’t know how it’s coordinated.

John: What this dreaming is revealing is that, in the past, when you used to look at how the energetics felt in a certain area or place, you would sit and you would say, “ This feels good, or I like this area and I don’t like that area.”

In other words, it’s almost as if you were identifying with the spirit of the place. When you do it like that, you’re trying to catch up with something or trying to realize something that you needed that was in the environment that corresponded to something inside you.

Now the tables are set differently. You conceivably have gotten to the point where you can see some part of you at a higher heart center to it all, and that everything around you is like a great big building, a round circular building and the tables are set and you have an awareness to that. You’re observing it differently now – you’re a part of it, rather than feeling separate from it.

In the past the awareness you might have about a time, place, or people was almost as if things were generic – meaning you could appreciate what you observed as if it was in that particular place in that particular way. Now what you observe is a receptivity within a place, and you see inside yourself an identification to this greater innerness. And the tables are set around you for that innerness to infuse with it.

The way I tend to look at this – what I call a spirit energy or an innerness that just radiates out – is flipped now. I remember talking to a spiritual teacher about an energetic in the area in which we live, and I asked if we should try to form a relationship with it. The way he fidgeted about I realized that, “No, I am the energy of the place.”

So, a person is meant to catch up with their own energy in relationship to a place. At first you can denote where certain areas feel better in the outer. For example, when the teacher was in Boulder, Colorado he realized something about him could touch that environment more easily than in NYC, for example. As he put it, which was more in the outer sense, what goes on in NYC is denser and Boulder is more receptive. Another way of saying it is that there’s a greater similitude, or connection, that he’s able to relate to, or to touch, or to note in Boulder.

What you’re dreaming… you have turned the tables now in terms of a certain sense that you have in life. You can sense that you feel something as an epicenter, and you can see the tables, or energetics, as if it’s part of one great big circle, and you can tell there’s a greater depth that resonates out.

It’s like the idea that when you’re walking in the casino (in Vegas) you can hear the jackpots going off and the peculiar thought is, to what degree is that happening just because you’re walking by? It leaves you with an interesting sensation. It’s as if some part of you is making something happy, or tweaking something, just by being there.

Perhaps the jackpots happen in relation to the need or expectation of someone else? It’s a crazy thought but it’s not completely untrue. Obviously one cannot do it for themselves – as our little episode of gambling with one or two dollars showed. That was miserable. I just shrank in that; I lost some sort of essence in even bothering to see what was going to happen in that regard.

It’s subtle, but what we radiate affects our surroundings. The environment around us affects us as well, but it’s an intertwined relationship between the inner and the outer, not a one-way street. So the dream is pointing to a greater integration with the environment – in the sense of being joined with it rather than an observer who feels a stranger in it.

The Marriage

Jeane: In this dream it feels like I traveled. I may have been in a car with you, I am not sure, but now I am walking. I stop by one house in the woods where I notice someone doing something a little peculiar. Whatever it is that I see influences me as I walk further.

I come upon a friend’s house (a friend I knew a long time ago) and I see they have cordoned off an area of their driveway with a tarp. There is a shower hooked up. I feel a sudden urge to take a shower. I don’t know if I even take off my clothes, but I notice she has left a shampoo bottle there.

I begin to shampoo my hair when my friend and another woman come out to see what is going on. I feel a little awkward standing under the water and shampooing my hair, but it feels like they just realize that it’s me and they go back inside the house.

After a little while I either go into her house or another friend’s house, and they are having a gathering. They have a lot of flowers in vases that they are taking somewhere else. I know there is a wedding for someone, but I had not planned to go. Now I think I should.

After the shower I felt ready to go home, but I looked for you and you were in a side room watching a football game and I couldn’t get your attention. So I go back out to the living room. I am confused: perhaps the wedding is over and they are having a reception? I can’t remember what the wedding invitation said.

I try to ask some questions to get the information, without revealing that I don’t remember. I don’t want to ask directly. Because of that, I’m not getting the answers I want. I just can’t figure out what’s going on, but I’m feeling too embarrassed to ask.

John: Your dreams have tripped me up at times because they often have a quality where they start off fast with a lot going on, and then they slow down. Now that fastness is the secret to this dream, and the slowing down is a way of monitoring and following up.

After taking the shower you somehow begin to recognize that it is all connected – you are reaching a type of wholeness. The wedding, or marriage, is a form of completion, where everything gets brought together and is accepted. And the journey that allows that coming together to happen is one of letting go.

The beginning of the dream had so much speed that it had to be tempered down to something that was meaningful and digestible enough for you to handle. The fastness of the beginning is really a very open state of flow, but you are unable to really remember it or hold onto the imagery.

So then it all slowed down. You took a shower, and then discovered the wedding plans and how you felt about that – whether you should be part of it or not. The whole scenario shows different aspects of you. You are the person getting married, but you are not sure how you feel about that. You are not sure if everything has been completely cleaned up.

The interesting thing is, you didn’t need to go through all that. When it was speeded up at the very beginning you didn’t need to question everything – you were in the flow of things. Yet it was too much light and too much energy for you to handle, so it slowed down to a point where you had to experience the details and the questioning of the process.

When you make switches in a dream sometimes the energy changes completely. When it does, it opens up and reveals something – it comes popping through. This is a new way for me to be able to look at dreams. In other words, there are levels at play.

I have noticed this myself that if I have dreams in the early hours of the morning they are very difficult to pull out because they occur at a greater depth inside, a depth at which things are speeded up. The later dreams are easier to access, they become more tangible, because they are slower and happening at a shallower level.

Here you have that process happening within a single dream. Even as we are sleeping, our ego nature is operating. It’s very tuned down, of course, not running rampant in relationship to one’s thoughts and moods, and having to deal with the denseness of life. But it’s still that ego shadow of one’s nature that is behind the quality of the images in dreams.

So everything is slowed down to catch that. Of course, it’s much better that it can be revealed in a dream as opposed to having to live through it in one’s outer life, where the speed is glacially slower (the same revelation process could take days, weeks, months, or even years before you get it).