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It is said that “he who hesitates is lost.” One way to understand this statement is to realize that when we have to work out a solution to something it means we are lost, in a way, because we don’t know how to proceed – so we hesitate – and, at a minimum, the moment has moved on and perhaps something has been missed. On our journey of always deepening our connections, we will begin to get more and more instantaneous knowings on how to proceed. Then it is a matter of trusting this guidance from within. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I’m taking a test and I take this test after being subjected to things that lack insightfulness. So I’m taking a test to measure my receptivity and awareness to things that lack insightfulness.

In other words, how far am I going? In other words, that lack the insightfulness from within; I’m trying to get a gauge on that. So I am being shown that, first of all, I’m able to be in both the inner and the outer. With that in mind, what is meant to happen, and my role therein, has something to do with the inner connection. 

I have the Kundalini energy to make the connection to bring the flow through, but can I maintain the insight? That’s the question.

So the meaning is, I do not have time to work everything out in the outer. I must access a knowingness from within to keep up. In the dream, I’m being shown that I am between two-thirds and three-quarters of the way to this overall connection. 

So what is going on that shows me this is, from time to time I’m tested to see where I’m at. Each time I reach a point where I remain stuck – in other words, where I have to guess at the answers instead of them being automatic. It is the point where I lose the knowingness needed to go beyond the dense outer limitations. 

I have like a 12-question type exam to take after having gone through a process. And I get through somewhere between eight to nine of them and then time runs out. The test is over. And this is a repeat dream. I never have enough time to take these tests; time runs out. 

And so, knowing that the time runs out, the others I’m able to get through, but now all of a sudden I have to ponder these. And, in pondering these, I may have had to ponder one or two prior to that that chewed up all the time, then. And so then to have to think and ponder these to figure out what the best multiple choice answer is, instead of it coming to me readily, I eat up all the time. And I have to get to the point where I have to somehow take quick guesses, which means I don’t have the knowingness that’s there automatically.

And I’m about two-thirds to three-quarters of the way in what is like a 12-question process. It’s a repeat dream, which reviews how far I’ve come to catching up with what is going on with this quality of an inner knowingness. 

Just like you’re recognizing that you have to catch up with the sense of an energetic Kundalini instead of all of this outward Kundalini that involves what everybody else does, that has a defined setness to it that everybody embraces as being the way that it is. And it’s not; it’s meant to be so much more.

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There are many repetitions in life. Some we do because we like the settled nature of the process and we no longer have to think too much about it. Other repetitions are automatic outplays that may or may not be useful in our current situation. And sometimes we have the opportunity, through repetition, to improve the outcome of an earlier unfolding, because we now have greater knowledge and awareness that we can apply. Such moments are opportunities for growth and evolution. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, my last dream was so loud it felt like I lost my earlier dreams. And, in the last dream, I’m with a group of people and we’re going to have to go through this test that we go take in a hall, and we can’t take any notes in with us. 

And the test both seems to be something that qualifies us to practice medically, and it also, because I guess we’ve been watching these Scottish movies, you had to pass the test to get into the clan. 

So there’s a lot of people that arrive to take the test, and it’s very crowded, and the rules are very rigid, and they watch everybody and you have to go through this whole procedure where you’re in one room and they make sure you don’t have anything with you. And then you follow this line around to another building and go in and take the test. 

Well, I had this sense that I did it once, but, for some reason they declare that we all have to take it over. So I’ve gone back on another day, and, on this day it feels like when I’m just getting ready to go in and we’re kind of grumbling a little, those of us that realize that we’re having to go through all this over again, I suddenly turn around and I look up and I see this huge tidal wave that’s going towards where we are. But I get this sense that if I get to this building that’s kind of a holding building for where we take the test, because I’m outside right now, that the building may block me from this. So I get a sense that that does somewhat save me from getting swept away. 

And then I go in the building, and, of course, there’s more chaos than usual. I go in different rooms, even the bathroom, when I come out I realize that the group has left and I have to catch up or I might not even get on the ride to go over to where we take the test. I just make that. 

Then I realize I still have two or three scraps of paper on me that they would consider like cheating, so I have to find someone to give that to. And so the sense is that, even though this is supposed to be an exam so that we can get into the clan, or we can practice, that there do seem to be a lot of things that are stacked against you in doing it. But I’m pretty persistent, so I find someone to give the notes to so I can go in and take the exam again.

