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futuris9Is it not true that, when we pursue a subject, more and more becomes known to us? And if we were to spend our entire lives on a single subject, isn’t it likely that we would have breakthroughs and insights never known before? So, it is clear that the intelligence of anything and everything is available to us – if we know how to gain access to it. And it’s an energetic thing: our research and pursuit puts us on the frequency of the energies we seek, and, in turn, the energy carries the intelligence that we “suddenly” know. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In a prior dream, many nights ago, I was given a test to see what I could see, or know. I was told that if I don’t know, I can ask. In this dream, I go back into the questions and images that I do not understand – and am taken into this to see and understand. And it’s like an experience of being taken down into something, going down into something, and there’s a whole world that opens up.

So, first of all, I go to a bazaar. When I come to this bazaar, where I faintly remember if I don’t know the answer to something, first of all, I’m on top of the bazaar, I haven’t gone down into it; I’m at the gatekeeper. And I was told that if I don’t know the answer to something, I can ask.

So I’m communicating my concern. And so I’m telling the host, that’s above, that hasn’t yet taken me down into the bazaar, that I’ve been told that if I don’t know I can ask. And so the host attempts to explain, but realizes I have not accessed this part, experientially, inside. I venture some answers on some things, and can catch some of the hints that she gives, but she realizes that I really, really don’t know that I’m a little flip-flop.

So she takes me down into the place where this exists, and where what I need to learn is pointed out. I mention to her that I have never been here before, and didn’t know that this existed. I’m told that the legacy is passed on here, and I just need to take it in. The legacy is ancient, and the science is forgotten.

What I see is like a skit, like from another country, or world, or something. It’s my best explanation of why I’ve never had any idea that something like this exists, and it’s designed to prepare me at various intervals, even. In other words, it’s not like I just look and get it, I have to go through steps there, various intervals, to see if I can figure anything out.

And, as I struggle, the skit continues until I get it. From this bazaar, I realize that all the questions I have, on the test that I took in a prior dream, are revealed here at this place that I have never been to before, including the answers to questions that I intuited as a good guess, but didn’t really know the half of.

Now, the thing that happened was, this was a test that I took inside myself in a previous dream. I never remember taking this test – until I went back into it like this. But I had taken this test and I remembered how bewildered I was at one question, in particular, where I hadn’t the foggiest idea what anything meant, not the foggiest idea. On the others, I sat with them and maybe, in a type of stillness, got a little bit of an answer, but that was about it; but didn’t really know the half of it.

So, the meaning of this dream is, from the stillness – and not the indulgence – that which needs to be made known occurs. So what are we talking about? Indulgence is sticking, is stopping, on some part of the breath, either out-breath or in-breath, that’s the indulgence. You have to let it go, from the stillness, that it all reveals, it’s all embedded.

I simply need to settle back. If I indulge, not knowing the half of what lies within, I get bewildered, lost, and caught up in nuances. From the bazaar experience, taken in silently, comes a revealing of that which is repressed and hidden. My problem is that I am embarrassed by what I don’t know, and this leads to a furthering of the delusionality when I journey with the breath, on my own, with no idea where I’m at. Few can sit in stillness and let every level of our beingness, on all planes of existence in manifestation, to be revealed.

Instead, when this was presented before to me, in a dream, I took wild guesses and couldn’t have been further from the truth that required an inner stillness to reach. I didn’t remember the dream because I was lost.

When I get what I am shown in an inner stillness, I am able to go back and forth with this, in the breath, and, in this way, this ancient hiddenness from the stillness comes into consciousness. This is the reason for the breath: to bring the wonders of the universe into consciousness.

When we get stuck on an aspect of the breath, we fail the Prime Directive test. We don’t even begin to understand what the breath is like. When we are so bewildered we are unable to sort anything out, that is when stillness is required to provide a space to step aside from our indulgences. Slowly we learn to go beyond the reflections of our nuances, and, instead of traveling on a journey, we travel within something – which is the stillness, that we call traveling in God, I guess.

So that is when the real purpose of the breath is revealed. The breath is there so man can live as the Crown of Creation; as the crown every mystery of beingness, from all levels, is revealed. The feminine wonder of the in-breath is like experiencing wonders deep within that we had no idea existed. And the masculine breath is meant to bring such wonders into life.

Hardly anyone, these days, understands this importance, and spends their day journeying back and forth with the breath, in a state of unconscious bewilderment. Only a few discover that the breath is the portal to everything that exists, or has ever existed.

