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Eve-and-the-Snake-Here is another dream image that touches on fundamental issues of life and human purpose. Just as Eve encountered a snake in the Garden of Eden, here Jeane confronts her own snake as she tries to climb, or elevate, her way to another level. The masculine has gone on ahead, yet she is seen struggling with the distraction of the snake as it creates a barrier to her getting to where she is headed. In simple terms, there is always something that crops up as the next barrier on our development journey; we just need to become conscious of it to take away its power over us.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my main dream last night I’m in an area with some other people, at least three of them, and we’re having to climb somewhere, but we’re climbing more through a tree and rocks that are covered with greenery. I mean it’s just really lush and green where we’re climbing.

We’re trying to get to somewhere and the two people that have gone on ahead of me we reach this point where they go out on one limb and then they climb up the limb to where it almost gets thin. And I lose sight of them for a moment because I’ve been distracted by this snake. The snake is about four feet long and it’s kind of dark with maybe some pink stripes in it.

I think about it as a garter snake because that’s how I can tolerate it, but of course it’s actually a lot larger than that. And it seems to kind of get in around my feet, or around where I am, so it’s like I almost can’t help stepping on it. It even opens its mouth and shows me its fangs now and then. I’m trying to kind of move it out of the way, which distracts me for a few minutes.

So then I look up and they’ve disappeared into the boughs of this branch, which is a fairly thin branch, so I think that in order to keep climbing what I have to do is climb up this thin branch, that’s very thickly covered with leaves, and then it will bend and deposit me maybe on the other side of this leafy rock wall.

And that’s the best I can figure out of what they’re doing because it doesn’t make sense to me to try to get somewhere this way and, because it’s kind of distracting, kind of moving the snake around and making sure I’m not stepping on him and I’m just trying to kind of disengage from the snake a bit. And then it feels like I do climb up and I’m on the other side of the rock wall, but it’s really slippery and a long way down.

It’s just kind of this very complicated climbing because everything is so covered with greenery, but I do manage to get to where we’re going. There’s a whole group of us going there. Then I kind of lost the dream with what happened when we’re there.

John: You didn’t lose the dream. There really wasn’t the need for anything more because what you were doing was describing what the feminine goes through, in terms of overcoming barriers, in terms of how she opens up, or is oriented, to the inner principle that permeates all of life, that is found in creation.

It’s all here. It’s just you deal with the nuances and mannerisms and peculiarities that get in your way, in terms of the outer peculiarities inside of yourself, that are repressed inside of yourself. In other words, the outer peculiarities that are the result of what is repressed inside of yourself that, if you can set aside, you will find that what is taking place is cope-able and that there is a flow to it that you can naturally connect with.

The characteristics of things that get in the way for the feminine are all seen as being more oriented to kind of hidden phenomena that’s more imbedded as barriers within the process of proceeding. In other words, your orientation is that you are moving, climbing, or in other words proceeding, but have to contend with the elements of obstruction, of doubt. The snake is a type of power even.

The snake depicts what typically gets in the way of just flowing naturally in creation, with creation being whole and complete as is. It isn’t able to quite be whole and complete as is when you have issues yet that you need to contend with. And the easiest way for the feminine to see those issues, I should say a more common way that the feminine sees such issues, is to see them as barriers that have like a snake-like quality to them.

And the image of a snake is an image that has to do with kind of a kundalini effect that you have to supersede or go beyond in order to open up what is there, consciously, in terms of the outer.

It’s an entirely different way of approaching life than the way the same thing is inclined to be described by the masculine. The kundalini energy is like the barriers, or the mannerisms, or the doingness that is involved in the outer that presides in the way of catching up with something that is naturally there at a greater depth. And that there can be the tendency of having one’s attention distracted, as the dream depicts the snake-like effect, which needs to be overcome.

And the overcoming of that is to come into your full power because the snake is closely aligned with this kundalini energy, this serpentine effect that harbors the nuances and the mannerisms that tend to peculiarize the journey.

The feminine has images like this. This is rare for the masculine to have the image of the same kind of journey portrayed in that manner because the masculine tends to work more so with spirit energy. And so the image that works best, in terms of consciousness like that, is the fish. The masculine is inclined to use the fish images. The feminine is inclined to use the serpentine, the snake images.

The reason why the masculine is inclined to use the fish images is because of the nature of spirit energy is something that has to be gauged in terms of how you pull it through, the consciousness that is, how close you are able to come to it and still be able to handle it, or not disturb it. How you work that in relationship to bringing that in and then extending from that, in other words, still being able to be grounded.

So this is more of the way the masculine struggles as it is making the journey to become more conscious. The feminine has more to do with the reactivities and things like that that have this whole snake-like phenomenon that can be very terrorizing and destabilizing to a cadence and even flow.

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Design-Chartres-LabyrinthWe often imagine spiritual awakening as being a beautiful, bliss-like state – and perhaps it is, somewhere down the path. But in the here-and-now of it, it’s roll-up-your-sleeves and get to the messy business of sorting yourself out. The way we’re educated and indoctrinated into the culture, we no longer know what is really us and what has been layered onto us from outside events. It’s not our fault, but that doesn’t make it any easier to let go of it. Just like the snakes of awakening in this dream leave a queasy feeling, that is what is required to reach the inner house that has always been there for us to occupy. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the first dream, I’m in this area that’s like an auditorium because we’re on an oak floor with other people, and there’s like a stage there, and when I get up on the stage the curtains are partway drawn, but I’m standing between the open curtains.

