The Touchstone

Gravity Glue

Many people find that their spiritual beliefs are their touchstone, something they turn to in times of trouble. And that is the way it is meant to be, in the sense that we, as human beings, were never meant to get disconnected from our universal purpose and human purpose. Yet we have, as a species and as a culture, become disconnected. But it is always in us, awaiting for us to awaken to it. Then it can become our touchstone and our guidepost for how to proceed. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So all I remember of my very first dream, my earliest dream, was I had gone to some cave in some mountains and I had brought out this rock that I considered a touchstone.

Now it wasn’t like a rock you’d normally even be able to carry, because it must have been about 14-inches or so tall, and it was rectangular shaped, but very smooth. And it was shaped like a triangle with a wider base, and at the top, just over time, some of the top where it was smooth and round, it had been chipped or, you know, some chunks out of the very top of it over time. But I considered it my touchstone.

A touchstone’s just something that’s kind of like what you’d say, it’s a rock that you go back to, and then you touch, and it kind of centers you.

John: So, all that needs to be said about that is that’s the theme of the dreaming. For the masculine it comes across like an extraction. For the feminine it comes across as something that’s just naturally found.

In your case, you can just find that quality that is sitting there dormant underneath the surface. Like you say, it’s like a touchstone, and when you find that, then that can be something that has its benefit in terms of… well, you now include that as part of your overall way of being.

Jeane: So in the next dream I’m a young woman. I still have my touchstone.

My mother’s abandoned me in this little village where I live, so I’m going to have to go over to the home of this other family and prostitute myself. So I go over there. I take my touchstone with me, and I go into the two rooms that are set aside for this purpose.

And it’s interesting: one room is behind the other, and I don’t think anybody goes into that room. I just know that I have that room that’s behind the room I’m in, and I only remember myself going into that room.

And the other room I set up for whatever client I’m going to see. I think I have my touchstone somewhere there, and I also have a veil I put over a light, and I have music, and I go around and I set up the room in some particular design or area, and then I think I see some client. I don’t remember him at all. Then I leave and I go home.

I return a second time, and this time I see the son of the people that own the place, and I’m with him, and we fall in love. But I leave and I go home. And now by this time my mother’s come back, although I’m somewhat estranged from her, and I realize that I want to be together with the son of this other family – but not if they’re still doing what they do.

So, I go back over there. I don’t really see the son. I’m actually just doing something and arranging the room. It’s a little brighter right now, and I don’t have a veil to cover the light with. And I’m thinking about I’m going to have to wait a time period before I see their son. And, at the same time, I’m trying to think of what I can come up with for them to do, but I think because the father’s a good cook for some reason, or they are, that maybe they can run a café or something where they serve food.

And then I’m also noticing, again I seem to have some way I’m always arranging the room, and a room behind that room that I don’t think anyone goes into but me, and I know there’ll just be a waiting period before I can be with the son.

It feels like I’ve also brought my mother over to meet them, and I’m figuring out what they can do differently now, and I think it’s going to be running a restaurant, or serving food.

John: What you just did was an Aesop tale. This is full of meaning in terms of understanding. In other words, it’s like Little Red Riding Hood, you know there’s something entirely different in terms of what’s going on in terms of the big bad wolf. It’s like Snow White and something waking up by a kiss out of its amnesia.

What this dream is about is you’re finding yourself caught in an outer world in which, you might say from one way of looking at it, it’s just the way that it is. It’s not really your fault, because the conditions are asleep. And what prevails around you is an imbalance that keeps things asleep. In other words, people are buying and selling and prostituting and, you know, you don’t have the buying/selling but it’s the same difference. People are going to all of these lengths in there and not knowing any better. But the difference, in your particular case, is imbedded inside of you, is this touchstone.

Or, in other words, this quality that gives you an inflection to something completely different and more. That may be the case, but in the outer your condition is such that you’re kind of removed from your real inner home – in regards to what is imbedded, or instilled, inside of yourself.

Because of the touchstone, because you have this linkage, because you’re able to bridge across to what is involved deep within, you have this place where you can go and be nurtured, the other room.

And so you live in this dichotomy, this peculiar dichotomy, of which you have the depth of something as a purity, from the touchstone, of innocence, and balance, and wholeness. You have that in this other part of yourself, in this other room, that you go to to be nurtured.

And then, in the outer, when you come out into the outer, you’re caught up in those conditions. And, to begin with, you know, the effect of the touchstone, it’s faded, very faded, and so you go about doing whatever you do as your means of being in the outer. But those who are at the helm, the leaders, the central force of this imbalance, in other words, from the top, the powers that be in the outer, so to speak, that sponsor or that keep this whole imbalance going, the prostitution ring or whatever.

It’s like the son who goes on and inherits all of this. Well, when he comes, something now has changed in that your connection, in terms of going back and forth between using this means that you have to go back into the inner, and yet you still are caught up in how things are in the outer. This going back and forth and to and fro is creating a mirror, creating a reflection, and so it is starting to change something in the outer.

Now, you even describe what this changes. In other words, you’re not doing anything spiritual in the outer. You’re just being how you have to be in the outer in your amnesia, so to speak, but it’s not an absolute amnesia because you do have a linkage to the inner as a consequence of this little light, little small inflective light – the touchstone. And, as that grows, this rubs off on the condition that is perpetuating things in this imbalanced way in the outer.

So it’s almost like the fable is saying, what can something that starts off in one of the most dark and ignorant ways of being, what does the flip side look like to something like that? In other words, if something like that could be touched so that it transforms and changes into another energy, what would it be?

And somehow or another what you’re doing is causing that to get the memo, to catch the mirror of an opposite way of being. And that opposite way of being turns into able to help people, serving food. Turns into a regular kitchen for the masses. In other words, instead of it being something that keeps something torn down it becomes something that uplifts, 180-degree opposite.

It causes me to ponder something, that the teacher indicated, in that those that go back to God, the ones that go back the fastest, are the ones that don’t walk around thinking, you know, that there’s something special about them. You know, that they are entitled or something. They’re kind of the ones that recognize the direness of their condition, or the bad-natured quality of their beingness, instead of dwelling upon the idea that they’ve got something figured out and are entitled.

In other words, that’s kind of a strange way of describing the contrast. A Chisti statement is, is that the greater the imbalance, or that which is a bad trait in one’s nature, the greater that comes across. The greater visibility that that has, the greater the flip side when it’s transformed.

You know, it’s opposite what people think. They take and they look at somebody and they see them as really horrible people. I mean we even do this to a whole culture. And so your dream is showing this sort of huge, huge contrast where you have something that finds itself in a huge, extreme circumstance, and then the possibility of what that could mean when it comes out of its trance is an energy that is viewed and seen in an entirely different light.

Like I say, your dream is like an Aesop’s fable. You know, our teacher indicates that, in today’s society, it’s the dreamworld that is the magical fables, fairytales of life now, only it’s on a person-to-person basis that opens up, each person in their own time. But what you just did, and what you just portrayed, could be taken down and presented as a whole new Aesop fable, and it is every bit as full of meaning as any of the others. Isn’t that incredible? I think that’s incredible.

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