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creating-matter-from-lightIt’s important for the universe that humans be born into physical bodies, because we are designed to act as agents of the purposes of creation. As part of that role, we are able to connect to higher energies and bring them through, from the energy worlds into the physical world. What that process can look like is when a new idea comes to someone and they create something never seen before. We know we are all capable of that. But what unites us with higher purpose is when we do such processes on behalf of creation, rather than for the betterment of ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next little dream, it’s like I’ve gone and I’ve taken an exam, and I’ve left, but we’re coming back to get our scores. And the teacher says something about the fact that there might have been something wrong with my exam. There was a question about it that the person who scored the exam had.

They send the exams off to be scored, and she wasn’t sure what the outcome was. So I have a little trepidation, and then she hands me my exam and I see that the problem with the exam was that I had shown that when I did the session, from which we answered the questions, that I have recorded it. So I had a recorder attached to the material and, apparently, that was not common.

So they weren’t sure if I was going to have to retake the exam or whatever, but whoever scored it on the other end decided that was okay and gave me an A+. It just wasn’t the usual way it’s done.

John: So now you created an image that responded, that’s in response, to what was awkward about the prior dream. In other words, in this dream, you have both parts again.

You have the part that has to take and go through the motions of things, that’s in the outer, that gets caught in whatever it observes in the outer and, you know, it is having to untwine, and take a test, and go through all of that.

And then you have the part that gets it, that recognizes that underneath this fabric of an outer is a vibration or something, a spirit energy force, that you cannot put down necessarily in words, that’s imbedded as if it’s recorded. And it permeates throughout the space as the innerness behind it all – and you have accessed that.

In other words, that’s what’s meant by the recording. And so when you have that, there’s no way you can be denied entrance. In other words, this is what it takes to go through the door, is you have to have access to this energetic. It’s a sensation of going through a corridor, or through a door. That’s the sensation way of saying it, you know, as if you’re coming from this state of perdition into a whole new world of spirit energy.

However, even though it can be said as having that kind of a directional effect, you can also relate it as having the opposite directional effect. It’s one and the same, it’s just another way of saying it because you have the in-breath and the out-breath, and it takes the two of them to make a whole. So you can do it with the in-breath or the out-breath way of portraying it.

You’re also bringing something through, in need of bringing something through. In other words, in terms of it working from top down instead of going through the door, which means you’ve gotten it, that’s almost like missing a beat there in terms of the top down. What awakens from the top down is the sight of what is meaningful, in other words, about the tax, about the way things are, they just are the way they are. You don’t have to explain it or make it into something. You can let it be as that.

In the consciousness is the awakened process, that fish represent a symbolism of consciousness, so within the flow is the consciousness. And so you’re second dream kind of takes and builds off of the first dream.

What was that final punch line in the second dream?

Jeane: Oh, I got an A+.

John: Yeah, you got an A+ because you recognize the spirit energy behind it all. And so how can they judge you in terms of appearances, because you went behind it all? You were in sync with the flow, the spirit energy flow coming into matter that changed the world.

So, to begin with, in the first dream you were taken in to an involvement and a shaping process of which at a real, real deep depth you’re shaping it, but you hadn’t awakened and caught up with it. And so everything was like a bit strange to you in terms of how do you compute the tax to this? There was some other little thing there that you were supposed to be able to understand and you couldn’t understand it. You couldn’t see.

The fish looked like piranha to you, as opposed to an awakened consciousness, and so it’s kind of like you’re out of place, but you don’t fit in manifestation per se, you know, in its dense way, because you recognize that there’s more to just the skin of things, or the reflection of things. You have seen something that goes beyond skin deep.

And so the first dream portrays the outer overall feminine characteristic as it exists in a state of connection, but not knowingness. And the next dream portrays how there is suddenly the access to the knowingness of the spirit energy, as it exists behind matter, so that when you are responding in matter you’re actually responding, you’re actually bringing through the spirit energy that is intended.

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spiritual_heartOur systems, as we have been designed, are meant to be sympatico with the ways and means of all of creation. And it is the most natural part of us – if we don’t let our cultural clutter completely disconnect us from these natural processes. And, even more importantly, it has nothing to do with any person’s “understandings” or “interpretations” of what the universe wants from us, it is only whether we energetically resonate (create an energetic match) with the purposes of creation. The universe will know when that happens, and so will our systems: we will feel it in the heart. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream that I had early in the night it feels like there’s a teacher who’s teaching a group of us. I feel like we’re all young women, you know, there are three or four of us. Then he gives us an exam, like we’re schoolgirls, you know, and when we do the written exam it feels like it’s important how we wrote it down, and whether we remember the right order that you do things.

