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bigboaEverything we see in creation, where does it come from? Well, we can say that it comes from the Big Bang event, but what we really need to contemplate is the idea that it comes from something higher. After all, it is always: energy first, then matter, so everything that is seen has come from a more refined, purer state. And, in a way of thinking about it, we are trying to reconnect ourselves with that purer state, because what we are knows and recognizes where we come from, just like anything that is born recognizes its mother. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My meditation dream kind of set the tone, in that, in the meditation dream, I suddenly have this inflection, in the meditation dream itself, in which I know that it is not possible for there to be anything in the reflective that is greater than the inner before me as manifestation.

In other words, what I’m trying to say here is when I look around, and I see whatever it is that I see going on around me, I can’t quite buy into anything that I see happening around me because, deep down, I know that it wouldn’t be there unless there was some other deeper stillness that it had risen up from.

So when I see something going on in manifestation, no matter how subtly it appears, there’s like a code language inside of me that says, okay, the corollary to that is a deeper stillness from which that rises. In other words, the outer way of being, the personal way of being, would be to act as if what one sees happening in the world around them is distinguished in some fashion, or greater than kind of a overall beingness or something. But, deep down, I know, how can that be?

It can’t be, it’s just a reflective, it’s just a flicker of a reflective that has come out of this overall beingness, and I just need to take it back to see that which is the essence, because it’s just the reflection of the essence, and the closest we get is, how pure of a reflection can it be, in relationship to the essence?

But it cannot be greater than the essence. All it can do is always approximate the essence; the essence is always something more, because this is always just a reflection. So, as a consequence, I know that manifestation is a reflection, like I say, of the vibrations, out of the stillness, and that this is a universal truth. A singular beingness is the stillness. Or, to put it another way, stillness is a universal truth in a nothing but nothingness.

And so when you look at all of the things that show up in manifestation, like cancer, or diabetes, or any other vibrational-affected condition, are arising up from the natural state of stillness, and manifestation is a kind of reverse-engineered stillness; by reverse engineered, it’s like the stillness is just naturally there and then out of that something bifurcates that exists. So it’s a reverse-engineered stillness that exists reflectively to portray the rising up, or the coming up, or the equivocation of a vibratoriness from the all-pervading essence of stillness.

Knowing this, whenever I see a reflection, knowing that this is how it is, I’d be this lightbulb moment instead of going down the state of something that’s going on inside of me and reporting back on that. Instead, I kind of stop myself because I know that the reflection I am perceiving is coming from the stillness.

So, okay, that’s the deeper thing to come to know, because I know that it makes no sense to settle for manifestation. In other words, the portrayals of manifestation, as if that is all there is. So I pause. And in pausing, I experience stillness. I know that the stillness is the end all, be all. That’s the graveyard for vibrations as they go back to their home, or to their source.

So, what I am saying is, the dream I am having as manifestation is sight and sound that does not really exist when in a pure stillness. In my meditation dream, I had image after image of things appearing to be going on that, deep down, I didn’t bite, or go into and try to describe – because they’re not real, because I am aware that such images are reflections, and reflections are manifestation.

Meaning: manifestation is a motion coming out of the stillness. A motion coming out of a stillness is a vibration. A vibration lives as manifestation. To go home is to go back to our essence – which is pure stillness.

So, when I woke up from my meditation dream, I was prepared to describe the vibratory state I went off into. I paused, as I knew deep down that this is nothing more than a state or states. That my true station is the one being stillness. I pause because deep down I know that I am not interested in settling for second-hand reports. Or, to say the same thing in another way, every state is a second-hand report of a vibration rising up from the station of oneness. If the station of oneness is stillness, as our birthright, then the journey from the alone to the alone is an essencing of stillness.

So, a punch line could be (could be many punch lines), but a punch line could be: so when a person makes what is deemed to be a profound statement, behind this, that kind of causes something to jerk and note that something more is going on, behind this statement are levels upon levels of thinking that’s brought to rest.

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As Above So Below-Vandorn-HinnantThe recent theme has been about reaction actions or, said another way, how our established patterns veer us off from our connection to the Whole. We all have such patterns, triggered as defense mechanisms or fears, etc., but here John describes how our interaction with the physical world is really a dialogue with the universe, which, with the right conscious awareness, can bring us closer to the ways of what is unfolding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the next dream, there’s a woman who keeps projecting a mannerism that purports to be okay. When I see her as weakened, or sick, I assume that this is just a passing mannerism, because I also see her as projecting herself to be okay. 

So another person I know is able to help her out, because he notices the condition and is readily responsive to the need – but I don’t emulate that. I keep thinking and assuming that it’s all passing. Therefore I don’t necessarily respond in the moment, because I am seeing the condition as not that big a deal. 

