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zodiac ceilingWe cannot use one methodology to resolve every situation we find ourselves in. Every lock has its own key. We see that there are two genders and 12 signs of the Zodiac, and each one has skills and traits useful in certain situations. As a human we can, and should, use them all – when the time is appropriate – when we find ourselves trying to unlock that certain door. In this dream, the dreamer needs to add a little champagne to the situation, to ease tension or fear, and that allows a different connection to be made. We use these processes all the time, but they are even more powerful when we are conscious of it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, my dream seemed to take place in this large drugstore, and, in the first part of the dream, I even am wearing some kind of a uniform, like maybe I’m a nurse or something.

And I’m in the drugstore and I have a feeling that this man, that I have some relationship with, is gone, and so I have, for about three days, that I go into this one area of the drugstore on my own, and every time I go in there, and walk by the shelves and go to some part of the drugstore, I’m carrying with me a glass of champagne, I think it is, that I take. And that’s kind of how I deal with being alone.

And then, on the third day, it feels like this man’s coming back, and he has kind of an entourage. He’s this kind of very attractive black man who plays a gangster and drug dealer on one of the TV shows, and so he has this dangerous feel to him. And when he comes back I’m kind of leery about how he, or his men, are going to react to the fact that the way that I dealt with going into the drugstore, or this area of the drugstore, on my own everyday, was by taking a glass of champagne or wine with me.

So I’m leery about that. But when they come back it’s like they seem to observe what I’ve done, but then they keep a certain distance; but nothing bad seems to happen. Then the dream shifts.

John: So what you’re describing, in kind of an overall sense, is the quality of connectivity that is outside of the usual mind sense state of awareness.

And what I’m talking about, in terms of a mind sense state of awareness, is usually there is a conduct, an outward conduct, that’s correlated with mind sense action. And what you’re talking about is a connectivity that has to do with a spatiality, that you’re able to sustain, or maintain, or find.

And you are talking about this using something symbolic like wine, a type of drunkenness from the usual predominating veil-like outer mind sense oriented conditions, so that you kind of fall into this connectivity that normally would be shut off, or veiled, or concealed by your usual outward demeanor.

And you’re also reporting it correctly when you say that when you notice something like this as having a parallel, or an intertwinement, with a way of connecting to something outside of your normal perception of self, that that has a sense of danger to it. Initially, that is always true, that it comes across as being more than you are able to reconcile with your mind senses. So the usual response is to view it as threatening, or dangerous. But, eventually, there is a stillness, a greater stillness.

This is all part of playing with a greater dimensionality that is a quality of the in-breath. The out-breath is where it focuses down, brings down the thoughts and the momentousness, which you need for creating a yearning. It’s almost like using the magnetism in a whiplash way, much like you see in outer space travel where they use the gravity of a planet where they come really close to it and then they try to whiplash that to propel themselves.

This is much like what happens when the out-breath comes down. It hits a momentous propelling quality of longing at the interval where the out-breath turns to the in-breath, and that then can whiplash you, so to speak, into a connective quality that is an aspect of the in-breath that will not make sense to the out-breath, per se, that is of a mind sense orientation.

So since it won’t make sense, there is going to be the quality of danger, or alarm, but the connectivity, when you let go of the danger or alarm, that connectivity is not just fascinating, there’s actually a kind of an exquisiteness in it that it can be found, that it can be noticed, that it can be taken in, because it leads to kind of a greater completeness expansively, intertwinedly, in a connectivity way, to one’s beingness – which won’t make sense, and is not a behavior that you look at in the usual mind sense orientation. It’s something that you sort of fall, or abide, into outside of time and space.

