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h01986We all experience it: that feeling of knowing what the right thing to do is, and doing something else, anyway. That’s what this dream is about. When this happens in a spiritual journey, it is because “regular” life has taken us on a tangent away from where we want to be. But we will never completely be able to overcome our training away from human purpose, and we don’t need to; we just need to become consciously aware when it happens, and minimize the duration of the detour. Over time, our systems will learn these new ways and take them up for us.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My earliest dream is a rather simple one and, in that, I seem to just be out on the street and there’s a robbery that happens. And then people, the police or someone, are coming around and asking about the robbery.

I think the robbers are even nearby and observing everything. But I don’t let the police know that I have this photographic memory, because I’m going over it and I realize I could tell them every single thing about whoever it was that snatched something – but I don’t seem to want them caught. So I just don’t tell anybody, other than something very general about what happened.

I don’t tell them that, actually, I could specifically identify the robber. That was the first dream.

John: It’s as if something is going on that one’s not able to keep up with because one’s attention is averted, or distracted, in some fashion. In other words, in your dream, you’re not bringing out everything that is needed to be brought out into the equation and, therefore, what is going on is continuing to break down, and it’s almost as if that breaking down is purposeful.

In other words, what you’re finding is you’re in life, and then there are robbers in life. And yet, when inquiries are made about how something should be, you’re not telling the police what you know. You’re keeping it to yourself. And so that’s the reflection that’s occurring. That’s the thing that’s occurring in the outer.

So for you to have something like that means that, deep down, you’re holding onto something, that you’re not sharing. Now, is it a belief? Is it something that needs to air itself out, and to come out? Is it a deeper stillness that has another set of aliveness to it?

Basically what I think this is, is behind all of this is I think that there is a deeper inflection that is going on, and that what you’re seeing as an image is something that correlates to how it is that you’re accustomed to being, or how it is that you’re getting along being, going along with things, but deeper, deeper down is an awareness that can be brought out of the stillness that you are sitting with amnesically, subconsciously with, and are not bringing it to the forefront.

And if you were to bring it to the forefront, you’d be able to take into account a bigger picture. So instead you’re allowing something to continue, instead of reaching down and bringing out a bigger picture, or sweeping a greater overallness to it all.

So how and what is that all about? Well what that’s like is that within the human heart is the ability to take into account everything that exists, but you can’t take everything that exists into a proper accounting if you’re still holding out, you’re still holding onto something that hasn’t flushed through.

And so I actually think what you’re doing, as well, is you’re describing the dilemma that exists in terms of where things are at right now. I think that there is a certain dynamic that is playing itself out in the outer and that people who react, the typical looking at that and reaction in terms of that, is just too shallow because there is a deeper depth that needs to be reached.

Now what is that deeper depth? What is it that you keep talking about, or keep inferring about, that is being kept out of the equation, that is holding back from the equation? I think it’s a deeper stillness. I think that in a deeper stillness what can then rise out, because as you keep going deeper and deeper and deeper within, you keep catching up with subtler and subtler and subtler vibrations. And you’re limited to the degree to which you can go into the stillness, or so it seems, the human condition so it seems is limited in that, at some particular point, the stillness is such that on a deep subtle level something stirs and, out of that stirring is something that inflects, and that inflection affects the reflections because it’s coming from a deeper stillness.

So you have reflections that come from a quietness, that’s up to one level or degree, and then there are inflections that come from an even deeper stillness. So if you’re reacting, or living, in a world in which you are only working with reflections that come from the Earth element, and that can create an bias, just using this as an example, can create a bias in terms of the literalness of things, a deeper stillness takes into account more than just the Earth element. It takes into account the other Tariqas and mannerisms in life. It takes into account the Water, the Air, and the Fire element.

And, until you bring all of that into the equation, you’re inclined to be taking something a little bit off, onto, and into, a tangent. So you’re dreaming about how something remains in a tangent because a greater revealing isn’t happening.

