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Inner Self8In these dream images, Jeane is struggling with spaces – where and when to meet a sailing group, and where to have her offices. Yet, ultimately, what this points out is the need to be able to hold a space – within oneself – as a part of the overallness. Once Jeane reaches that point, she is able to reconnect with the flow, and the space she is in adapts to that. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The second half of my dream is so loud that I lost a lot of the first half. What I remember of the first half of the dream is it feels like I’m trying to get together with a group of people who are meeting. 

They’re meeting in the evening, maybe even in a bar or someplace, but what they’re really meeting for is that they’re forming a sailing class, but it’s a class that’s going to learn how to sail certain types of boats.

And some people have done this before and others haven’t, and so we’re going to meet and I guess part of the purpose of the meeting is to pair up and things. That’s about all I really remember of the first part of the dream. 

It’s trying to kind of coordinate to get together with these people, and trying to figure out who had sailed before and who hadn’t, and where the class was going to be and all of that. The other part of the dream got so loud.

John: Well, what you are doing is, you’re having to hold the space, you’re having to determine what the setting needs to be in, that you’re able to then take off and sail. And so that’s what you’re attuning yourself to, vibrationally, is the space that you have to hold, or maintain.

So you start off doing that in order to continue.

Jeane: Part of where the dream goes is, it feels like I’m in some kind of a medical setting where I work, and most of the people who do counseling have their offices in one part of the building, but I seem to be in another part. And this part isn’t terribly well arranged.  

But I do have two offices that adjoin each other, and maybe even though some people come and go in one, I can see people there, and there’s a little confusion about whether I’m supposed to meet with somebody or not.

So somebody does show up, and it feels like before I see someone, it’s almost like one or two of the other therapists come by and we’re actually looking at the space because they would kind of like me to be where their offices are, but the difficulty I have with that is the office I’m in now, even though it’s somewhat separate, it has windows and stuff and I don’t think theirs do.

So I’m a little reluctant to give up having windows, but after they’ve left, even though I don’t remember scheduling an appointment, it’s like I have somebody come and I’m having trouble now with a place to see them. 

And then somebody else comes at the same time, and before I know it, there are three of us and we’re sitting at more of a table, and I’m trying to first see this woman who brings in her little girl, about a 10-year-old, who’s a little nervous about seeing a therapist.

Whatever office I have, it just seems to be now I’m just in a space where I seem to have to see people just as they come, wherever I’m at, because where I’m at keeps changing at this part of the dream.  

This woman with the daughter that maybe doesn’t speak that much English and she’s brought her in and she needs to be seen, but I’m still sitting at a table now with one other person who has come to see me, but I have to do something first to reassure the little girl.  

Then it just feels like those people are gone, and there are some people that I’ve counseled that I’ve seen in a group before, but suddenly they’re showing up individually, and before I can see one, the other one pops up and the space keeps kind of expanding. And I’m trying to sort out how to fit some of them in.

And then I see another one I hadn’t even known was there sitting and waiting. Then I go over and I look for a piece of paper to write something on, and it has all already got writing on it by you, or by somebody else, and I have to keep turning it over until I find a piece that I can put something on. 

So I’m just trying to figure out now, I’m trying to write down the name of at least one of them so I can sort some stuff out here, and then I try to tell them that maybe I can sort it out where I give a certain number of minutes to one person, and then I see another person who I guess I’d started talking to, and now she wants some more time, too. 

I can’t remember her name. Then I glance out. It feels like we’ve shifted from an office to where we’re all sitting on a bus. 

John: First of all, in the first part of your dream, you establish as a base the fact that you have to work in an overall way. You have to find the flow that takes into account everything around you. And you’re finding what that feels like, and how that feels to you is how you’re meant to be in relationship to this overall.

But then as the dream progresses, you’re still trying to guide, or direct, or hold onto something – like whether you have an office with windows or something like that. And so you’re still trying to hold back something in terms of the whole flow, in other words, where you have certain things that would be nice to have, your creature comforts yet.

When you let go of that, and are able to be affected by things randomly, or just in the flow of life as life comes to you, as opposed to having to steer it, or guide it, in some capacity, you find that that this, then, takes you back into the flow.

So you’re now able to meet with the groups, with the overall again. You somehow or another created a distraction when you had to have, or felt you needed to have, a particular kind of space from which to work.

But now that you realize that you can work from whatever the dynamic is that you end up in, and can meet with the group and be okay, you’re realizing that the difference between the first part of the dream, and then this dream, is you’re coming back to what is essential, in terms of letting go, so that you can carry the greater overallness. 

You would have thought the dream would have ended there, because that’s plenty of dream right there, but it doesn’t. The dream then says that when you have developed the ability to meet with the overallness of others, and have let go of the need to protect some sort of space that you have to do this in, so that you can do this in whatever setting you’re in, then you can now have more of an effect, which is more masculine oriented, which is you can now, instead of providing the overall setting, you’re now able to take and work succinctly and directly with individuals as opposed to the group.

In other words, instead of being a quality that’s able to hold the overall space together for something that is important to the Whole, you’ve done that, and so that has been established. You don’t have attachments to sort out, so you’re holding the acuity of that together, and you’re holding it so much so together that you have that capacity inside of yourself to bring something through.

Usually you can’t bring something through if you’re fogged up with moods, or mannerisms, which still haven’t been made comfortable. And so when you’ve been able to accept the overallness, you can then go and make another shift inside yourself, which is a masculine shift, and bring something through specifically, which is oriented to being able to work one-on-one.

And now from this, you’re now progressing, because you were doing this all within a contained environment, and now your dream sounds like it’s about ready to progress into going out of yourself now or, in other words, into the bigger schematic of what’s considered an outer, as opposed to just the inner – because the inner and the outer have to be one and the same, too.

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