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33d1liat2Why would the universe give humans freedom of choice? Because freedom of choice allows for things to happen that are beyond the robotic repetitions that follow a predetermined plan. But it’s an incredibly risky thing to do, because, as we can see, choice can be used for good things as well as terrible things. So how does the universe protect itself from such a risk? It disconnects its energetic support from anything that is not contributing to the refinement and evolution of the whole. Said another way, it feeds and protects, energetically, what it wants to support, and starves energetically what it wants to discourage. This is the difference between being connected, or not. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation, there is a way that I have at my disposal that enables me to do things with greater ease. The dilemma I have is I have gotten dependent upon kind of an outer means, and yet, on the inner, I’m looking forward to availing myself of doing it in this other way.

So, in other words, it’s like I’m dreaming both inner and outer; that’s the oddity of it. On the inner, I can see how something can be done with ease, how there is a quality to the way of doing things that makes everything flow. And it’s almost like I can feel that, I can feel how it can be like that, and yet, then in the outer, when I’m in the outer, I am the way I am and I can just report to myself in the outer, almost as if this other is trying to break through, that there is a better way of doing it.

In other words, in the meditation dream, I have it easier because at my disposal is an energetic that in an inner capacity I’ve gotten accustomed to going to. So, in the meditation dream, the effect in the outer is seen to be about 3%; only able to bring about 3% across. This effect is able to change, and it’s a tremendous 3% because it’s able to change unfolding consequences when I access, just by the fact that there is this kind of essence that’s leaked through.

So what is interesting is this effect is in the hands of my shadow, in other words, the other side now is my shadow, which is hanging out in an inner zone, while I’m going about in manifestation. It’s kind of like a strange way of dreaming this. Carl Jung had a dream where he saw a yogi sitting by a tree, and then when he came up close to him he realized the yogi had the face that was him. And then he realized that if the yogi woke up, then how could he be? What was the dream, and what was the dreamed, kind of thing?

Well, that’s kind of how this is, I’ve got this inner thing that’s an aliveness inside of me, kind of like a shadow, but the effect of that can come across and can touch the outer, and can be brought into the outer, and can affect the outer. And this inner quality is where total at-ease and peace exists. And, to the degree, even if it’s just 3%, that something comes out, it can change the way things are, it can affect the way things are. Otherwise they’re pretty dense, and pretty serious, and you’re caught up in your senses.

So, in the outer, there is this need to justify that I can lean upon things in the outer. In other words, I’m trying to justify that I can go through the things in the outer, I can lean upon the things in the outer. I can do this as my motif, but that’s not the way the shadow part, or this other part  on the inner plane where my higher self decides, it decides it all has to go. So it is destroyed. I winced at not having this at my disposal, when I could have used it to make things easier in the outer.

So the inner got destroyed. The 3% got destroyed. It’s like I was using it, but maybe misusing it, or something, and now all of a sudden it’s gone away. So my higher self saw this as being a limitation, in that I was going more and more asway in the outer, applying it to make my life easier. I was not meant to use it in that capacity. Use, in this way, leads to an imbalance and inadvertent ungroundedness. So my higher self, seen in this dream as a friend, destroys it. It was okay, but not if the effect is going to change the meaningfulness of the process.

So, what is going on? The energetic that I am waking up to needs to be in an inner/outer cohesion. If not, there is a problem, the problem shows up in the outer in that the unfoldment deviates into a personal abstraction. To deviate means a closeness of the heart, in the outer level, has gone askew.

At the inner, higher-self level, the importance of the heart being in a more real place, meaning unfolding closer to the essence made manifest, not getting lost in the outer reflections, is the predominating note.

So, when I lose it in the outer, in other words, get caught up with things in the outer, yet still have access to a little more energetic or something, that being a bit of a violation because it’s not supposed to be used to make the outer easier to accommodate, because the outer is just a reflection, so when I lose it in the outer, the higher self coming from the plane of the soul, has to honor that plane, has to honor that as the realness, so it has to destroy that which is being bastardized.

So the meaning of this dream is, an inner awakening is only able to be, in the outer, from the perspective of the higher self, if it brings a heartfelt closeness to the situation. If it doesn’t, then the result is wayward and needs to be obliterated. In other words, because then you’re misusing it, or whatever.

Or to put it another way, the dream is saying that I am only allowed to use the access I have to bring about a greater overall awakening. The significance is to dwell upon problem solving is not what serving the higher self, on a soul level, is all about. To awaken from the projective outer slumber is needed at this time. With that in mind, as an inner principle, I am not allowed to make things easier if doing so leads to a waywardness.

The way things are devised to unfold in the outer is beyond my frame of reference. My frame of reference needs to be upon facilitating the inner-into-outer awakening, and not in paying attention to extraneous nuances.

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Willie Holdman

This dream begins with the image of an idyllic setting, in a meadow by a stream, but the dreamer cannot fully be in the beauty and naturalness of the moment. Yet we could also apply this to our view of the everyday: we find ourselves on a planet where everything we need is provided, and each day, each moment, is energetically different from the last, but still beautiful, and fascinating, in the experience of it. So what is all this “stuff” we have put in the way of our engagement with the natural perfection around us, personally or as a species? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my first dream, my meditation dream, I am unable to enjoy the outer flow, like everyone else, because I’m holding onto issues and this is keeping me pent up. I don’t even know what the issues are that I’m holding onto.

