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dinosaur_dream-sophiamale-comA dream of being pregnant with an dinosaur/alien baby may not seem to offer any insight into a spiritual journey, but it does. Here Jeane is shown how a deep power within her has awakened, in the form of a dinosaur child. Yet at the moment of birth, this power, once within, has become separated from her and she now needs to protect it. We often think we are protecting ourselves when we put our power outside of ourselves, but it is in Wholeness that we find our true strength. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.

Jeane: I only remember my last dream, and in this dream it’s like alien dinosaurs have come to earth and they’re kind of huge and sometimes you’ll see them walking around. So we all kind of hide a bit, but it seems like they can kind of sniff me out, and so sometimes I have to stand still.

They come to this coliseum kind of area where there are buildings that are in a semi-circle, and it’s somewhat outdoors, and when I’m out there I have to stand still sometimes and just let them sniff me. They’re huge; you just have to stand still and they sniff you. I’m not sure what all of this is about, but then after a while, I discover that I’m pregnant and it feels like what I’m pregnant with is a human/alien baby. It’s a combination of the two.

So what they’re actually doing, when they come at certain times and they all gather around, is they’re checking on the baby, Sometimes this is okay, but I know there’s one time when I have the baby, and must have already delivered him or something, where I feel I’ve baked him a little too much or done something. I’m not sure he’s okay, so what are these aliens going to do?

But then I see the baby is actually okay – he’s able to show that he’s okay – and so they always kind of sniff to make sure how he’s doing.

So the first part of the dream there’s a lot of that going on, and people are always kind of still because these things are so huge you don’t know what they’re going to do.

Then it seems like as the kid’s getting bigger, the alien dinosaurs or whatever, stay more invisible. I try to keep the kid growing up looking like a normal kid, but I do shelter him a little bit sometimes from being out in public and people recognizing him.

One time we’ve gone out and we travel in these little cars that go along a track. They’re cars that are kind of like a bubble almost. They speed along but they’ve got a lot of glass around them. Well, coming back we can see that everybody’s being stopped in this building. We don’t know why.

The military is around and I’m a little worried because I’m never sure how people are actually going to react to my son, but and we haven’t seen the aliens for quite a while. Then I see that they’ve stopped us because the American military has something like an armed space shuttle that they’re bringing by that we can see.

I look at it and I think oh, that’s just such a typical American response. They’re trying to come up with things that would blow something up. Then I look around. I don’t want them to recognize my son and then I’m really relieved to see that he’s wearing his baggy T-shirt and a baseball cap. The T-shirt has one of his friend’s names on it, so I feel like he’s okay because they won’t recognize him.

John: You’re taking the evolved process and progressing it in reverse. In other words, it’s like there’s a state that you can be in, in which you’re aware of a raw energy power, which you call the dinosaur, and there’s just a lot of power in that, just like there is a lot of heart in something like a unicorn that you can be in a state in which you can experience the subtle nature of that.

The power that’s represented by the dinosaur is a power that is available to you – providing you don’t take and become discombobulated with the connection. And so to begin with you’re sustaining it and maintaining it, as something that is an aliveness within, that is coming to, and reaching towards, coming from, its state that is hidden or subjective, just like spirit energy trapped in matter that is impregnated, but not yet liberated or free.

When it’s like that, and you carry that, and you have a sense of that, you are very close to the essence of power that lies within, which you have access to. However, when that comes out, as it comes out, it then represents something that has a separateness from you, and you tend to see the difference, in a way of being, between that which was, at one point in time, embodied within, and now reflected as an independent state outside of you.

The duality, or the differentiation, or the dissipation of that which you had held and embodied, causes things to fade, causes the access to the power source, which had been scary and vibrant and intense, but embodied and seeking to awaken from within, causes that to fall away or to be lost, as the identification goes back to a duality.

In other words, your wholeness has been cut into two seemingly distinct pieces and you tend to look out, or look after, or have concerns over the distinction, instead of being able to maintain that as a natural Wholeness, a Wholeness that encompasses everything in your environment.

But you’ve gone away from that because you see that, first of all, as something that you gave birth to that is separate. And then you see that it has to be safeguarded or hidden from everything else in the outer that seems to be on a state of alert, in terms of things that are different.

Thus the whole environment of this process takes you away from the interlinked state that you started from, in which it was possible then, from the way you embodied the vibration, to be able to note the power that is reflected from such a state. And that power then was imaged as something far greater than yourself – even fearful and awesome – that breathed upon you in some fashion, sniffed you.

The idea of a dinosaur energy, which is a power energy from somewhere deep within, just like unicorn is an energy of softness, and love, and closeness, and deep sensitive feeling, which is able to arise within, and you can’t have a sense of a unicorn if you carry a deviated or differentiated mannerism about you that is too loud or dense for that kind of vibration to be accessed symbolically.

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John: So from your dream yesterday, and now into mine, the ongoing theme is about developing oneself to adjust according to what is unfolding (for yesterday’s discussion, see Another Dimension). That’s very different to the way most of us behave, because we are accustomed to always being headstrong and coming at life in a way that we imagine it’s supposed to be. That headstrong, ego-based approach is, of course, due to our cultural conditioning, i.e., personal experience, education, family life, and social norms.

My dream starts off with me having to contend a bit with my conditioning. The feeling I have is that I’m in a scenario that is far more than I’m used to experiencing. This is pushing my senses to an extreme, which is out of character in terms of how I normally see myself. There is a feeling in the dream that everything is over the top. In other words, my defense mechanisms actually make me think that I know what’s going on.   

