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dmttrIt seems to make us happy, and give us settlement, to put things in their place; to categorize them, or to label them. But a spiritual journey is not like that. We can’t say that only this is the path, and that is not the path. The only path is within us. And, if we are on that path, it hardly matters where we are or what we are doing. It’s an important point: the only thing that matters is that we are doing it, that we are living our spirituality when we make tea, do the laundry, or cook dinner. Every moment is the right time for us to be with it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in my dream, I seem to be somewhere in the mountains, almost like at some kind of a camp, because there are a whole bunch of us in the mountains and we all have our own cabins, or we share some cabins with other people. They have kind of like screen doors, or screened-in porches.

Anyway, at whatever we’re all there for, there’s a man who I usually feel is a little too complex to want to get very involved with, but I seem really pulled to him this time. So he and I are trying to find some place to be alone, and make love, and it’s like I think we try his cabin, I think it’s his cabin, first.

We go there and suddenly a whole bunch of people come in, just kind of fill the room. And it’s like I’m doing my best to get rid of them, even being rude. While I’m doing this, he suddenly also seems somewhat preoccupied with things that I’ve drawn, from the past, so that he’s looking at pieces of like art paper on which there’s drawings or scenes from things that may even go way back in the past. And he’s interested in that, something that I’m showing him.

Then I feel like we maybe have finally gotten rid of everybody, but there’s a young woman there, someone I’ve known from high school, that I can’t seem to get rid of. She just won’t leave the room.

So we kind of give up on having any privacy there, and I guess then we’re going to go over either to his place or my place, but we end up outside. And, as we’re walking somewhere, then he starts to want to make love on the sidewalk, which I consider too out in the open. Plus he keeps talking about something, which I find kind of a distraction because it seems to me like we’re just not really finding the right place to be together.

And then I wake up. And then when it feels like I fall back into the dream, and I look around, I’m looking around for him or something and then a woman comes up and gets out of this Bentley and so she says that she had found that the Bentley is a place where you can be. There’s maybe a whole row of Bentleys or something. Instead of trying to be in a cabin, or a house, the place to be was in one of these Bentleys if you wanted to get together. That’s all I remember.

John: Well you did this dream a little different than how I was looking at it, because I was looking at the theme as being something that is not limited to something that is transcendent, or in another loci or, in other words, outside of this plane of existence, on high, or however you want to say it. I was looking at the theme as being the recognition that there is that, but there’s also the importance of creation.

And the way you approached the subject matter is you indicated that, whether it was your house, or his house, there’s too much that was still going on. And even if you were to eliminate all of the activity, which would be the case if it was more his house, then it would be more like your house and there would be the young girl, or the quality of manifestation vibration, that’s there. And that no matter what you did, you wouldn’t be able to quite capture what was necessary, or needed, in terms of what you’re trying to do in either area.

And so you ended up finding out that it happened on the path. In other words, you go outside and it was on the sidewalk, it’s on the path, it’s not in one place or the other. The energetic comes together on the path. And what’s the path? The path is where things go up and down, or like the breath, up and down, between the two places.

In other words, it’s outside. The image is you’re trying to make it your place, you’re trying to make it happen in his place, you can’t tell which is what. Outside on the path it seems to be something that is able to occur. You kind of wake up from that.

When you go back into it you realize that it’s in the journey, it’s in the Bentleys, it’s in something that travels. So what you’re kind of saying is, where I’m sitting in the theme of this dreaming looking at the importance of manifestation almost as a reactive counterbalance to the schematic of going to heaven, or some other place within, as if I’m doing a pro and con or something.

What you’re basically doing is, rather than getting into the details, or the conundrums, you’re indicating that what is working in your dream, or seems to be the only availability that will make sense – because you can’t be in your place, which is in manifestation, or in his house which is on high – it has to be in the unfoldment, which is the path, and when you come back to take another look it’s in the transmission process, the Bentleys, the vehicles that go back and forth. Interesting.

