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dowadSometimes a spiritual path can seem difficult: it can separate us from our friends and family, who often don’t understand it, and it usually clashes with so many cultural pursuits. This can make us feel separate and alien in the world. Yet we can also consider that the culture has purposely separated us from what we truly are designed to be, because those on a spiritual journey usually cut the ties to the worst of the culture as a first step, which, sometimes, can seem like a revolutionary act. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just had one rather odd dream that I remembered. In this dream there’s a government lab and they’re trying to get information from some spies. And what they’ve done to get information from the spies, it’s almost like they’ve taken the spies’ bodies and they’ve put them in one kind of body that’s more like a machine, or mass of flesh and machine, now.

But then to get the information out of the spies, what they’ve done is they’ve taken two of the women co-workers in the lab, they’re my friends, and they put them in that mass, too. But they’re not getting any of the information that they want because the women have too much of an attitude about what was done to them.

So I realize that the man’s solution would just be to start shoving more bodies in there until he could get someone that got the information out of the spies that he wanted. I can see that’s not going to work. I go over to the lab and I see one of my co workers and she he has a machine hooked up to this mass that’s now these four bodies, actually, but that that are no longer bodies and part machine, and she’s just using that to run data on, that’s scientific, and more like what the research the lab was doing initially – because that’s just her way of coping with the whole situation. I see that’s not going to do much, either. 

So I go over and I hook up to the machine. And I just start talking to the two people, but try to do it almost distinctly to remind them of who they were, or talk to them about what’s going on, maybe play some music, something that kind of gives them a sense of who they are. Because there’s no point in trying to get anyone to cooperate with you, to get any kind of information, if you can’t just remind them of who they are first. 

Plus, I have a kind of attitude towards him for kind of creating this mess anyway. But the most I can do is try to remind them of who they are, I kind of have this image in my mind of them to see how they’re doing, and we’ll see if they want to cooperate and give us the information we needed. But the whole situation is impossible to relate to, in a way.

John:  So what is going on in a sensation level, inside of yourself, is that you’re noticing that there’s a spaciousness, in which what is meant to be known, as a consequence of this spaciousness, doesn’t seem to be possible. 

And so the idea is to try to bring more data to it. And the bringing of more data to it, because it’s already in a spaciousness, is not going to help things because more, and more, and more data just kind of feeds to the spaciousness. 

So what you’re trying to do to contend with that spaciousness, the approach of trying to go at it as if you can figure this out by looking at more and more data, is still working in conjunction with the spaciousness in the same modality of the spaciousness, so it can’t work. So what you have to do is you have to bring in a type of stillness and timeline. So, when you’re relating to a person more in terms of how they actually really are somewhere, and are pointing that out to them, you’re connecting them from the spaciousness to a timelessness, or a timeline. 

And when they can be connected like that they can be grounded, or they can be at a point where they can catch up with themselves. You’re still experimenting, in that you’re trying to think that more and more data will work. Maybe at some point, maybe a little data did help. Maybe it eased something at some point, but it’s not the solution. Because when you’re caught in the spaciousness, you’re caught in the spaciousness, and so you need an orientation.

The reason why you’re dreaming like this is that the orientation that tells a person who they are also, within the telling of them and causing them to see who they are, simultaneously opens up an understanding to something that’s pent up inside that is other levels of themselves. That’s why the timeline is important. And so you somehow knew this, but you just didn’t quite know how to say it that way. Or to realize that that’s what you were doing. 

In other words, by telling them who they are, they then gain information about themselves. In other words, it’s not data, per se, it’s a type of connection with time. In other words, they’re in a disoriented state and they need the connectivity back into time. And we’re talking a type of timelessness, and a type of spaciousness, that isn’t necessarily dense. We’re talking about things being energetically out of sync. The physical orientation no longer dictates. And, as a consequence, something more is able to be possible in terms of being able to say who it is that you really are.