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fdb2Well, now, wouldn’t it be great to have the control of a director over our own life, right up to the Hollywood ending? Of course, deep inside, that’s exactly what we’re trying to do every day. But life is an energetic unfolding, and events that weren’t possible yesterday can become possible today – but we’ll override that possibility if we are intent on controlling the unfolding. And, ultimately, it is our energetic configuration that creates our future, because our energetic makeup attracts other energies like a tuning fork, and they bring in, or not, our future possibilities.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I have a dream in which there’s a man who’s training a small group of teenage boys, as well as a small group of teenage girls, to go out and commit a robbery at a bank. It’s not a real robbery, it’s more like a training, but they have to go out and pull it off in the real world to be successful.

And the first time they do it, but it’s really close. In fact, they even have to rob some police, or FBI, people that are in a truck. They’d robbed something from them. And I’m a little on edge observing all of this because then, when he gets back, he wants to send them out again so they get even smoother at what they do.

And they’re just going to repeat what they did before, but I kind of realize this is a disaster because the thing about teenagers is they have certain egos where they think they’re doing something better than they are, and they get a little carried away, and they don’t know how to have that succinct timing yet.

So, sure enough, they go out there and they’re going to be taking too long to do everything so, you know, they’re going to get caught. So I go out and I’m kind of rounding them up, and harassing them,, to just stop the whole process of what they’re doing, even though it’s incomplete, and to get in the elevator and get back to where we were.

The girls are even further behind the boys in whatever they’d started to do, but both had gotten distracted and, you know, would’ve been caught. So I’m just harassing them to get them out of there and get them back to where we started.

John: Well, this is a dream that, essentially, is requiring you to take notice of how you feel under both circumstances: whether you’re part of the perpetration of what’s going on, or you’re seeking to limit it in some fashion from occurring – because you consider it a waste of time, or prankish, or whatever.

In either scenario, one being kind of the flip side of the other, there is an energetic aspect that is distinguishing in terms of the whole. In other words, either there’s the acting up, or there’s the attempt to control the acting up, or to guide, or to steer, the acting up in accordance with what you’re inclined to think is better.

And, in each case, that takes away something from your way of feeling yourself, in terms of feeling yourself with an openness that is a wholeness. And, of course, the theme of the dreaming was set by the first dream, which indicates that there are things that are stealing the energy of your breath, that are stealing that life force that you’re attempting to be connected to.

And so then you take and you point out that you do this in a way that you… In other words, you have come to believe that it’s okay for you to regulate, or try to police, something that you see is haywire – as if that’s helping something to grow, or to understand, you know, what is appropriate, much like a mother does to a child.

And it’s kind of a quality of the feminine to think that it has to direct what the unfoldment needs to look like, and when you get into doing that, then you’re into making a distinction about things, just like the prankishness is making a distinction about things.

And whether you’re doing it that way, or the opposite, the effect is the same. It causes me to remember what it’s like for a person who takes and reveals something that is wrong in society, and that person thinks that he’s doing society a favor by exposing it, but what happens is the whistleblower gets just as much heat, maybe in some cases more, than what is being exposed.

And so the point of this dreaming is to point out that you don’t need to do such things because, as shown in the first dream, that steals your breath, steals the energetic of your being.

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In these two dreams, John begins by seeking a deeper communication, through the image of a personal cell phone. It is the search for greater meaning in life. The second image, where the main characters are a pen and pieces of paper, signals a readiness to be in service – an essential step on the spiritual path. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The dream kind of has two parts actually, as if two separate dreams. And in the first dream, you and I have a cellular telephone. It works, it’ll get the job done, but it’s not our cellular telephone and it would be best if we had our own cellular telephone as opposed to this other cellular telephone that is somehow or another loaned out to us.

And so I’m sitting, evaluating the vibration of what it would feel like for us to have our own cellular telephone, with a greater sense of freedom, than us having to take and utilize this borrowed cellular telephone, which does get by, but leaves something to be desired.

It’s almost as if we flush something out, in terms of the meaning, more succinctly, with a knowingness it’ll be a lot easier, but if we’re still operating under biased conditions in terms of how things are about us, although that is revealing in its own way, it’s not as succinct as it could be.