John: This is describing a pattern in which you’re having to take and go back and do something again. It’s as if the first go around there was something that didn’t quite get understood or recognized. And, thus, there has to be kind of a do-over in order to bring something back into some sort of awkward semblance of balance.

The thing is, chaotic as this whole effort is to try to have a do-over or go through life in some way again, to kind of catch up with, or get something handled, or conducted, or recognized or realized better, the dilemma is, this is not your typical do-over pattern. In that, in the past, maybe where things could reflect and reflect, you know, and you could have things repeat and repeat. In this particular case, because there is this change afoot, a major shift that is going to happen, a tidal wave or something is coming, that anything that you do in the face of this doesn’t come together, you’re in a type of chaos. 

So the question then is, why is it that the universe is not allowing you to try to put pieces together in the face of the impending chaos. And it’s because you’re being shaped to being able to hold on to a quality of rootedness, and grounding, and balance, and an overall as a type of presence. And that is what is different.

In other words, it’s like the do-over is a do-over not to take and repeat some habituation pattern that was in the past. In other words, you don’t have to try to put the pieces together again, and, if you try, they won’t come together again. The do-over is kind of a joke, a quirk, in which given some sort of knowledge or understanding that you have in your nature, from olden times or something, you’re able to cope under the circumstances and be a means, or basis, of grounding that is simply there in the face of what is an environment, or set of circumstances, that is in disarray and out of sync.

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Why do we get angry? Well, there are surely thousands of books to explain this, but at its core isn’t it a disconnection from a flow – whatever flow we might be on? So much anger seems to arise from being stopped from where we want to go, whether that place is an emotion, or a resolution, or an accomplishment, or a relationship, or a connection. Perhaps it is disconnection that is the trigger, because something in our system naturally doesn’t want to be disconnected. This might be useful to keep in our conscious awareness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The theme of the dreaming has to do with getting cut off from the stillness. Well, the meditation dream, and getting cut off, was the result of an accentuated conduct based upon me reacting and carrying on the other day like if I did, for all to see. An accentuated conduct that cast a spell upon my heart, that was the result of a reaction that was purposefully disrespectful, because I had my righteousness.

So, in this dream, I find myself taking a test in which there are 10 questions. I have four hours to complete the test. The test is based upon a natural, inner, heartfelt knowingness. I do the first seven questions in about two hours before I reach a point where I am cut off from what is naturally known. I’ve taken this test before and not gotten very far; the time would run out. This time, I have three questions left in about one and three-quarter hours; in other words, it took me just a shade over two hours to do the first seven just based upon an innerness that just knew.

So I have about one and three-quarter hours left to do the final three questions. I’ve also been given the Book of Life to refer to. I haven’t needed to use the Book of Life for the first seven questions because I have made that journey; I don’t have to go through the reflective repeating and this, that, and the other. There’s no veiling: the access was direct. 

But now, with these next three questions, I’ve reached kind of what was meant to be, so to speak, I’ve gotten to the point now where I will have to contend with where I am still stuck to catch up with those answers.

I don’t know if this is possible in the approximately one and three-quarter hours that remain for those three questions, even though the first seven were done in two hours. In other words, I’ve reached the point where something is veiled in regards to those three questions, in terms of my awareness, or connection, my access to the stillness, behind the journey, outside of the journey, or the Book of Life that is the manifestation of things. 

So I must do my best, and I’m about to adopt the viewpoint that this isn’t possible, when out of the corner of my eye I notice that you just finished, so it proves it can be done.

So the significance of the dream is, you might say, it has this quality of being able to note, feel, and hopefully let go. Those are like challenges for stillness to be there. However, if one is caught on the breath, in terms of some intensity, or rigidity, or righteousness, that stuns the overall oneness from mirroring out of the heart. Thus, stillness is lost.

When shut off from the stillness, you then get caught up in having to endure reflective patterns that accentuate a quality of hopelessness and bewilderment. So, in other words, you’re caught on the journey, some aspect within the journey – it’s on the breath.

This dream and meditation somewhat redeemed me from most, but not all, of the anguish associated with not fully adhering to the stillness of it all. I must walk through the door, so to speak, or not. That is my choice, it seems, at this point. 

In other words, I can tell how much I’ve been pulled out of this quality that I fell so deep in, but I can easily see myself go back into it again, too. It’s almost like I reserve the right to be outrageous, outrageously reckless. Or thus to repeat and repeat the same old patterns still holding me back – which are dumb and demeaning. So it’s almost like this is resulting in a type of seeing that is much like: what shall it be?

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