The problem, however, is that how things are “supposed” to be, in the living organism of this universe, is actually dictated according to the flow. I am (we are all) more hardwired into this flow than I (we) care to realize. I’ve forgotten it because I have held onto my internal buffers.

These buffers are, of course, defense mechanisms, and without them I have to contend with the aliveness of life more directly. In the dream I saw that as so outrageous that it was unnerving. So it made me feel disoriented.

In the next dream a question was raised regarding what is to going happen. Someone asks the question in relationship to something in the outer: they ask, “Is the stock market going to go up or down?”

It’s like they’re taking a poll to see how different people react. Those who feel more defensive think the stock market is scary and could easily come crashing down. In other words, they fear they will get hurt.

I break through the issue by saying it’s going to go up. There are a whole group of people standing around (including your dad) who agree. But rather than just leaving it as a matter of opinion, it’s important to understand why it’s is going to go up, so I say that it’s determined by one thing: either the money supply – the supply of currency – is going to increase, which is inflationary, and will send the market up, or it’s going to decrease, which is deflationary, in which case the market is going to go down.

So what are these dreams really about? In both sets of images I’m examining how things are meant to unfold. To see things from that vantage point is to get away from personal involvement or personal opinion. I’m being shown that the safest path is to let go of feeling separate from it all, and instead get into the aliveness of the flow and see where it leads.

Of course aliveness here means everything that’s alive – taking into account all that exists – and of course separating out my personal desires, hopes, or hidden agendas, because those only serve to separate me from the flow and cause a hurt to my heart. Humans can’t steer the flow, they must go with it – they must be aligned to what it is doing.

When I try to contend with things separate from the flow of life, that’s when I hurt the heart. And of course when others try to do the same, they will hurt my heart as well. It may seem like human nature to try to direct things away from struggle and hurt – to always try to make things “safe,” but it’s more natural, and in keeping with the aliveness of everything in life, to be in tune with the rhythm. In so doing something from within can then be revealed.

In other words, something is trying to rise up, which means that there’s something hidden that is touching the veils that keep reality hidden from us. To develop, or utilize, the coping devices we have adopted is to hide behind the veil. In so doing, neither our process, nor the process of the universe works very well.

Perhaps another way of saying the same thing is that people try and create an environment that suits their self-image. That act is in contradiction to the flow, and actually causes a contraction in the heart. Anything that veers away from the inner flow of the whole leads to suffering; the inner flow of the whole comes down and touches us from above. Then our light awakens within the greater light and it’s able to rise back up.

The challenge is to take in everything without expectation or judgment, and to be able to flow with that. That puts us closer to the heart of the world and enables us to follow the will of the Creator at play.

The will of the Creator is behind everything in Creation. Access to this flow is not possible when we deceive ourselves in terms of what is really happening.

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Jeane: In this dream something happens that forces a whole community or group of people to have to move. Whether it’s a natural disaster (it’s some area like California), I don’t know. I do know that there’s an ocean not far away – I sense sand dunes or some kind of different geology there.

Some of the group stays behind while at least three of us go on ahead. We’ve gone ahead and I know that there are a series of things that can happen. In one image that I remember, I had to go into someone’s trailer.

I don’t know if it was for shelter or food or I just wanted to go there as I had a feeling I was being pursued. It’s my intention to pass through the trailer without disturbing anyone. But because the trailer is shaped like a “T,” I can’t go in one door and out the opposite side.

I end up running into a woman, with her little girl, in the kitchen, and the woman’s a little startled. I’ve disturbed them so I have to explain why I’m there, and then they seem okay.

I know there are other scenes where I’m in other homes and one image of being out by some sand dunes. Other people think the dunes are stable, but I don’t think so. And then I have this sense that when we get somewhere that seems better, I feel like I have to go back to get the others. And they don’t want to come.

I’m not sure if I even go back to get the others, or if they’re going to want to come with me, but I still feel like that is what I have to do.

John: That’s pretty interesting and pretty specific. Basically what the images start out saying, energetically, is that something has happened and you can’t go back. You’ve seen something and, whether you like it or not, you’re in trouble now and you have to go forward.

Now, as you go forward, you’re still not necessarily free from the past. So you have your bad moment; in other words, you have your reservations. Those reservations are reflected in you trying to go into the trailer as a way of catching your breath. It’s like a time-out.

So you are trying to catch your breath, and that’s shown by not wanting to run into anybody. But you do, and when you run into them, what you’re running into is actually you in a state of shock to your inner self.

But it’s a good state of shock – it’s an emerging state of shock, as represented by the little girl. So as you go forward, you still have the connection to the past and so you recognize that you have to go back and forth.

Said another way, at the very beginning you had no choice, you saw too much. You recognized something, and things couldn’t stay the way they’d been. You can’t rationalize or justify that. But you do have a tie, or a connection, to all of that, even though something more has been revealed. So you make a progression, and you have your reservations where you stop and look around a bit, yet you still feel the pull of your obligations.

In a way, you’re describing the cycle of the breath: the in-breath and the out-breath. One minute you’re going forward, and the next minute you’re going back. And you were propelled by the clarity that you had to move forward. That was one minute. The next minute you had to share that clarity (going back for the others).

It portrays the process, and shows that you have not been caught trying to protect your own treasures. You are taking nothing with you, but you do want to go back to help. If you had been drawn back by your own needs or things, that would imply self-interest, and support for separateness and duality, which requires one to be competitive and isolated in relationship to others. Your dream doesn’t have that dynamic, so that’s a good base for what wants to emerge.

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