And so the image is: I’m kind of in a nice meadow setting, out in nature, and there is a stream, and a river, and the sun is just perfect and really nice out. And ordinarily you would look at the water and you’d say, well, it’s too cold to get in the water, but not only is everyone around me getting in the water, in other words, even though it’s a country setting and kind of quiet and peaceful, there are people and they have come to this area and they’re getting in the water.

And those that have dogs are taking the dogs in the water, and the dogs really are loving the water, too. And it’s like not only are they having a good time, but the dogs are having a good time in the water; it’s just like this whole thing has a whole redeeming process.

In this dream, those who are going in the water, and taking their dogs and everything in the water, were just letting go into a free flow. And even though I was pulled to wanting to test water myself, to see if it was too cold and whatnot, I had some sort of pent-up nature that I just couldn’t shake.

It’s not that I knew what the pent-up nature was. I couldn’t put my finger on the pent-up nature even, but it was something that had me in some sort of tiff, or a mood, or something, and holding back as if by holding back I’d eventually figure it out – but there was nothing on the horizon showing that I was figuring it out. And what was obvious is what I was missing.

And, at one particular point, I kind of let go or something a tiny bit and I threw myself in the water, clothes, shoes, and everything on, and realized, yeah, the water’s wonderful. It’s not as cold. But nope, I still had my nuances, I still had my pent-upism, and I had to come out of the water.

And so what I’m portraying is a quality of bewilderment, and you have this in the out-breath when you’re at a point where you can’t quite sort things out. You are overwhelmed by something that you aren’t able to put your finger on yet.

I’m inclined to be affected by something that is vague to me, that I’m not able to quite catch up with and properly recognize, so I’m inclined to be carrying some sort of nuance trying to find some sort of focus and attention, which, when I find it, supposedly that leads to a balance, so that I can then just appreciate things as they are. And so I’m not quite able to free flow, or let go.

The meaning I write up is that my resolve is being tested. You know, that’s kind of what the outer is all about, to see if you can get closer to something. The question is: can I let go of nuances that, like an inner resolve that I cannot reach, are keeping me from enjoying life in a free flow way? I need to break free of some sort of trance that I am in. The pent-up demeanor is blocking a connection, and I need to let go of that to free flow.

This sort of letting go, or whatever the kind of letting go is that I have to do, that would lead to a natural free flow, will not only relieve me of what I am holding onto, but it supports the free flow and naturalness that is predominating in the surrounding environment. But the natural condition, the primordial naturalness, is askew.

The reason why I’m putting this pressure upon myself, and the reason why I’m acting like this, is it’s like one is directed into the physical to sort and get closer to something. There’s a responsibility to catch up with something. And you carry around a kind of awkward bewilderment  because you’re trying to get into the outer and you can’t. In other words, you can’t quite catch up with whatever this responsibility is.

In other words, therein lies the confusion, and my condition defies the natural letting-go process to a free flow because I am not breaking free of a stigma trance I am in. Until I either let go of this pent-up condition, or catch up with it and own it, I am unable to be naturally free to enjoy the flow and wonderful setting, or conditions, that are permeating the atmosphere for all to see but me.

It’s an awkward, bewildering, condition to have to be in, where I could jump in the water and feel wonderful, but I can’t quite let myself do it because I’m still carrying some sort of nuance or mannerism. That’s painful, that’s really bizarre to have to carry that. There’s a sadness in that.

And this continues into the next dream, it’s repeated again, in that in the next dream there was a time when I was able to see what time it was on a watch. In other words, it’s like somehow or another I’ve gone distant so that, as I glance, I can’t necessarily see the watch anymore. And I can maybe make it out a little bit, but I could get it wrong. Instead of it being, say, 2 o’clock, I might read it as 3 o’clock or something. In other words, there’s a gap, or a distance, that has developed.

In other words, something has changed, like I’m further away. And so I say, in the dream, “I’ve got to be able to read the dials on a watch. So much depends upon getting that right. I can’t be guessing.” So, in the dream, others actually expect me to be able to tell the time. In fact, I’m being relied upon for that.

And so the meaning is, in the dream, over the passage of time, I have gotten ungrounded. In other words, just like I couldn’t go into the water because I couldn’t let go of something, in that sense I’m ungrounded. I’m in a bewildered state. I haven’t sorted out the thought-upon-thoughts that are compelling, that haven’t made themselves known to where they could be let go of into an empty space. That empty space can be in the out-breath to in-breath, too, and so I’m meant to know the balance and timing.

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