Expansion of Self

When we are young we go out into the world to make our way. Later in life we may place more importance on inner experiences. Things burst into life in spring, and go more quiet in the fall. We have the Big Bang, and we have stars being vacuumed up by black holes. There is an out-breath and in-breath process going on at all levels. In our journey we try to subjectively understand life and the universe, but, later on, we try to integrate ourselves into the energetics of everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Because my sleep dream will probably correspond to yours, before I forget it, the sense that I had in my sleep dream was seeing things that I would have to try to take in, or get close to, in a kind of bringing into oneself kind of way. 

And because this is more of an inner trait it’s harder to remember dreams like this because it’s not like there is a type of affliction, or something, or out-breath conundrum. It’s more of a taking-in expansiveness, on an in-breath level, which is one’s way of permeating; it’s a way of working with kind of a pulling of something into oneself, as opposed to an energy that is constantly projecting out – like in an out-breath way. 

And, when it’s like that, it is a sensation of taking in and going into things. And it’s expansive. And it’s done almost as if it’s a ravenous need, in that, over and over again, like that state was such in which I was continually seeing this sort of thing going on so it was a little awkward or odd, I guess, to think that I would wake up and write it up as a dream because it had this different semblance to it.

And it’s something that, when it’s like that, because it’s kind of absorptive and soothing, even, to do something like that, maybe soothing isn’t the right word, you kind of go along with getting lost in all of that, just like a going into matter, or something, or getting lost in all that as an expansion of oneself. It’s another kind of grogginess, in a way. 

In other words, one’s inclined to kind of be swept in, pulled in, and so you’re inclined to sleep more. When the dreams were different, that had to do with out-breath stuff, it was like they quickened something that kind of had you at a point that was, well, even though they, too, were difficult, and could be also something hard to see and pull out, there was an animation, a vibratory animation, almost a kind of momentum, to the vibration of that. As opposed to this being something that involves a type of sweeping up and sweeping in.

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00df1Just like the flora and fauna around us, humans have energetic connections to the environment we occupy. But the human can raise these connections to a much higher level of consciousness, and, in doing so, can gain more and more intelligence from those connections. That’s why an owner’s manual to human life is not necessary, because we are designed to get all the information we need from the energies around us – again, just like everything else we see does. This shows us just how disconnected we really are from our natural capability, and why we often feel lost. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I notice that I am able to experience a quiet, heartfelt meaningfulness with everything around, with every little inflection. I’m seeing this in the meditation dream.

In other words, it’s like in the meditation dream there are things that are just kind of there, almost like little flickers. They’re not constellated or anything. They’re just flickers that kind of go into a stillness. And each one of those flickers, what causes it to be able to just kind of zip like that is that it has a revelation, or a vibrational heartfulness, and then that goes boom, boom. It’s like going back.

And so such inflections, or revelations, are in the breath. In other words, I saw this on the inner, but then when you take and you describe it in terms of how that is experienced when you’re walking around in the outer, you experience this sort of stuff dancing on the breath. It’s on the breath, and it’s dancing on the breath, and what it is, is it’s a revelational kind of touching of the heart. It touches the heart. That’s a revelation. It’s that little thing that goes schtt, schtt. And that little zipping takes it right into a stillness, takes it all the way back. And so every vibration corresponds to an aliveness within the breath that is placed upon the heart.

And, of course, in this case one’s using the heart as a type of symbolism, the deeper symbolism of the heart, in which it is actually a point of stillness where it absorbs a type of quality which is like a revelational touching. It absorbs that. It’s almost as if it’s been estranged, and then it just feels, ahhh…, when it all comes back. And then it’s still.

So in the dream I notice the embodied vibrations touch the heart, and when this vibration is recognized or something the challenge is to carry the revelation within the vibration on the breath, to the heart – absorptively. If the revelation is not taken into the heart, in an absorptive way, there is a distraction that breaks the natural connection.

Every connection exemplifies the self, because the self is everything. There’s just one thing going on. When a vibration’s revelation is not embodied in the heart, the self gets confused. Such confusion creates doubt. Doubt is the illusion of separation. Separation corresponds to the thinking perceptions that imagine something to be missing.

When a given thought corresponds to other thoughts, or, in other words, goes thought-upon-thought because it’s lost the revelational aspect that goes into the heart to a stillness, this causes a veil when that comes in the way to what is a greater overall beingness.

So, to absorb is to embody. To notice the revelation behind the inflection is to touch the heart. To hold the heart and breath, as an energetic aliveness, is to experience the self. Nothing more is needed if this is done all-inclusively. When there is a need, or energetic gap, not nourished by a revelational stillness our beingness tries to fill the gap by deviating.

The purpose behind the dream was for me to notice the flickerings. In other words, where I would see this schtt, and how there’s a little revelation, there’s something energized, there’s something still there that’s a spark or something – and it zips into the stillness. The purpose behind the dream is for me to notice the flickerings and how each flickering points to a self that is revelationally complete. As a vibration each flickering corresponds to the heart breath, revelationally, as a stillness. If the stillness is too much to sustain, the thoughts and nuances get magnified. In other words, you’re not able to hold it.

