The Opposite of Action

stillnessIt might be useful to think of ourselves as processors of energy: we generate energy internally, we come in contact with the energies of others and of the local environment, and we are affected by larger energies of the planet itself, the sun’s radiations, and the cosmic energy of the universe as well. Yet we are not batteries, per se, we do not hold these energies. We run them through us and only keep what is nutritional, in an energetic way. The rest we release. This process keeps us clean and functional for what is next. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, the reason why you couldn’t remember your dreams last night was you didn’t realize what the theme was. And the theme was to be able to let go of all parts of yourself in order to be in a true state of emptiness. 

And that whenever you held on to any kind of identification of yourself, it’s the fact that you hold on to some sort of aspect, or quality, of yourself, that you have the fodder, or the substance, for a dream. 

And so, when we dream, even though we take and look at a quality of the overlay of an emptiness, we still can see, for example, qualities of something in the out-breath or the in-breath, and, therefore, there is a substance in that that may be within the manner of emptiness or stillness, but still something equivocating in some regard. 

And so, the theme of the dreaming had to do with not having something there where you could buy into it, or get caught up in it, in some regard, that would cause an abstraction to exist. The scenario that triggered such a quality as the theme was the scenario in which one was sitting in the face of energetics that had a certain quickened quality to them, with a degree of letting-go humbleness.

The secret to the dreaming was, because there was that prevalent, there was the need to look inside oneself and know how to invisibilize, and know how to not have something that could be drawn out in some capacity that would be there for a kind of identification, because every identification results, then, in there being a part of one’s personality, or nature, that gets drawn out of the stillness. 

So what one was looking at was a type of stillness, in which one had to be in, that was quiet, that was the exact opposite of action. So, to take and to see that this is what was going on is very, very, very hard to report because you might have innocuous images, but you don’t have anything of any consequence, streamed together, as a vibration, that depicts something unfolding.

It’s like a bubble, like a Rumi poem where there’s this bubble on the ocean, and from that froth is something that is a rising up of a distinction from the depths, something that has not yet been totally absolved in the ocean of the infinitude of it all. And it is from that froth that it says that a human being can come into existence, and be, you know, to have to live something, and to carry out something. 

And so, the key is, when you are in a situation in which you are presented with this sort of thing, are you able to handle what you are presented with in a situation in which you are able to take a step back, and, so to speak, invisibilize oneself, or let go, in a way, so that there isn’t something that is triggered, or animated, or activated? Because when somehow one is triggered, or animated, or activated it is from that triggering, and from that activation, that there is an abstraction that one then has to contend with.

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Adjusting Accordingly

23deb58Have you noticed that dreams almost always have some aspect of travel in them? It can be in a vehicle, or on foot, with others or alone, but we always seem to be going somewhere, or trying to get somewhere. And that should tell us something about our unconscious processes that understand that we are on a journey all the days of our lives, and our dream images offer a road map, and guidance, and rest stops, and helpful hints for this journey all along the way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream it’s like I’ve gone back to New York and, in outer reality in New York, there’s a couple that had personal growth seminars, I used to help organize, that I had a falling out with.

And, in the dream, I’ve gone back to visit them, and I even go in and they’re beginning to organize seminars again, and I just kind of sit with them, and watch, or visit a little, and then I leave. And you and I are together, and we come out west, and first we’re traveling around west, maybe we’ve stopped a bit in California.

And then the woman shows up. She was under the impression that we were going to go to San Diego and organize for them again, or I was. And I explained, no, you know, we’re not getting re-involved or any of that, and we’re actually going to the Northwest, we have just been visiting. But she leaves, and I see that after she leaves that what she had done is she had left on the table some envelopes, and one was from her husband, and the other was from her, and it was the income they had received for the seminar they had just run in New York.

John: The dream is very cryptic in that you use New York as an example of taking a kind of step back, but it’s not the kind of step back that goes into such a denseness that you aren’t able to notice, or to watch, or to see in some capacity what is going on.

So the idea of going back to New York to take in something that is a seminar, in relationship to something in the past, is not a whole lot different than having to be in manifestation in which there are the ideas of life, of mankind, that are being perpetrated upon the whole.

You realize that things have to be put into a motion where there can be an unfoldment, instead of a manipulation based upon the ideals of something that had come up by the way and mannerisms of the powers that be, or of something that is established, or appears to be established as having entered into manifestation in this regard – by traveling to the west. And in such a journey you’re moving towards the completion of a process, and you’re utilizing some of the principles… In other words, you’re just not bambling about in life, you’re utilizing some of the principles of an aspect of an inner beingness because you’re also, in going to the west, you’re going the north, as well.

