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m6c0XhRIt’s tempting to think we can fix things that we see happening in outer life. We can address them, we can make them a bit better or worse, but, for the most part, we are only delaying an inevitable outcome because we are not addressing the fundamental issues. One of those issues is understanding that we are all connected and intertwined, so the ideas that separate us are an illusion that limits our mutual possibility. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, then I go back into the meditation dream. And, as far as I am concerned, in the outer, where it seems that an accentuated effort is made to close off anything that could be more than the outer, than manifestation, which means all means to an access out of that are shut down, senses are dumbed down even further with the delirium; like it causes us to noodle into this, that, or the other. And, like in the movie, it’s like a type of accentuation of the delusion put into a panic mode.

All done with the purpose, or with the intensity, the veiled intensity, so that all hope to see through the illusionary images is impossible, poisoned, the purpose being so that any hope of catching up with a stillness, and an in-depth consciousness, from within is lost, or supposedly eliminated.

The scenario influence was the movie Batman Returns, in which Gotham was shut down so that there was no escape from the illusion that was projected – in terms of Gotham being a den-of-iniquity place.

And then, as you if you were playing a Sodom and Gomorrah, then poisoned with a greater projection of its illusionary trance, as if there is there is no hope, in other words. And that the antidote that restored Gotham, for a potentiality of sanity, was the breaking of the spell, and restoring of access to – if one wanted to put their attention there – to the greater overall qualities deep within that had been veiled, which is the stillness.

This enabled hope to surface in the face of the relentless, outer illusionary projections. And so, without the projection, stillness resides, and is the fount from which creation emanates; it’s the fount from which creation emanates. In other words, the thought and all that stuff comes out and gets into an image, and into a flow, and then you’re into the delirium.

So, in the dream, and movie, so to speak movie, what’s suggested is a means to let go of the projected veils. There’s the hint, in other words; can one do that? And, of course, that’s what makes the whole series, Batman, the idea that it holds on to something, and never lets it out of sight, because nothing else is meaningful.

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hqdefaultJust as we know that the most brilliant idea doesn’t mean a thing if we don’t do anything with it, so it is in our spiritual journey. Knowing and understanding spiritual ideas does not a spiritual person make. True spirituality is to process those beliefs into the very fabric of our lives, in the way we make choices, in the way we act, and in where we focus our energies. Said another way, it has to be lived. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What I’m doing in my meditation dream is I’m describing something that you just take for granted, that is so simple, and I’m breaking it down into all of its little nuances. And in the dream, approaching it as if it is so complicated that I can’t possible figure out all of these little nuances. I can’t quite remember and wake up to the importance of all of these little nuances.

And it’s almost like I’m seeing all of this for the very, very first time. When this is in a natural flow, it just flows. I mean, you don’t think of it one way or another. It’s just like the way the heart beats, you know, it just happens. You don’t have to dwell upon how that is, but in this meditation dream I’m acting as if everything has gotten lost in terms of all of the natural component parts and that they all have to be appreciated and rediscovered all over again.

So in the dream what I’m seeking to do is connect with what is happening around me, and I’m seeking to do this in a way that isn’t just limited to the way I think about things, or my sense perceptions. The reason is because there is more going on than this simple ordinariness.

I am unable to shift to a world of inner perception when I am holding on to, or adhering strictly to, a world of sense perception and mental gymnastics. The shift that takes me out of the mundane, which is the way I sort out the unfoldment of life in a mind-sense frame of reflective reference. I am asleep with my soul nature unless I bring it into a heightened awareness to take into account everything going on around me – because my soul awareness is not strictly limited by the mind-senses.

In making a shift to what is unfolding around me in the outer world, to begin with I just don’t take things so literally. Instead I am seen as being like in a waking dream in which the outer appearances that I play with routinely are part of what needs to be intertwined to a big picture, the big picture being the wholeness of life. By having this intertwined recognition and awareness, looking towards that, that is, I find myself shifted to a more meaningful speeded up perceptivity. The outer scenario before me is no longer all there is, once I make the shift to recognize this other as going on. The scenario instead is just a setup to something more meaningful that I am to be attentively noticing waking up from within.

The focus and attention that I can utilize, or connect with, has me adhering to an inner unfoldment that takes in the big picture, it sees the big picture. The big picture is that which is real, not the setup that was simply a test to see if I could access, through a setup, an inner awareness by letting go of the dense identifications which skirt to one side and veil then the perceptivity, shield from the perceptivity.

What it is going to take for the inner aliveness moving through me to be able to affect the outer scenario? In other words, what that’s going to take is the challenge I face. This means that the inner unfoldment that I am able to access is meant to be brought into manifestation through my outer presence upon the physical plane. The vibration is able to effectuate change as if it’s an intelligence being made tangible as it comes through into manifestation.

This process is designed to be effortless. The unfoldment is meant to occur superfluously, in other words just naturally, as the aliveness is consciously in a state which transforms as an inner flow the outer manifestation automatically. We do this naturally and effortlessly, and so what I am doing is dreaming this process because we seem to have lost the naturalness and that is why I’m finding myself in a dream describing the veil, or the manneristic nuances, as if I am having to pick up the pieces to start the whole process all over again.

One of the things that exists here is an image of me going into an amazing marble floored, top floor condo that was very palatial. This condo had been empty, had been left empty by me for a long time, and because of the lack of attention there seemed to be even water gathering in the floor area in the kitchen. And to begin with I was wondering if it had been leaking from the ceiling, from the roof or something, and this kitchen is just off what is on the other side of a counter, the library.

And on the counter is a device that someone had inadvertently left a lever turned that affected the way a flow needed to be and, as a consequence, water leaked. So initially I look at this and assume that it must be a leak from the ceiling but, no, it’s just a matter of adjusting this lever so that everything is okay again.