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Heart-2What does it mean to listen to the heart? On a spiritual journey we come to understand that our brain alone cannot get us where we need to go. And that’s an issue, because almost everything in daily life is governed by our use of our brain. But we are a wholeness, not a single organ, and our instincts and intuitions, and our heart, are part of how we need to “feel” our way forward. This has to do with a trust in the unseen, but also the belief that our systems, as a whole, know what is best for us – in terms of doing what we have been designed to do. The more we can listen, and respond, to the intelligence of our wholeness, the more we will live in the flow of energetics. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now what I dealt with, in terms of my meditation dream, was a little bodacious to try to write it up because you can’t really do justice to the subject matter trying to write it up in a couple, three pages.

So I start off with manifestation, in which, as a being, I’m in a slower and more dense condition, and that condition is based upon things having gotten condensed upon what is called the plane of sound. In other words, sound was used, like it’s described in the Bible, out of the word… beginning was the word, and now the word things were created. And it says something similar in terms of how sound was used to create things, out of the Koran. And so we live in something that’s considered dense, but it’s dense because it is sound compressed, which means that light is something way something else, then there’s the sound, and in it, it is compressed. And within the sound might be the higher self, instead of just the lower self, but that’s another story.

So, outwardly, I experience in everything in manifestation a form of sound. Sound is a compressed substance. It’s compressed into a substance that I am able to physically hear, see, touch, whatever with my physical mind and senses – and the mind follows the senses. So manifestation, when experienced as sound, is reflective. It’s reflective to something that is the higher self, that’s more than that, that’s the deep inner, that’s the other side.

In this loci you live out everything that is on the plane of light. You live it out, though, in a condensed format called sound. So hearing and seeing predominates in this outer reflective, but it’s a hearing and seeing with senses that are sound-oriented. They are disassociated, based upon the way the mind senses are, from the true and higher-self light.

And then there is the universe of everything. Within the planes of light there is manifestation, of course, but there’s the planes of light, or the higher self, that embodies this – even though we are stuck in the plane of manifestation, and are sorting out accordingly, and are caught with a physical dense nature that’s in accordance with how manifestation is, or the plane of sound is, and we just call it a lower-self nature. Or I would call it the sound loci octave, and the world’s soul of a manifestation in a sound-oriented octave is, in and of itself, in kind of a dire outer condition state, kind of on a life support, because over time it has gotten to the point where it has lost track, or does not know how to reach, the inner light that’s necessary to shift the lower self on a mind sense orientation to the planes of light.

So in my meditation dream I saw the collective consciousness state as being where sound, and the momentum of condensed sound, is a spellbinding condition maintained by a mind trapped in the five senses. In other words, condensed sound makes the senses.

To access the higher self, such a mind must let go of the reflective five-sense orientation, because what has happened is that the vibration has come down in a way that is traveling farther and farther away from the light, and, in doing so, it spins more and more in terms of trying to figure out something when it has lost the natural aspect that enables it to know.

And so we are kind of left with a few tools to try to play with, you know, in terms of trying to awaken the higher self. Prayer is one, meditation is another, in that they point to something more, but we have such a feeble connection to that because we exist in the manifestation loci in which our senses point out, 99.99% of the time, a certain way of having to function, and if we don’t function that way your body will suffer because it has a physical orientation to this kind of dumbed-down, lower-self nature. So, to begin with, that something more that is more is just deemed to be anotherness that we can’t hold onto, or even see.

Now a means has been devised to try to help bridge the gap more than just through prayer and meditation, and, for the Naqshbandis and the Chistis, they use the dhikr, that is energized, or magnetized, to the breath so that the human being is able to find a way of being energized that is outside of the flickerings of the mind senses.

Or, I call it, the Jinn out-breath because we all are so much bigger than what we realize, and we come down through, and have in our nature have fallen with thought processes that are aspected to the Jinn out-breath, and then we’re taking that and finding that we are playing with thought-upon-thought, as an orientation on the plane of sound, as opposed to light-upon-light. And so we need the light-upon-light to get back to God.

