Everything is Speaking to Us

Maz00The idea of going home seems a feeling that has connections in everyone. Of course that can be the warmth of literally going to a physical home base, a place where we feel most ourselves. Yet it can also manifest in the urge many of us have of there being something more to life, and the only thing that can soothe that urge is to make a spiritual journey. And that’s because we are designed to return to our spiritual home, which is beyond this planet. If you believe this is possible, then it only makes sense that everything around us and in us has been designed to help us get there. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: After that I had a long dream with a lot of people, but it had so many people in it I don’t remember a theme. I do remember sitting in a room and watching a man’s family go by the door, like the wife and the baby went by first, and then he went by, while I observed. And I just remember that the last dream had a lot of people in it.

John: The last dream was the breakthrough from all of that. In other words, what you went through was a type of trying to redeem yourself, in a suffering kind of way, thereby purging it from within.

The scenario that caused this to occur was the way you shattered yourself a bit. Your voice even got a little off, as you broke an auric balance, as you struggled with trying to pull together the stuff that was driving you crazy in terms of what you were working on to put the visas and the passports together. Because your last dream redeems it all.

Jeane: The thing that was occurring in my last dream that I had forgotten, that was the main theme, was that I had gone and visited a lot of the men from wherever I was staying were stationed in like an army base, or barracks or something like that.

And I knew they were going to get leave to come home, but I had gone home before them, and so that was one of the reasons I was observing all the families in that I knew that before long that everybody was going to be coming home from the base. But it seemed to be taking longer than I thought it would because they hadn’t come yet, but I did know they were going to be furloughed and they would be visiting.

John: Yeah, see that’s what was needed is the letting go. And so the letting go occurred, first of all, from within. In other words, it occurred in that you’re in both places at the same time. In other words, you’re on an inner level in which you know the letting go and you’re able to communicate that, or aurically transmute that, as an aspect of the oneness into the outer so that the soldiers, so that the other parts of yourself, the parts that are the seed thoughts, you know the masculine part that you have to connect with, that you have to bring into yourself and make it whole, it may be delayed, but it’s coming home, too.

That’s the hint in terms of how you hold or carry yourself. You don’t go off in a catatonic way. You recognize that you’re working in a way that has a capacity to cause a change, but you have to hold that capacity that is meaningful for a change in a way so that it can further in the surroundings back to, can finesse the surroundings maybe even, back into the oneness that is intended – that may have been all askew, but that’s over with now and it’s able to come home.

You needed the answer to that, and you had it or you would’ve woken up miserably. And, technically, the nature of dreaming is such that you make major strides and steps inside by taking and having to burn through something that is a bizarreness, that is plaguing you, and usually it gets set as a test, or as a tease, or as the way the outer world functions. It hits you between the eyes.

When you don’t cope well on the outer, you can actually veil yourself further on the inner, but on the path that we’re on you can also, if you are alert and attentive to diving deep in the depths of yourself, you’re able to go in and burn all of that off.

Now, if you don’t burn it off it can make you miserable. If you don’t get beyond it, it can actually start to break you down in terms of making you start to go a bit insane, lose a balance in terms of your relationship to this quality of oneness that needs to awaken.

And this happens with people that go to sleep and they’ll wake up even more tired and more distraught, in other words, not able to process through because it’s the nature of the sleep, it’s the nature of the night, to be able to take and work in whatever capacity is possible to try to bring a person back into a cadence so that they can then continue to continue in the outer.

Now, as you do this, they’re are different levels. Some just get by and it’s all a world of the senses and such, and then there are others who take and recognize that everything is speaking to them because everything is them, and they realize this in the outer, and so then when they take and they go off they can forget that and go off on a real tangent – but not really off, but off enough so that they have disturbed the fabric of things.

And so when they go to sleep and they need to be healed from having screwed up, or slipped up, in terms of the quality of a greater wholeness that they’re supposed to know, they then can contend with that in their sleep. It can be most miserable, but then you can burn off that mannerism – or at least try to burn it off a little at a time, however it is. Sometimes you can completely burn it off.

To the degree to which you burn it off, you then are able to have a dream, or a quality, that sweeps you back up again, instead of that other that pulls you down, then something comes about that sweeps you back up again. And so then you come back in a way that is sane and stable. Did you get it or not? Well, you’re going to be tested again to see if you got it, or if you’re just going to go off catatonically again when you’re in this denser modality. Do you still maintain and retain the access to the subtler sensibility?

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