Greek To Me


It’s interesting how knowings work, because we all have them but we can’t always describe logically how we arrived at our position. Yet almost everyone who embarks on a serious spiritual journey has, at some point in their life, had a knowing that compelled them to pursue a path. It’s also curious that knowings aren’t really subject to debate: we know what we know and it becomes part of us. This points to how our inner connections can guide us.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The first dream I had, what I mostly remember about it is it’s like I must have been either taking part in or closely observing something like a singing contest. It feels like the judges were like the same judges you have on the X-Factor, except I was mostly focused on the two women, Brittany Spears and Demi Lovato.

What was curious about the contest is, it felt like at some point everybody had to sing a song in Greek. I seemed to just focus on the women judges, kind of hanging around them, or I was curious about this and how they knew Greek. I knew it must come from their childhood that they would know Greek. I didn’t know if I could sing a song in Greek.

So it feels like what I remember most about that dream is this curiosity about this, about how they learned to sing a song in Greek, and what that sounded like, and just hanging around with a focus on them.

John: Well, if it’s about being able to tell something that is unfolding in life, to be able to tell by way of not having the direct experience, such as like outer memories, or reflections that relate to a process that you’ve gone through. Although if you don’t have it, you still in terms of how you evolved, you can’t put your finger on everything, but you have a sense of what is meant to be, or is unfolding, having accessed that awareness from some aspect of yourself that is latent.

Looking at it in an outer context way, it all looks like it should be something that’s Greek, yet there is that kind of understanding. So, the dream is indicating that you have this kind of understanding, that correlates to something in relationship to a greater part of yourself that you are able to catch up with. And when you catch up with it, it actually speeds you up and everything as well, and causes you to have an insightfulness about things that, from a dense way of looking at things, don’t make any sense as to how it is possible that you could have a clarity about these sort of things, because there’s no way you can sit back and you can identify with how it is that you came to know it.

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