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consciousnessWhen we talk about oneness, we rarely consider the intelligences that we would gain by being in sync with what is unfolding. Because such an integration would be a connection into the fabric of life, and once we are part of the fabric of life, we would understand where it is headed and better be able to go with that flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Okay, so in my meditation dream I’m discovering that in a dreamworld where there are subtle inner influences at work behind the scene of things, it is possible to sense the forces trying to shape and manifest into life. It is possible to notice where, in other words inside one’s self a person recognizes this pressure, in other words, a pressure that is from within, or a movement or however you would say it.

The way you sense it is this sort of thing doesn’t quite resonate to however it is that you would normally be putting your intention. That’s how you recognize it, so you know that something else is emerging. It is not necessary for an event to fully evolve to get it because from within it is possible to sense an inner process trying to have its way over an unfolding outcome. So in other words, if you sense it you can go with it. You don’t have to necessarily know where it goes, you just know that what exists is not what you fuel or pay attention to. You pay attention to what’s coming through.

So in the dream I’m noticing that I carry a focus or a purpose or something, or something in terms of what is to be. Some part of me seems to already know what is coming. As a result, when I come up short in a dream in which where all things are taken into account as being equal, the intended result is not what the imagination is hoping for.

To keep from being left behind and awkwardly out of flow with the inner situation, it is important to let go of self-limiting nuances of my pent-up nature. To apprehend the inner unfolding from the sensation I have to unveil the mannerisms that stand in place and, when I do, it’s almost like that opens up the prophetic side of myself that is able to perceive and go beyond what is a harboring of a pent-up suspense. The part of my consciousness that is able to put my finger upon what is unfolding and when is the dream space and prophecy.

Meaning: to sense in the dreamworld that there is a part of myself that I am able to sense is coming, but isn’t ready to be here yet, is to come closer and closer to seeing the unseen outside of time. To do that with a clear groundedness is to be able to foresee the future. The dreams of sensations that hearken to a process lying within is what this dream is about. The challenge I am presented with is to catch up with this inner unfoldment with a clear and succinct, oriented knowingness.

This dream may sound really peculiar, but there’s a lot going on in it. It’s portraying how something really is at in relationship to myself and others, or the dream group, or however.

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John: This dream starts off with me seated at a table, casually working on something. Someone comes up and questions what I’m doing. Their questioning attitude trips a vibration in which I suddenly realize that it’s five after eight in the morning and I’ve agreed to meet a woman (someone I know in real life) at a restaurant at 8:05am.

I think to cancel because it was her idea to get together, and I can feel the heaviness of how the meeting will be. But out of respect for her I agreed to do it.

So I race over and get to the restaurant and get there at about 8:15. I’m in line, thinking she’s inside the restaurant somewhere, but all of a sudden I hear her voice speaking into a phone somewhere behind me.

She’s being loud and disruptive, and I can hear that she’s putting the blame for something on someone else. It sounded like she was trying to find out where I was, or at least that’s how I took it vibrationally. My sense is that she thinks I had set her up and then was not going to show.

So I go into the foyer where I hear her voice, and say to her, “Come on, we’re going to lose our place in line.” I can tell that she’s relieved that I’m there. She seems to have been all pent up expecting the worst.

To my surprise, she has a small boy and girl with her. Apparently she’s in a new relationship and these two kids are part of that. I sense that it’s important, in terms of how she feels about herself, for me to see her with these kids. It relieves some guilt and frees her up.

I’m surprised because I know that the responsibility of two kids will require her to place her attention in a softer way, in order to be there for them.

So this dream is showing me the effects of repressed energy and how it creates a distraction in one’s life. It’s interesting because I wasn’t really looking at this issue, in myself, any longer – I felt I had moved on. So this imagery shows that there are still issues that remain.

The question is: Did I actually move on, or did I just make a switch to relieve myself of physical anguish? Perhaps I’m still holding onto some underlying psychology that, under the right conditions, still manifests itself?

So, in the dream, this woman represents an aspect of my inner feminine that is feeling wounded from some guilt, and she can’t help herself from projecting it outwardly. It’s like a father complex: deep down this feminine aspect feels that it doesn’t have my approval about how she is, and so she can’t keep herself, or help herself, from dwelling upon it as a rejection.

Consequently, this feminine quality is creating confusion in my environment. It’s unable to keep from projecting a sense of anguish, or a self-image problem, wherever she goes. So in the imagery the woman is too loud and out of balance; she’s making a scene. She’s not facing herself.

This aspect is acting as if something in the past has left her stranded and rejected, and she can’t shake that feeling. The vibration is grief stricken; like a person who can’t keep it together. As a result, this inner feminine aspect is creating havoc – her inner essence is not at peace.