So what I was basically doing was looking for what was necessary – as part of supporting what is naturally there for purposes of evolvement. In other words, maybe it needed a little TLC or something. That’s what I was doing initially in this image.

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Bond_of_Union_M.C. Escher

M.C. Escher

It is common to think of our journey as connecting to higher things – and, of course, there’s truth in that. Yet that higher part is also within us, our higher self. In that sense, we are trying to bring that higher part of us down into the lower, earthly, everyday, matter-of-fact lower-self of our lives. That’s the work of it, cleaning up the lower to make a space for the higher. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My dream starts off where there are these levels that somehow need to be able to be lined up, and I know I can line them up and I have to adjust my frame of thinking because I’m not used to seeing how the things come together and line up, the levels line up. And I end up seeing multiple combinations where they’re actually broken in two, and in another instance they’re not broken in two.

If they’re broken in two I don’t have quite enough hands to put it in place because one layer is inclined to drop a little beneath another layer, so it doesn’t necessarily click into place. But if it’s all on one same level or various levels, I have to adjust a certain kind of focus almost like you cross your eyes, it’s a way of seeing, in other words, by which this happens and you can’t get to where this will work or happen with your ordinary faculties. You have to kind of let go of those and then there’s a naturalness that pulls that into an intertwined connection.

And if you stop to think about it, that’s when it gets really complicated. And then it’s almost like you don’t even have enough hands to be able to do it – when otherwise it’s almost like you can almost not even touch it and you can just kind of see by kind of an osmosis nature this sort of thing coming into its natural alignment. It becomes more and more hands on the more you find yourself dwelling upon it and trying to figure it out. That’s the meditation dream.

In the main dream this approach to all of these different levels and whatnot is put into action, in which my attention though isn’t where it needs to be. It’s not so much on the levels, but in terms of what is necessary to clean up oil spills.

And these are strange kinds of oil spills in that I have one mop that I generally use that’s soaked in a particular solvent, and I guess this solvent spreads far and wide because if I take it over the area of that it soaks it right up, it puts out flames if it’s on fire or whatever the condition may be. And it’s a type of mop that I can use to do battle with forces that may even try to stop me from doing this cleanup.

And so that seems to be what I do. But then I come to see that being able to, or having a calling to, do that is one thing, being able to get to where it can be done is a whole other thing. That’s the issue. That’s the issue and that’s the dilemma of the meditation dream, was how do I take and connect this stuff together, how do I make this align together? If I think about it too much, it just goes on and on and on in its complexities.

And so in this dream I’m standing at the top of what’s like a huge interstate that’s way up off the ground in which you have the cloverleafs, and all of the different turns and curves where you have the exits, and just multiple exits dropping down to this level and that level and that level. And I’m standing at the top and I can peer down over the edge as you have this road going this way and that road going that way, and I have no idea how to get to what I can see down below – but there’s a big oil spill down there.

I could run into a lot of resistance even to try to clean this up, and so this time I decide to do it differently. Before I only used one mop soaked in solvent, this time I get two mops and I’m carrying the two of them so I can clean up any spill in between, and maybe be able to take care of that one which is where I start heading to go to.

But just because I can see it doesn’t mean I can get there, because as soon as I start to get there then I have to go these circuitous routes, and I’m going through my inner eye in terms of how I have a sense to where that’s at, and I end up at a gas station where there’s a minor cleanup. And I end up where there are trucks that have been parked and they’ve dribbled a little oil. I mean this isn’t where I’m trying to get to.

And the suspense is there: how do I get to this oil spill that I saw? How do I come down and keep coming down to the point where I finally get to what is at hand that needs to be cleaned up? In other words, that’s my challenge in terms of confronting it. In other words, this is how I deal with the levels that become like veils – because until you can go from top to bottom you could stand maybe at one point and have a sense of the higher-self being able to peer all the way down and through, but when you would start coming down you have to confront the veils and stuff, and you have to go according to some pulse that you feel inside that keeps going and going and probing and probing and probing to get there, and never get distracted to the point where you stop to clean up something that’s trivial.

Yes, you deal with the stuff to some degree, and of course one of the places I stop is this gas station and the owner there is just way too busy. All he can do is operate the business he’s so busy, so he’s real appreciative that somebody out of the blue, you know nothing compelled me to clean this up, comes in and gives him a helping hand. But he doesn’t even have time to say thank you even, but I could tell he’s real appreciative because he’s busy, busy, busy. But I’m hard pressed to get to this real spill. I can feel that inside. Now, there’s a real spill that needs and is calling me to get to to clean up before it catches fire or something.

So that’s the dream. And the little meaning I wrote about it is the challenge is that of being able to access what I am able to see in my mind’s eye and upon an inner sensation level. First I have to see through, or how to get beyond, the veils that exist.

Well, you don’t really see through the veils, so you have to sense through them. There’s something that pulls you through, pulls you along, and some of these veils are even new to me. In other words, this particular spill has caused me to suddenly have to contend with veils I hadn’t realized, or turns and twists and levels that I had never realized or recognized.

Before I used to see myself as someone that just did this, but now all of a sudden I’m having to realize that it’s one thing to do this, and it’s another thing to get there, to access it, to be able to relate to it, to be able to communicate with it or whatever it is.

And it is an issue of communication, because there was another dream inside there that I can barely remember in which the issue wasn’t the knowing, but the issue is to figure out how to communicate it so that it was understandable. Some of these veils are new to me, and I am just now figuring out how to reach through or beyond to a natural connection. In the dream this coming down and pulling together what is needed is the challenge. If I can do that, I will be transcending the veils and will be able to do what needs to be done to clean up inadvertent spills in life.

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