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Gabriel Isak

Gabriel Isak

If we are part of a oneness, then we are responsible for what we create energetically – because it will ultimately affect the whole. So it is within us – we can’t ignore aspects and behaviors that have an effect on our lives. That’s not to say we have to resolve everything – no, life’s too short for that. But we do have to face the good and the bad in us with clarity so that the veils avoidance creates can be lifted. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My meditation dream was kind of chaotic, in that it’s kind of setting the sequence to something that needs to unfold. Or unfold in terms of a greater whole, or at least there’s some part of that involvement that affects me in some way, in order to break something free, in order to gain a closer and deeper connectivity to myself – instead of something that’s suppressed.

And so the dream works off of kind of like a scenario, in which in Nevada the owner of a high-rise condo keeps paying for the same land over and over again, and that there is no equalization with the adjoining subdivision land parcels in the area.

And this phenomenon only exists for high rise residential usage. It is not unusual for this approach to cause the land to appear to be worth thirty times more than other properties, which are used for commercial instead of residential.

And the meaning of this kind of thing that was reverbing inside of me, is the dream is trying to communicate why this is a practice that is discriminatory. And so, to show how this is more discriminatory, I had the following dream image.

I know that this practice in Nevada is enabling the powers-to-be to use the residential to subsidize the taxes of the commercial. The significance of the dream is to see if I am able to hold a presence and not dissipate the power by being overly indulgent and righteous about what is occurring.

Had I been able to pull this off, I would have created a recording. In other words, a recording that would have been complete, in and of itself, that would have been more convincing in terms of exposing this imbalance. As it is, even though there are inequities in my mannerism, it could still probably be clipped and whatnot, and so that for all intents and purposes, the overall effect can still be made known in a convincing manner.

So this dream, of course, is about something much more than just that. That’s just the awkwardness to which I seem to be fumbling about and struggling in terms of meditating now, as opposed to actually dreaming where things are coming more alive and are deeper in the dreaming.

And that’s shown in that in this dream, I travel to a program that a teacher is holding. As I get there, I meet up with a number of friends. Prior to walking over to where the program is going to be held, I talk my friends into going with me to visit a building I own in the area.

It’s actually an abandoned building. It may have been like a house, but it’s kind of more like a shed or something. It doesn’t have an ordinary door. It had kind of a half-door that opens. And I had heard rumors that when you do not take care of that which you own, the place falls apart.

So, as I open the small doorway, I see a number of small mice. Now, more about this house. It had lost its viability as a place to live in long ago. And before it was permanently abandoned, it was used to store feed grain. So, I’m not surprised to see a few mice because maybe there’s some kernels of grain, or whatever, to get to.

But then, as I try to look further back, I suddenly see huge, bloated rats that are feeding in such a frenzy. In other words, all I could see is their heads are down and their bodies are up. They’re not paying any attention to me. My presence doesn’t seem to even disturb them. They’re wall-to-wall over this entire back area, hundreds of them. There isn’t a single open space. They’re everywhere.

This spot that I’m looking at back there must have been where the feed grain had gotten piled. And over time, the feed grain, from neglect, fermented and soured, and is now intoxicatingly feeding hundreds of delirious, ravenous rats. This is such an unusual sight, I challenge those that I am with to take a look, because seeing is believing. You know what happens when you don’t take responsibility.

So, the meaning is, and this is interesting this first statement: I feel in my body, as a precursor sensation to a disgusting image, what it is like to have abandoned a situation. I just feel it in my body and then I create this image, of seeing the rats. Or, as I put it, I create the following symbolic image, of which the net effect of not taking a responsibility for what I house, or have, is a disgusting unconsciousness.

The place being full of rats dramatizes the indulgent sensationalism. When conditions get to that degree, the human tendency is to shut the door and move my attention elsewhere. To do so, is to create an anesthetized suppression inside yourself or an amnesia. In other words, you’re veiling out unsettling images and thoughts, to seek out glorified conditions. Firstly, I’m at this program. It’s much nicer to go to the program.

