Fractured From the Whole

fragments3In this image, John sees a large space fracture into smaller pieces. And, in a sense, isn’t that what we are, as humans, a microcosm of the Whole? Yet the imagery indicates that it is a conscious attentiveness to our natural connections – through the heart – that brings us back in touch with the oneness of everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My dream is not quite as laissez-faire as yours, in a sense of balance. Whenever I talk or work with anybody, or talk to anybody for any great period of time, who has their own issues that they go through, I set off reverberations, and those reverberations cut into the intertwiningness of my own nature.

And so I didn’t realize that, at the time, because I’m getting more and more impervious to a lot of things, in terms of how I hold the energy, but in order to be able to properly hold it and not lose it, I have to start being cognizant of this sort of thing in terms of how you work a certain level. The feminine nature knows how to do this better, the masculine nature likes to just pop things out.

So last night as I sat down to meditate, the connection to a heartfelt resonance of the heart within, the breath wasn’t there. Not like I’m used to, I can just sit there and just go there. I just wasn’t feeling the need, is the only thing I can do to explain it.

So the next thing you know, I kind of laid down. And when I came out of this, an inner visual that is kind of like a vision of something on another level, depicted what was happening.

The way it depicted it is, first I saw this large space that was kind of like a big triangle, and the only thing I can do to describe it, because it wasn’t an object per se, was that it had the shape of let’s say a big semi or something, because I visualized that it had a motion to it, and it moved about, and it had the shape like a big outline of a semi.

I don’t mean it in the sense of just describing what it looked like as an energy size. So, the meditation being what it was, the space didn’t get any bigger. I actually expected that if I stared at it and whatnot it could change its size and get bigger. I guess conceptually I was anticipating this to be how the inner depiction of things worked. 

What happened instead was the space got broken into a number of other totally separate outlines, a littler square, the same square but not quite as big, of which the sum total of these areas comprised the baseline heartfelt design. 

In other words, the energy wasn’t intensified or magnified. It just was splintered. As I pondered the energetic fractives, as if something might be changed, I guess I’m wondering if something had changed, or wondering how to reestablish the singular, original vibratory scope. 

These separate images could also change appearances from time to time. They could be a perfect square, they could be a rectangle, they could be just a little piece, and even though I kept expecting consolidation to reflect into the greater, larger wholeness, the changes never got there.

When I came out from this inner image, I realized I had laid down and wasn’t in a connective attentiveness. And that’s when I realized that the images I was seeing inside were reflecting this very same predicament: I wasn’t connected.

I was connected to something I could see, but not something I could be. What was going on was the outlined inner space was fractured from a vibratory focus of the connective wholeness. But I could see it, so I knew what could be, it just wasn’t.

I was seeing this inner connection as being askew, from what I knew to be when it wasn’t, and then when it was a wholeness, as an alignment of oneness. This dream or image or vision, when the wholeness is there, portrays the heartfulness focalized in manifestation.

In other words, it could impress a common linkage that way. It can’t when it’s splintered like that. Even though you see it, you’re helpless to bring the conditions together. I was aware that I needed the wholeness image as the singular vibration, and not the fractured, separate vibratory states that diffuse the wholeness, for the connective process to properly be in place.

The meaningfulness of this is, I find it interesting that what I saw within corresponded to the bifurcation I felt when I had stopped meditating. In other words, all of it’s connected. I saw the energy as having become fractured from the image of wholeness.

In other words, when one resonates, I can go around feeling a heartfulness. It’s like that’s inside of me or something. But then if I’m not feeling it, then it’s like all of it is still there, but it kind of squeezes into different pieces. I had let go of the point in time, within myself, when there was a quickened need, because there’s always the need in life – and that’s why you carry it.

And if you let go of it, or if you act like everything is okay or something, then it starts to dissipate, or split off, or loses its continuity.

The reflected variables of lesser vibratory images needing to be brought back into a oneness, that was what was divulged. That is what the image was. And the energetic conditions I saw emanated from an overall expanse.

Now, this was in that expanse. This was how I was in the expanse, seeing that energetic, because the expanse was a greater emptiness of which there was this sort of thing that could manifest or focalize something, something about the attentiveness and, in this instance, the lack thereof, to the oneness, which is intertwined, was what was being divulged to me.

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The Speed of Gravity

gravity-imax-posterIn these dream images, the scenes portray efforts to connect to an aliveness within. What that requires is a heartfulness which brings everything together. Without that heart connection, the alignments aren’t quite there, and the ability to have an effect on things doesn’t quite work. It points out the idea that there is still a gap that causes separation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just pulled out one little bit of a dream from last night. This dream was more of an image. 

It’s like I’m observing another me. I mean, it’s like I know it’s me, and I feel like I’m observing that me, and then there are outlines of that me in this huge plastic tube that’s above both of us, but that is connected to the ground on one side. 

And so there are these shadow images up there, at least two of them, that represent the body, and it feels like the me I’m observing tries to kind of place themselves, I suppose energetically or physically, in one of those forms up in the tube and then maybe the other. 

