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16542How is it that we can suddenly know things that we’ve never known before? Where does the information come from? Well, it comes from our energetic connections. As we think about something, or research a subject, we begin to build energetic connections to that subject. The more consistent, or persistent, we are, the better the connection. After a while, we will begin to gain new insights through these connections. A musician can write a song, a painter gets inspired to draw, and an inventor finds a solution. Each of us does this every day in many subtle ways – but we can also do it much more consciously. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my dream, I get together with a friend who actually was raised in the area where I was raised, but now lives in the south. And he’s come back to the area on a trip, even though all of his orientation is to the south.

And so he’s explaining to me, or discussing and showing me, and communicating back to his secretary in the south, so I’m getting a sense of his connection to the south. And what I’m paying attention to is the way he has expanded his presence. It is as if he has taken the roots he has in the area where he grew up, and extended them into this other place. For example, when on the phone with his secretary, I hear him mention a name that seems familiar to me. And he does this twice, two different names, and each time I have a sense that I know the person. I’m gleaning the impression through him, apparently, because there is no way I can know these two people were down in the south. I’ve never been there.

The comfortability that I have with this old friend from the past, as we relate, seems to connect to more in that something opens up on a level of awareness for me that has been dormant in my being. And this is like an awareness that’s expansive. You feel it in the chest area. You know, in other words there’s something exciting about the new vista of something somehow or another where just because of his presence. It’s like an awareness of somewhere else, or something else, that one hadn’t noticed.

And this kind of awakening, or quickening even, touches something beneath the surface. It is as if there is an inner expansion of myself waking up by his presence. And as I wonder about the sense I have, and how that is, I notice that there seems to be associated with the sense what’s a percolation of something of a deeper overallness, and thus a deeper awareness. In trying to make some sense and order out of it, I ponder if this exists because there is an intertwining that I have which can explain why there seems to be a familiarity. In other words, how can it be that as I talk to this friend, who has traveled back to the area from the south, that I am able to relate to what he is doing and who he knows there and, seemingly, touch a familiar inner recognition?

So what is going on? Well, this dream causes my heart to open up to new vistas in my consciousness. In so doing, I’m coming out of a contraction that has kept me dormant and repressed. An excitement I feel within draws me more and more into this expanded dimensionality of my beingness.

So the significance and meaning is that as I dream, free from the general limitations and nuances that had been weighing me down, and holding me back, I come to know things about sides of myself that need to be reawakened. I am meant to reawaken such vibrations, and their newfound exciting meaningfulness, because they are important to who and how I am in terms of a greater overall intertwined beingness that, I guess you might say, I vicariously encompass -even though I might not realize that that is just how it is, that that sort of thing is so.

The sensation is my heart is breaking free of a kind of weighty veil that has just been like a stigma upon my freedom. I’m amazed to denote how what is going on opens the heart, and there is this kind of newfound zeal or zest. The excitement is quickening a dimensional breakthrough to what had been an unconscious repression, or from an unconscious state of being repressed.

The result is I am experiencing more and more of my inner expansiveness, which is exciting, and grounding this quickening to a physical beingness that is becoming more all-inclusive. So that’s the meditation dream.

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l-AwakeningLiving in the moment or going with the flow are popular ideas, but why are they important? Well, when we personalize life to be about us and our small world of friends, family, and career, we leave no room in ourselves for the unfolding of universal things. When we react to timings that don’t suit our world view, we are rejecting the greater processes at play. And we will never be able to control the world around us (the personal), but we can align ourselves to what the universe is doing energetically – and there is freedom in that, as well as the safety of things unfolding as they should. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the next dream, instead of having to sort this out as a kind of masculine bondage, I had to sort it out as a feminine bondage. So in this dream I’m a woman, and so I am used to feeling myself in a particular way, in other words, in how I relate to my overall environment.

And another woman takes advantage of that and bumps me inappropriately. My sensitivities react, and this keeps me from responding indifferently. In other words, the feminine always feels the aches and pains of things, the moods, and everything. I cannot respond indifferently because I am indulgent in experiencing myself and life around me in a predictable way.

Well, the significance of this dream is that this is another aspect of an indulgence, but in an opposite way instead of with particularities. In other words, it’s a misholding of the overallness in the outer that keeps you from letting go. And the way I’m holding the overallness, which I think is okay, I come to know as not okay if I’m violated in that way, in terms of how I’m holding it, which means that the overallness is bigger than that if I’m subject to being able to be affected or reactive.

So my way of feeling myself and the world around me gets compromised when I am off to some degree and, consequently, then I’m not able to hear and see life from within. The reason being a reactive indulgence is in the way.

And this time it’s in the way because of the way one feels one’s self. In other words, you can be off in terms of how you see yourself in manifestation, just like you can be off by the way that you’re unable to sort through what is in front of you to know that that’s limited and more. In other words, you’re letting certain things vie for the heart, and then you get to the point where you can’t let that vie for the heart anymore, and then you break free and there’s a certain danger then.

That’s the masculine sense of danger, and in that there’s a battle, and in the feminine sense there’s the degree to which she’s always trying to hold onto things being such and so. That’s the limitation of the feminine, always trying to hold onto wanting something to be familiarly oriented.

And so in terms of kind of going back and forth and back and forth, and then also pulling things together, with each dream, with each aspect taking a step, in this dream I am now the patriarch of an extended family.

In order for my grown-up sons and daughters to comfortably visit, I must accommodate them in terms of who and how they are, not who and how I am, but who and how they are. If I don’t, damage is done to the overall, and then a natural intertwining suffers.