The out-breath that comes down into a reflective denseness finds this lower self, as a plane that it has created with the thought-upon-thought, as a sense orientation which is self-limiting and, as a consequence, because so much of who we really are has been estranged, we go into distress. The distress is accentuated when the heart vies for a greater inner angelic plane experience of light, but can’t find it.

Consequently, if the heart, in our orientation in the manifestation, can’t find it, neither can the so-called world’s soul of manifestation get out of its strange predicaments being on a kind of breaking down because it sits just reflectively, instead of inflectively, to where a change can happen on the plane of light.

And the plane of light is considered a plane of the angelic, so on the in-breath you could even say that, at the higher part of the in-breath, is the angelic, just like you could say on the higher part of the out-breath you go through the thoughts that come up that keep pulling you down, down, down that goes through the Jinn quality.

So the mind senses of the Jinn out-breath must stop and reach a magnetism, or access, because as they’re coming down they lose the magnetism, and the speeded up, and the light and whatnot, from which they come. And when you become dull, and dumb, and asleep enough, you have no idea of what you left behind, and thus the consequence of what has happened is that the light has become hidden in matter and needs to be freed, and that quality of something hidden in matter is considered feminine.

Just like the in-breath is considered feminine, the out-breath is considered masculine. When we learn the magnetism, how to magnetize back, go back to a greater speed, more light, we do that by charging the breath, instead of just taking the breath and letting it be slapped around unconsciously as we fumble about in the plane of manifestation. We have to bootstrap ourselves by developing something that takes us outside of the constant thought process by magnetizing something of the breath, and that magnification takes us back into the plane, and points us back to the plane, of light.

A traveling that finds a home, at the in-breath/out-breath interval, then becomes the cycle of creation, although first you have the traveling away from God as the out-breath, the traveling towards God as the in-breath, the traveling in God when you get to the point where you’re hitting the stillness.

So such a journey takes in all of the levels of our beingness, and frees us to follow the heart that, in the inner, is accentuated more and more by a magnetism in-breath to angelic light freed from the out-breath momentum of thoughts. I mean you go beyond just the angelic, too, because the angelic still is like a light-upon-light in reverence to something, but then there’s the stillness that’s above that. Or, as is commonly said, the place on the breath where the in-breath turns to the out-breath. To be able to go back and forth through the various planes of light and sound is all there is.

Sensation of meditation dream: The sensation is that there is an emptiness in which everything is everything, and it is as it is, and there is no need for more or for less. The heart embraces all there is as being all there is, a soothingly, still peace and rest. Thoughts do not exist. And then I suppose you could say, you know, before the in-breath turns to the out-breath, who knows what that’s like, but along the way there’s a light-upon-light.

Such an exercise is an attempt to use the laws of the heart for guidance.

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12-sBeing human puts us in a unique position: we are able to bring higher, finer, energies into the coarser physical realms. Nothing else can do that, and it is part of our birthright and possibility, not to mention an aspect of our ability to serve something higher than ourselves. And this is where our consciousness and freedom of choice become interesting, because each of us can be the access way for different energies, because of our passions, intentions, and actions. In this way, what we can offer the universe is completely individual and unique. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream, I am seeking to determine from the other zones, in other words or levels or whatever you want to call them, how something is going on, or what is going on. An imbalance in that regard exists in the physical world.

I’m not trying to figure out the inner essence like you’re doing. I’m not trying to figure that imbalance out. I’m instead interested in the inner level, or levels, and how to recognize that, or perhaps even fix that if something needs to be fixed. If I see the same imbalance in the reflective outer I ponder what that might be in terms of what is really going on on the inner.

So when I stare in the inner, to the degree to which I’m ungrounded or something in the outer, and dismiss the outer, I’m finding myself trying to see the little equivocation or imbalanced note that I’m able to pick up, I’m trying to see that on the inner. And then when I see something that seems a little equivocated on the inner, I try to look even further on the inner.