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laserparcour_berlinWorking with spies, casing the joint for an escape, and stealing a kiss in this dream imagery, which is all about an inner dance between the masculine and feminine elements in the dreamer, trying to come to terms. There is a lack of trust, yet also the attraction. This is the process we go through as we seek to incorporate new aspects into our inner lives. Sometimes it’s literally a dance and a kiss of mutuality, and other times it is a thriller full of intrigue. It all depends where we are in the process.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this dream, it feels like I’m with a man and it’s at night. We’re outside, and we seem to be on the run from something. And then we run into another man who, I think, is actually someone who belongs to like a spy service, or he’s someone in that whole espionage or that type of world because he’s very sophisticated, and he joins up with us as though that’s going to help us. But it actually results, I think, in maybe the guy I’m with getting wounded.

And then the three of us end up on the grounds of this large building, and then the man that I was with initially just seems to be gone and it’s more like there’s a woman that feels like a sister that’s with me, and the man who belongs to the espionage group, and we’re in this large compound. It has like grounds and a hospital area, and then an area where we’re staying.

And I go and I walk around and I start studying the grounds to see if there’s a way that I can escape from them because I’m pretty sure there’s gates, but I don’t know if they extend around everywhere. And I can’t quite see how far out it goes, and there’s all types of different people on the ground, so some of them have Russian accents. And the man we thought was helping us escape seems to be the one that’s keeping an eye on us – except, like I said, at this point I’m with another woman.

I don’t know what happened with the man I started out with, whether he was wounded or what, and I think one of us was wounded and is having to recover a little bit. It might have been me, but I’m not as badly wounded as they think because I’m a little more mobile than they think I am, so it’s like, as I walk around, I’m kind of studying and looking out windows and seeing certain areas where I see a window is open, and I see someone walking outside, and I think I can escape.

But once I get out the window I’m not sure if I keep going to where I can’t see whether there’s an electronic gate or something that I wouldn’t be able to get away from or not, so I’m contemplating whether it’s worth making a break for it.

At the same time, when I’m inside and I go back, I don’t ever stay away too long from where this guy is because I don’t want to raise any suspicions yet that I might try to make a run for it. I go back and it feels like I want to kiss him, but he’s confused and he thinks that I want to kiss another guy that’s walking by. And he’s kind of talking about how he can hook me up with him. Well, I just kind of shake my head in frustration at him and he finally gets it, but then I don’t want anything to do with him, you know, because he was so slow on the uptake.

Then I walk away again, kind of trying to case whether I can get outside, and studying the people that are outside to see whether I think there’s actually an area where there’s a gate, or there’s this one area I’ve discovered I’m wondering because it’s up higher and you crawl out a window and you have to go down a slope, I’m wondering if it actually would lead to an area where there are no gates.

At the same time I’m aware that if I were to escape, and got caught, that they’d probably lock both of us in a room and it’d be his duty to make sure I didn’t get away. And that would be very confining for him and he wouldn’t like it.

John: So the dream is giving you information about what is called cadence, meaning a balance, or a flow, that is in keeping with the way something needs to proceed. In other words, something is kind of speeded up, and I hadn’t really thought of this before, if it gets speeded up, or is going too fast, or is outracing parts of itself, then there can be a tendency where you start scrapping about trying to redeem, or to catch up, with something that you’re outracing. You’ve outraced it and so now you’re trying to catch up with it or something.

In other words, you get this kind of skewering in the head, instead of finding the proper cadence. And as a consequence this becomes a way of spiraling out of control, as well. In other words, I hadn’t thought of this as a way of spiraling out of control, but your dream is indicating that this is the sensation when you get a little out of kilt with a particular setting that you’re meant to be more rooted in.

And the thing repeats over and over again, and then there are changes, and there is actually evolution that is going on in this process, but it never quite feels right, or is quite able to come together in a well-balanced manner because it’s got this whole quality to it that is jutting out this way, and jutting out that way. But I like some of the shifts that are happening inside of it, which means that you’re getting just enough out of this process of being like this, but you’re getting something out of it, but you’re not breaking out of a kind of bewilderment either, because you’re a little out of sync in terms of how it is that you are maintaining yourself. Do you see that?

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