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inner-connections2In these images, John is shown that there is nothing separate from us in the universe. In the outer life, we often believe that everything is separate, yet that is only a result of how we look at things. When we can hold the connection of being in a oneness, nothing is unknown to our higher self. This requires the subtle letting go of everything that prevents us from such a deep connection. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the dream, I am of the opinion that in creation that the variables I have to choose from exist as a part of me. There is no way for there to be anything that is separate. 

If I’m an aspect of all there is, there is nowhere to go. In the dream there is a noncombatant observer observing all of this as if helping me to sort this out. The issue is, is it possible for there to be a way of being that is not part of what is going on inside me? 

I just cannot understand what is the matter with me when I am in a situation and somehow forget this fact. In the dream, this occurs because I want to believe a soft-spoken demeanor is having or portraying some insight that is important, that I need to take in, as if it’s separate from me. As if I need to catch up with it.

But suddenly I realize that I’m not properly holding my mannerism, or I’m getting kind of confused. Because when the voice gets louder, speaks up, or when the voice kind of changes its demeanor in terms of its loudness and some quality varies just a bit, I’m able to realize that I had fallen for a style over substance. 

Somehow the observer, who is new to the scenario, is able to help me remember what I know by simply maintaining or holding the space and not buying into the issue. This is kind of a hard dream to write up because the image that I had to work with was just an image in which, I guess, I just felt there was really nothing new under the sun. It was just a matter of being able to see it for how it was, because everything is connected. 

We should all know what is proper, and what is right, and what is not. In that sense we have something in common. And so I seem to carry this higher-self kind of understanding in the dream, but what happens is I waver from that when some person who speaks with a certain degree of presence in a little voice and whatnot actually draws out my attention, so I’m inclined to put them on a pedestal, or give them a degree of credit that isn’t quite right.

In other words, I’m making something into being unique or more, when all of it is same/same – if you just know how to see it. And so when this person then suddenly, in a different atmosphere or just at a different moment in time, suddenly speeds up, or starts talking in a way that is more easily identifiable by me, in terms of what this is all about, that’s when I realize that this isn’t something new at all, and that I had gone on a tangent thinking that there is an aspect of something that I need to be aware of that I’m not already directly conscious of, based upon the fact that it is part of me.

This is an awkward meditation dream.

Well a couple of issues in this dream were pointed out to me that indicate that you have to drop the mental demeanor in order to experience anew. For example, if something is too settled in its mannerism, it is better to go out the door and then come back in. That was an image. You go out the door, start all over again.

This allows for a change of focus so a greater receptiveness can occur, in other words appreciation or whatever you call it, it is an aspect of the heart, but anyway whatever the sight is, or the conceptualization, you get it to drop its hold, or definition by the mind, and so then it can have a flow again.

And then initially I forgot the second image. I laid back and fell back asleep and it came in again.

The second image stems from the fact that the mind acts as a protective layer, which is trying to make things flow better. That’s the story that the mind tells you. So the image is that of a planer that accesses across another layer of protection. 

In other words, it’s like this, you have this device in which something flows back and forth, travels like a tread, and in this particular case, in order to mitigate the wear and tear so that it functions in a less vulnerable capacity, there’s an extra board that’s put in there. Most of them don’t come with it, but this particular device does. I call it a planer. 

This extra board runs all the way across the surface of this thing that goes back and forth and back and forth. Most of them don’t come with it, and it runs fairly flush. So that means that they’re more vulnerable, those that don’t come with it, in terms of breaking down, or having issues that you have to contend with.

This is something that you can settle back and, as a process, you can assume that this approach is going to be sufficient. And that’s an issue that’s true if you’re only looking at this from the aspect of manifestation, and the way things are done in manifestation.

But because there is something more subtle going on inside a person, a person has to be open to hearing and dealing with things that come in – and that can throw the heart around. That can be uncomfortable. And to do that you have to let down your protective guard, a little. You have to be more exposed.

And only when you do that, do you create the catalytic conditions whereby you can properly see what lies within. 

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everything-is-connectedIn this second dream, Ann describes a scene where she is working with others, yet she takes a short foray off by herself. In dream analysis, this can be viewed as being in the Wholeness of things, or being separate. But her separation doesn’t last long, and she rejoins the whole. This points to the idea that she isn’t letting her ego identity – her separateness – steer her away from the way things really are. (For the prior dream, see Pulling From the Depths.) (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Ann: I’m in this big, big, mansion of some kind, and there are different woods. I notice all these different woods, and they’re very ornate, nicely decorated. And there are several of us, and we have come together to work on some kind of a project.

