Zooming In

cliffgirlAnn has two iconic dreams while on vacation, one of a being at the edge of a high cliff above the ocean, and then a chase dream. Here John shows how these dreams are connected and offering an important understanding and guidance for where she is in her life – both in the outer world and on her inner journey – bridging the higher and the lower.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Ann: I just remembered a dream now, from when I was on the trip. I’m at the very peak of this cliff, and it’s almost like it’s way, way, way up at the top of this hill. And there’s this cliff and I’m standing there, and below me is the ocean and the ocean waves. 

You can hear them kind of lapping up on the sides of this big, long, steep cliff, and I’m just standing there and I remember the image of I’m in this long, kind of flowing gown. I think it was almost white, or like a soft white, and it was kind of flowing in the breezes that were blowing on my face. And I had this long hair and just was standing there and just, you know, an awe moment or something. 

I remember that image from one of the dreams.

John: Yeah, that’s obviously where you have to pull the two together. You can’t stay way up there.

Ann: When I woke up that’s exactly what I said, you gotta come down.

John: Yeah, but how do you come down – because it’s just a straight cliff, too?

Ann: Oh, that’s funny.

John: Was there a beach below, or is it just the waves lapping up next to it?

Ann: All I remember is, you know, knowing that there was this big steep kind of cliff and it was rocky and that there was like a sheer short of a drop off kind of thing all the way down, and then you could see the ocean waves just sort of coming up on the sides of this.

John: Actually that’s better that way. If you’d have had a beach down below you’d have had to worry about a little spiritual illusion. Here it’s just left raw.

Ann: And now I just remembered images of another dream I had there. But one was a chase dream and I remember that; I guess two separate parts to this chase dream. 

In this first part it was like there was a group of us and we were in some kind of a confined area and we had to get out. We knew we had to get onto this other area and we were being chased, by men I think that were like in black and, you know, they were chasing us and we were kind of hiding.

So somehow we went outside and we were able to get to this area that connected. There was like a connector there, and so then we went into this other area and we were all kind of still, you know, running and all of a sudden the, you know, we realized that the people who were chasing up weren’t there anymore and, that we were okay then.

John: That’s important in remembering your dreams, like when you go through something like this is, those two dreams are meant to work together. And if you remember just the one, or you just take on a type of sensation of the chase dream, this can blur you.

In other words, it can strike as if it’s a step backwards in terms of another point in time, in terms of how you were, you know, when you used to have those kinds of dreams regularly. And now all of a sudden you go out on something like this that’s exciting and you have a dream like that. A part of your psyche, unintended of course, but it can happen, can say, uh-oh, I’m doing something haywire.

These kinds of dreams are part of a good beginners path. You know, these are earlier dreams. You know, this is supposed to be wonderful and now I’m having a chase dream; I wonder what’s haywire here?

But the dreams are meant to work together and it’s at a different phase. In other words, you’re at a phase of something having to open up, something to have to be assimilated, having to close the depths of something on high with that down below.

In other words, pull the two together as a oneness, as a wholeness. And to the degree that that raging water down below in the ocean is not something that you can quite do, and you stay up on high, then you trigger the chase things because some part of yourself is missing.

The thing is, is then you have to put it into the scenario, and the scenario is that you’re on a trip in which you’re attempting to access something that’s memorable vibrationally. That is important to an aspect of an awakening that happens energetically when you go visit ruins or grave sites or whatever. There’s kind of an epiphany of something that’s still lingering.

So you go there. A part of you is upset because it’s a pull, it’s a reason why you’re there and a huge component of that is not able to happen. And so you fight this, you know, complaining at the desk and this, that, and the other, if there’s a way that this can happen yet, and that mannerism is a mannerism on the mountaintop.

And the water down below is the pulling of it together to be able to bring that out. You’re not quite able to bring that out. So as you’re doing that, as you’re complaining, as they’re not able to make it happen, you’re pushed away.

The pushing away is not that different from the chase scene. You know you just simulated it in another motif. When you have a dream like this and then you put it together in the part of a context, what it triggers in you is the sensation and need to, as you were saying, go back and pick up that thread. You went to the kitchen for juice and you didn’t get it.

And see some part of you already knew what this all meant because you were already conjuring how it is that you can go back and how you would redesign the trip in order to accentuate now what you’re really interested in there.

Yes, the snorkeling is nice and yes, going up to this island with the people that didn’t quite fit in that had been transplanted and learned how to cope that was neat to see, but this is what touches you.

You’ve zoomed in. So you’re zooming in to be able to bring in the ocean. It’s an aspect, it’s a piece of bringing in the ocean for you. 

Ann: Oh, that’s interesting.

John: But the thing is you remember, and you then go back and you pick up. What’s interesting about it even happening in the way that it happened is it kind of supports what’s evolved, too. In other words, even though you didn’t bring that into an eye and ear presence directly as a knowingness, it’s still there in an unconscious way. You are still recognizing that you’re pulled to have to go back because something didn’t quite click or happen.

And where did you get that idea from? If we’re living in an inner and an outer world you could say hey, those two dreams had something to do with it. It was in the vibration of those dreams. You know, it’s another evidentiary proof of how the innerness directs everything, and we just keep and look at this reflectively in the outer and say hey, this is what’s going on.

You’ve got to be darn careful there because you’re meant to be able to flip that into the counterclockwise and realize that it is coming from the inner. It’s not coming from your bumping into things on the street.

That direct relating, as if it’s all outer oriented, gets you in trouble. It bores you. It stifles the ability to dream. You’re insulting the intelligence of who you really are. 

Now think of this from the level of the soul, how this has got to be such a mess for the soul, because here the soul wants you to have this whole essence of yourself in everything – past, present, and future. 

And here you are bounded in a human body with the senses that pick up mud puddle stuff – and you’re having to drink that. And you’re having to tell the soul to get out of the way – quit messing. That’s making a joke out of the inner coming into the outer, or the outer scolding the inner somehow – and it scolds itself right into stupidity.

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