This other person doesn’t have that demeanor, and isn’t distracted. This person is able to drop whatever he is doing, and however he happens to be at a given point in time, to be receptive to the situation. 

In the dream the situation occurs twice. The first time I am too busy to notice. The guy is able to, as I’m even responding to him, he has even recognized, well, I am on some tangent in my nature. The first time I notice this I feel an embarrassment by such lack of connective awareness. The second time this happens, I am in the scenario, and do not see the reaching out.  

In other words, the reaching out from the woman. In other words, she’s doing it quietly. This guy steps forward to respond to the call for help that I miss yet again.

The meaning of this is, the theme of the dreams last night dealt with the reactions actions of our nature. In the first dream, I am shown that I am unable to appreciate an empty space within, if I am always responding reflectively.

In the second dream I am shown that I am not able to be where needed when my attention is concerned in some way or another. The dream embarrasses me by pointing out how unreceptive I am when I am on a side tangent.

This last one looks kind of different, but what it is is it’s a break from a rigidity pattern where you have to simply get it – and break the pattern. So I’m looking at a series of entries that are like what you see in a check register, except this is a long column on a single page. You know, columns with entries.

There is one line left at the bottom of the page for another entry, but it’s a little bit like a checkbook where every line is about something that has to be paid for and dealt with. The entry that is anticipated on this line is more of the same like what’s above.

And, of course, that’s how I’ve been making the entries. They all have to do with give and take on things. I know something needs to change, and I wake up realizing that what is needed is a cash out entry. That would complete the above, so that top to bottom it zeros out.

The meaning is I am using this image as a get-off answer to the treadmill of reaction action. I can feel the quietness of this way of letting go. The way that fits of course with the dream before is, until you do that, you’re always going to have the reaction action of the pulse of things, and you’re not going to be able to recognize the subtleness of things around you, the inflections of things around you, that you need to be attentive to.

You’re only going to be responding to the obvious as an understanding that rises up inside of you, instead of taking into account the greater Wholeness, and all the other levels that are there, as well, which aren’t being taken into account if you’re just responding to your synapses.

A human being, he has a huge problem here because he’s in a human body that’s taking all these blows, and those blows carry memories, and those memories carry inflections, and reflections, and all of that also is part of higher self and all of that gets fed to you.

And so you create a collage with that, and you find yourself responding, and the tendency, because you’re coming off of the senses and stuff, your tendency is to stay very linear, and you do a lot of damage that way because you miss, then, where your attention and your closeness needs to be in terms of the greater Whole.

And there’s a greater closeness in the greater Whole, too, when you take into account all the levels because there’s appreciation, and there’s a graciousness. There’s a deep touching that exists when you see that that’s all naturally meant to be like that. And you suffer when you are off on some tangential resolution, as if you have a right to make tangential resolutions that are black-and-white.

You need to go from that, all the way to the subtle. You need to take all of it into account simultaneously. That’s the play. The quietness is still the quietness, even though it inflected something into, and caused a creation to be there. It’s still a quietness. It’s still a joke. It’s still just a flicker that’s done there in order to create a wave, or something, that wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the flicker, but it’s still a quietness.

The key is, just because it took and threw this curve that you identified and got lost in the curve, you accept the curve. The curve is you as well. This curve has been thrown out, and at the same time you backdoor the curve all the way to the point of the quietness again. And so it’s all a joke.

It’s all kind of a big laugh. It’s kind of like no different than a person who cracks these jokes. They go along, and everything is serious, and they can’t handle the seriousness, so they crack a joke. And that joke is a curve to the whole situation that’s in front of you, and you’re supposed to let go, and lighten up, and be able to laugh at it because it’s just a curve.

So we have this going on all the time, even in the outer in terms of our correlations back and forth with each other, and yet the big each other is a Oneness that’s with this whole dialogue of the Whole. And we get lost in the reactions, and the reactions cause us to get narrow, and when we get narrow, we lose the bigger schematic.

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In a spiritual journey, we seek to let go, more and more, of the ego aspects of our lives, as a way to surrender to our higher selves, to our higher connections. Here, John’s dream shows him being pursued, but by an invisible pursuer who can track his every move. There’s no escape. It’s a struggle between keeping oneself separate, or integrating into the Oneness of everything. Our higher self knows, even when we aren’t fully conscious of what we still cling to for a sense of safety. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream, I have to creep through the nuances that throw me around at the beginning, in order to catch up with the fact that I have this understanding underneath it all.

In my dream, I find that I am running away from a pursuer. This pursuer is a long way back. In other words, it’s like I’m on the opposite edge of town, and there’s a way that I can look across to the far, far hillside on the other side of town.