But it’s almost like either the sound or the vibration – and it would be healing – but the sound or the vibration isn’t quite right for it yet, so it’s like sometimes I try to do it anyway, or she tries to do it anyway, but the sound isn’t quite right yet.

It’s like I’m just observing a me that’s trying to do something that’s healing for the body.

John: The theme of the dreaming dealt with how you have to maintain a quality of a certain kind of heartfulness within, which enables you to connect to, relate to, touch, with that heartfulness, creation.

And the images have to do with being able to awaken with that touch. That’s how it was with me. In your particular case, you’re evaluating how to get the vibration, or the note, or whatever it is, correct or proper enough so that you can be in a particular other space that you’re looking at; that you can intertwine in this other space.

It’s connected to the ground, but it’s up in the air or something, and you have to be able to go into that as a type of beingness. 

I’m not approaching it that way. I’m approaching everything with a certain intent. You’re trying to do something in a natural overallness of being able to just be in that – in some fashion – such that you have the way of free flowing your mannerism to do that.

In my dream, it’s like I’m released from an area under the intent, and because I have the intent – and perhaps that’s why I’m let go, or released, to see if I can carry that intent into inanimate objects or into inanimate things. And it’s my intent to do so.

And so I’m with a friend who has more zest and joy and energy in his nature, and we’ve gone into this building or place that is just filled everywhere you look with dolls. And they’re dolls that just sit there with their eyes wide open. 

And so I’m taking kind of a pumpkin cream pie and I’m swabbing the eyes of every one of these dolls. Something is different, however, in terms of how my friend does it, because it seems like when he does it, to some degree he even gets a response out of them, kind of a type of an aliveness. 

In my case, what I’m doing leaves itself still to question. In fact, there is a woman, who’s like the babysitter of the dolls, who challenges me. And if I hadn’t been with this friend I might have reacted, because even though the dolls aren’t alive, she’s still there babysitting them as if they are.

And even though I, having come back to this place having been here before, but now that I’ve come back I seem to be off the ground or something, unable to effectuate any life, or aliveness, in the dolls. But because I try, she steps back and observes and watches me go through these futile, but never giving up, gyrations. 

My friend who seems to, if I glance over, even seems to be getting or drawing reaction from the dolls as if they are coming to life or are alive. His pumpkin cream pie seems to go on and on forever, but mine runs out. And so I make the comment that, we’re going to have to come back again, because not all of the dolls got swabbed with this pumpkin cream pie across their eyes. 

As we leave we have to come down a whole sequence of steps. Well, I know something that I think is really neat. I can take and just put one hand on a rail and just let myself free-fall, and can go as fast as gravity in a free-fall right down the steps. 

I’ve seen myself do this many, many, many times and no one else has ever been able to do and have this kind of freedom to be able to come down a sequence of steps and just know that it doesn’t work with everything I eat, and I know that, but in this particular instance I know it will work, that I can just jump off and down I go – as fast as gravity can pull me down. 

Well, that goes at a particular speed. I really can’t hardly speed that up, because the speed of gravity is the speed of gravity. My friend, however, goes down each step and what amazes me is not only is he able to keep up, but he’s actually perhaps able to go even a touch faster.

So the meaning of this dream is that it lays the foundation for me recognizing that I’m still off the ground. It’s kind of like a corrective dream, indicating that I still prefer to settle for a certain lightness or quality like that inside. And the flip side of that of course then, is you tend to get off the ground because you’re not connecting with creation.

You’re connecting with that lightness. You’re developing a certain aloofness, and yes there’s the sense of a freedom and increased speed in doing that that others don’t have, but in terms of actually touching things, the degree to which I’m still off the ground is in the way, in that the dolls can’t be awakened for me, even though I try and have the focus or intention to try to do that.

And given the space and latitude by the babysitter of the dolls, who realizes that I’m trying to come from the right place, even though appearances are such that I’m not having any effect. So this dream of course indicates that you have to keep coming down gravitationally, that I’m not rooted enough to heartfully touch things.

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From Dense to Subtle

everything-is-connectedIn Jeane’s second dream of the night (see An Insatiable Motion), the image moves from an external view of separate containers on a ship, to a more personal view of wearing layers of clothing. In both images, she is dealing with the subtleties of moving from a separated view of the multiple aspects of life, to finding the connections of everything, or, as shown in the image, an outfit that works for every occasion. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in this next dream, it feels like a woman has taken me into a clothing store. It’s a very upscale clothing store. I mean, there are some people that are modeling certain outfits, and the thing about these clothes is they’re very high quality, but they’re also layered clothes, and so we’re trying to find myself one or two outfits that will actually be multiple outfits because you wear one under the other, or over the other, layer them in certain ways. 

And I’m kind of observing a few things on the outfits, most of which are black-and-white, or black or white, and trying to see if I have the right outfit that can be the most versatile for me. And when I look down, I notice that like the under layer that peeks through everything else is a certain shade of kind of that lemon-lime green, and it even has like some leather parts to it. 