And there are some different people kind of milling around, and we’re kind of wandering through this, you know great big place, and I decide I need to go back to my room. So I go back into this room and this great big beautiful room, and I think, oh, I have to go use the toilet.

And then I realize, oh, the toilet wasn’t there, and that it had been moved someplace. And I thought, oh well, and so I go back to this big part of this house and I’m wandering around, and all of us then know we’re working on this project together, so we all go downstairs into this huge, huge room, and we all sit down in a circle at this very large round table.

Each person had something to contribute. They had all brought something they had to contribute to this big whole project that we were working on, almost like there was this puzzle and we had to figure things out. And one of the people there, he had a big glass vial that was full of all of this liquid, and so we all kind of took that and we passed it around and looked at that.

And then I had a huge big sheet of paper that had all of this writing on it, so we had to pass that around, and there were all of these little kind of things that people had. And then somebody else at the table had these pieces of an alphabet, and so we had to pass these alphabetical figures around and look at it, and we were passing them all in a clockwise direction.

Then this teacher walked into the room, and she kind of stood in front of us, and she looked around and she complemented a couple of the ladies that were there on their dresses that they were wearing, and how nice they looked.

And then she started to tell us what the project was, and she said, everything that everybody brought in, it all fits together, and she said, but the key of everything fitting together is the big vial of liquid.

And then that’s all I kind of remember.

John: So the key to understanding the dream is to look at the little slight deviation that’s the opposite, and in the opposite, even though you’re in this big mansion with all of these people, you go to your own room, to try to go to your own toilet, and you can’t find it.

That’s your personal prerogative. You can’t find your personal prerogative, but you can find the intertwining.

Ann: Oh isn’t that interesting.

John: I saw that right away, but then you almost used that word at the end – that it all comes together, and it’s all a part, and the teacher is explaining all of that. But I saw all of that just by all of the different pieces: you were passing them around, you’re all looking at them, everyone was looking at these things, and they were all seeing something in relationship to something, in other words, an aspect of themselves.

It was all an intertwining, a Wholeness. You were drawn back to that. You couldn’t go to your room, you couldn’t find your own toilet. No, you were drawn back to the action of the Whole.

Ann: Oh gosh, that was a good dream, too.

John: Oh yeah, it was a great dream. You notice again no shadow or anything like that in there.

I mean you would have had a shadow in there if you would have had to try to make it work in your own room somehow, you know, and if you would have had to fight for the toilet or something, or you would have had to retreat because something was haunting you. And so you were back in there hiding in your own room where your toilet was.

It was effortless. I thought it was great that the toilet couldn’t be found. I mean, how black-and-white can you get?

Ann: Yes because normally you would be going, oh my goodness, I have to find it.

John: Oh yeah, you would have had some sort of war zone going on there, having to find this toilet.

I almost was going to comment on your telling this dream that it would be nice if I could do more of this, because I have a habit of having to try to kind of figure things out, so I’m apt to get caught in the mystery of, there’s some deep imbedded meaning of something trying to come through that has to happen as a consequence of this toilet, which is still raw energy a little bit in the muckety-muck of things.

So that would be my tendency. Instead of just wump, right straight into the overall, maintain the overall, maintain the Whole, recognize how everything is connected – which you did effortlessly.

In other words, I would have been still trying to bring something through, as if there was a validity behind this toilet.

Ann: Trying to search around for it, look under the bed, and see if it… yeah.

John: I wouldn’t have been doing that so much, as I would have had to contemplate the toilet as having some sort of significance in terms of the Whole. For me it would be bringing in some element of importance, and that would be a raw energy that would have to be tamed and codified and normalized in the overall. That would be the masculine way of doing it.

The feminine way is she maintains the overall, she’s in charge of everything in creation, she’s intertwined with everything in creation, she doesn’t have the role of having to bring in the nuances.

So if I were to flip your dream a little bit to give it a masculine slant it would go something like that. In other words, if you were to tell your husband, he’d say, something is wrong here, you lost your toilet. In other words, this toilet is important for something or other. He wouldn’t know why it’s important, but to him it’s important.

You have got to have a toilet. Or he would be inclined to say, sounds like it’s pretty confusing out there with all of this, that, and the other. I would have stayed in the room. I think you were beating yourself up to go out there in all of that commotion, this, that and the other. It sounds pretty strange to me.

Or he might have said I would not have worried about the toilet, I would have been looking for my own TV in the room.

In other words, you can see how you slide that to the masculine. Now there’s a certain obtuseness to it. But on a higher note, that is the way a seed thought is brought through, too. The thing gets incorporated into the overall.

You’re just working with the overall there, the essence of everything in manifestation, and recognizing how it’s intertwined.

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