The lesson to be taken from this dream is that I’m having too great an impact on people around me. In doing so, I’m smothering their souls. I need to let people be how they are. They have to find themselves within the nature of Oneness. People need to have a freedom of choice in order to naturally mature. If something in me resonates in them as a negative reflection, there’s a risk that they can lose themselves.

Of course, this phenomenon works both ways. The solution isn’t to try to change anything per se, but to acknowledge and recognize the Divine. Ultimately, when two people interact, that is what they experience.

Everything always works from the inner into the outer. If it’s in me, it radiates to those around me. It can be positive or negative, but when it’s negative, it gets picked up on and played out as a distortion. And that distortion is what ends up in the world.

So, as with yesterday’s dream, the theme here is about contamination. Whether I’m contaminating others through what is in me, or whether others are contaminating me by what is in them. The problem is, we always interpret our issues as coming from outside of ourselves, so we put our attention outside of ourselves, and that’s what ends up creating all the problems.

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John: I want to continue the thread from yesterday’s dream that pointed out the limitations we impose upon our selves, and our lives, when we cling to our personal identities. In doing so, we create the separation – the duality – that isolates and alienates us from our natural state of oneness.

The dream pointed out how we are constantly trying to normalize and balance ourselves. When we base our perspective in our ego life, thereby separating us from all that exists, we are in a state of imbalance. Our dreams, in fact all our natural human systems, then offer us an ongoing process to enable us to regain that lost balance.

When we perceive ourselves as separated from the whole of life, we become subject to the peaks and valleys of natural cycles – the ups and downs of living. Ideally, we should evolve through them in a state of vibrational balance where the ups and downs cause minimal disturbance.

Yet in our daily lives, and all our interactions with others, we can see and feel the effects of our imbalance as we watch people continually get thrown by their experiences. When we don’t go up and down with the energetic cycles, we actually minimize the disturbances, and instead experience an expansive insight, which is a much more natural state. We then are not subject to the confusion that prevents us from seeing objectively.

A spiritual journey requires us to resolve these imbalances, otherwise we get lost in them. When we look at the cycles of the planet or the universe, or even a local ecosystem, everything is constantly seeking a state of optimum balance – we humans are the same.

For us, the greater the disturbance and imbalance we experience, the more dense the fight (dense here to mean, ego-based and animal natured, rather than our much higher, light-filled human pedigree).

When we are calm, yet alert, energetically, our knowing is complete. It is our susceptibility to disturbances that lead to our emotional, mental, and spiritual confusion. In my dream I was shown that the greatest balance and clarity existed when an overall calm was carried within, in an attentive way (consciously). This touched life with joyousness.

As human beings we bring into life a differentiation that is misaligned from the wholeness. Therefore we seek the wholeness by means of counterbalancing ourselves vibrationally. For example, a person who is naturally speeded up and is an extrovert, seeks a relationship within the physical world of a softer and more introverted influence.

In other words, the objective is to recognize our energetic confusion, and to then integrate our selves into the harmony of the corresponding and counterbalancing opposites. This cannot be done effectively, however, until we allow ourselves to actually let go of our particular identity.

As long as we defend our separateness, we are influenced by our inner biases. These biases limit our experience, while at the same time cause an uneasiness in the heart (because they are not natural to us). Nevertheless, we seem to defend these limiting patterns in us out of fear of the annihilation that truly letting go would bring about. We may realize intellectually that it’s necessary to break free from the chains of our identity, but we’re afraid to let go of it because we think it keeps us alive – we think it is us. Thing clinging condemns us to a life of repetitive patterns and ongoing confusion felt in the heart.

In other words we feel the pain, the distance, the isolation – all as a reflection of the distance we are from our natural connections to creation. We think that we must belong to ourselves. So we hold onto our individualized separation and our (limited) idea of what is real.

Last night I was shown that our clarity increases as we let go of our separation identity and recognize that we are in a natural flow as life itself. We are not actually in competition or conflict with our environment, we are the environment. We are the essence of the outer physical world, which is realized initially as an inner reflection.

When the inner and outer truly merge, duality and conflict, which are ego-based, disintegrate, and with them, the illusion of our individuality. We then can experience the wholeness that is beyond the limitations of a physical duality.

It’s important to recognize that we must take the first step in the process of uniting inner and outer, by letting go of our need to energetically dramatize the disturbances. With a heartfelt appreciation, our horizon expands. When we are no longer upholding a belief system that fights against the wholeness of life, we can finally embrace life.

That’s the first step of our real journey back to god.

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