And then the pants that are worn over this, when they puddle down to the floor, they spread out around my foot that almost makes it look like little black scales that go out in kind of an interesting pattern. But I realize that maybe it’s going to be difficult to walk with. It might look okay if we went dancing somewhere.

But then I have outfits that can go over the top, which maybe could be worn on their own as a dress, and it feels like maybe there’s something that’s blue, besides just the black-and-white I might be interested in.

But then I’m discussing with her – it’s like I feel a little short on time – and whether or not this outfit that I’ve put together so far can work, because I’m worried about how it kind of drags on the floor with that kind of strange pattern, whether there’s time to go into another part of the store and start over, whether I just have to kind of pick up one or two things and see if they make a properly layered outfit. 

It feels like I’m just trying to kind of consider and get all of that right in a fairly limited period of time. 

John: The fairly limited period of time is always this compelled nature to try to get the various levels. And it’s interesting, you’re repeating the first dream with this dream, because now what you’ve done is, instead of trying to function as a container ship that works on all the different places and ports and levels of things in life, you now have taken this layering on literally, in terms of how you put on an attire. And you’re working from the top down instead of the bottom up.

In other words, you start at the high end, and then you come all the way down and through and the inner most garment is green, right? Kind of a yellow-green, which means that it’s lower self in life. Well, lower self is kind of… actually yellow is one of the first three chakras, and green is the heart, and green is the deepest of all colors, and it is part of creation. It is enmeshed through the levels and layers of everything in creation.

And so you’re figuring out how to layer everything on, properly layered on means that you then have yourself in a scenario in which you can go any place you want to go, because you can always be properly dressed by taking off a layer if necessary.

And this is like a higher self understanding that’s peeking through, because you start in the high end store with the layering, which means you’re finding the most regal of outer garments, which is a type of innerness and paradox, to put on, that this continues on through all the way to all of the different levels.

And so it’s another way of kind of expressing and denoting a container energy in terms of how we function in terms of the outer, because we see the outer in such a differentiated way, and you have a dream in which you perceive it like this and you keep working at this in an ever subtler way of dealing with it, in other words top-end down.

In other words, it’s almost like the more layers you figure out how to put on, to accommodate all that could possibly be, or change, the better that condition in your overallness will be. And as in the first dream, your sort of compelled nature to function as an opening up vessel that can hold all of the states, that can hold a given condition and all of the levels there too, has just one dilemma, has the same dilemma.

And that’s the dilemma that everything is still currently separated, as if from layer to layer, level to level, vessel to vessel, and that, where this needs to go if it’s going to reach the nothingness and the emptiness is that they all have to be one and the same, the end present at the beginning, or otherwise the beginning will be one layer and the end will be another layer of something.

Actually, all the layers intertwine. They all are reflective of each other in some degree. It’s just a variance in terms of the way the states are. And by state in this particular case, I’m meaning something like on a sensation level would be based upon temperature, but on a speed level, or energy level, it would be based upon different gradients of expansion contraction, or contraction to expansion, which is different degrees of speed.

And something that is the densest and slowest is the most carnal and the most linear, and is conceivably an even lower speed, and there’s even more raw energy tied into that and you have to own that.

And something that is more transcendent in energy is a faster speed, more off the ground, looks at things in a different context and state at this level of expressiveness, but is not as tied and as connected then. It’s closer to where the superiors world would be, of things, within yourself so it’s not as directly connected.

In other words, it works more subtly and it’s a speed that’s harder to sustain in relationship to an awareness of the density. And thus these are the layers from dense to subtle like that, and ultimately all of these layers, in order for there to be a true oneness, and a true Wholeness, and a true container that contains everything in the universe, have to twine together, intermesh, as one.

And that you’re still depicting it as having its differentiated quality nature. And it’s amazing how you do that. I mean, you differentiate that as a kind of embodiment energy. I mean, putting clothes on is an embodiment energy, or a container, or a vessel of a type of knowingness, which  is subjective inside of one’s self under certain conditions of weather, if you’re talking about it in the outer environment, as if there are these different levels.

And yet, ultimately, in order for there to be a nothingness, it all comes together. It’s a little bit like the Star Trek movie in which things got so speeded up that all there was was flickers of light, and if you could slow it down and slow it down instead of it being a buzz you can actually reduce it to something that could be intelligently heard, and then eventually even seen. But otherwise it was just a flicker of something going so fast that you couldn’t intelligibly pull it out.

Well, it’s like layering again, layering this time in terms of levels of speed. And just like you have light as one speed, and sound as another speed, and you have creation, which is the lower speed in which something is constellated as something that’s visible and touchable, but actually within that is so much empty space that you don’t grasp or you don’t see, given the condition or level or layered nature that you are carrying in a particular lower energy state.

In a higher energy state you would get to a point where you’d realize there really isn’t anything there. It just gets to a point of pure vibration or essence.

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