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pentecostTrusting in the universe to guide us is an ancient idea, but never has it been further from the lives we lead. Part of that is because the universe isn’t designed to provide manmade things, like jobs or rent. Still, we can surrender to the universe in our choices, because it can guide us to the best energetic opportunities in our path. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream I find that I am alone in the world, and I don’t have any possessions and very little money in my pocket. Before setting out to hitchhike a ride to another place I take one last look at a van that a friend of mine has abandoned, that I’m allowed to use because I have been working with him but now he has gone away from that van, and has gone out of life, disappeared.

He and I in the past have been kind of kindred spirits so I have never been interested in anything that he had because I was always in a different space and he was always just getting by. In other words, he never ever had much to his name and barely two pennies to scrape together, so I am surprised to find in this van a little money laying there. No one has come by and gone into this van that’s been abandoned for a long time and picked up – probably because when they just glanced inside it looked like it was just a mess, or people considered the van to be of no material value and that everything in there was junk.

So I go inside and what I do is I pick up the amount of money there, not that I need it, but who knows, it might come in handy so I put it in my pocket. And then, of course, then I proceed out. I’m not going to spend the money for how it is that I intertwine because I know that there is something about my nature, or being, or the way that I am that I will be provided for, or given a ride to wherever I need to go. I don’t know where that is, and it just doesn’t matter.

So, what effused this kind of energetic in my nature as a dream? The vibration I carry about me in the dream is similar to the following sense I have about my whereabouts. I know that there is a subtle energy that has an aliveness in the whole of life that I am able to access as greater consciousness when I am not prisoner to dense and established mannerisms and ideals.

The spaciousness I feel is complete in and of itself when I access this subtle, all-encompassing, and trusting energy (trustworthy). I have no worries or concern. I do not need to devise a plan. The spirit energy I feel within guides and takes care of my being. I am able to flow through manifestation without holding on to defined mannerisms because this subtle energy sweeps through my consciousness with an all-pervading energetic that I belong to, or that I flow with.

So what I am feeling is the subtle soul energy as spirit imbedded in all there is. I am so immersed in this that I no longer look for satisfaction in creature comforts like everyone else. The fact I stumbled across a little money that has been left behind is an image that shows that I no longer rely or look in that direction in terms of myself. This doesn’t affect me one way or the other.

I am at peace with who and what I am as I am a being that permeates my essence into the greater all there is because what that is, as an emptiness or overallness, is me. I am where I hold true to a subtle energy veiled by identifications that permeate into all there is. The vibration has an ever increasing effect upon the beingness of all there is in manifestation.

This is so because I am in touch with such subtle energies within and am not bound by the sensation of the mind senses. This leaves me free to move about in the outer able to touch life without a personal need to have to identify with any given ways or means of the illusory outer. I can be like this because I abide in an epicenter which permeates in a subtle energetic vibratory way into all there is. I have hidden the outer manifested ways and mannerisms from myself because it is simpler for me to take the inner heartfulness and know that is my underlying overall beingness.

To be like this is to have a sense of what is possible in the whole, because when I am in this subtle energy it permeates and touches the deeper essence of matter. To be like this is to feel wonderful. To identify with the outer cause and effects of the collateral burdens the heart; I mean, that’s the opposite of that. The weight is like chains of suffering which separate me from the wholeness of all there is.

And when I get away from that and I’m like this in the subtle energy I need nothing because I am not identifying with the outer conditions for my well being. Instead, I am in essence which touches all there is from within.

That is why I am able to have a surreal dream and be at peace in not having to reside in some dense definition in manifestation for defensive security purposes.

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spaces-self-storageIn Jeane’s dream, she sees herself returning to a storage space from an earlier point in her life. The question is, does she need or want what has been left there? This is a question for anyone on the path, as we wrestle with letting go of old ways and patterns, and surrender to something higher. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’ll start with a dream I had yesterday when I fell asleep in the afternoon. In that dream, I was going to visit an apartment where I used to live. It seemed like it was maybe on the second floor, and I was going to visit it because the people living there were moving out, and I had left some things in a storage room that was right next to the screen door on the porch where you went into the apartment.

The first time I went over, I just kind of snuck over in a way. I wanted to look when no one was around. I went into the storage unit and looked around to see what I’d left there, and there were some tall vases, just plain white glass vases, and some things in the storage room.

It feels like when I’m ready to leave there’s a little enclosure around the porch and the landlady must have a large dog and it comes, and I’m afraid it might bite me. But if I put my hands behind me it’s more like it just sticks its muzzle against my hands. You think it might nip, but it doesn’t.

