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Julia Yellow

Everything sleeps. It’s a fundamental process of the universe. But it’s not just to recharge our “batteries” for a new day, although that is a critical aspect of it. But it is also a cleaning and healing process that lets us clean and store what we want from the day, which allows us to start the new day in a tidy state. It can also provide healing in the sense of connections made, and unconscious understandings made conscious, providing a settlement and ability to repair in the deepest levels of a person, in body and in soul. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t really remember dreaming much last night, except it felt like whatever was going on I had to be still, or I was watching the breath, or I was feeling observed. I don’t know which it was. I couldn’t pull a dream out around it.

John: It sounds like, whatever you were doing, there was still something holding your attention, in some sort of way, so that something else couldn’t quite get there, or didn’t quite come through.

For the longest time that’s what we do, is we have our ideas on how to hold a particular space. We have our ideas on what to feel, even when we meditate, what we think we need to feel. We don’t know how to simply let go because whatever it is that we know how to feel, is not what it’s about.

And so you have to somehow or another shift away from all of that in order to start to have an inkling of yourself in an overall, intertwined whole. I have distinct memories of years and years and years of trying to take and have a sense of how to access what the heart needs to feel, in my opinion, and have had what seems to be like experiences there, and can get quickened in that area, but that doesn’t necessarily go anywhere in terms of this intertwined connection because there’s still something in the way in terms of how it is that I am identifying.

And I have to drop all of that. And I don’t know how to say, or explain, or to tell anyone how they do that. Whenever I hear any notion, that gets in the way. Like if I were to just, say, listen to the ringing in my ears, that could get in the way if I listen too intently.

But if somehow or another it’s like a knockout punch, then something more can happen. Or it can be that one is shifted to a place, and it has nothing necessarily to do with having to listen to the ringing of the ears, it just is meant to happen now.

The shift has to be such that it takes one outside of the ordinary day-to-day trance that they’ve been in. And what helps to facilitate this shift is a quality of rejoicing, or something inside of one’s self, or balance, or sense of a greater dimensionality, or at ease, in other words the ability to break out of a contracted state – knowing full well what contraction feels like. And also knowing full well what expansion feels like – that can take you off the ground.

In other words, somehow or another knowing how to do this sort of thing with a certain quality in which the breath isn’t in some sort of another kind of disarray, either in a disarray from the standpoint that it’s too contracted and you’re feeling hurt, or disarray in which you’re too much into some sort of feeling good sensation that you’re trying to sustain.

But when you’re in a natural overallness, then it becomes interesting and you walk around, for no reason in particular, and find yourself doing that, that is when, if there’s any time that I could think of when you are closer to something more real, that would be the time. But whether that’s important in terms of the dreaming process, or not, is not necessarily so.

I guess it is still more dependent upon your ability to somehow or another drop something, not carry something in a malingering way. And when you’re able to do that, then the various states of whatever it is that can kind of try to keep noodling you along, sneak in, and you find yourself up to a limit where you’re still in a deviated capacity and that becomes what you look at, and what you go through, in terms of the theme of the dreaming for that night.

Because when you go into the inner reflective – and it’s reflective, as well – but it’s a kind of reflective that can give you a chance to actually go a little bit behind that reflective more than you can usually in the outer and, in doing so, you are using what is designed as a process for healing purposes that has always been designed this way for the human being. That’s why sleep rejuvenates, but sleep can be more than that. It can rejuvenate in an amnesic way, just with the physical in terms of its tiredness, but it can also rejuvenate from the standpoint of the greater dimensions of the soul of one’s self, that is also tired, in terms of the fact that it is confined to the human body.

And if you can get to a point of letting go to the point where you can address that kind of tiredness, and let go of that kind of tiredness, in this sleep process that is designed to heal – that’s when you then come to know other levels of yourself.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: The Sleep Process

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John: Our recent dreams have been reflecting that we are in a state of transition, triggered in part by our waking-life decision to move to Las Vegas. And if we consider our recent dreams (see  The Shift, and The Fairy Tale), we can see that we are making transitions that our dreams are helping prepare us for, and guide us through.

Over and over we have the sense that we need to follow our instincts into this new unknown, feeling sure that we will be safe and secure whatever arises. In the midst of this, we are also being shown that we should remain open to what is possible, and not try to nail down every detail of our life.

It is a common instinct to want to get settled quickly, to make the unknowns of a new place known. Yet our dreams are showing us that we don’t necessarily want to do that. We just want to connect to the new flow of the new space we find ourselves in, and go with it in a way that helps it evolve, through us. We don’t want to add all the limitations that humans tend to bring to unknown situations, through expectations and biases and judgments.