And the north is the spiritual center. It’s not going to the southwest, which is a delving into the crux of things. It’s nice to be able to go to the southwest where you delve into the crux of things, but that’s not something everybody dare try do. Sometimes you have to take and go a little bit towards just trying to awaken something, as well as journey along, and not necessarily have to do something which the southwest would have be implying.

So what your dream is doing is it’s giving you information in terms of what is going on in relationship to what can seem rather bewildering – in terms of a day-to-day, up and down – and it’s giving you this information almost from an overall kind of perspective of things.

The difference between this dream is again it has an overallness because I’m looking at the idiosyncrasies unfolding. That perspective, as I come to see it, is almost as if something is looking down, or coming through, as a counterbalancing awakening, when in your case it’s just an orientation, it’s just an atmosphere change, going from something that is projected in the east of one’s past.

Now what’s interesting, too, is your approach. This approach seems to know how to handle things with greater dexterity than the approach of how I’m looking at it, which seems to incur more of a direct impact in terms of how things are, and thus hits levels of pain. In your particular case, in an overallness you kind of have an overall sense of what isn’t right, and move, and adjust, accordingly – without having the specifics of the impact to have to contend with.

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Yet to be Determined

CrossroadsWe all have milestone goals for our life: graduate, job, love, family, home, etc. And we imagine them as finish lines, as in: If I just get that, then… But, of course, we find out in every instance that what we thought was the goal line has become the starting point for the reality ahead. Such as: how do we keep our job, make our family thrive, or find happiness? In each moment we have a choice to make, and usually one direction is in support of what we truly want, and the other is not. And it’s not always easy to choose what we really want and forego what we think we want. That’s when it’s good to understand, and choose, what we really want to become in the end. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It felt like I really struggled last night, like I was trying to pull something through that wouldn’t quite come through, and it made me really hot and my muscles were all achy. So, between the two, it felt like it interfered somewhat with the dreams, like with pulling out the dreams.

And in my last dream it was like I was working. Wherever I was I was nearby to this little shop, or place where people came and got gas or something, and when I would go over there it’s like I might get like some part-time work because I would just happen to know how to do something and I didn’t seem to need to do more because I had a little bit of money coming in from a lottery I had won. It might not be much, but it was enough to get by with.

But it was like things were there, but not in a way and I really understood it. It was like when things came they always came in the moment. And before that I don’t remember that much of the dream because it felt like I was just struggling physically in it.

John: Well, what your dream is portraying is it’s putting you into a described position that you have naturally caught up with, and it’s both positive and negative.

The positive effect is that it’s the flow-through of something that comes from the past as if, you know, this is something that is there that has come through, and can come through. It’s got the sense of say maybe a lottery quality to it in that you don’t necessarily do anything for it to be there for you, and yet it’s something that you’re able to denote. That’s the positive quality.

The negative quality is that now that that has reached a particular point that something more, whatever the something more potentiality is, is yet to be determined. In other words, I would say that this is kind of like a dream that indicates that a person catches up with a certain quality of where they may have left off in terms of their soul development. And, in terms of this opening up and coming through for them, it can feel like they don’t have to do anything, it just naturally comes through.

It’s as if they have already achieved something, or they have already done something, to win the lottery of this sort of effect. And so that is what is being visualized for you and, I would also say that, on an energetic level, you’re being tweaked in terms of something else yet, because that’s how it is for me. That, okay, this is the point, this is bringing everything to an exclamation point, and now it’s as if the game is on, and the combinational variables of traits, and qualities, have been brought into the forefront, have been brought through to a point where now they can be put into an unfolding octave that all of those components that have come together, over the course of time of the journey of the soul, or however you’d say it, are now at a point where that has gotten to where something more can now take place.

And I would say that this is kind of like a type of information that’s like a racing forward, that often happens at the end of a person’s life, as their soul is reaching to a actualization, or a realization, for having made the journey into the outer. That’s how I would say that it is inclined to be, in terms of most people, but I would say that the vibration of this feels a little different in that it implicates and suggests something more – even though one doesn’t know precisely what that something more is because it’s not laid out in black-and-white terms.

All that’s shown is something that reaches a particular kind of crescendo unfoldment of a seeingness of traits, and aspects, of self. And then when one catches up with that, then it’s left as yet an open book in terms of what is to transpire from there. In other words, one’s just given the information, so to speak, and then with the information what you feel compelled to do with it is a whole other story.

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