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John: Well, what’s been going on with me is that I’ve been sweating in the night during my sleep. I feel it’s because I’m struggling too hard to make something happen inside, but I can’t because some piece is missing.

What makes it so awkward is that I can feel what’s missing. It’s like the universe has shifted in such a way that this thing needs to happen, yet from the position I’m in it’s not going to; I need to change.

So this struggle is tearing at me and I keep trying to burn through it, so to speak, and the attempt to burn through creates the sweating. My lower self can look and say, “It’s not going to happen.” But my inner (higher) self can say, “Yes, I feel it has to be.”

Then I had a dream that explained what was missing. I tried to write it up, even though I didn’t know what the beginning of the dream was. I just knew that this pattern was repeating and repeating inside of me.

The dream starts out with me walking with a woman who is carrying an energy that she keeps to herself. She has described to me a dream with a disk in it, and I want to know more about it. I know about the energy, but I don’t know the full depth of it.

She has her reasons for keeping it to herself, but she sets up a process that can cause a shift: she has me wait. In a sense, too much information needs to come out of her, and so she finds other things she needs to do: she has to go further before she can bring this out.

As a result she has me wait because she’s on a tight schedule; she needs to walk her dog. Once she gets that out of the way she will have the time to relate again and she can be more communicative.

I see myself waiting off to one side. I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to know automatically when she’s through walking her dog, or whether she’s going to come back to where I am so we can resume our walk.

Somehow in all this she’s indicated that she’d like me to see her house. Normally she hides her house from everyone. This time, as part of the revealing, as part of finishing everything up, she will show me the house that she lives in and that will then make the whole thing complete. It’s nothing sexual; it’s just her wanting to share, to be open.

The surface meaning here is that this woman is a person whom I know in my waking life as someone who has a connection to an insight that she’s withholding. She doesn’t share it because she’s afraid of rejection, or of being seen as crazy or dangerous in her perceptions.

But she owes it to life to share what she embodies. Until she does, there’s no way certain things can work out for her, in her life. And her reality is being used symbolically in this imagery, because this is also the scenario in my dreaming that is causing me to sweat. In my case, I feel I’m unable to complete a process until some intangible energetic is shared. By coming out of her shell, she’ll able to bring the missing piece to something that otherwise would not transpire.

Now this has a deeper meaning, because all of these dream components represent a part of me. So the imagery is showing an aspect of me that has a fear of being rebuked or rejected. As a consequence, I’m not giving to myself what I need in order to accomplish something. It’s actually a type of feminine anger within me. When I allow myself to take this self-rejection in, and be okay with it, it amounts to self-forgiveness.

So I’m given this simple step to bring the magic of the feminine into the process of my life, because not everything can be solved through power and pressure (masculine). Until I do, all my efforts will result in sweating because I’ll be unable to make the linkage and I will suffer with a subtle anger or pent-up rage.

What’s also interesting is seeing how this intertwines with your dream, where you needed to integrate the masculine to further your own process. It’s two sides of the same coin.

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John: In this first dream I’m being shown how to take and use a throwing disc. It has a hole in the center and is like a Frisbee; there’s a way of using it as if it’s a type of perpetual motion object.

There’s a person who’s showing a few of us how to do this. The others are really just there, I guess, because it’s ultimately going to fall upon me to have to pass along this understanding. The way it works is you throw the disc at a wall, it bounces off and hits another wall, and then bounces off the corner and comes back, like a boomerang.

In between, there are all sorts of obstacles. Some how or other, the disc works its way through all of the obstacles without getting stopped or slowing down. It comes back with the same energetic force no matter what it bumps into – nothing is lost. That’s why I’m describing it as a “perpetual motion” object.

So when it is thrown, I don’t have to worry where I’m aiming, because the nature of the disc is that it will find its way back. On my first attempt I throw it out very weakly and slowly, not with a lot of force or power. Even so, it seems that no matter what force I throw it with, it still comes back at the same speed, without losing its energy.

Now that I’ve been trained, I have to take this skill into my (outer) life. Only I’m not playing with the disc any longer, I’m just playing with energetic force. The energy needs to be sent out into the universe, and I don’t know if it is supposed to return or just be encompassed within the universe.

All I know is that it’s not supposed to change. It’s supposed to maintain itself. I’m supposed to be able to look out there and see that however it has affected or touched something, that effect remains unaltered.

