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When we want to gain entry into a domain that’s new to us, we know that there’s nothing better than having an “in” into that domain, some person or connection that can open the door and show us the ropes. Well, we could say exactly the same thing about spirituality: the reason we need to develop is to gain access to higher energies and higher connections. Our development is our “in” to these domains. And that, ultimately, is very fair because if this were a fancy club with a velvet rope, any fool could buy their way in. But we’re talking about the universe, so the access and entrance policy is about us being safe enough to allow in and, again, it is our development that establishes our safety. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The only dream I remember, I seem to be with my maternal grandmother and I’m fairly young, I’m like in high school. And I’m going to school, and then there’s a young man that was about college age that seems to be assisting the family, going back and forth to the school, and also sometimes at the home, who’s kind of flirtatious with me, he likes me.

And my grandparents are separated, so my grandfather is somewhere more distant. And the college kid, in his role as liaison, is always trying to be real proper in his appearances and stuff – even if he’s a little flirtatious. But he seems to be the go-between for me to go get my grandfather. I’m supposed to go somewhere and meet my grandfather. So he arranges it, or drives me there and drops me off with instructions, like how I’m supposed to connect with my grandfather the next day.

Well, I seem to get a ride out to this rustic, southern train station, and I get there and my grandfather’s nowhere to be seen and no one knows anything about him. So then I have to figure out how to get back to where I was staying and wait until a certain time for a phone call with the college kid, who’s always really enthusiastic, and get a phone number where I can call my grandfather. Because, I’ve asked around, and it’s like people don’t seem to know where he is. And then I’ll have to go back out and then will maybe get a train, or there’s some way we’ll get back there, but I have to first get this phone number and find the right hour to call for my grandfather.

And I’m not really looking forward to spending a lot of time with my grandfather because he was kind of a real redneck type and, at first, I’m kind of concerned, or somebody’s concerned, about our means about getting back. But it feels like I have a knowledge, or reveal to them, that actually through someone else in the family there’s quite a bit of wealth, that maybe my grandfather didn’t even know about, that we’ll have access to so actually getting a train back or something is not the problem. The problem is just I’ve got this phone number I have to connect with someone so that we can figure out the right rendezvous point for all of us to get together, and then I can get back with my grandfather. That was the whole dream.

John: The theme of the evening had to do with establishing, or having, some sort of connective means, that is deemed important, in terms of an awakening and an unfolding process. And often times that means is not known that it’s important, sometimes in other words that’s hidden, and at other times the connection itself one doesn’t realize how it is, or why it is, that it’s important.

So like I said the theme of the dreaming had to do with a quality of succinctness and timing that is important towards causing something to become aware, or awaken. Now, not only was that the theme of the dream, but sometimes this awakening is not something that in terms of our image in life, or in terms of some predilection of our nature, maybe that might not even be deemed significant. In fact it may be deemed as something that is kind of trite, or obligatory, or temporal, or a whole bunch of different things, and therefore maybe even readily dismiss-able by another part of ourself and, as a consequence, having gotten even dismissed.

And so the theme of the dreaming is that when you reach a particular point of an awakening, or a quality of awareness, where something like that is needing to come from unconscious and subconscious to the forefront – for a reason that is important in terms of an unfoldment – even if that unfoldment were to be deemed something that is easily repressed, or dismissed, or ignored, even if it is like that, the fact that it’s important somewhere, the theme of the dreaming is to have that access.

Now what the dream doesn’t do is it doesn’t identify why the access. It just indicates that the access is important. I suspect, from my dream, it’s in order to make a connection inside of one’s self so that you’d have yet a different vantage point upon which to perceive things. And that you would have eliminated this particular quality that you didn’t deem that significant, or important, that you will have eliminated it inadvertently, and that by bringing it back even if it is something that’s not necessarily placed on any kind of pedestal in your nature it is still important in terms of a greater overall equation, or picture, of yourself.

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me0This dream illustrates a fundamental concept in spiritual journeys in the current day: being able to live the spiritual process every day. It’s not a journey where we can be in it part time, or on weekends for a few hours. A real spiritual journey means incorporating spiritual principles into our every thought and action, when dealing with others, when at work, when frustrated, when tired. That is the crucible through which we learn and, ultimately, get connected to higher energies. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just barely remember one dream, and it’s like I’m at the home of someone that’s a professor, and he has some sons that are not there right then, that I haven’t met yet.

And it feels like he leaves to go get his sons and bring them back, but then as the lights come up a little bit more I realize that we’re not actually at his home. It’s more like we’re in a lab at the place where he teaches. And I realize, from a comment he made as he was leaving, that what he’s really wanting before starting to teach the class, when he comes back, is he wants a really good cup of coffee.

He wants something that’ll make the perfect cup of coffee, and for him that may be some kind of a beaker, or a certain type of arrangement that the water comes down through. And meanwhile I have some coffee or cocoa grounds I’ve poured out into a glass beaker that I was going to make, but I realize this isn’t quite the system that he’s really going to want for his coffee, you know, so I’m kind of waiting until he gets back. It’s like I’m not quite sure what direction to go right now.

John: This is a dream that describes the awakening process, in which you are required to contend with going out into the outer and contending with what is there. In other words, that’s what is going on energetically; the professor is going out to retrieve his son. The son is something that’s connected with him.

These are all components that are connected to an awakening process, and it is an outer action. And you’re sitting in the lab, meaning that the scenario has kind of switched and it’s more like an outward effect. It’s more like an inner effect going on based upon an outward appearance of him being gone, and you’re being told that this initial aspect of the dream is actually more about a process of awakening.

In other words, because what you are actually contending with in the laboratory of life is waking up, and this going into the outer, contending and finding that which is part of you as all being in the outer, leads to the making of a better cup of coffee – or an awakened condition of yourself. 

The dream is there to tell you that this not necessarily how you are inclined to see it. You’re inclined to see this as sitting around in this lab waiting for him to come back. But, no, you are meant to be engaged, and go along, and participate, be active in life. And then the evolvement, and the consciousness, that is meant to be there, that is always there, can occur. One of the themes of the dreams last night is the outer is the greater teacher.

Do you see how that worked? I mean can you see the little nuance where you’re making yourself dependent upon circumstances before you will actually get on with the process? And the circumstances have to do with an outer situation that has caused you to stop from what it is that you’re dealing with, because the outer situation you’ve got to wait for that to resolve. And then supposedly, according to your concepts, when that outer situation resolves then you’ll be able to get on with the process of becoming more conscious, which is the making a better cup of coffee.

And that’s not how it works. The outer is the greater teacher. It’s catalytic. You have to contend with that as it is, and for what it is.

It’s an amazing subject matter, wasn’t it? A really simple thing that throws in a dream, and then how in the heck do you sort this out as that being the theme?

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