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34rsesWe often speak of the ways our unconscious self seeks to make connections for us through our dreams. So when a person dies in a dream, whether masculine or feminine, it can point to our inability to allow the connection that is trying to come together – because of some resistance within us. And this can lead to a sense of mourning, because a new possibility has been lost. Of course, our systems will keep trying, on our behalf, but an opportunity for growth has still been derailed, or, at least, delayed. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I think my dream was somewhat influenced by watching The Black List where you had this conflict going on between an Israeli and people from the Middle East that wanted to blow something up, or capture people. And, in the dream, I seem to be friends with both a young woman, and a young man, and some other young people. They seem like late teens, early 20s.

We’re visiting at the home of the family of one of the young men, like we’re having some kind of a group meeting, and I’m close to one of the women. And she and one of the young men, that’s a son of the family, are almost like on different sides, or different nationalities, and we leave the meeting at the house.

And, when we’re some distance from the house, I hear that the son of the family has been killed, and they seem to feel like she, or people she’s associated with, are responsible. I feel badly about this, so I travel to the house because I was friends with the sister, and I had met the family, and I have trouble reaching the house.

It’s almost like the path there is hard, or you can get lost easily, so I kind of have to abandon the car and I walk on foot a ways, and then I don’t see anybody at first, and I walk into the house and I start to go up some steps. And then I start to have second thoughts, because I realize the family’s in mourning and I don’t want to upset them.

But about the time I’m halfway up the stairs, it’s like I think the sister sees me, so she takes me to where her parents are. And I can see that, even though I feel like the girl they’re angry at wasn’t responsible, that they’re still kind of in mourning and you can’t really talk to them about anything.

And the whole dream was kind of in these… none of it seemed to be in color. It was just kind of in shades of… just in different shades, almost, not very bright. And that was all.

John: The reason why it wasn’t in color, and there were shades, is because what’s missing is an inability to hear a particular kind of masculine energy.

In other words, the feminine energy, without the masculine input, sits in a state of… sits in asleepness, can’t come out of a stupor, and thus there is something that can’t quite come through. And so what you’re describing is you’re describing a condition where something can’t quite make itself known.

And when it’s like that, the dilemma has to do with accepting something, in terms of a clarity, which is like a sight, or it’s like an energy that comes through. It’s accepting an energy that’s trying to come through; or, I should say, it’s not accepting an energy that’s trying to come through, and, therefore, a balance is disturbed so that the completeness way that the feminine can have, where things have color to them, it loses the color.

So when it can’t accept the masculine coming through – this is interesting. How does it get so it only can see shades, instead of the usual color? Because the feminine nature, in and of itself, as its waking up, as it relates to things, it sits in a plane with color, with light. It has a sparkle quality that it can see.

And the masculine can’t see it until it comes into life. It gets grounded more, then develops more of a softer, or, I should say, magnetized approach, in terms of bringing something through. It doesn’t come through. The color goes out of life, then. Hmmm. It’s an interesting start of something, isn’t it?

Jeane: Yes.

John: Wherever that’s going to go.

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Picture 042

In this dream image, our main character takes an elevator ride to visit someone on a top floor of a tall skyscraper. But things suddenly turn strange when her host is shot and another person is wounded. What could cause such a shift? If we remember that the dream is describing an inner process of the dreamer, we can understand that something at that “elevation” was too much to handle. A development process involves bringing what is higher, “down” into our daily lives. Our dreams can give us reports on our progress. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the first dream I go up an elevator in a really tall building. We’re visiting someone. I think my mother, or a woman that I think of as my mother, is with me, and we get way up on this tall floor in this very kind of sleek building to visit someone who lives there.

We’re in his apartment and, at some point, he gets called to the door and I suddenly have this sense, when he goes to the door, to hide behind one of the walls and pull who’s ever with me behind the wall, too, so we’re not seen. And, sure enough, he steps outside the door and he gets shot or something.

So then I immediately go to help him, and the person who shot him isn’t around and even he seems to have disappeared, but there’s this really big guy who is wounded, like he got stabbed in the belly or something, who’s kind of a rough looking character. But I know he was the person who tried to help the guy that was shot, so I go over to help him.

I kind of have him lay down and put some pressure on where he was wounded while someone else goes to get help, and then at one point I go and make sure that his stuff is still with him and no one messes with it. And then I just kind of spend my time trying to calm him until they come to help.

Then it feels like he’s gone, too, like maybe they came and got him, and I go back in and we want to go down now to the ground – but it takes forever. The elevator just doesn’t come, and I realize everybody’s waiting for the elevator in one room and it seems like we really need to go into the other room to get the elevator. It’s just going back and forth and trying to figure out when the elevator will finally come.

And maybe it doesn’t really run to the room, or the space, we think it does? I finally get it figured out and I get on the elevator with my mom, but when we go down there are two levels where you can get off. One’s like a plaza level and the other’s more like the real ground level, and I must step out on that little bit higher level, and she doesn’t, because I lose her. And then I have to go out and walk out on the plaza and try to figure out how to get down that much further now, because I don’t want to go wait for the elevator again.

John: You know, we’re actually dreaming in terms of aspects of the breath, and that’s very interesting. So your dream starts off high in the breath, high on the in-breath, and it’s almost like something that is awakening high on the in-breath, because high on the in-breath once upon a time you were doing some things, and it’s close to kind of a home way up there at the top, in a realm that’s not that conscious in the outer, where there was the image long ago of you being able to kind of like let the winds, or aspects of an energetic, just kind of as a container of yourself flow this way and that way.

Well, in this particular case what has happened is high up in there, there is something there that created a shock or an effect, too, upon your nature, but something up high in the light got shocked, got affected, got traumatized to some degree.

And so whenever you’re high up in one particular point, which means you’re not all the way to the top, you’re in the corresponding reflective in the other, which means you’re not all the way down in life. But what’s indicated is you’re meant to come all the way down – because your mother comes all the way down, but you get off at a particular point.

What’s hard to understand in the dream is that the ability to come all the way down is the ability to having also gone all the way to the top on the in-breath. The two points, the top and the bottom, come together that way because when you reach a state of, when you’re in the top you’re correspondingly kind of actually tend to be in the bottom.

These were all shifted levels, of course, because then there becomes another shifted level where you again have to get to the top and, therefore, you have to get to the bottom. So you’re dreaming how this process works. And the key to understanding this process is to start to notice what you’re doing, and where you’re doing it, in terms of the level of the breath.

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