At first I see the energy penetrate, and it seems to be going through all that I can see in front of me. However, when I take a look more closely, I realize that what I’ve thrown out there has changed. It has been altered and distorted.

This is very disconcerting because I had such high hopes that this could be done and somehow saw that it could be done. Yet when it really counts and is projected out there as an essence of one’s self, as an impulse of one’s self, it degenerates into this appalling distortion.

This result is unexpected and it tears me up inside because I know and feel within that it wasn’t supposed to happen. I start sweating again during my sleep because of this. My whole sense of what I was shown was taken in so literally, I hadn’t expected that this could even happen.

In my sleep, the stress of this causes me to sweat profusely. I’m unable to realize what has gone wrong or how something designed to stay intact has fallen apart.

Tomorrow we will look at the second dream in this sequence and discuss the overall theme and how they the two dreams are related.

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John: In my dream, I notice that when I introduce something into the scene that I can’t alter, or can’t flow with, I literally start to sweat in my sleep. In fact, there was a whole part of this dream that I can’t remember the details of, but I can feel that I was actually flowing somewhere. When I woke up, however, the part that stood out was the fact that I was sweating from it.

What I conclude from this is that as long as I’m with the flow, or maintain the flow, I’m okay. But as soon as something obstructs it, or if I continue on as if nothing has changed, denying it, that’s when I break out into a sweat. I’m having a physical reaction to the dream.

There were times during the dream that I could see that I had a lot before me – as if I was in a huge space full of things. Yet it seemed that I was able to handle it all in a natural way. I wasn’t necessarily identifying what I was coming in contact with, I was just there with it.

What I noticed then, was that the degree to which I isolated out something from the flow, that would become the problem. It’s not unlike what we saw in your dream, where you were in a huge warehouse and basically were stopped by the first item you focused on – it prevented you from getting any further.

So it’s similar for me here – I’m able to handle everything until I begin to isolate, or separate, pieces out from the whole. As soon as I do, whatever it is becomes fixed in its nature. That fixing causes me to be unable to flow with it, and feeling the stress of that blockage causes me to physically sweat.

So I find myself catapulted from a crowded, flowing space, into a vast emptiness with one particular, immovable, thing. It’s like a contamination, or something that still needs to be worked out. It causes a disturbance in me, and because I’m unable to get it to shift, or move, it causes stress.

In other words, I’m left to cope with the fact that I have no answer in terms of how to deal with this particular problem. At times I try to shift it. Other times I treat it as irrelevant in terms of the overall, expecting it to simply go away on its own. But nothing works.

My inability to resolve this causes a breakdown within; the outer manifestation of that is me sweating, as if I were running a fever.

What does all this mean? In this dream imagery I’m not actually seeing specific items, it’s more about certain energies that I’m dealing with. And what I think this process is showing me is that I’m unaccepting of certain things in me, or in life, and that creates a blockage and a great stress.

It’s interesting, because out of the huge diversity of life, whether outside of me or internally, getting hung up on certain small details that, in the scheme of things are totally irrelevant, can still bring the whole process to a halt. It’s amazing, but we’re all are doing it all the time.

What I’m being stopped by is shown to be immovable. How does one deal with immovable things? They accept them, as part of the landscape, so to speak. But for these particular aspects of life, or me, I’m not quite able to take that step – yet.

Consequentially, I react as if I have a right to dictate that something should be this way or that, instead of flowing comfortably along with what I cannot change. But the time has come for me to be okay with this trait, or condition in life, and to stop trying to think that it’s “in the way,” or needs fixing. I can’t keep generating this same reaction (sweating, in the case of the dream) over and over again.

What I’m understanding too is that this particular stumbling block has a pattern to it. It keeps coming back as some little thing. This pattern could be nothing more than being bumped into by a stranger and getting irritated. The pattern is the automatic irritation that always follows once you’ve been bumped.

How do you get to a point where someone can bump into you and you’re indifferent, or you don’t get irritated? Until you find that point, it will keep coming back over and over again. And you might even be thinking that getting irritated makes sense when someone bumps you – you might defend it. But that irritation is actually evidence that you are holding onto something, and it’s holding you back.

So this is the type of irritation I’m suffering from in my sleep. I can pretend it’s insignificant, or that it will go away, or that it can be shifted, but that isn’t facing the issue gracefully. I need to be embracing it as part of life.

I keep saying no to it, and as long as I refuse to budge, and I maintain this unshakable attitude, I’m resigned to my suffering (and sweating).

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