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Jeane: In my first dream there are two men in a contained space or room, and they’re working with energy in a form where they can toss it out in certain directions. The energy has lines, but I can see through it.

The older man tosses it out and as it comes back he tries to work with it in some way, tossing it out and letting it come back. The younger man seems to be having trouble with his container; the energy isn’t traveling out and back so smoothly. He’s having more trouble than the older man is having.   

John: That image keeps the idea nice and simple. What you’re realizing is that you’re working with the flow of masculine energetic (two men) as it comes through, or comes down into life. And even though you’re describing it as a form, which may not be the right word, it’s more of a type of space.

Jeane: Yes, that’s a better description. It’s like an invisible box with lines.

John: You’re seeing new energy and, because you don’t become personally indulgent, you’re able to sit there and just observe it. In other words, you’re not trying to misuse it in some way by taking it for your own or applying it to this, that, or the other purpose in your life.

This enables you to be in the “space” of it as opposed to being in the “form” of it. Said another way, you’re not trying to control or define the energy – so you’re able to acknowledge or recognize that it’s something new. You’re able to observe it, which is a big first step.

The masculine energy is visible to the container energy in Creation that’s undefined – that’s hidden. This energy is latent, it’s behind everything, and it’s an energy that comes down and through and into life by letting go. By dropping a type of “doingness” in our nature, we’re able to see it.

If that energy had caused you to have a particular mood or mannerism about something  – meaning if you had reacted to it in a personal way – the dream imagery would have gone off on a very different tangent. That would have meant your personal identity traits were steering the energy in some direction unnatural to it. If you had done that, you’d no longer have been able to see it, which means it wouldn’t have been able to come through.

Instead, you looked at it, observed it, and let it come through, without adding anything to it.

If you examine the process, you have the inner going into its home on the in-breath, which is more feminine, and the out-breath brings something down and through in a more masculine way. So what you’re actually doing in your dream is working in an undefined, letting-go capacity with what is coming through.

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Today, we’d like to offer our dream analysis in the form of a recorded conversation. In the discussion, John is speaking to Ann, a woman who is relatively new to the spiritual development path that’s made possible through dream work. This is part of an ongoing dialogue between them that we think can offer another perspective on the process.


To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: For the Sake of the Whole

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Jeane: The thing that I would note about my dreams last night is they always took place in the dark. It was always night out and they seem to involve men I knew from my past, when I was in college or shortly after that.

In one dream one of the men is pursuing me. I’m always trying to stay out of the room where he is so as not to end up having to interact with him, but I can only prevent that so long.

Then a woman friend and I go into the room and there is no way that I can avoid him. I approach him but also ignore him a bit; I don’t want him to think I’m avoiding him, but at the same time I don’t want to give him too much attention because I remember him as being possessive. So there was a little maneuvering that went on between approach and avoidance. 

That evolved into a dream that involves another man I know who is very accomplished and talented. He is with a redheaded woman who has a lot of power. They are sitting in chairs, almost like thrones, in a room full of people.

He approaches me and I do a little dance to stay out of reach until at one point we’re together. It seems like we’re going to make love, but I want to make love while being on top, kissing him, but also maintaining a certain distance.

In terms of the energy of the dream, I would say it felt like I again could move around in a slightly circular way, as I moved in and out of the different rooms.

John: Whenever we experience dreams where something is trying to get our attention, in the case of these two images that’s represented by the men, it has to do with the way we take on moods, mannerisms, or patterns that suppress or block out the information that is trying to come through.

These patterns end up creating a situation where that information, or energy, becomes stifled, or pent-up. So it tries to get our attention – it wants us to acknowledge or recognize it. This can apply to physical aspects as well as emotional. Our patterns tend to shield us from issues that we’ve already concluded are more than we want to address or take on.

The schematic of this dream, though, is a little different. This information is coming alive – it’s awakening and opening up. It’s still searching for its parameters in terms of what is right and what isn’t.

The subjective side of the feminine nature knows what the flow is by the way it feels in the body, and what you’re doing is you’re finding yourself fighting that flow (i.e., you’re avoiding the encounters). That creates a veil to a potential greater sense of awareness.

If you think of what is going on in your waking life in relation to this, you could say that you are speeded up because you are out of the comfort zone of your home and in a new place (Las Vegas). That means that certain avenues of connection, within yourself, are able to come out now because of the timing and the place. So you are trying to go through new reverberations within to determine what parts of you are connected and what aren’t, in terms of what you need in this new situation.

So this dream develops your ability, on a sense level, to tell subjectively whether something is right or not right, in such a way that it can open up and you won’t repress it. It’s coming out anyway, so now you have to maintain your sanity in relationship to it.

My dream centers around the scenario of being sick and feeling miserable to a point where I’m unable to put my attention on anything else. As long as I’m dwelling on that, it only enhances my suffering because I’m only looking at things in terms of how they personally affect me. The sickness is consuming me.

At some point in the dream, my soul let go and I stopped focusing on my specific ailments. I just went into a state of emptiness, dropping back from my physical condition to something deeper within. That’s when I notice that I’ve reached a stillness that assimilates my condition.

I wouldn’t have been able to sleep if I hadn’t reached this state. As soon as I start to look at my miserableness again, my condition consumes me. 

What this shows is that when a person transcends dwelling upon particular conditions – anything in life – they’re more able to find a natural flow. The flow comes out from the wholeness, from the overall, and not from our specific details and idiosyncrasies.

I felt a wonderful sensation of allowing myself to be swept along in the overall. There was a peace and quietness that went beyond my physical condition. This was a state where I could experience myself as a part of the whole.

When I start to cough, because I think I’m sick or need to cough, etc., my attention goes back to suffering with my physical ailments instead of letting go and being in a state that’s naturally able to be nurtured.

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