The second time I go back the landlady spies me and I didn’t really want to be seen. I didn’t know her very well. I don’t know if she knew that I’d left some stuff in storage, so I don’t whether it’ll be okay to take it, or if I just need to let go of it, like maybe I’ve taken a look at it; maybe it’s stuff that I should just let go of.

I don’t know. I just tell her why I’m there. I explain, and then I know as I’m leaving again I’m dealing with the dog; it doesn’t quite nip, but it kind of presses against you before I go out the gate.

John: What your dream is doing is, this is causing you to note the quality upon which you have to feel yourself. In other words, this is an energetic that you can note in a lower, almost like utilizing a lower gravity self side of yourself, which is through the dog.

In other words, he’s the one that creates the “unawares” so to speak, as you go and take a look at something that you have established as an entitlement from long ago. You don’t currently have it. You let it go on purpose. You put it into storage.

You can go back now and you could retrieve it if you want, and if you do you have to take on a certain perspective in terms of retrieving this. You can do this, but you have to also note what this does in terms of how it affects you in terms of a disposition, or a perspective, or a way of seeing yourself.

The dilemma with something like this, is you chose to step away from this part of an outer/inner trait and development for a reason, long ago, as part of surrender and freeing yourself to be simple and nonattached.

Or in other words not have your attention weighed down because you wanted to make sure that you were focused upon something on an inner, deeper, other level that wouldn’t be distracted by a tendency in one’s nature to take on the mannerism, or appearance, or thought process of certain things that, once received, acquired, or maintained, one tends to look at and establish even a sense of security or something in terms of their image, self image, over such objects as part of their general, natural, overall being that such objects can come with.

Or you can let go of them, and become more empty and free, so that you make sure that you hear more readily, without that getting in the way, what you seek and want to experience and note inside of you.

Well, in the dream, it’s as if the point has come where you can go and you can now take back on those parts and, in doing so, you have to observe the lower-self trait, which is this dog, but the dog is a friend, and you are meant to be able to have a relationship with that part of yourself that can function energetically, and this way too.

In other words, it’s man’s friend, when before perhaps it was something that posed itself as a distraction. It is said that when you go on a path, certain karmas, and certain patterns, and certain natures that afflicted one, are pretty much absorbed or taken away.

It’s implied or said that the teacher kind of picks those up, so that you no longer continue to spiral out of control, because the teacher can see that this little bit of comfort or relief, once given, can enable you, through a backdoor process, to start to touch the depths of yourself.

It’s the same principle, in a roundabout way, of the missionaries in the West coming in and clothing, and feeding, and housing, the Indians, more or less thinking that they could put them in to a particular position where they would be receptive to the Christian ideas.

That’s the gross way of saying it. I don’t know that it actually worked, but that was the concept. But in this line of teaching, the idea that you are overwhelmed by activities that you have gotten caught in, and gotten lost in, if those are set aside, or taken on so to speak, by the teacher, in other words absorbed by the teacher, that you then can listen more with your heart and then realign yourself.

Now, it is also said that at some point in time those are then fed back to you, and they’re fed back to you when you have developed a certain consciousness to know how to carry those without them somehow or another grabbing your identity and sweeping you up in a particular way so that you are then lost again, and unable to hear that inner linkage or inner connection in the way that you need to always be able to hear it.

So it’s an interesting dream in that the theme of the vibration is one in which you are paying attention to what it feels like to take on a particular quality, or image, or mannerism, which is something that you have earned or have established as something from long ago, in your nature, as a way of being, that was set aside in order for you to experience the world, or life, or yourself, differently.

And now it’s time to bring that back and include that, as opposed to keeping it, so to speak, repressed or, using the prior example, taken on so to speak by the teacher, so that it wouldn’t affect your way of being.

But it also could have been actually repressed, because a person can do this to themselves as well, where they recognize that something was more than what their nature could naturally carry, in terms of the way they wanted to see themselves, which was a way that wanted to be more conscious, or more free.

And so they could give it away at that particular point in time, and then everything would sit in kind of abeyance to see what unfolded in terms of their development, before it would be something that would have to be given back, or received back.


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Inner-Focus-Maryanna-Bock1John’s dreams challenge him to not procrastinate in his pursuit of deeper inner levels. Reaching new levels of inner connection requires a person to push beyond the personal resistances that limit, or veil, access to greater knowing. A consistent inner focus can merge consciousness with what is important in a process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream I deal with instead of an overallness, I have to look at it in detail of how something unfolds, in other words, the particularities. If I can abide by the particularities I might be able to be involved, or work with, a greater Wholeness.

