A Transformative Way

clip_2Here is a series of images that show exactly what a person deals with in their development journey. First it begins with a chase dream image, where there is a resistance to what is awakening inside. When the image shifts, the dreamer heads into the depths of herself to bring out deeper, inner aspects. Yet every energetic can be used by us in a constructive or a destructive way, so a conscious choice must be made. And then, the “wicked” stepsisters are gotten rid of, being the inner aspects that were causing the issues in the first place. It’s the process of inner transformation, one scenario at a time. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So the earliest dream I have, I know it was involving a chase, and one of the chases is a man that kind of has like kind of a very tanned, or golden, skin. But I’m kind of shocked out of the dream, and forget the rest of it, because it feels like he suddenly runs and jumps off a trestle way high over the ground. And he just jumps off it, and it shocks me so much I kind of forget the rest of that dream.

You know, it’s kind of like your player has suddenly jumped off the board, or something, you know, so I don’t remember much more about that dream.

John: Chase dreams have to do with you’re holding onto a veil or something, and you’re using that as your focus of attention, and pushing back with that veil. And so thus you create the sensation, energetically, of a chase.

If you drop the veil, if it just falls away, then you drop what is really going on, into your inner divine presence. Going from zero to 100, that’s what it would be like typically: if you drop a veil of 100, you pick up something of 50, and 40, and 30, and 20, you don’t make the full fell swoop. But the image, in and of itself, is the right direction as something just drops away.

Jeane: Then I have a dream where in part of the dream it feels like I go down these steps, and open some doors, and there’s a whole other world down there, a whole group of people that live down there.

It’s almost like I had parted some stone first, and then the stone opened up to some steps, and the steps went down to these doors, and there’s this whole other world that I go into. And when I come back out I shut the doors, but there are some people from down there that come up with me.

But as they go out in society with me, it’s like they’re able to do things above ground that other people maybe can’t do, and I feel like this brings them to people’s attention and then that makes me anxious.

John: So what you’ve done is you’ve gone down some steps into a place, and then you discovered something that comes out with you? That’s in keeping with the theme of the dreaming, in that as you take and you probe the depths of yourself you come to grips with who you really are.

And every trait and quality that you really are, has two sides to it. You could say it has a positive side, and a negative side. Or you could say that it has the side that’s divine, and the side that’s deranged, and a rawness that’s balanced or misaligned.

And so when you go down into the depths of yourself and you discover things that you don’t understand or, in other words, that comes out with you, and it causes you to go through all kinds of peculiarities, what you have done is you have tapped into the parts of yourself that are misaligned yet, that is like a raw energy or something, that can be extremely destructive.

And that’s the reason why human beings are veiled like they’re veiled, because they lack the training, and discipline, and understanding, and heartfelt clarity to properly handle these inner qualities of their own being. When they come out, they could come out as a reflection of the divine, or they can come across in some other perverted way.

It is always like that: within the saint is the Satan. It’s always like that, except the saint is a saint because they have overcome the Satan quality, or the demonic quality, of their nature, and are able to be effective in terms of intertwining things in a transformative way. And, of course, I’m talking about intertwining things in a transformative way that is in keeping with the wholeness of life – and not taking and rendering something asunder based upon the flip side misuse of the vibration.

And when you hear a teacher talking about why you need a teacher, because they can explain some of this stuff that lies there deep within, dormant within, that you could be thrown around by or affected by, that you don’t have a good explanation for in terms of necessarily the outer because it can get channeled and come through in an inner way, too. Basically the teacher is able to look at you and see the flip side of this divine quality trait, and with the flip side it’s always a tenuous balance because of the way magnetism works you have the flip side, or the mirror image, a Yin and a Yang. You have the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You always have those in the same package; a saint having basically moved completely beyond the qualities, or the conditions, of that other, that is in a raw loudness and destructive, for example, in terms of an energy that’s misunderstood. Instead having aligned or brought the vibration into cohesion with the inner divine essence that’s restorative and intertwining to the whole.

Jeane: Then I had a dream in which I’m living in this house that has a series of rooms. It’s like in the family situation it feels like there’s some women that have been somewhat imposed upon me, like stepsisters or something.

And as I go through the rooms, like from the kitchen, to the living room, to this other room, because it’s kind of a railroad style apartment or whatever, it feels like because of these women the rooms have been painted a certain color, like a deep pink and other shades.

And as I’ve gone outside I’m talking to somebody else that, as soon as these women leave, the first thing I’m going to do is repaint some of these rooms. And I’m going through and I’m talking with them about how I’m going to repaint them, because I’m going to make them lighter and smoother.

And maybe there’s one room I may leave the same for right now, in the kitchen, because the way it is doesn’t look too bad, but the other rooms I’m definitely getting a handyman and the first thing I’m doing is repainting them.

John: Let me see if I followed that. In other words, you went into a place where you have a bunch of stepsisters. And so what you’re feeling that you have to do is you have to…

Jeane: Get rid of them and repaint.

John: You have to repaint all of that, or change the look, or the appearance, or the feeling, or the setting of the place. In other words, they bring about too much. They are parts of yourself that bring out too much commotion. They react in this way, and react in that way, bite on this, bite on that.

It’s typical. You can imagine this. You know, if you go into a chaotic setting, and the setting is all haywire, and the whole place needs to be rearranged and readjusted – you’re not going to adjust it in that haywire energy. I mean you could see that it is in need of being cleaned or whatever might be the case. You’re going to have to get that which is causing it to be disheveled out of the way – and then you can take and transform it. And then, conceivably, if these other parts come back that they can then appreciate what took place.

But you can’t do that when they’re sitting there in the imbalance, because they’re the ones, or that aspect of yourself, is what has in its loudness created the mess. So you have to get rid of that loudness, that aspect, that denseness in order to access what it takes to polish and shine something up.

And so you’ve portrayed this as an image, as an outer image, as a quality in which you have these stepsisters, or basically aspects of yourself, and that’s how it is. In order to get in touch with what is real, you have to set aside that which is imbalanced, that is dense.

What I’m sitting and I’m looking at is you presented this in a masculine way. That’s what the masculine does. It makes black-and-white decisions. The feminine generally just works with the orientation of the whole and, somehow or another, finds itself moving around and describing things in terms of the orientation of the whole, of which you then say, okay, what there is in the whole that has to be absorbed, or taken out, or rectified, or limits in some capacity, the aspect of manifestation that you are in and contending with?

But in this particular case, you seem to have made a decision. The feminine usually doesn’t make a decision. The masculine makes a decision. The feminine is a container energy, but you’ve gotten rid of the stepsisters. You’ve made a decision. You’ve cut through something and then, as a consequence then, you then can resort to the overall feminine nature of something being aware and alive within at a depth. You then know how to make the place right. That’s surprising. I’ve never seen you dream quite like that before.

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