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CROYou’ve probably heard this concept: We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And there is great truth in that idea, because there are parts of us that are universal, and parts of us that are purely planetary. But having a human experience is a great risk to our universal aspects – especially on a planet like this – because the temptations and distractions of this place can detour us from the spiritual purposes and processes we came here to do. So much so, in fact, that we can say that the planetary side of us is winning the battle – which explains everything about the world we see today. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream you and I are visiting someplace that feels like there’s some mountain and some woods nearby, but also a home we’re staying in, and a town and shops and things, you know, so it’s like it’s got both countryside and a little bit of town.

We’re staying with a family there that has children. One day I come home, or where we’re staying anyway, visiting, and I’ve bought this fancy red motorbike, kind of a cross between a… It’s like the Lexus of motorbikes, and it’s bright red, and it’s like a cross kind of between a motorcycle and a scooter. You know, it’s not like a huge motorcycle, but it’s something I can ride on.

So I have to get used to having this motorbike and I also, for some reason, have brought along this little gray skateboard. I’m always trying to keep track of both the red motorbike and the gray skateboard.

You’ve gone off to the woods to play poker. There’s a poker game going on in the woods. And while you’re in the woods playing poker, it’s like I’m suddenly thinking I don’t know where the motorbike or the scooter is. I feel like I’ve lost them. And I haven’t done anything to identify everything.

So I go to where you’re playing the poker game and I do see some kids going by on skateboards, so I think maybe one of them borrowed my skateboard. And then I see the motorbike parked off to the side. I’m thinking I’m going to have to go to the Lexus dealer, I think the motorbike was actually a Lexus of some kind. Maybe have to get some kind of decal painted on it so I can tell it from any other red motorbike, or if somebody took it I could tell how it was distinct.

I kind of feel like the kids maybe are using the motorbike. I’ve gone back to the house where we’re staying and the kids kind of come running in and out, so I’m kind of letting go of the little gray skateboard, but feeling like I’m going to have to do something to identify the motorbike. That was that dream.

John: What’s interesting is, of course, you have to incorporate the two dreams together, and first of all what’s interesting is you have somehow or another in this dream kind of brought together the process of the east traveling to the west, in which you have the components in place. You show that you have the components in place.

In other words, it’s just like you’ve integrated the masculine and the feminine, or the inner and the outer, or so it seems, in a particular motif way. But you have to look at the particular motif way that you reach a kind of completeness, so to speak. You did this kind of completeness by going from an east, kind of a northeast, to a northwest. At the very beginning it seems that there is a certain balance there between the two. So now you have to contend with going more into life, or more to the south.

So that’s where the little red wagon comes in, or the red motorcycle, and that enables you to take liberties. And then you have the skateboard that enables you to kind of be able to knife along. And that sort of thing kind of naturally wants to emerge when you have a wholeness, or a completeness, from the way the dream started off in terms of intertwining, or catching up, with the east to the west.

But when you attempt then to contend with things in an outer unfoldment, or going to the south way, you endanger that connection. And so you’ve established a completeness so that it’s not completely forgotten, but it still is thrown a bit askew because I then, or the masculine, and the feminine that is integrated at the beginning, you having something that goes out and extends yourself through your red motorcycle, and your ability to skateboard around and in and about things that are happening, has its limits because, as that is happening, the masculine side of the energy is out gambling and carrying on in kind of a way that is also taking a type of liberty.

And the two need to function together, because when the masculine tries to sort something out, and takes liberties, and deals with the idiosyncrasies of things, it is going to suffer some wear and tear. Gambling’s not a thing that works with perfection. And the dream kind of completes where you realize that something is not quite feeling right, so you have to go and find that masculine gambling side. You have to figure out where that’s at again.

And that’s where the motorbike is at, and that’s where the scooter is at, and that’s where everything is at – and it comes back together.

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