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h373ttsEnergy is about frequencies: if we are vibrating at a certain frequency, then we are able to connect to the energies that live at that frequency. It is easy to connect to lower energies, in the form of anger, criticism, or judgment. But higher frequencies, such as kindness, compassion, and honor require more consciousness in us, more intention – and the action of those intentions – to connect to them. But, when we do, we are energetically supported by such energies. In this sense, everything in the universe is always available to all of us, but we can only unlock the higher things by becoming the same, in ourselves, as that which we seek. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then, when I fell asleep, I had a dream that applied it, in other words, a dream in which the above applies was, I went to send an email to everyone immediately. By everyone I mean everyone, all of life.

So, in the email, I want to inform them of an opportunity to participate in a form of communications that is effortless. The access I currently have to the server is one-on-one. I can’t get the server operator to respond to me, so I contact her, using a connection I have figured out, that comes from a person whose call would be answered instantaneously because he is a… he’s a person of such significance.

So I sneak in under his connection. And the server operator knows me, but I had to do this to get her to pick up the phone and respond, to get her attention. And so, immediately she’s a little upset that I’d pull this, and so she says, “What are you doing.” And I tell her what I want to do, which is I want to be enabled to gain immediate access to everyone instantaneously, so that I can invite them to participate in a global opportunity.

In other words, it’s like sending out an email that goes to everybody. Everybody gets the memo simultaneously. So my contact with the global server operator was directly, and for credibility purposes, involves using a direct-line connection that is not the norm. In other words, we communicate one-on-one, and we each have our own predilections off to one side, and this bypasses all that.

This, in the dream, was the only way I knew to do what has never been done before. I wanted to tell her what would result from such consequences, but held back because I didn’t want to short-circuit her synapses. In other words, she has a way of having to see things, and that this would blow her circuits. So she could see this, when it’s suddenly brought through, she could see it just like everyone else.

Anyway, she would learn soon enough about the global, mind-blowing implications of a connection to everyone, everywhere, that likewise simultaneously connected them to a global shift in the most natural, automatic way possible. The fact that this doesn’t exist is because it’s obvious overall implications would set in motion a paradox shift, which is not something that has been allowed, or has happened yet, in life.

Now when I contact her I want to do this immediately, which would have been between 6:30 and 7:00 in the morning. I’m told that I will have to wait until 7:00 a.m. No big deal. I can wait on something so monumental; what is half an hour when thousands of years have gone by and there hasn’t been this unrestricted, immediate, all-pervasive connection to all of life?

So the meaning is to see the meditation dream for a systematic discussion, and the implication is that a consciousness opportunity, here-to-fore veiled, for everyone everywhere now can be simultaneously there as an integrated, omnipotent, intertwinement of oneness.

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i3332sOne of our early moments of consciousness is our realization that we are a separate being from everything else around us; that there is an us and a them, an individual and a universe. And in that separation there is our way, which is personal view of the world. And then there is everything else that is going on in the universe, seemingly unrelated to our journey. But this brings us to the point of it all: we are meant to find our unique way (not personal way) to interact with the everything; to be in process with everything. In this way our separateness recedes, and our connection is made. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the first dream it’s about wanting to fly somewhere, but the cost of airline tickets is really high.

So there’s two or three ways one can get a ticket. One is you can enter this contest and, if you win the contest, then you get the ticket for very little. But, if you lose the contest, you have to pay the full price, which is like $13,000. And I’m deliberating what to do because it feels like there’s a middle way, too, but you have to be careful because I think someone else can enter you in the contest.

It seems like there’s a possibility somebody else can kind of toss you in the contest, and then you either win or you end up paying full fare. I’m looking for a third way that maybe you can get on the plane for a little less, too. That was the first dream.

John: What is happening is you’re trying to figure out if there’s a way of balancing expansive and contractive states, which is a condition that everyone goes through, has to contend with in life.

Often the way it’s experienced is you’re trying to find a state that’s lighter, that feels lighter, and then therefore is more conducive to one’s nature, and that can be a type of expansive state. But what you’re noticing, in terms of feeling the parameters of things, is that this is all still within the realms, or the domain, of a mind that creates these kinds of images, and causes one to aspire to something more by reconciling those images.

In other words, there’s still motion there. There’s still motion. And the third way, that’s the non-motion way; it’s the instantaneous way. It’s not going to make any sense to the mind and, if you don’t do it, then you’re thrown back in to having to contend with this either this way, or that way.

