The Ability to Accept

universeAs we journey on our spiritual path, we all eventually face the reality that the way life unfolds has to be accepted; it has to be understood as not personal to us.  We are merely the middleman between God and physical manifestation – we are the connection between these two realms. It is for us to experience, but not to judge. The more we are able to hold such a state in ourselves, the more we able to connect to the divine unfolding of everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so in this other, I came to bed like 3:00am and between 3am and 4am I probably got hit by 8 or 9 or 10 different things, but my goodness, you have to get some sleep. But then when I woke up and stared writing it up at 4am, the first thing I had to note about it was that the theme of the dreaming was to recognize that one can indulge and excel in whatever is presented before them.

Now I’m using “indulge” in a higher word, indulged in has a negative intonation. In other words, one can get into, and yet at the same time excel in whatever comes before them, only as long as one is able to realize that there is nowhere to go with it but that, and that it is wonderful being at ease with everything in the path. There’s nothing special about any outward activity.

Behind all of this is the element of detachment, even when that is hard to do because there is fear over the consequences, or something, that gets in the way. To just be able to be in a state where nothing has actually changed. That’s a very feminine way of describing something; that’s the way to be.

To be able to let go and simply accept what is unfolding facilitates this inner peace. So I saw this in the following image:

There’s a line, like maybe you have a table, and kind of a release officer sitting at the table. And then there are people lined up and they come one by one before this and get their discharge papers. It’s like maybe these people have all been in the military service or something, and he’s a discharge officer, to get in a line, then to get their papers where they can go home and no longer serve in the service.

And the process is, there’s a moment of elation when you’re allowed to go home. And so there’s a suspense built up because you come before and you get your papers and you’re allowed to go home

So, I’m next in line as I watch the person in front of me go before the release officer. And the officer says, “Okay, touch your toes.” The guy bends down from a standing position and he can touch his toes. “Okay, you’re released.”

And for a split second I cringe, because I don’t think I can do that. What does that mean if I can’t touch my toes? Does that mean I will have a problem and have to suffer another conscription against my will? I almost go into a shock, but then at the same time I realize that I can feel this elation inside of me of being released and whatnot, and so I can’t dwell upon the other. 

And I actually know that by dwelling and holding on to that part that supersedes, that goes beyond the nuances of whatever the peculiarities are in the outer. In other words, has a particular sight that apparently works the ethers in that way – that’s a masculine way of working the ethers. The feminine way would just be able to somehow or another, that wouldn’t come up, or something.

What I’m describing is a type of letting go, because to indulge in any way is counterproductive and is challenging the ethers to create another problem. 

So that was my dreaming, and then the final image that I woke up with, that I’m not sure I even know what it means, is there’s this big dinner that’s happening at a long table. And there are additions that are made to the table to keep accommodating more and more guests.

And I’m a person that’s setting the table. And I’ve put out the places settings, you know the fork, spoon and knife on a napkin. And there’s only so much sterling silver flatware to be put out, and I put it all out, and then all of a sudden the table expands. And it’s like, how’s this going to work?

And then I realize that I had taken and jambled the place settings where there should be one maybe I put two or three down in that spot, and so there are plenty, that you just take them from there where they don’t belong because each person only needs one place setting. Those place settings then get put where they need to be for another person to be able to sit. And it all comes together.

It’s a dream that is portraying how I guess things open up inside and come into a cadence, where you can have a certain focus and attention about something in one way, and be a little askew in terms of the timing and the placement, simply because you don’t actually see what is meant to unfold.

But you hear something, or you hold a certain focus and attention that’s still apropos somehow. And then when it comes all the way down and through, into manifestation to where it’s there, this other all comes together and fits as it should.

So how does that dream fit in relationship to these other dreams? That’s the interesting question. It’s like a missing piece. It’s like the gap between the missing piece closes. Well maybe it has something to do with how the process is said to evolve – it’s a top-down process. And so you have your veils in-between.

And so some part of you opens up in a way that’s a higher side part of you that you don’t see. And then with the light, adab, and mannerism in manifestation, you conduct yourself in a way that somehow or another corresponds with the right focus and attention, even though it doesn’t necessarily come to any kind of fruition or make sense.

And then in the middle is the veil. And that these things just keep coming closer and closer and closer together – to where it all makes sense. It just all goes “poof.” And it’s like that I guess in the hunting scene, too. You have hunters that hunt on the most basic level, and it’s not any different than the hunter that hunts real sophisticatedly.

Ultimately, all of that comes together as a state of elation, as a state of completeness. So that’s in the hunter, and in going before the instructor, it’s like you could have something that’s peculiar on one side versus something that’s meant to be, and then you could still have some kind of ambiguity in the middle.

And you just let go of that ambiguity. The ambiguity being, okay, you have to touch your toes in order to get released or something as it appeared. But it’s not really that, that’s just a vibrational peculiarity that one still carries, that’s still a hiccup in one’s nature. You let go of that and it comes together.

Very strange how this energy works.

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