In the next dream, which is the really loud dream that I had, it’s like I’m a pen, and I have a partner who is also a pen, and we’re stealing something from someplace, and I’ve retrieved whatever it is that I want to retrieve. I’m done with whatever it is that I’m trying to do. So I jump into a ream of paper and hide behind a couple sheets of paper, and of course this ream of paper is all packaged like 500 sheets, and this pen is sitting there hiding. And I’m yelling at my cohort, “Let’s go. Let’s get out of here.”

He replies back that he’s pausing to grab one last thing that is needed. Well, I say to him, “You know, that’s a good idea,” whatever it is that he was reaching to get because it was something that I had forgotten, or hadn’t realized that one needed that. But then all of a sudden, out of the place comes the owner or whatever, and he’s loaded for bear. He’s got a gun.

I go, “Oh no, we’re about to be turned into carbon dust. We’re going to bite the big one. We’re going to get riddled with bullets.” It’s like a cartoon character just carrying away like that. Then all of a sudden, and it’s as if we were going to hide somewhere near a pool of water, when all of a sudden we’re bailed out at the last possible moment, expecting the bullets to rain down on us, when this flash flood hits and we are swept out in the street.

And my partner reacts like, “Oh this is not good!” And my comment is, “I’m not sure this is so bad, because we’d just get riddled with bullets. And I see us being swept down the street just missing parked vehicles and whatnot by this flash flood. And finally the whole thing subsides.

And when it subsides of course, because we’re in this special packaging, there we are eventually coming to a halt from the flood waters. I don’t actually see the flood waters come completely to a halt, but they’re subsiding and you know that shortly they will. And there we’ll be, two reams of paper, each with its own special wrapping that protects it. There I am, as a pen, hiding under a couple sheets, and there he is, as a pen, hiding underneath a couple of sheets.

What does something like this mean? Well, it all has to do with catching up with something that’s meaningful, and is intended, and like in the first dream there was the attempt to vibrationally feel that through a listening center with cellular phones, and whatnot, that to begin with are not taken on as one needs to take them on. They’re like borrowed or something, and although that can work – if your listening center is proper enough, you can still make something out of it.

It’s better to catch up with how you are really meant to be, and in this dream, you’re continuing the theme in which there is a lot of symbolism between a pen and blank sheet of paper. A blank sheet of paper is said to be something that has gotten itself into a condition to where something can be written upon it, and that which can be written can then be effectuated, in terms of Ibn Arabi’s Governance of Man or whatever it’s called [Divine Governance of the Human Kingdom].

The pen has a unique significance, and paper, and the scribe, and all of those things just like we are a city in and of ourselves. And so, before one is thrown into the river of life, one shocks themselves by taking on a little bit much, and in this little bit much, in the shock effect of the river of life, you tend to forget.

You go from one state that is overwhelming, to another state that may be out of danger of what was about to get you on the inner, and another state that’s amnesic in the outer – but how are you going to catch up with it?

And the whole issue is going to be, when the flood waters of the sojourn into life more or less end, and as you’re then able to check out your well being, and you feel yourself what this means as a pen with a ream of blank paper safeguarded from the outer conditions by a special packaging, what that’s all about remains to be seen.

In other words, it’s not known but that’s more or less the conditions that you find yourself in. And I suppose a scenario that might have triggered a dream like that, is that first you go into the state of Nirvana, or into the all pervasive ocean of whatever it is that’s everything, and because this is a path of service and you come out of that – you don’t have to come out of it, but you do come out of it – and sojourn back into life for the service of mankind – and so I thought that was interesting.

I have never heard it presented quite like that or at least I hadn’t heard it completed as a statement in terms of, one makes the journey and then comes back into life because that’s the nature of this path. It’s almost like that caused an inflection inside of me, and I think it had something to do with the way this dream is triggered, and I think that the pen and paper have something to do with the assignment of it all, even though there’s such an amnesia and bewilderment that exists when you go from that state, back to this state, not knowing quite what it is that has to be recognized, or realized, or awakened.


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