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775If we take every image in our dreams literally, it could cause us some confusion. Case in point: in this dream the dreamer, a woman, is touched in a sexual way by another female. And it might be easy to say that this implies some deeply suppressed fantasy, but that isn’t the message here. We are all of the characters in our dreams, so if we are drawn close to the same gender, or even to friends or family members, it will only make sense against the backdrop of our inner life. We are trying to get close to, and make a deeper connection with, an aspect of our inner life – represented by one of the genders, and of a certain age group, to point us toward understanding the process we are in. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I remember the second and third dreams. I lost the very first one. I wish it would come back.

But, in the second dream, I seem to be, going on a, I was going to say a journey, but it’s more like a trek, and that there’s a number of us going, and a quest – it’s something like that.

And it begins to take us up a mountain and some people kind of go on the regular trail, and then some of us have broken off and we’re going on a steeper kind of unknown trail. And I’m doing it more alone, even though there’s other people there. It’s not like we’re going hand-in-hand; it’s more like we’re spread out.

And, as I go along this kind of steep and unknown trail it’s closer to the edge. Then it feels on about the third leg of it, I go into a building. The building even is still going uphill and I go through some rooms, and I come in and lie down in a bed. And my Hawaiian teacher is there and she comes and gets into bed with me. And she touches me in a way that’s slightly sexual, but it’s more like it’s just… because she’s also kind of pulled a blanket over us, it’s also like it’s just awakening some kind of energy.

And she’s talking to me about that, but I can’t remember what she said. And then she gets up and leaves, and there’s another woman there that’s talking to me about whatever happened. And I realized I could have gotten lost going off on this trail, but I did okay, because it was a rougher trail. Then it seems to go right into the next dream.

John: So the underlying theme or motif is still this quality of atmosphere. In other words, the spatiality that one is in, where one finds a sense of balance, where things feel copacetic in the environment.

And for you it is viewed, in other words, viewed is more of a masculine way of saying it. For you it is experienced, or felt, in kind of an overall context. In other words, it’s like you’re denoting yourself in a spatiality and, in that spatiality, you’re aware of what seems to be needed, and what seems to be missing.

In other words, you’re always wondering, and pondering, in terms of putting the overall together, in terms of just a general context of being. And the process of doing that is an ongoing continuous process as one journeys, so to speak, or continues to keep climbing, or going through the paces of things. There’s always the ongoing process of adhering to, or holding onto, a quality of the overallness as one unfolds.

If you were to get to a point where things were bewildering, or overwhelming, that is when something would have to take a step back, or slow down, or in which you would in an overall process be afflicted in some capacity and would have to, somehow or another, go through that stigma, or affliction, in order to be back into a flow again.

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angelicpairWhen there is sex in a dream, or a marriage in a dream, it suggests the close interconnection between two parts of our inner self. It doesn’t matter if the dream characters look like people we know in real life, our unconscious is just using them as a representation, and to make a deeper point. In fact, the further removed our character is from the sex scene, as in this case where the dreamer is observing a woman unknown to her, that distance is a clue to how far apart these inner lives still are. And the point of such a dream scene is to bring the two inner parts together – if we can remove our resistance from the situation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my second dream I seem to have two houses. And in one house, it’s more like a little split level summer house, a little flimsy, and I’ve gone from the main house where I am over to the second house and I’ve gone into the basement, which is like a recreation room, and my old trainer, Anthony, is there and it feels like I’m thinking about getting back into training.

And then there’s a woman and her son there, as well, and he’s mostly working with them. Occasionally I go over to him, but I’m not really dressed right and I’m not quite yet into what I should do yet. I can’t figure it out, plus the lighting in the building is really dim so I can’t see really well.

And at some point I leave and they’re still there working out. And then I come back, and it’s even darker out when I come back, and I go down into the basement.

John: So what you’re describing right now is a quality in which Anthony represents the masculine, or a macho, and that this is a quality… and that house is like a summer house? Is the other house more of an all-year house or something?

