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When we hold something, or someone, in our heart, there is a closeness and a connection that binds us and is always there. When we don’t have that feeling about people, or things, there is a sense of alienation and separation. And we may have experienced the feeling of an inner twinge when we make a decision or act in a way that goes against some inner knowingness. When we do, we suffer from it, even if it is subtle. Sometimes it has to be not-so-subtle for us to make a change in how we proceed. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream I see myself as being in a setting in which I know that there is a part of myself on the verge of waking up. In other words, it hasn’t woken up.

I’m in a setting, that is kind of like a ghetto setting, of which something more is possible. I say it’s a ghetto setting because the image is that I can step into a hall and at the end of the hall is kind of a door that normally has a lock on it, kind of a barn door-like look and there’s no lock on that. All I know is that I should fix this.

I mean, this is not good. Something could come in. This is not protected, and so I bring into this corridor what is needed to fix this old, wood-like barn; I call it barn wood because it’s an old wood thing that’s solid but doesn’t have a lock on it.

And at some point I step outside and, when I step outside, I hear all kinds of noise from inside. When I come inside I can barely make out a party scampering back into his room – and that’s how I realize that this corridor is connected to all kinds of rooms that are here in this place. And it’s kind of like a little lower level, too; well, maybe it’s not a lower level, but it has a sense of a lowerness to it.

And so, of course, whatever I have pulled together there to try to rectify something that is vulnerable, you know, to fix that so that intruders or something can’t come into this space, all of my materials are gone. And so, for a split second, I’m a able to see someone scamper into a doorway down the hallway.

So I go down the hallway to where this person has scampered, I open the door and, of course, because this is kind of like a tenement setting it’s kind of like you walk into a one room outfit and there’s three people there. It’s darkish and they’ve crawled into bed; but then there’s a grandpa there.

And the grandpa seems to be up and the others have crawled into bed. Well, I need to find out what happened to the materials that were needed and necessary for fixing things because of the vulnerability, and they’ve been stolen, and my clue and lead is they have to know something about it because I saw them scampering into their room.

And so I pick up a fork, and I grab grandpa, and I ask them to tell me what happened. And no one will talk. So I stab grandpa, in the heart area, but the fork is turned so it misses the heart initially. And I plunge it all the way in. Still they stand there in a stupor, like people tend to do. You know, no one will rat on anybody, or tell me anything.

And I kind of realize, okay, they’re not parties to what took place for me to lose this, but they know who is. So then I take the fork and I turn it a little bit so that the fork will go straight into the heart. And I plunge it in, and grandpa passes out.

And that’s when one of them decides, okay, enough’s enough and proceeds to tell me what happened, that there were these couple of people that had come there with a truck and they loaded all this up. And their name is Tom and something or another, Louise or Tom or something. Well, that’s all I know, that’s all they know.

Okay, so now I feel really bad. Grandpa has come to, he’s come back, and I tell him that I’ll never do this to him again. He says, “Okay” and that’s the only moment where there’s kind of a heartfelt quality to this thing, that I reassure him that it’s over, it’s not going to happen again,

And so then I proceed, because apparently I was like the handyman or something to all of this, because I now then proceed to the office where the landlady is at for all of these tenements. And she has seen what I have gone through so she is more open, she’ll tell me, she’ll give me more information. In other words, she gives me enough information so that I can then find them.

What I wrote up about this is, when I first came out of the meditation dream I was intently aware that something was trying to come into my waking attention, but I couldn’t get it to come through. I could feel the vibration from within as being astir, but the direct access was not there. I laid back hoping to get more info, and that is when the dream image, and images created by the repressed vibration, opened up. That was the dream.

And the meaning of the dream is, I’m coming to know that in the outer I am like a creature, or person, in an outer environment that finds that the outer environment is not comfortable enough for me to put up with. It’s comfortable enough for others to stay at an amnesia and, initially, I woke up affected by the amnesia that they are in, so to speak, because I couldn’t shake out the dream, I just knew that something more had to make itself known.

And so unlike them that adjust to the surroundings of what takes place there, I have to break the veil that alienates, or keeps me from, an awareness of my need. What’s going on here is, of course, I’m able to come and go, but I am not able to extricate to a deeper meaningfulness depth which is like another step; a deeper awakening, in other words

And what is sad about it is it seems like only by a type of suffering, or stabbing of the heart, which is my way of saying things so I get an image like that, that I seem to be catalytically affected enough to break the amnesic trance. I don’t know why it has to be this way. What I went through is painful. I complain that it would have been easier if everything was just laid out, presented straightaway, but I guess maybe it’s because the struggle to stay asleep is how we find ourselves on the physical plane. In other words, we’re struggling to stay asleep, so I suppose we have to suffer until we quit that struggling to stay dense and stupid.

The dynamic difference between being laid back accepting the conditions seems to be something that jerks you out of it, or otherwise you’ll just assume, hey, it’s not so bad, and you’ll adjust and continue to stab the heart until you can’t stab the heart anymore – and have to break out of the trance, which then brings you to a state of attention in which the inner flow is quickened. Until you do this, the general outer conditions prevail, and an inner realizing, or realness, that is to be experienced vibrationally, remains in a stupor.