None of us really get it perfect because he kind of goes over with us whether we remembered to put something in or not. It’s almost like you feel like you did some of the exam right, but you feel like you never really get it exactly right.

And that’s all I remember of the first because he questions you about it. That’s all I remember of the earliest dream.

John: So if you were to take this as an exam into the inner world of your being, what would that look like? Well, it’d be like having to hold a space, and being in a position of having to be trained, or finding yourself under a process in which you’re compelled to hold that space.

And it’s like a training, and it’s like an exam, because there’s always more to being able to maintain what it is that is meant to be natural for you. But you don’t know the naturalness, and so you’re having to have a teacher who is constantly training and examining as you become more and more capable of handling this greater part of who it is that you are –  that has gotten askew in terms of reflective outer waywardness.

But that, of course, is taking a dream that appears to have outer imagery and turning it around in terms of what it would look like, if seen from within.

Jeane: Then it feels like towards morning I have a dream where I’ve been traveling, and I’m coming back, and I’m traveling with some others. It feels like there’s a guy and a couple young women and we’re all fairly… you know, we all feel like we’re in our 20s or so.

And when we get back closer to home I have the impression that it’s not just going to be me and this one woman and maybe the guy, that there’s actually going to be someone else we invite in to be with us. And I have an impression that it’s going to be a certain young woman, and that she may even have a child, and then she’ll be living with us.

And there may be somebody else, too, that he might not be quite as happy about because when I’m standing outside my folks’ house I’m also phoning someone on the line, some guy, and I’m going to meet him. And it’s like I’m trying to sort out who all is going to be living there, and actually where we’ll be living.

It might not be where we were living, and we might be changing the constellation, in the sense of who all will be living together.

And it feels like right after that dream, I have this image of where I’ve walked down a corridor and I’m reading a sign, and it’s a bright yellow sign with black writing on it, but I can’t remember what the writing said. I just remember mostly the color.

John: The thing that you’re doing in this dream, again you have to apply it to an innerness, is that you’re having to maintain, in an overallness of your being, variables that take in a greater and greater aspect of the whole, which is the same thing as putting more and more and more of the pieces of yourself back into your heart.

And the ability to open up, or to be opened, so that that happens. In other words, to come back to that part of yourself enables you to be on a type of innerness path in which unfolds it’s actually beyond your comprehension. It’s not something that you can put your finger on because you have reached a point of access inside of yourself for this to naturally be.

And when you actually get like that, you’re also in a type of freedom in that you don’t need to know the particularities. You don’t need to have a sense of the particularities. You just have to have an appreciation of the state of overall continuity that you’re able to embrace and embody as the greater you, or as the individual soul having caught up with the world’s soul, and all that there is in that.

But the dream only shows this as a process that’s building, in that you’re coming home to more and more parts of yourself. I mean you don’t automatically jump to the part of taking in everything in the overallness of all of life. But to be able to let things come in, and to be able to go into a non-personal side of yourself, who knows how far you can travel in this form of innerness.

And so the way this fits with the first dream is that you have to be trained and tested and aligned first, and that is something that occurs… actually, it can occur quite shockingly, and even painfully, because you can’t take the exam, on the inner plane level, if you have an outer plane or outer reflective series of identifications. And to the degree to which you still hold onto outer reflections is the degree to which you’re going to be hurting your heart, or your heart’s going to be suffering because it’s going to be trying to maintain the validity of those outer reflections.

And when the heart suffers because of its attempt to hold onto the validity of those outer reflections, then you will no longer be able to do what you did in the second dream, which is to be able to put more and more things inside your heart. And if you can’t put things inside your heart, it’s because then you lose this quality of container magic that is able to help be in a position to facilitate what is able to come through.

You can’t do that if you have prerogatives. And this is a path… the path that we’re on is a path in which the heart has to suffer, or be purged, of those personal qualifications that we hold onto as valid. And what your dreams are doing is they’re taking you to a point to show that everything becomes so different when you’re actually able to do this.

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