Jeane: Yeah, the other house is where I really hang out.

John: Year-round right?

Jeane: Yeah.

John: And so something that’s in the sun, the sun represents the masculine symbolically, and something that’s like that is like kind of a fair weather kind of thing. And at that point in time things are done, activity occurs, masculine macho activity occurs, and you, in relationship to that house, are something that is getting worked upon.

In other words, it’s like you can get beyond your moods, you can feel better about yourself when you walk, when you work out, when you exercise, and the process that pushes for that sort of thing is a masculine process. That’s why you see women for example that take and try to join a guy’s world, and start putting on feminine suits, and whatnot, that they become very linear in their nature and they drop a certain feminine quality, and a certain mannerism, by which they can approach themselves from within, or as an awakening sensibility that can rise up from a depth inside of themselves having been touched by things of the masculine. Instead they’re now trying to be in that area, unnaturally, and it doesn’t quite look right and you can see how their feminine nature suffers from it.

So what you’re doing is, is you’re doing a parallel dream that has some similarity to the other dream before, only this time the masculine side is portrayed as this flimsy house with the macho protective workout, and the guy that pushes something. And what he represents is like a will that then has its effect upon the subjective side of yourself, the manifestation quality of yourself.

So you’ve gone over to this house – which is what you were trying to do in the dream, the other dream. You were trying your best to try to figure out how, on the other side of the bed, to get all of that stuff to come together. So now you’re back over, only this time it’s in the flimsy house. It’s the weaker part of yourself that you’re trying to catch up with, and you’re trying to see how to handle yourself, what that is all about.

But where your main residence is, because the feminine is creation, your main residence is not by and large there. In other words, this is the weaker side and, of course, like we tried to describe in the other, this is the side that brings in the out-breath, and brings in the sight, and seeks to do things that cause an awakening that then seems to engage, subjectively. And the key is to pull the two together so that you have a full breath. You’re trying to do this dream again, you’re trying to do the first dream, and you’re making a parallel of a kind of same way approach in this dream.

Jeane: So I’ve gone downstairs, and I discover that Anthony’s like pulled down a bed that I guess was down there and he must have made love with the woman. They’re still lying in the bed. I don’t want to wake them up, but I can’t quite leave the room because I’ve kind of fallen down on some blankets that were on the floor and got my feet tangled up in them.

So I’m trying to be quiet, but they’re half awake. He’s saying something to her. So then I go upstairs after I get myself untangled. I go upstairs and there’s hardly any light in this place, so it’s hard for me to find my way around, but I think the woman comes up and is starting to do some laundry and I’m kind of nearby just observing. It’s almost like there’s so little light that even though I’m there in that house where they are that I’m somewhat invisible.

John: So the last part you’re doing is you’re watching all of this, you’re trying to watch how it is that this whole process quickens something, touches something, what that effect is all about because a part of you is the watcher watching another part of yourself that’s affected by Anthony, in terms of this being the other woman that Anthony’s macho, strong, masculine, out-breath features, or mannerisms, or nature is exuding its, you might say, magnetic out-breath effect upon an innerness that wants to come out, that is waking up. But it’s waking up as an in-breath in a subjective way. In other words, you’re just staring and looking at the effect of the masculine and its play upon life in this other flimsy house.

So what you did is, from the first dream, where you had an understanding of how something was opening up subjectively, or rising up from a quality of manifestation, back towards the crown, you didn’t have to go back through that, apparently that part’s pretty well understood. You’re still coming to grips with understanding how the out-breath quality, the will, works. I mean you didn’t make any headway trying to reconcile the two in the first dream, so because that’s the issue at hand and not the other, the other completed. The in-breath area has no problems.

And that’s the nature of how we wake up. In other words, if we’re willing to face the stuff that goes on inside of us, and are sincere in wanting to understand it, we get information that’s provided to us as an inner coming into outer. And so you went into the inner coming into outer, which means you went across the street where that’s the zone where something is happening on a masculine oriented and dominated level.

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