If there is an imbalance with my brothers and sisters, and sons and daughters, there will be a problem in the future with intertwining, that being as aspects of myself, to the grandkids. In other words, it keeps going. It’s meant to keep expanding.

So, the reason for the dream is, after seeing the polarities, which interfere with the acceptance needed for life to unfold, I am then shown where this is meant to go in the above dream. See how that expanded, added more?

And in the final dream, I am shown the importance of being able to accept everything that occurs in the environment I live in. When I am unable to do this, there is no inner into outer unfoldment. Well, none that I’m aware of, and participating in that is, and consciously.

So my wholeness in life is repressed when I am unable to accommodate and intertwine. Until I learn the importance of naturally bonding all aspects of myself, I will suffer and be postponing my awakening.

See, what this dream is doing is it is showing why and how it is that you stay in an amnesia for what could be long, long, long periods of time, maybe even lifetimes, because something doesn’t open up. And it doesn’t open up because you hold onto a conditionality of how you perceive or see yourself.

It takes a long, long time for certain things to shift, and change, or to emerge. Such a postponing affects the generations of myself on a subtle inner unfoldment level, which is the flip back of the sons and daughters and grandkids and all of that, brothers and sisters. And it’s like it says, you know, there’s the saying that as you become more conscious you affect generations going backwards and generations going forward.

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Union-4The masculine and feminine genders are different, and play different roles in human life, as well as different roles in spiritual life. Unfortunately those roles have been lost in this male-dominated world we find ourselves in – and that is a loss for everyone because it has caused an adjacent and equal energetic principle to be stifled into a position of being lesser throughout much of the world. For true balance within ourselves and in the world, the feminine principle needs to regain its rightful position next to the masculine principle. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my main dream, I’m in a house that belongs to a woman. And in one room of the house is a very kind of charismatic man that I’ve known from my past, that I seem to want to get closer to, but there’s a woman that he’s somewhat pursuing. But I also seem to be responsible for fixing up his room so he’s gone out with the other woman, but he’s actually come back.

The woman who runs the house just seems to be in another room, and I’m in his room and I’m kind of straightening things up. And whereas before I seem to be kind of really interested in pursuing him on one level, now it’s like, as he approaches, I’m kind of moving around the room doing things.

The thing that I seem to be focused on as I’m straightening up his room, I have two focuses, one is it feels like I can tell that there’s a golf game or something that he wants to watch so I go into the other room and try to tune in the old TV set for him, but it won’t quite tune in.

But my real focus seems to be on, there was a piece of paper and it was cut into four equal parts and each part seemed to have a grey and white pattern on it that was like the tile designs in Uzbekistan. But one piece of the paper is not there anymore – and that feels like that’s my focus, I mean the ones that makes the fourth corner of it like if you were looking at a square the upper right hand corner of the paper, that quadrant is missing.

And so it’s almost like my attention has shifted some because it’s almost like I feel some connection with him that I wanted I can back off of a little because there’s something there, but my real focus now is on that paper on the design, and the missing piece of the design. Even though the designs are kind of identical I need the fourth quadrant.

And so on an outer level I may be going over to tune things in for him, and I’m straightening up his room. I’m even actually kind of moving around the room in a certain way, but my real focus is on that pattern on the paper.

John: You’re describing a process of awakening, or coming into a wholeness, that has both a microcosmic and macrocosmic quality to it.

On the microcosmic level you’re affected by forces in a patriarchal outer world. In other words because things are manipulated and shifted about by the seed energy thought patterns that come through what is considered a masculine energy. And so you’re required, in a limiting, self limiting microcosmic way, you’re required to take that in, contend with that in some sort of way that is conducive to the schematic of an overall well being.

That’s the nature of the feminine, to have to be a receptacle and container for this sort of thing that flows, like a will of God, into manifestation. And because of the magnetism of the outer that is the nature of this loci, your attention is inclined to be confined to the seed thoughts and the mannerisms that lie before you, immediately before you, in this seed thought, i.e. patriarchal way of being.

This is where everything has to start. It has to start in this way in terms of the feminine forgiving, and letting go, and learning how to embrace, and take in, and provide something to the wholeness of it all and, in doing so, catches up then with the other levels that exist in an expansiveness in that what is done in a microcosmic way also is impacting the macrocosm.

And that eventually you go beyond the general overall malaise, or amnesia, in which what you’re doing appears to be identified and associated with the environmental microcosm that you find yourself in. Eventually you go beyond that and start to realize that it all intertwines, and it intertwines and is interconnected in a greater matrix and wholeness that is all of life, and that you put all of that together, and are putting all of that together, simultaneously. And that you may not be aware of this when working strictly in the microcosm, but ultimately become aware of this as you get more appropriately aligned.

And when you do get to this particular point where you effectuate this as a natural overall design in manifestation, you are, instead of catching up with disconsonant energetics, you are actually gaining more and more access to the principle of taking the seed thought that is in its higher essence, actually the divine thought of God, the will of God might be another way of saying it, and funneling that into the wholeness of everything in the universe.

This is kind of your calling. This is how you are meant to evolve in taking back, or catching up, with a destiny in which you reassess the crown of your own beingness. That’s a big dream.

Now, what this dream doesn’t have is certain details about the divine imprint, like for example we live in such a collective that that sort of thing gets smothered out and we tend to adopt principles and mannerisms that are associated with the gravity of the situation that we find ourselves mired in that is all around us.

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