So I’m going from level, to level, to level all the way to the point where eventually it gets to be too much to take in and so I never get the job done. In other words, in the dream, I’m not able to determine why the issue is a problem on the inner levels. I say inner levels because it seems that there was no simple explanation for why something was amiss from any level that I accessed.

The significance is what is interesting is that I was intent upon focusing my attention upon what was going on, in the inner planes of life instead of the outer. I was so intent in this approach that the outer detail is virtually forgotten. I would look and look at the nuances on a given inner level to no avail, as I would realize at some point that a resolution was yet from a still deeper inner level – and on and on it went.

Each step took me more and more into this subtle intangible, further away from visually understanding upon the lower planes of manifestation, of which upon the planes of manifestation I’m being dismissive, even though that’s where I am finding myself is on the physical plane of manifestation, as I am looking to see what is going on in terms of the inner coming into the outer.

And so what I’m noticing is that, when I probe deeper, what is inclined to happen is I even start letting go of some of the prior inner levels in which there can be a kind of experientiality that maybe can be graspable in terms of whatever the imbalance is, and instead I just feel the imbalance or the offness on some of the inner levels. And so I just keep trying to get subtler and subtler in my more transcendent way.

So what is going on is the dismissiveness I have on the planes of manifestation correspond, you know, because if I have that lack of focus there, I will have that lack of focus on the inner, so they correspond to the inner aspect as well. I must look at that and, if I do, I realize that the imbalance here is echoing from yet a deeper level of my beingness.

In other words, if I’m properly grounded that’s not so, but if I’m a little ungrounded then everything stays ungrounded as far and however you look. So the result of the seeking is I am taking the position, and it’s the wrong position to take, of course, but to understand the denser levels I have to go to the inner source. In other words, not realizing that you can peek behind the curtains and see that here, and that’s what’s called getting grounded or being here now.

I’m finding that this approach takes me to more and more intangible inner levels that, as they get my attention, I realize I have to go even deeper into the inner for the reason behind it all to be revealed. A point is reached where I realize that what I seek on the inner is ungraspable because the inner goes on and on, and there is no inner essence part that I can say, ahh-hah, this is it, and everything now makes sense.

So the meaning is, what I seek to know is like saying I am God, and I have a right to know the innermost aspects of the spirit and soul. What I am finding out is that I could access the unfolding inner will, but I am not able at a given point of overall beingness to be the epicenter, or the Will of God, per se. Or, to put it another way, try as I might to explain what is going on upon the inner planes of access, I cannot. These inner planes just go on and on, one subtler level after another.

So the hint is, what good is access to such levels if I do not accept and deal correspondingly with how it is that I am in the outer – and what that is about? I access the will in the outer and it is not really any different than the inner levels, except that this physical plane is where I am at and, as a result, on this level the Will of God is presenting itself reflectively, right in front of me, and is including me in this denser outer process.

So the reason for the dream is, I am being shown that when I dismiss, or disregard, the outer reflective flow, this same ungroundedness demeanor shows up on each corresponding inner level, and the pattern goes on and on within. The Sufi statement of accepting the directive of what God wants and designs as the will for the sake of a home promised on the inner, which is meant to give you both, is as good as it gets in terms of me being able to see around the denser curtains, so to speak, to the inner will; denser curtains, or the fabric of physical existence.

And also the meaning is that I am not accepting, in the outer, all aspects of the Will of God and, as a result, am not able to be at peace in the outer – or any inner level, for that matter, because it goes on and on. You just never get there.

The path to the Kingdom of Heaven, as the saying goes, goes through the densest of all planes. The densest of all planes is physical manifestation. I know this, and it is for that reason that I am here. So the joke is, is that in seeking to understand the outer physical reflective state care must be taken to not annihilate and, by association, dismiss what is going on in the outer. To do so is to be ungrounded, and to be ungrounded like that is to be not attentive to my beingness here as a beingness that is intertwined to the inner, and to the outer, or the above. I am not able to give up one for the other. I need what is going on here for an appreciative correspondence.

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