On the floor are suddenly some poisonous snakes, like cobras and snakes like that, which are crawling around. And I have been talking to someone and I’ve looked away, and when I look back some of these snakes, like some little black snakes, had crawled up on my legs and had burrowed into my skin between the shin and the kneecap, and formed what was like a diamond pattern with their bodies and how they burrowed in.

And other snakes were crawling all over me and I kind of flipped out about it. It’s like I’m talking to somebody and at the same time I just start ripping the snakes out of my skin. It’s like initially I might have been a little cautious about how I moved in case someone bit you, but they don’t seem to be biting me, but they have burrowed into my skin and formed all these strange designs.

And so I’m just ripping them all out because that made me very uncomfortable. That’s the first scene. 

John: The image of snakes in the body, climbing up and down the body, or going into things, and in this case affecting your knees or your walking, that’s Kundalini energy. That’s like a consciousness is trying to rise up, or it is awakened or reflective of something. A diamond formation is a formation that channels or focuses the energy, which makes whatever is intended to come across more pristinely. 

There are a couple of aspects symbolically that have to do with power. There’s a horse, and it has to do with a type of power that awakens as having come from inner into outer. And then there is a type of power that awakens from the inner, and the first image of that power awakening from the inner is the Kundalini energy which is visualized as like serpentine, like climbing the chakras or something.

In this case, affecting your knees or how it is that you’re able to mobilize about, but doing it in an interesting way because it’s imbedding itself in you. It’s not biting you, and it’s forming a focus. It pinpoints something in the diamond formation. Diamond formations concentrate the magnification of how the energy is to be directed. 

In other words, you may feel that you’re working upon something in one way, but what is happening is important in some other way. And the idea that you can take these snakes and throw them out, or away, is not what it’s about.

Jeane: Then I have a dream, and I’ll have to describe it in a bunch of little scenarios because that’s how I remember it, where I’m looking for a place to live and I end up renting two places – one which is furnished, and one which is unfurnished.

The one that’s furnished is actually pretty poverty stricken in a way. It’s maybe even in somebody else’s home, but it’s furnished. And then I have another place that’s unfurnished that maybe wasn’t quite ready yet, so I rent both of them for the moment. 

Then it kind of flashes forward, and I seem to be in a house and a man is coming to visit. I walk through the garage to meet him – he’s going to stay for awhile. And ahead of him comes his dog who has a muzzle on. It’s an older, kind of large dog with a muzzle on him.

He’s also carrying a dog bed that he sets down in the garage. It’s just a bare floor. I tell him the dog doesn’t need to have a muzzle on, even though the dog’s large and you’re not sure whether he’s friendly or not. He comes up to me.

And then I tell him that actually it’s okay for the dog to come into the house as long as he’s housebroken. He doesn’t have to stay out in the garage. So that’s that part of the dream.

John: It’s a very deep, interesting dream. In other words, it’s true that we live in a state in which we have actually rented two houses, one that’s furnished and one that’s unfurnished. 

The furnished house we don’t really see. I mean, that’s our connection to the divine. That’s the connection to something that is more than what we can ever possibly imagine. It’s the linkage that is described of a heart that includes everything and it is as big as the universe. 

However, we live in a state in which the house that we have to live in, in other words, like we’re amnesic from the house or the innerness that is totally furnished, we don’t have that cognition to that, we’re veiled from it. 

And so we live in a place which is, as you might say in the outer, unfurnished. So what your dream is showing is that you have a friend. In other words, a dog is a friend, and a dog is there to do your bidding. It’s there to enhance and to help you. 

But there’s something about that which is designed to help you that, as it comes into this place, it’s muzzled – meaning that it’s tied in a way so that it can’t do what it is able to naturally do and it’s meant to take up residence in the garage. It’s meant to sleep there in the garage. 

It’s coming into your unfurnished house. It’s something that belongs to you, so to speak, and in the dream you realize that part of the process of this unfoldment is that this dog needs to be unmuzzled and allowed into the inner house. In other words, taking on all, embracing all of the characteristics and traits of something that is there to help you. 

It doesn’t just stay in the outer part of the house, it occupies the inner part of the house. And this is a house that’s in the outer world. In other words, you have something that’s totally complete inside of yourself, a house on the inner level. 

The feminine nature is totally complete in and of herself. It’s just can she catch up with that? Can she find that? Can she touch that? Can she awaken that, and can she invoke that so that it can affect things in terms of how she carries a role, a container role, that includes all of life?

Part of the awakening is this dog, this friend, this quality that is there, a component, a helpful component, a dog is even a protectorate as well as a friend, and it is important that this becomes part of the inner sanctums of the house. 

In a roundabout way, so are the snakes. The snakes are a type of raw energy power that is more than what you ordinarily feel that you need to contend with – if you only view life in a certain dense perspective. But in order to awaken to true consciousness, you have to have the Kundalini energy as represented by the snakes. 

And in order to do anything, in order to flow, in order for something more to be enhanced you can’t have this friend and protectorate muzzled.

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