So people in the outer world, who have a recognition of a soul moving around inside of them, are caught up in having to try to understand, or come to grips with, this quality of beingness that they can denote inside of themselves in various ways. Some ways are denser than others, some are subtler, but all of them have to do with a quality that one sees themselves as having in relationship to existence.

And whatever that quality is, keeps one from doing it this third way, which is kind of a way in which the fun of the outer and the inner is taken out of it, and something can just be in a kind of overall oneness where you don’t have any personal prerogative or such moving around, and you don’t then have it going into a greater density, or some scopality, of spiritual illusion.

It was like the guy that is on American Idol that came up and was kind of the meditator, or something, and worked in the world with voice therapy, and the idea that he could use sound to penetrate things and to cause an effect, or a change, in the environment. And he worked with people in relationship to that because he noticed that the dexterity upon which they were able to be, in terms of sound, had a lot to do with awakening.

The problem was he heard something from deep, deep, deep inside, but he didn’t have any ambidexterity with it. He was still trying to play with it in some modality and, as a consequence, he couldn’t know what he couldn’t know. He couldn’t realize that his understanding of how voice is only goes to a particular streamlined parameter that he was capable of looking at, and therefore he didn’t have the dexterity to really know what singing is all about, and using a voice in a whole other melodious way, that also is penetrative, and effective, in terms of opening something up.

He was caught within his spiritual illusion, and he was not able to shift, or change, and therefore was veiled from actually recognizing this whole other way. This whole other way to him, he heard it differently. Now what’s interesting is he did hear something, and he did hear something really, really deeply, but in order to be effective, in order to bring it through, in order to be all penetrative, he needed to let go further.

So the theme of the dreaming has to do with a quality of letting go, and that there is such a thing as a letting go to where there is a third way – and it will not make sense to the mind. In other words, something can roll off of a roof and hit the ground, a body can roll off the roof and hit the ground, fall from a great distance above and, with the right focus and attention, be uninjured, or can lay on a bed of nails and be uninjured.

There is a third way, but it is a different kind of conditional… is a different place to be, that isn’t noodling around in a sorting-out fashion of this, or that, of expanse and contraction, of sense of inner, sense of outer. You have to get beyond all of that in order to have the full ambidexterity, because if you’re looking at this or that, this or that, you’re imclined to be making choices, or distinctions. And what if everything, no matter how ridiculous, is also sane? It’s just that we have come to define what is sane, and, therefore, have put ourselves into a kind of perdition.

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Fly-in-amber-012614In real life, we can often get away with things, or cut a corner here and there and still reach our destination. In spiritual development it doesn’t work like that. It works much more logically: if this happens, then that can happen. So as we shed our old habits, and thought patterns, more becomes available to us, but our next elevation will always be dependent on some new criteria that must be met. We will keep getting opportunities to overcome that barrier – until our time runs out. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, like I said, I dream about the Gambler archetype. So in my meditation dream I go back into a frustrating vibrational condition, which repeats and repeats, meaning that I’ve dreamt it before.

In dreaming it before, I kind of let go of it at some point because I’m not ready to, or able to, resolve it, and last night in repeating it again the pattern this time comes up in a way that I’m able to lay out that is more pronounced; otherwise it just kind of leaves one in an awkward energetic condition that’s just kind of a maze, or a delirium.

Well, in the meditation dream, I seem to be on the verge of resolving a dilemma. It feels like I’m about to break through, and I seem close, but I’m having to go up against the forces of time. In other words, I’m running out of time to do this. I must reach a breakthrough that seems possible before the opportunity goes away.

Well, in the meditation dream, I went through a number of instances where the suspense was intensified and I was right on top of the margin of it all, only to fall away at the last minute because I ran out of time. In each instance, it seemed, and I had the belief, it might have been an illusionary belief, but I had the belief that just with a little bit more time the scenario I am in would have broken through and everything would have been okay.

The fact that I ran out of time, without being able to experience the breakthrough, leaves me with kind of a suspenseful energetic, and a suspenseful energetic, you can carry that as a latency and it can be overwhelming, too. And if it doesn’t run, through then it remains kind of in a pent up condition that has to be dealt with again, in the future, as manifestation orients and shapes something, so that I’m able to go at it again to see if I can break the trance – or whether the trance will still have a grip on me.

