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Jeane: I don’t remember everything in this next dream, but I’m working in an agency that treats people who are addicted to drugs or maybe both drugs and alcohol. As a part of this work, we have to go out on emergency calls and sometimes we work in teams of two or three people.

The other people I work with are in an office in another building. A man there, whom I used to work with, has spread the rumor that I’m going to assault my emergency call team. As a result, one of them plans to assault me first.

An emergency call comes in and, because I know what’s up, I’ve picked up a baseball bat. I know that one man is supposed to sneak up on me, so when he does I just hit his legs out from under him.

While he’s on the ground I make the point that if I had really planned on beating any of them up, I could easily do so now that he’s on the ground. I tell them that that was never my intention, and tell them we should just drop the whole thing.

I know this dream had a lot of other parts to it, vehicles and other things, but I just can’t remember them.

John: Now we are looking at the third dream of the night (see the previous discussion in Part 1 and Part 2). So you began this journey by learning to hold a note, or a vibration – and not doing anything else. This was being done completely on an inner level.

Next we saw you begin to bring it from the inner realms into the outer realms, and the imagery showed you trying to hold that vibration while you re-adjusted to the outer world – you are trying to fit in again, but not lose the vibration you have connected with.

Now we see the story develop even further, with you taking action in the outer realms. So this vibration is being brought further into life in its expression through you. But, the force of this process is pushing and pulling at you.

The key is not to become too reactive to that struggle. The degree to which you react can cause you to lose recognition of what you are trying to bring through. You are trying to embody something new that you have connected to, but it’s not always easy in the face of outer world pressures.

So, in the example you are given, someone has come at you in a threatening way – because they felt threatened by you first. You take a baseball bat and knock him off his feet, but you don’t go any further – you put a stop to the aggression and misunderstanding.

Just having gotten his attention by using a baseball bat is walking a fine line, because that’s dangerously close to completely losing your sense of the overallness that you’re meant to sustain and maintain as a presence in life.

This last dream is showing you how this outer life, this mirage of things, can, if you’re not careful, knock you off your feet no matter how good your intentions. It happens in such a way that you end up responding in kind. What I mean is, you can end up operating at the level of what’s going on around you.

This outer world is what it is. We can make a difference, but not if we buy into it and start acting according to the way it conducts itself.

In this dream process, you’re bringing something into life from somewhere else. Can you maintain that subtler linkage and hearing inside yourself, when placed in a situation in which everything around you doesn’t recognize or support that?

If you can’t, then you are revealing to yourself what needs to be worked on by you in order to eventually hold on and maintain the flow no matter what the outer circumstances.

Everything new that we gain through spiritual dream work and meditation will be tested by the world we live in. It is up to us to be the stillness in the outer chaos. It’s not easy, but that’s how we can eventually come to embody certain qualities that are important to carry into life.

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