And those particularities have to do with seed thoughts and images that come down on many levels, and that I have to be comfortable with all of those different levels. For the feminine there’s a way of just letting go, and all of those levels can just be there. The masculine impact, or effect, in all of that has it taking and looking at how those various levels have to be included, or recognized, or taken in simultaneously for something to unfold in a bigger way.

In the first dream, I’m compelled to prove that I can still answer assignment questions for a class that’s going to happen tomorrow. In other words, it’s in the evening, and I think I had better things to do so I could put this off, but I’m out of time because this is apt to happen tomorrow and if I don’t deal with it now, it won’t get done.

The hardest part is getting started, or addressing the first issue right at the beginning. And so, whenever something is pent up like that, you’re never sure that you can take it on or get through that challenge. It’s almost as if it becomes a force that, by not facing it, becomes an even larger barrier.

When I did do this, however, and I got through it, which was the first part of a three-part thing in front of me, I feel I am entitled to a rest or a break. And so in trying to convince myself that I’m entitled to this, I act as if the rest can wait, and so it’s time for a break before I tackle the rest.

I had the resolve that was pent up at the beginning, and after expending that resolve, I could have easily justified or rationalized a break, but somehow I keep persevering. And to my surprise, I get through with the rest of this stuff far more quickly than I would have expected.

It’s like the hardest part was just getting going at the start. I found the last question to actually kind of be the easiest in that to answer that I had to look at it from the perspective of three different levels. And so on each level there was a one word answer, and it required that I take in each level’s energetic and, in doing so, could feel that, could merge with what that was about, and respond accordingly.

Now each level of course has a different frame of reference, or vibration, that makes up an aspect of the environment. So the answer to the last challenge, to prove that I have it in me to face this issue straight up, or vibrationally, as necessary, the first thing I do is I write down one, two, and three, just like first grade, second grade, and third grade. I then provide one word answers for each level and, in doing this, I prove to myself that I had this access.

Meaning the hardest part is confronting a problem that lies directly in my path. Putting it off weakens me, and I remain unready for what is to come. It isn’t enough to prove that I can get through the first phase of a task, I must keep on persevering or I will not pull it all the way through as needed.

In other words, if I push through, and prove that I can make it happen in a timely manner, in doing that I’m able to see how something actually is, energetically, and I’ll add or reach to distinct levels of consciousness as opposed to just sitting on a given particular level of happy-go-lucky easy goingness, and pressing on because this needs to be done before tomorrow’s class because something is apt to come up in which this will now have to be included as part of a process.

I surprise myself at being able to see what lies on these other levels of conscious existence, which is now actually also a part of the process that I’m in.

And then in another dream, I have something before me that has value and meaning. What I do not know is from what point in time it is, and who was king back then, who was leader of the country back then?

To know this is to access a barrier that stands in the way of appreciation and acceptance, which is a type of merging. At first I am at a loss and then someone gives me a hint by providing what turned out to be a good guess about who it was, and what era of time this is from, because I have no way of knowing if this is right.

Once I have the hint that it’s not necessarily what I think, to get to the bottom of it I have to take a look. To do that I have to shift into the point of inner reference that corresponds with the object’s place and time. I determine that Pendragon was indeed the king or ruler when the gold was coined and in so determining awaken that awareness and bring it through.

So in this dream and the prior dream, I am compelled to find a focus that is from an inner depth. In doing so I penetrate veils, which have a way of keeping me from reaching other inner levels of awareness.

In the first dream it would be easy to stop to take a rest, or in the second dream to make a best guess. I can identify the issue or questions required to reach, as a focus, something on the inner, but before I can access the answers I have to merge with that inner space, and in doing so, shift to a knowingness that comes from these different levels. It’s automatic. It’s actually very simple. The hard part is breaking through whatever stands in the way of making that shift.

The meaning is I need a consistent focus, which merges my consciousness with what is important in a process. I can’t get wayward or complacent or I will stifle the process, and I must be focused even when the timing is off. If I get scattered or self conscious, the energetic connection also can shatter. Whenever I get like that I must reconnect to an inner composure and, when necessary, start again. Only in this way can I help in the facilitation of a process.

I can’t have an opinion about the flow, or that will get in the way. I have to be surrendered to be fully attentive and inner connected with the system and, of course, I can’t be indulgent in the system either.

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