The Rules Have Changed

444ultThere’s a reason that a personally motivated life and a spiritual life are mutually exclusive, and that’s because they adhere to different sets of rules. In a personal view, we make choices and decisions based on what is best for us, according to our likes and dislikes. On a spiritual path, we begin to make decisions based on the way things really are in the universe, and take actions that are in support of those universal processes. And, because we have been designed to further the purposes of creation, such actions begin to align us with the energetic flow of things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, it’s almost like I had two dreams in one, and part of a dream is that there were symbols of two kinds of activity, and so it might be a little square and inside the square is a picture of two feet. And sometimes I could see it almost looked like a postage stamp, except it was about like a foot square, and inside that was the symbol of two feet.

And if you stood on that little square it’s almost like the two feet took you somewhere; you just shifted. And alongside it was a another little square that I think represented robbing something.

John: In that first one, where you had a symbol inside of a symbol, is you have the outer, and then what is really real is going on in the reflective outer of that outer. In other words, you have to see what isn’t there. In other words, you have the outer that’s going on, and then what is really real lies imbedded somehow in that reflection.

And so you saw an image within that image is imbedded the feet that go somewhere. The feet that go somewhere is the inner inflection.

Jeane: And in the second image, which is always right alongside it, is another little square and in there that represents some kind of activity, that represents stealing something, some kind of robbery, some kind of criminal activity – but it’s kind of a lightweight criminal activity. I’d have to put it that way, or it could be. Sometimes I might stand on that square; then something else takes place. So I’m always aware of both squares.

John: And so that square has two possibilities to it. That’s a square in which you storm something inside and kind of set aside the outer appearances. Or it can be, in a really wayward sense of yourself, it could be a bifurcation by which you take and you take on something for yourself that you perceive in the outer, as if that is possible, and that’s stealing.

So stealing has a dense way of doing it, which is the stupid way, so to speak kind of thing, that people who are just in manifestation and don’t know that there is a, we’ll call it a soul or higher self of themselves, that is the real them waking up. Maybe it hasn’t gotten to that point for them yet, so they’re still appropriating things in the outer.

And then there is the placement that’s in keeping, like with your first image, in which you’re in the outer and you have to storm the gates, or take something from the inner. And the inflection for being able to do that, the spark for being able to do that, is gauged by the outer reflection. You get the outer reflection, the outer reflection becomes an innerness inflected, and you suddenly shift to that.

That’s a type of storming the gates, or a stealing in the higher sense of the word, but it’s an intended unfoldment, in other words, as part of becoming more conscious. But it’s a play on words again, there being the dense way of doing it, and then there is the higher-self quality to it.

Jeane: So, it feels like there were two or three times when I had like some kind of relationship with those squares in the middle of a dream, okay, or I might engage in an activity relating to one or the other or, be familiar with it. I didn’t seem to feel like I did it in a major level. I usually did it in a minor level, but I don’t remember as much of whatever those little vignettes were and then the square would come up.

The main dream was kind of more like almost like a post-apocalyptic dream, you know like where you feel like something major has happened where society is just totally different than it ever was before.

Well you know it’s like you feel like some kind of major event has happened where the whole world has changed, and everything is upside down, like after the apocalypse or something you know. And so, as people then come together in this new society it’s like none of the old rules apply. You just don’t know what’s allowed or what isn’t allowed. And you kind of swim into this society, if I recall correctly, and then you land on land and everything is different.

And as I interact with people, the way you might have done things before that’s not allowed now, like you keep a certain distance from people and you don’t touch usually. There’s kind of like a silent knowing about certain things, but not a real clarity about them. Also everything is still kind of being felt out, and I have found a group of people and, you know, I’m still feeling my way around what the rules are because there were still some things that I would do like maybe go out and swim that might even be seen as a bit precocious in that society. I didn’t know yet what was really allowed and what wasn’t.

And it feels like the shift for me occurs when after trying to kind of feel my way around what the rules are, and I can see almost like a yearning in this one woman, that we connect. She knows I know something about how things are. I know something, and so there’s a desire for closeness but there’s not a certain closeness necessarily permitted in that society, just even walking along next to someone and touching, and touch is not always permitted – just even as a friend.

But as we get somewhere at one point, and I hear some people talking, I realize that I have a familiarity with where they’re coming from and what they’re doing because of work I’d done in the past with the Course in Miracles, and one of them at least recognizes that.

Also I feel like in a way maybe I’ve done something that I might be in trouble for and, because of that, I’m almost forced at one point to go out swimming with a group of people, going out into some depth, so to speak, but at the same time I know that I’m familiar with swimming out in the water like that so it doesn’t bother me. I even see it as somewhat liberating, you know, rather than feeling like something that might cause a problem for me, it’s almost liberating.

And I’m trying to connect and put things together, or communicate to them, that because of this work I did with the Course in Miracles I kind of know how to do some of this, whether it’s come out and bring someone back, and trying to figure out in that way how to get on in this society, and yet still kind of pull something together. It was kind of a long involved dream that way.

