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im908In our waking life, we have perspective on whatever we are open to, or allow, or invite into our thought processes. Some of that comes from our unconscious. But our unconscious sees the everything that we are doing, and can show us that greater perspective through our dreams. We may have repressed aspects of our life that we have never been able to resolve, but our dreams can give us a neutral way to help sort them out. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my first dream, I seem to be living in French Canada, and I live a little ways out from a larger city, in a trailer that belongs to someone else. It’s kind of a sweet little trailer, I like it. And I go back and forth between there and town, sometimes. 

But there’s a day when I realize that I’m going to have to move because the trailer, which just belongs to someone else anyway, is out of food. And, because it’s French Canada, there’s a woman that’s a friend of mine there, but I don’t really know many people and I don’t know how to get a job there. So I realize I’m going to have to move on. That was like the first dream. 

John: So what you’re dealing with is you’re dealing with a type of displacement. In other words, you have a quality of yourself that is not able to come truly, totally, into its own because somehow or another you find yourself as being displaced. And, in this displacement, like you say you’re in a trailer, you are in an unusual place in the countryside in Canada, and that you are away from the city, and you are out of food – all images of a displacement.

Now, what’s the deeper meaning of being able to look at yourself as having this particular, we’ll call it, kind of predicament? It’s to point out that there is something, in terms of a greater overallness of yourself, that is repressed, that is unconscious, that is hidden.

Whenever a person has some greater part of themselves repressed, unconscious, and whatnot, that keeps them looking at situations in which there is a type of displacement, or alienation, or not able to quite be where they need to be, or having something deleterious in terms of their environment – amnesic, even – it’s because who they really are, in terms of a totality, is concealed from them based upon a veil. 

And the veil is a veil that is there that is repressed, that is unconscious, that’s traumatic in some sense, and that’s why it got repressed, and unconscious, because it couldn’t be handled in the totality of your being. And it has to come out, and it has to be caught up with, and you have to bring closure to it in order for there to be a fullness of who it is that you really are on all the different levels of yourself. 

And, in this particular dream, the other thing that’s interesting about a displacement, in which you have these component parts that are all over the place, apart: I mean out of food, in a trailer which is temporary, in a foreign area, something that you can’t properly fully relate to, which means it’s a little amnesic because it’s French Canada, separate from a city where others are at – all of those little bits and pieces all point to the need to reach, or catch up with, something more that is sitting in your nature. 

Now the interesting thing about what sits in your nature is it pushes you in some capacity, but it pushes you mostly from an unconscious level. So you can find yourself being a particular way in the outer – and not knowing why it is that you are a particular way in the outer – that if you were able to get to the bottom of would point back to something that you were hiding, or holding, in a repressed condition because it’s too much for you to face.

Now all of this is occurring on the in-breath, and what is needed to kind of pull it all together is a sequenciation of time that can come into the equation. In other words, a linkage, like a thread, just like a ley line or a thread that links the food, the trailer, the French Canada, the city, that links it all together. That’s like a timing that pulls the spaciality together.

And, in your dream, you don’t have that, so you have this discombobulation, and this alienation, from a deeper quality of yourself. Now what also is interesting, when you carry something like that, or have something like that, is that there is a way of looking, and seeing, and, if something is meant to come out and isn’t coming out, it can have a fairly deleterious effect upon your outer beingness, too, as it is trying to break through a veil, or a window.

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nrur1We’ve had the experience that when we feel tired, or overstretched, normal procedures become more difficult. Energetically, it means our normal energetic shield, which protects us, is weak. That makes us susceptible to any and all energies around us, which could mean lower emotions, or moods, or even colds. And rather than us being in the oneness of ourselves, in our strength, we are scattered and no single part of us is in charge. That means any part of us can take over, and then anything can happen. If we recognize this happening, we can make an intention to proceed carefully, while we reconnect to the things that are important to us to re-arm our shield.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So that’s the meditation stuff in which there was something about my nature that was all too catatonic yesterday, and all askew. And so when I come to bed, it’s rather late, and so I have a sequence of dreams that have to do with there being bits and pieces out of place. And I kept throwing it off, and throwing it off, until one of them seems like more important to maybe try to discuss, or look at, and so write it up.

And what is happening in this image is, it’s like I’ve initially walked into like a catalytic area, like a cafeteria, and then I realize the person I am with is interested in getting something to eat, or I’m suddenly with someone and if they’re interested in getting something to eat. I don’t need anything to eat because I’m not really hungry, but it seems to be part of the protocol to have to be part of all of this environment.

So I go and I get some soup. It’s a little awkward even for me to go and get soup because I’m not really in that condition, either. And so, because I didn’t want much, I turn away from this food counter area quicker and look back into the dining room. And there seem to be teenagers at every table, which means that I’m kind of in a daze as to where to sit. In other words, this is a reflection of my parts scattered all over the place.

And suddenly I notice my friend is behind me, he’s gotten something, whatever it is, and he’s just kind of waiting to see what table I select. I don’t really care what table I get. I just don’t see a table, and there’s no space that opens up for me because, somehow or another, my parts are still scattered all over the place, which means I don’t feel comfortable in the area. Nor do I know how to select a table now.

And so, I’m at an impasse, with no opinion one way or another. But I would normally have an opinion if I was grounded; but I’m not grounded. My parts are too scattered around that I’m kind of demasculated or washed out.

In other words, this is something that, in what is occurring, is the opposite of before where I had kind of a loud and outspoken mannerism. Now it’s more like I’ve stopped, or exhausted, myself, and now where do I stand? Where do I pick up the pieces again?

So it’s a dream that indicates that, when I wear myself out, I go the other extreme and let go of a semblance of balance of self, so I do not know how to conduct myself. And what happens is, when in an extreme, I don’t realize either that I’m not conducting myself in the ordinary environment; just taking into account everything that happens in the environment in an ordinary way.

And so then when I settle back I’m also out of balance, in terms of the equanimity of my being, as well, so I need to find the attentitiveness that is meant to be, for myself and others, where there is a letting go of indulgences. Which means, again, this is a quality in which you’re holding a space is what you really are. You’re able to hold a space, and you don’t hold the space by being overt about it, nor do you hold the space by totally going insipid, getting washed out.

So if you’re too loud about something, in a way it’s okay to be loud about something if that’s what’s necessary to cause an attention – but can you stop? You have to at some particular point completely unplug. You have to be able to be in a way so that the situations of life, that are unfolding around you, remain, and can stay, in their natural order. But if you go off in any kind of way you’re not necessarily taking into account the position of things.

So anyway, it’s another kind of letting go, rather than trying to figure out what is going on. That’s very interesting. Under a similar token, the way the dreams were meant to be, is I am meant to notice the tea leaves as well, but it’s the tea leaves in terms of visibility. When the visibility is there, let go of it. Let it sort itself out. If it doesn’t sort itself out like it should, it’s not meant to short itself out the way I see it to have to be. And consciousness isn’t there for it to be like that. And if it’s a bastardization yet, then it’s a bastardization yet; but that’s as good as it gets.

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