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i9999esIt’s not easy to see the things that resist us as we try to make progress on our path. Yet what we discover is that we end up fighting the prints and patterns that our systems developed in our early years as a way of managing the absurdity of life. Those are strong prints, and the way they served us all those years ago has now become a hindrance to our freedom to let go and to be with something greater. That’s why we progress in small increments of recognizing and letting go as we proceed. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my first dream I seem to be a therapist. I work with diplomats, and I’m trying to work with a family of a particular diplomat. And I work with him in two ways, one is I seem to go into wherever the embassy is and I’m trying to work with him and people from other countries from the Middle East.

But the problem there is that they don’t always want to speak to women so that you’re kind of blocked in how you can interact with anyone. Plus he seems resistant to the whole fact of getting counseling anyway.

And then I go to work with him at home with his family, except the problem there is something’s happened so that the house is no longer safe; something political has happened. And the family has moved to the second floor of the house, but it seems like they can’t go down to the first floor.

So I have to find a way to get into the second floor of the house to work with them. And he’s still resistant, but his wife or the rest of the family is around, and they seem willing, and it feels like I am trying to find some way of breaking through so that I can talk to all the people involved, including people from other countries and such when I’m at the Embassy, as well as with him and his family.

Although I have to find some way to get into through the window of the second story of the house to do that, which I do, plus I have sometimes questionnaires that I wanted him to fill out that he doesn’t want to fill out. So it’s not really easy, but whatever does occur finally gets represented by this cap. It’s reduced down to a white cap that someone can wear, and the white cap looks like a very soft animal cap, almost like an ermine or something, or it’s wooly, you know, but it’s more like an animal shape and head.

But I don’t really feel that’s gone that well. You know, it’s almost like there were too many blocks to what one was trying to accomplish, especially when people, you know, like even when you’d go to where the embassy was and the diplomats and the people from some countries don’t want to talk to a woman, so there’s only so much you can do. So that was kind of my block on the first dream.

John: What you’re doing is you’re looking at the limitations and, of course, when you look at the limitations that also means you’re looking at the effectiveness of how it is that your overall spatial presence, and nature, is doing in relationship to affecting a clarity that is to be carried as a natural quality, and penetrative beingness, in your nature.

And so what you’re seeing is you’re seeing part of yourself having to exude into a greater overall station, and state, if it is able to reach a particular diplomat part of yourself that seems kind of singular and uneventful in and of itself, but will have an effect that is pervasive on many, many levels.

In other words, it’s not just this diplomat, but it becomes the embassy, and the whole process of what is kind of recognition, realization, and coming together is all about. So to the degree that it affects the overall embassy that’s a transcendent or transformative overall effect.

To the degree that you’re able to reach the diplomat in a way so that he can come to understand something, to the way you’re able to access through a connectiveness that touches the higher state of it all, this pulls together something that is separate. In other words, this leads to a closeness.

And the diplomat, that is being treated as something that is in the outer, in other words, there’s three aspects here, is the third aspect. The first aspect is the transcendent, the aspect of energy that affects and goes into and awakens the agency of it all.

The second is a closeness that is needed to get something to come through, which is from an emptiness of the heart. And the third, the ability to catch up with the agent, and the fact that the agent is perceived to be something separate from yourself in the dream is an exemplification of that which is on the Hara level, or in the gut. In other words, that’s where something is so repressed and needs to be brought out into the open, that its influence, when suppressed, when regressed like this in one’s nature, its effect and influence from this unconscious state continues to precipitate the energetic quality of there being a separate reality – meaning you and what you have to do – and the diplomat that is as if he is something else; the diplomat represents this repressed Hara state in your nature.

In other words, what you dreamt took into account there being an emptiness space that had to be reached in both the greater overallness, or transcendent side of one’s nature, that permeates through all of life through the heartfulness that has to do with a connective clarity and emerging, and through the ability to absorb the signature traits of the soul that has gone off into the way that it goes off into trying to make the best of living in a world of denseness, being a quality of physical manifestation, in terms of its external aspects that seem everywhere, and a time orientation that seems to keep one in a spell.

The signature quality of one’s nature, this being the person that you’re meant to reach, the diplomat, that is the illusion that comes up from the gut in terms of the blows and the mannerisms that one has taken in that haven’t been resolved. It’s the physical level. It’s something that is inclined to be mistreated in terms of its importance in a spiritual process of awakening – in which you can have the top-down approach of trying to come from an overallness and expanding the auric presence and sensation awakening to various other realizations of levels within, and doing that in accordance with recognizing that there is a love principle that functions as pulling something into a closeness, that is also part of the overall equation.

But because the outer is technically deemed to be an illusion, a kind of a denser loci to all of that, the tendency is even, though the statement is that one has to keep getting more and more into life, the tendency is that this is more of a pontification or something, not actually something that is truly done, literally done, and yet on a physical level schematic you’re not going to access the Hara center of that which has been pent up from eternities of one’s soul unfoldment, that is pent up and is coming up, and being lived from the gut against one’s will. This stuff keeps surfacing, keeps affecting one. Whether it’s an effect in terms of negative energetics, or wayward emotions, this effect predominates on the physical and effects the way the mind is able to perceive the world. It is there, it predominates, and yet it too has to go away, it has to be let go of, it has to become empty.

So, this little part seems to be where everything keeps getting clamored up. It’s where teacher after teacher take and work with the student and can take and heighten an atmosphere and awareness that can lead to a bit of transformation, that is obvious in terms of the effect and presence that exists, that can quicken something, that can arise up out of the student, but the confusion that predominates comes from this physical element which is rebuked even though one knows that you shouldn’t be rebuking it, you shouldn’t be stiff arming it energetically.

Much like the statement, when it came to Gandhi, he didn’t oppose British rule, he just supported Indian independence. In other words, it wasn’t a matter of fighting something, and because he realized that that tended to predominate, in the gut, the Hara aspect of things, he went to great lengths to try to show that it was a little like a Zen koan. It may not make sense to make a statement that looks like its got a dichotomy like that in it, but you have to actually be that way in order for you to be empty of the effect of this kind of Hara energy that will continue to perpetuate itself in its mannerism, that is on the physical level. And so it doesn’t matter how high the ideals are, if the ideals don’t take into account the way things are in the physical, and somehow rebuff it, or push it off, then something is amiss.

So your dream is dealing with these traits of which, in your dream, you have the embassy, which is the overallness, the transcendent quality, that gets the memo of something when something opens up to the various levels in an empty, open way. You have the diplomat who you have to get closer to in order to effectuate with something of a knowingness to take place. But you have this diplomat as something in the outer, as an image in the outer, that has to be brought into a wholeness, or otherwise the Hara center of that sort of physical beingness continues to predominate.

You have to work with all three, and you have to work with them kind of simultaneously, or otherwise there is a tone, or a mood or, you know, something that sits contradictory to the awakening, that keeps getting in there and nixing things. That is why it’s not about transformation only, it’s about reaching an absolute consciousness or, in other words, a station of things that doesn’t lose it.

It’s like everyone who went to the program experienced transformation, but over the course of them going out into the outer, to what degree is that transformation going to get swallowed up, or impacted, by the Hara center of their nature and its signature effect upon their beingness?

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