What we’ve come to know is that when you hit the stillness space, and where it’s most recognizable, is where you give up on something that becomes exasperating and you hit a stillness where the out-breath turns to the in-breath. That can be too much to handle, and then you have to fall back into this or that again. So when the thoughts and nuances infect the self’s aliveness, which is a stillness, and an all-inclusiveness – and that can’t be lived – then you get the deviation.

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Light Upon Light

77ddeegIt is a measure of how lost we have been to realize that there is nothing in the universe that operates without the mutual, but different, roles of the masculine and feminine energies. Both are needed for a triggering, and both are needed for a completion. To see the world today is to realize that we don’t understand, or live, with this fundamental truth. We will never reach the future without a realignment of these two universal principles. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I should probably present the very last dream, which corresponds to what you were doing. In the very last dream, first I dreamt the masculine part, and then I dreamt the feminine part. So, in dreaming the masculine part, the vibrational magnetic energetic, when it’s able to come into manifestation, comes into outer life and it systematically affects the unfoldment.

By systematically, meaning, as things are touched and corresponded, and touched and corresponded, and touched and corresponded, it’s all playing within a oneness. But, initially, you kind of see it as having to find its succinctness, in its presence, or place, specifically as an aspect of beingness in the outer, which is another way of saying of touching something in manifestation in a particular point.

If it’s touching something in manifestation, and it’s touching it only in a specific spot – we aren’t yet talking about the correspondence of the feminine that still veils – and so you have the touching. And what I saw in the energetic could come out and touch again. In other words, still the masculine, first it had to touch, and then it could touch again in another spot, again with a certain kind of succinct effort under defined parameters.

We don’t discuss the defined parameters, yet, because that’s the feminine again. Thus it can go to another area, and another area. And when it’s just a seeing thing, without the feminine thing, it seems innocuous, with ease, as a kind of natural inner vibrational flow. We haven’t talked about the feminine, yet. See, this is just seeing just the masculine.

In other words, what I was seeing was the masculine energy coming down into life in a way that has transcended the limitations – and we don’t know what the limitations are. Again, that’s the feminine. In other words, it is taking itself into account, in an unfoldment, one step at a time. To do so, the energetic would need to be grounded wherever it touches.

Okay, so then you go to the feminine principle, and it is in life affected by the masculine magnetic energetic touching manifestation. So, if you were to raise the question: which came first the chicken or the egg, or the seed or the egg, what comes first is the inner coming into the outer.

First has to be the looking down, and then something is awakened. That’s what this is pointing out, as well. So then the feminine component is affected by the masculine magnetized energetic touching it, and this vibration rises up – as a result of being receptive to the masculine presence – or something that looks down into it, inner into outer.

So, in the dream, the feminine energy you could say kind of gives itself up, much like a maiden vibration. I mean that’s almost a benign masculine way of saying it, because the feminine energy all I’m really trying to say is it has various looks to it that correspond to where something is at in terms of the place that is being touched.

To begin with, it might be kind of meek, and passive, and so not much can happen because it is beaten down or something. And then it can be over the top, in which the image can be such that it comes out with so much flair, and opens up so widely to begin with, that that’s not quite right either. That is something that is preening too much, or something, or just is too innocent, or something, and this is going on each time the masculine touches in a particular way to create a cycle of time in the universe.

You need to have the correspondence, and it’s a cycle of time as a completeness. And you can have various ages that are formed by that, where you could have one age in which something is this way in terms of the way the rapport of the masculine and feminine is. In order to truly go home, you have to be able to take into account it all. Initially it’s just like you have the one-to-one correspondence, so to speak, as if you’re touching the time clock of the universe. And, eventually, because there is no time and space, you eventually touch through it all – and then there’s just the nothingness.

So what is going on in terms of just describing the other is, I am dreaming how the magnetized vibration behind the breath, which is the heart breath, touches manifestation, that is, so to speak, a masculine image now, and the result causes a shift in consciousness and this affects the unfoldment of the time and space of manifestation – which is the feminine.

The theme of the dreaming has, as its underlined core, it has to do with what happens when there’s the original breath. So, when there’s the original breath, you can do it in kind of an A and B and A and B way of saying it. A, inner comes into outer. B, the seed into the eggs. One and the same. A, the above into the below. B, light comes down to touch manifestation. Same/same again.

Or, saying it another way, masculine comes down into the completeness of manifestation, and the result is that the feminine principle of a light imbedded in matter rises up to touch light. Or another way of pulling it together, and saying it in a more complete way, or a more full statement is, you have a result or cycle in creation, or a cycle in creation could be ages, depending on how you want to look at each aspected spot. And, in those ages, you move through them, and you move through them in a way that is said to be light coming down to touch light, as effectuated, and light rising up to touch light – thus light upon light.

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