So, I guess you could say what happened in this imagery is, my suffering broke the trance. And, once I broke the initial prevailing veil to an inner awareness, the insight I needed can naturally flow now. The mannerisms or nuances in charge of this place, or I should say the higher self in charge of this new shifted place, see my focus and what I have gone through, opens up to tell me everything I need to know, and communicates all that is there in sufficient detail so that I will have no trouble catching up with what is missing about myself.

And  the key part of the dream is the part where my heart softened as I assure and promise grandpa that I won’t do that again, i.e., stabbing the heart. That is where a letting go finally occurs and, from there on, the flow previously pent up is able to flow and flow. This is the most important part in the dream; this is when the heart connects.

I guess this is how it works, and must work, if what is to happen is to be appreciated and felt in a heartfelt way, and to get me back to re-identifying with the inner flow and letting go of my dependency upon creature comforts that veil. Or to put my condition in other words, when I am in an outer stupor the heart is oppressed, and in my separation from the wholeness I resort to the stupidest things as one part of myself intentionally takes from another part – and thinks it can hide from the real me, a me that is a oneness and everything else is separate and reflects where it is that I am at in my stupor and delusionality. It’s interesting how I address the real me, because now I’ve tweaked something and I have to find out about that me.

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edw1Here is another example where the relationship of the dreamer to his surroundings shows what it’s like to be out-of-sorts in life. We’ve all experienced it, yet there’s also a better way to flow. And that requires that we pay more attention to our listening center, which is the intuitive aspect of our system that can steer us through the maze of life – because it has a much better sense of the overall than our brain does. As we let it guide us more and more, its signals to us will become more obvious. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: That dream that you dreamt corresponds to kind of my last dream. I mean I have the building blocks of the listening center.

In this dream, I’ve gotten up from my meditation and I’m going to a hall where the teacher is going to speak, and I can tell there are others who have gotten up and are behind me. They are part of the setup, you know, getting things in order, so they go in early before they allow in all of the attendees.

And so I’m walking up front and I have this large quilt that I had used in my meditation, that’s multicolored, and I’ve got that wrapped around me. I never look around to see them. I can hear them talking behind me and, somehow or another, I can inflect where they’re going, and they’re just kind of following me. And I walk all the way to where there’s the side door that goes in for those that are doing some sort of setup service.

I walk in, and the first thing I do is I realize that I have to pull my pants up. The pants are hanging down, and so I set the multicolored quilt down. And apparently others came in with their accoutrements, and some of them are piled here and piled there, some are dirty clothes, and some are other blankets, but nothing as interesting as my multicolored blanket.

And by the time I get my pants up and I’m prepared to try to do something else, I look around and it’s gone. Somebody picked it up or something, found it more interesting and high-graded to the multicolored quilt. And so I’m disturbed by trying to figure out, and at the same time I’m walking around in kind of a whole other zone.

And in this zone, I’m trying to figure out a formula, like sacred mathematics or something, and in terms of understanding what’s transpiring like that I know that the multiplier for gold is 0.0133. That’s helping to explain something that’s unfolding, and I forget what the formula for silver is.

Well, anyway, this being thrown around by not finding this quilt, by the time I walk into the hall it’s as if the general attendance doors have been opened and that whole front area is full. And then there’s kind of an east/west aisle that runs down through the back one-third of the hall, and then you have a front row there, and I found a seat in the middle of that.

And I’m still in a daze, because I’m still affected by this kind of shifted state that I seem to be walking around in. And it’s about that time that I remember that, as I woke up, even as I was awake I was laying there and I was almost able to tune into the words that were coming in a musical thing that was going through me, that I seem to be hearing from within, but could not quite make out what that was. And it makes sense to me that I would kind of forget that because that’s another abnormal state of attunement.

So what is going on is I am in a vibrational state affected by what seems to be more than I am able to handle. I’m not integrating it well as I’m moving about. In other words, all of this stuff is not something that you have in relationship to life around you. So as I move about, the choices I make are actually kind of causing this to dissipate in a way, but as it dissipates I see myself as even more disassociated from everything and everybody else.

But I’m okay, you know. I mean I can find my seat, I can do this, I can do that, things open up so that I can come in the side door, you know, nobody’s putting any heebie jeebies on me. In other words, I can see myself in a condition that can come and go as I wish. It’s just separate from others, as if I’m in some sort of invisible-like trance, invisible in relationship to relatability.

The meaning is, is this dream is taking me to an extreme, imbalanced in its way, as I was, and now I’m learning to hold an auric space and going to another extreme in which there isn’t the intertwining now.

So I’m on this other level with myself, not having an effect upon those around me. I go about in this energetic way that’s open for me where I go. In other words, it’s a natural unshared knowingness. I hear what I hear, and I proceed as if in the cocoon. As I look about me, I notice that I am all alone in that regard.