And so there’s an example of this in particular. I’m a football team, the whole team now, that is finding itself right at the end of the game. In other words, the clock is against me, my team is behind, but my concentration to the issue at hand connects to an energetic that can make the difference. And I need to take this energetic and focus it in a certain way in order to make the comeback, or to overcome.

To overcome is to win the game, and move to the next step in whatever this process might be. In other words, usually each game leads to the next sort of thing as you go towards the Super Bowl or something. To not get over this is to fall back and have to wait outer conditions to cause another scenario like this to come up, so that one can test themselves again, as to how it’s possible to overcome the conditional forces that are before you.

As I indicated, the suspense challenge is like I am a football team that has been repressed by an opponent until all of a sudden something has changed in the fourth quarter and relief is close. In the meditation dream, I score a touchdown, the team does that is. It’s not me in particular. The team scores a touchdown, and I am the team, of course. So they’re not behind by that much anymore. It still is an almost insurmountable challenge, because there’s even less time available, but if the focus is right there can be a penetrative momentariness occur.

In other words, something can coincide, from inner into outer, that I am feeling within that can create the break so something like this happens, so the unexpected happens. I experience a kind of surrealness in which this is going to end with a last second hurrah, or there will be a collapse. I do not know which. I have been here before and, each time that I’ve been here before, I lose it, I run out of time, or I couldn’t take a step, or push through, the team in those closing minutes, the other team. I had a bad break, fumble the ball, or threw an interception or something would happen to break the momentum of something that was changing the outer effect – which means that the net effect resulted in which there was a buildup of hope that could cause a probing that can stretch out in terms of a momentous force would then come crashing down.

The remainder of this divisible shattering is a wound that then would get repressed inside to have to live out and rise up again at another time when the outer shapes an opportunity to contend with an inner condition, yet again, that hopefully is able to go beyond the illusory barriers that haunt.

So the significance is what I’m talking about is inner pressure that haunts my overall state of beingness from free flowing comfortably. I am confronted with a challenge to overcome the inner haunting, and I tell myself that when I do the energetic barrier will fall away and I will be back into a natural inner free flow – which I seek – in terms of a type of comfort zone in manifestation.

What is really going on is deep within there is an awareness and awakening that is astir. You experience this kind of pent up intensity inside, and I am situated energetically speaking as being on a journey and there is the suspense I feel in terms of what one is seeking to bring out, or to transcend, or to get beyond.

I know that when I do I can rest, or so it seems, that seems to be kind of like the latent purpose of it all and, therefore, be at peace in like a kind of new home. The illusion is I am always ever so close and I keep buying into the same energetic that prevails, because I’m not letting go. In other words, the energetic prevails in an outer density thought process that you have to let go of, or otherwise you just keep noodling around in the microcosm of things and fail to catch the big picture.

The energetic prevails because the way I’m feeling myself and conducting myself is penting this up so that it has a greater and greater crescendo effect. And, as this builds up, the story you tell yourself is that a breakthrough is eminent, and what I find from all of that is each time I take stock of what is happening on an energetic projection level, when I do take stock, I realize that I am contending with having broken an equanimity and gone off on an energetic lurch that limits my beingness from being able to be at peace.

And when I do this, over and over again, with each time being an opportunity in which I am telling myself there is a breakthrough, that the delusion of it is because I’m looking at this as a breakthrough in a personal way. It never occurs, even though it appears like it’s so close to happening. If by some peculiar state of events I get the break that I seek, the dilemma is now different in that I am now reinforcing an expectation of entitlement and am cursed by what I have come to describe as a gambler spell.

I have noticed this condition, and in noticing this energetic state, I have said to myself it is better to have lost than to now go off on an illusory trance way with unrealistic expectations. The pattern is the spell is such that either I overcome a barrier, or I get caught up in an unrealistic expectation that is ridiculous, or I fall back in the inner suspense and await manifestation to reshape the pattern for me to contend with again.

Lost in this pattern is a trait, and its character, in which a higher self of beingness is moving around. To bring it through is the bringing through of an innerness into the outer in order to reveal. For this to happen I must let go of my personal prerogatives and allow my heart to be moved by this inner will. Until I do, I go through the world facing the inner suspense over and over again until I’m able to handle this flow naturally. And I will never be able to handle the flow as long as I think on a personal level that I know what is going on and, therefore, I have a piece of the action in some energetic breakthrough regard or another.

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