Even though it’s tempting to do everything to make this transition go smoothly, I still don’t want to force myself to hold onto anything too firmly, yet at the same time I’m apt to be in a state of pandemonium if I don’t come out of my stupor at some point.

Well, the problem is, when we try to define everything – to put our finger on it – we can kill the magic. Because there is magic here (in Las Vegas), and it’s meant to be left in its aloneness. It can only be supported if it’s left in the unknown. If it’s made known, or defined in some way, those limitations get in the way. That’s why in my dream it’s a secret – it has to be kept as a type of hiddenness.

Of course, it’s not a hiddenness on a higher-self level, only from a lower-self level view. The higher self knows, the lower self thinks it knows. The lower self urge to always talk about it, look at it, try to understand it, at a certain level only gets in our way. But on a higher-self level, it’s totally known and supported.

In your dream, all the relatives, the whole lineage, have their say. It all works somehow, even though it looks chaotic. Every aspect of the relatives who came to visit, who naturally come to “visit” when you make this kind of connection, that all carries something.

What is carried is a communication. Maybe it’s an aspect of a thought of God that wouldn’t be there if things were clearly defined and understood. It’s not fluid enough. Yet here, in the unknown of it, it can have its play.

I mean, there’s a part of my heart that already feels like I’ve compromised it to a certain degree by over describing what I’m guessing it is. It’s like I’ve reached a point where now I can only do damage. It’s at a point where one should just make the shift and to heck with any further explanations.

This is difficult to explain, because even people you might describe this process to will try to nail it down to its mechanical parts. That, then, invites judgments from them, which are like spells. That’s why it’s difficult to describe this to someone who has a black-and-white attitude toward information. It’s like the response that comes back communicates a wound, and in a roundabout way, that’s how it is with everybody.

Human beings are trying to hear inside themselves. They’re listening for what it is that they’re meant to do. If it’s something that goes off in a surprising or unusual way, they have to explain it and rationalize it to others as best they can. When they haven’t really caught up with themselves, they act like they’re still trying to find the missing piece in the puzzle. That can put a stigma on it and to some degree that can rub off on you.

The thing that makes a place like Vegas magical is you leave it alone. Everything it is doing just needs to be supported and honored. Even though it’s often called “Sin City,” that element really hasn’t affected the energy here. There’s still a great light about it, which brings new ideas and new energetics.

As a place it seems to withstand all of the lower energy qualities in people. But what’s underlying all that surface excitement is important and vital. It’s a type of kundalini energy that is vital in terms of a bigger picture. That’s how it appears, like there’s something more to it.

It makes me think of Chartres Cathedral, which carries the presence of an ancient spiritual energy that looks after the place, yet that most people don’t understand. They don’t realize that the refracted light coming through the stained glass enhances consciousness. There’s a presence in that space that’s protected.

And what exists in Vegas energetically is huge, and yet no one notices it. Most people don’t get close enough to feel the pulse, which just keeps vibrating out in spite of everything in the environment, but it’s something that we have responded to and have chosen to be with.

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Jeane: When I woke up at about 3:30 in the morning, I had been dreaming some version of the dream I tried to pull out yesterday. The best way to describe it is it felt like I was in a round shopping mall. Basically I’m contemplating a large circular space that to me represents some room or place.

Except it’s not just one circular space – now I have two of them side by side. I’m going around one of them in a clockwise way, and then sometimes I go around counterclockwise. Then maybe I circle around in the second space.  

I’m contemplating something about these spaces, or trying to figure something out. One time, as I go around, I suddenly notice that one of the spaces has this little plastic holder. It’s like one you’d see at Best Buy when you’re looking at merchandise – it’s clear and holds a sheet of information about the product and the price. 

They have one of these holders in the space, so I reach in and pull out a piece of paper. I don’t know, but perhaps it has something to do with the furniture I can put there. I don’t know. 

I’m still not fully going into the space because I haven’t decided whether I’m supposed to go clockwise or counterclockwise. Because I’m uncertain, I keep trying to figure things out.

It feels like I was doing the same in a dream yesterday, but I’m not sure.

John: The interesting aspect to this imagery is that you’re not concerned about any specific detail. You’re much more focused on trying to find a type of balance within the space. You’re trying to find a way to be in the space.

So we see you trying to determine how to flow in this space – whether to go clockwise or counterclockwise. In other words, there might be an activity associated with these spaces, but that’s not what concerns you. Your attention is on a particular sensation in relation to the space you’re occupying.

You’re interested in how it feels to you; you just want it to feel right. You instinctively know that your relation to the space you are in is the most important factor. Next to that, the details and particulars are irrelevant.

That’s because the details and particulars are just the outer consequence of being there. If the inner is aligned with the space you’re in, then the outer consequences aren’t important. That’s being in the flow. That’s being connected to Creation.

Interesting dream!

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