And there’s a speck that you could see on this hillside, and I know that that small speck, that you can’t actually make out, is the pursuer coming. This town is sitting in a very mountainous area, down low in a crevice, and on this far side is this huge mountain.

I have a friend with me, as well as a dog that I have as a companion, To my friend I point out that there’s the pursuer, I can see him. Now, I also know that this pursuer has a telescopic camera and he uses this camera to sweep the area, taking pictures. And then he studies those pictures to see if there is anything out of order.

He’s exceptionally good at this because he can tell the slightest little thing that’s out of balance, and that enables him to zoom in on me. And so when I see him of course I can step back behind the building again. He’s looking for the slightest little thing that’s out of semblance, and from there he’ll get his clue as to how to catch up with me.

This dog I have with me suddenly gets on a type of water scooter and he goes scooting up and down the creek. I say to my friend, “Will this guy with the telescope, will he recognize the vehicle as something that belongs to me?”

My friend says yes, so I realize the dog has given us away. Another friend inside, so to speak -because that’s what a dog is – has kind of given me away. I realize that part of me is out in the open, so I have to abandon it. So before the dog comes back, I immediately cross the street with my friend because I see the side hill at that far edge of town that one can climb up on.

There’s a building built right next to this rock ledge that we need to get up on, so we climb up on the side of the building, up on the top of the building, as we proceed to make our exit up that mountainside.

On top of this old building are a number of old guard dogs that are sleeping, and we don’t seem to disturb them. And then there’s this mangy, skinny, bloodied-looking dog that won’t leave us alone, so I kill it with a pitchfork.

I ask my friend if that will be a clue to the pursuer, and he says yes. As I continue on with my friend I realize that whatever it is that I do, I’m unable to seem to hide everything from being visualized, or seen, or recognized.

I wake up hyperventilating a bit like I’m out of breath; I am in an intense state of apprehension. In other words, how do you pull this off? Every little thing you do creates something.

The scenario for the dream is, what I’m feeling that is triggering this dream, is I spent today amidst the Sufis. They’re very conscious but they act kind of stupid at times, and it bugs me a little bit, so I kind of play act and go along with that. But deep down I know that I’m leaking, that the inner secrets of my mannerisms is only pretentious because I know when I’m talking to someone I am not actually able to be myself, and my normal self would ignore them, not even deal with them.

I don’t really relate to them so what the heck, at least not on the outer level of appearances. This sets up this quality where I’m always hiding something and I find myself getting into conversations that I consider meaningless, and the insights I offer provide clues to where my perception is really at, which isn’t their perception necessarily, because I don’t necessarily go along with how they approach, or are going through life. And whatever I might say only disturbs because, so what, they have their perceptions so what.

To the degree that I vary my nature, just a single iota, where even though I say and act one way, I’m still seeing myself as separate; I’m not buying what they say 100%. And those who I am around, I also see as being like spies because they have this higher self that sees through all of that, and no matter how I think I am, I can’t hide from this higher self of theirs. I am exposed.

This exists because there’s this inner connection and flow that is visible and all-inclusive as an inner consciousness. So as I notice inside me the little vagaries that are irresponsible and not as real as I would like them to be, this is a leaking. It’s a leaking to their higher self, to their intuition, or however you would describe that.

They can pick up on that, maybe not at the time, but when they settle back and go into that space, they know, because those subtle clues expose me. So no matter how careful I am, and what I devise within, or come up with as a pretentious awareness, or even revealing bits and pieces of what I see in terms of the outer, that they may not see, this sight somehow is actually meaningless because it’s a manifestation. And it flipped back on me and everything I feel and project is made known in this all-pervasive seeing light of overall consciousness.

In my dream I know I cannot hide, that my pursuer is just too skillful and, no matter what I do, I am leaving energetic ripples that tell on me. In other words, the higher self can know, and I can’t be subtle enough. My issues leak out. And because these irresponsible mannerisms lack the truly sincere and gracious openness and inner connection to all there is, in some manner or another, I am tracking myself down with these vagaries.

As a meaning then, deep down, I can’t hide from myself. I am everywhere and I am in all things, even though I like to pretend otherwise as I remain in some cognition or another I still think belongs to me – although inwardly I know this to be untrue. So I’m telling myself that deep down I also know I can’t do that.

In other words, my higher self is telling me, I’m not getting away with that, because it shows; it shows on the higher-self level. And it’s only a matter of time before all of my inhibitions, that show on all these other, higher-self levels, find me out.

I can be as creative as I want, using my freedom of choice to conceal my true whereabouts, but in a world of Oneness this is always visible. The consciousness of all there is resides within me, and I am not able to hide from myself. It is this friend of my true self that will always find me out.

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