The reasons for bringing this to my attention is to point out that my inner awareness may be quiet, but it is most quickened in an auric sense, but it’s un-relatable. What I make out of this is, in touching the world around me I am not aware just how it is that I am meant to be. Losing a multicolored quilt I wrap myself in has me bewildered. In other words, it’s as if I lost a continuity there. I’m not adjusting in the outer.

How to come out, and what I can say, and where, is a mystery yet for me. The intoxicating state of inner listening is still being sorted out. I do not know where I fit in as an aspect of beingness. This is like having the condition of being in some sort of other sideness of one’s self to such a degree that you forget how to intertwine naturally.

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PathIn this image, Jeane finds herself in the crosscurrents of new aspects in her life, and the return to older processes, between something stolen and something delivered. In these symbols we can see the nature of how we constantly try to balance and adjust on an inner level to every change that we make in life. The fact that dreams can give us an insight into that is a great advantage in aiding the process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my dream, it feels like I have a new boyfriend and he’s kind of a blonde guy. I’m younger. Everybody’s younger. I’ve decided I need to go back and work with Anthony, but I need to ease into it a bit. So I go down to find out where Anthony is at one of his classes and then I join the class.

And he’s having people run some relays, particularly when they’re getting ready to end the class. This guy I like, who’s kind of blonde, is there. And I’ve gone up behind him and just have my hand on his waist or something. Anthony has come up beside me and he kind of has his leg up on a bar there. So I kind of have one hand on his leg and one hand on the back of this guy, and Anthony is smiling because he sees I kind of like the guy.

Then I want to get a little more subtle than that, so I kind of move down to see what kind of exercises everybody is doing. And they’re going to be running a relay back. And I feel like I’m not up to racing yet, but I’ll get in line to kind of run in my place. And I watch people and they have kind of an odd way where they were zigzagging across the field and across another field, and then they’re going on home. It’s my first day, so I figure it’s not like I’m racing, but I will do a little jog back.

And I come back home and you’re there in your office and you told me that someone’s had his bicycle stolen. You’re kind of shaking your head. He said somebody just opened up the door of his place and just took the bicycle and left.

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that the parcel postman has come to the front door and he’s delivering a package. I didn’t know about the package, so I’m kind of curious to see what’s been delivered. So I go over there to see what’s come.

Then the scene switches, and it’s like I see you on a street. And it’s like you’re pulling something.

John: So, every dream portrays a type of dynamic. What’s the energetic or dynamic behind it? It’s as if you’re shifting to do something that is being done with not quite the same mannerism as before. In other words, you’re taking a step back. You have to pace yourself into it, or however you want to explain it, but you’ve taken a step back in terms of how you’re working at this with a progression.

And so what’s this step back like? It’s as if something has been taken or is missing. Something is missing. Something subtle that’s important to experience is missing. Or, something new as an energetic is being reviewed or taken in. And that’s the idea of something in terms of your means of transportation, in terms of a perspective of looking at things, that it has created a tangent or something is lost, like the sense that something is stolen.

Well, this has kind of been the theme of yesterday too, where it was almost as if we have been shifted into having to take into account a different quality or a different note. And that that didn’t necessarily comport to our surroundings that we have been in and we’re having to handle that.

Also when I woke up this morning, it’s like I feel okay, but that doesn’t mean I am okay. You know, I could wake up and find out that something else is haywire in life, but I feel in general, okay. And I don’t know if the feeling okay that I have is based upon some sort of illusion or belief or mannerism that I’ve taken on that actually dumbs me down. I don’t know. But there’s the sense of something that can be imposed or a stigma as if I’m saying no to it. And there’s something about the way that I’m doing that, that is creating, I think, a problem, although I don’t see what the problem is. I’m actually kind of righteous about what I’m doing.

So I don’t have a dream associated with it, but then your dream seems to have its parallel, where it is showing that, in terms of mannerism, it’s showing that something is taken. Something has come in and has taken it. Whenever one develops a stigma, that’s kind of what happens.

Jeane: And then something else has been delivered.

John: Which that part is in keeping with the dream of yesterday, in which we’re shifted to something else. And whether that shifting or new note is appropriate or not, or it’s time for that to arrive, it’s coming in, whether one likes it or not.

And so you knew that it was some change or shift in the ethers or the design of things that was at play here. And so, to take and to try to look at something in a specific particularity, was not where it was at. And that the way of going back and trying to deal with things has a certain blandness to it that can no longer have the quality that it had before. You know, and that’s the part that involves the trainer.

And so the dreams are suggesting that we are on a slightly different approach or mannerism. Maybe we’re being dumbed down again, or something, because one can’t handle that acuity. The dreams are indicating something that requires a deeper step of heartfulness inside of us in order to function. And just accepting something if one can do it, no matter how it is, is the highest quality. But we’re struggling with that.

And as a consequence of not being able to accept something in the highest quality way, we are having dreams that are indicating, and your dream nailed it on the head, that it’s indicating that when you try to go back to something, you can’t quite go back to the way that it was, and so that you do some sort of modified jogging in place.

And then in this other aspect, where something is taken away in exchange for something else that opens up, that part kind of goes along with the dream the night before that indicates that one’s on a slightly different path, or note, or approach with this.

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