John: Yeah, there’s all kinds of components in that that you go over, and you look at and such, and each of those components is meaningful in that it is giving you information in terms of the inner adab to it all, because what you are is you’re inside of something. You’re not so much in the outer. You’re on the inside of something, and the rules, and the qualities, and the characteristics are different.

In other words, in the outer you’re inclined to maybe think that you hug and touch and get close and that’s how it works, but on the inner that whole thing is meaningless because you’re already intertwined and connected and there’s no such thing as having to close a gap. It’s already there, and thus on the inner it’s not a matter of having to learn how to swim and do things like you have to do in the outer almost as a bootstrapping and gauging an understanding. You already have a memory of what it is to swim.

So, it’s kind of like what you’re doing is you kind of have a focal point in terms of yourself on an innerness, and then you have kind of a quality that is not allowed quite to be its usual dismissal dullness and fall back into the outer. It’s almost as if you’re pulling it along, and it’s as if it is being shown, or is being brought to see, what it is like in this sort of inner domain.

And so it’s like there are no shadow dynamics in a dream like this. There is just a means of focus and attention, in a pristine way, that keeps getting more and more aligned and attenuated to what I would call a flow within God. You can’t be looking and trying to sort this out in terms of a flow towards God, where you’re looking at bits and parts of yourself that is wayward, because those bits and parts are all getting the memo. It’s almost as if there is something pulling them along. In other words, the tilt has changed. The flow has changed. It’s not a struggle so much as it’s a getting it, and they’re getting it, and they’re getting it.

You could take and maybe if you were to go through the dream point by point by point by point, you could see that there is a lot of instruction going on there, and the note so to speak upon which the tuning fork note of all of that, was like the two images that you saw and told earlier, that had to do with that there is this, and then there’s the inner inflection of it. And you pointed that out, you set the tone with both of those images.

Because the images are kind of like telling you what is going on. In other words, there’s one way of looking at it, and then there’s a whole other way in which it is. It’s kind of like telling you what is going on but, you know, your dream is also telling you what is going on in terms of the inner adab of things, and that you’re adhering to it, you’re complying with it, you’re having to be taken, so to speak, in that regard.

So I guess you’re going back and forth, you know, making sure, and the fact that that repeats again, those two images repeat again, I guess it’s to crystalize and make sure that you truly get it, that this is not a traveling in the outer towards God, it’s a traveling within God, what we would call a traveling within God – if we’re to put words to it.

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Pulling the Rug

John: Yesterday I described, in the first dream, a type of perpetual motion boomerang that wouldn’t lose its force no matter where it went or what it came in contact with. Yet when I tried the process myself, with just energy, the strength of the energy diminished and became distorted.

As the second dream begins, I’m sleeping on a couch in the dining room. You’re sleeping in the bedroom on the other end of the house. Perhaps I’m only napping, but it’s evening.

While I’m deep asleep, I don’t notice that someone comes in the front door. Because no one is awake or aware, they take the rug that’s right in front of the door. I somehow sense that something has happened and I get up, in my groggy way. I look out the window in time to see a small car driving away. 

I intuitively sense that something has been violated or stolen, though at this point I don’t know what has been done. In other words, I’m not awake enough to realize that the person in the car was the culprit.

Some part of me knows and registers it, but I’m slow to put the pieces together. Then I look around and realize what has happened. What I was sensing is suddenly confirmed when I notice, “Aha, the rug that’s supposed to be there is gone!” 

I quickly look around and I’m relieved that the rug is all they took. They just did a quick snatch; they didn’t touch anything else.

I make an announcement, from where I’m standing, to you, as if you’re going to hear me from the bedroom. I make it as if you’re going to pop out of your sleep when you hear what I have to say – that we’ve been robbed while we were asleep.

Before there is any response (I haven’t gotten your attention yet), I realize even though I still am drowsy, I know that I can’t really ground my reaction, or realization, until I get your reaction. In other words, I’m reserving my reaction (masculine) because it still needs to go through you (feminine).

The way I wrote this on my note pad is this: “I’m holding back what to make out of this until I see your response. The only thing I fear is that, now that this has happened (and this is the protector, masculine way of something in a groundedness), the energy has perhaps been penetrated or pierced such that there could be a further violation if we don’t fix something about how we are.”

So the imagery of the first dream involves being trained, from within, to work in a new way in the outer – in my life. Yet when I attempt in the dream to go out on my own, to make an energetic projection into the universe, I fail to keep it from distorting and I suffer the blowback.

With the images from the second dream, I can see that I’m not realizing a type of vulnerability within me until after the fact. The image shows that I go somewhere – to sleep – and in doing so I let go of a linkage. That linkage is from the inner into the outer.

In other words, when I’m in a sleep state, I still need to be attentive all the way through. I struggle to keep up with the events that are transpiring around me when I go to sleep in this way. I am required, however, to hold both the inner and the outer simultaneously in my consciousness. Otherwise the rug can be pulled out from under me.

In the second dream, the way I work with this new energy suggests that I’m not as attentively rooted in creation as I need to be, and that makes me vulnerable to events that can blindside me.

Ultimately, the dreams are saying that I’m unable to sustain the essence of the inner – the connection to the inner – when I don’t keep it together in my outer life.