Unless this approach, or as long as this approach veils and has abandoned conditions and defense mechanisms, I’m treated to life in a kind of abnormal distraction. Under this approach, the door is closed, the process stops, the idea that it is okay to leave the issue to someone else to contend, tends to then become the norm of this kind of avoidance. A norm in which only the surface is skinned, because then things veil in terms of the depth of being able to understand things, because you’re not facing them.

Because the norm that you’re taking on is an irresponsible, or an irresponsibility in which you don’t take responsibility for what was abandoned long ago. And so it’s going to take a lot, but the only way I am going to come out of a trance—as I said above, seeing was believing—as an affirmation of that which I feel in my body, is I have to flush out this precursor sensation that I carry, that has led to the disgusting image of rats all over the place, lost in their world and ambivalently drunken.

In other words, you carry a sense of something that’s haywire. And if you carry it and carry it long enough, and you don’t confront it, it creates a rat-like condition. And then they get like that because you’re putting your attention on something that looks better and seems better, and then that other just stays and festers.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Veiled Approach

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John: The way my dream went it felt like a part of me that needed to be returned, hadn’t been returned because I’d gone missing. When I return, if I can be brought out of my amnesia state – so that I recognize that I am me – then it can be given back.

My dream starts off in a room where there’s a shadow of a person sitting there in a state of suspended animation. There’s a container off to one side that carries something that’s incomplete. For the longest time I don’t know why it’s incomplete, I just know that something doesn’t feel right.

One day, news comes that a person needs to come to the room because there’s something in there for them. When that person arrives, a huge feeling of relief occurs when the object that’s in the container is suddenly turned over to them. It changes the dynamic dramatically.

However, there’s one caveat and the caveat is that, now that the object has been returned, I can’t have a casualness that causes me to lose sight of my surroundings because, if I do, a camel can just sneak up behind me and lay down on me – as if I’m a pillow! Under no conditions can I ever, ever let that happen.

I know this caveat, yet somehow I’ve forgotten it. I’m in the room, thinking I’m all alone even though I know that’s not the case. I’m not looking around very well, but I notice that I picked up three or four white hairs on the soles of my feet from having walked around the room.

While I’m sitting pondering what that means at some very deep level, there’s just enough time to catch me off guard and, coming up from behind is a great big, white camel. Before I know it, this huge smelly camel lies right down on top of me. I have no idea how I can possibly move. But, of course, in that moment it becomes totally clear to me that, under no circumstances, do I ever let something like this happen.

It’s as if the consequences of the first part of the dream lead to this event, and now I have to deal with an even greater complexity, or problem. This circumstance happens as a vibrational energetic; it’s invisible, i.e., I can feel the weight of the camel even though I can’t see it.

In trying to understand this, I go through a process of “What’s going on?,” during which, for the longest time, I feel a sensation of uneasiness.

So what happened? That which needed to be returned to its rightful place was in the room, but the connective energy was dormant in the container. That created some sort of waiting and feeling of suspense. Then a person (a part of me) arrives at the room and the energy is returned, lifting a huge burden of responsibility; that which was held for safekeeping could be set free, returned to where it belongs.

Yet this freedom carries with it a reminder, which is that a focus must be maintained. We have to hold and carry what’s presented to us in such a way so that it doesn’t create another (invisible) weight, causing us to become unintelligent in a whole new way, as seen in the burden taken on after this shift (the camel).

The dream is saying that some disconnected part of me has found it’s home again, causing a completeness, or an end to the separation. Yet it also offers the warning that a lightness can exist, and a laziness can exist. The sense of completion, in other words, can set off another kind of amnesia, where we don’t pay attention to something that can sweep down upon us, unconsciously.

The completeness opens me up, but to what? Openness can be like a fishing net, where you don’t always know what you’ll catch. So a responsibility is required, and a vigilance. The point is, that which is intended and comes to pass mustn’t have the collateral effect of setting in motion some other complexity, because that complexity is of such an unconscious (invisible) nature that I could lose focus and find myself consumed by it.

The mystery to be resolved then, is how is it possible for me to return to who I’m meant to be and, in so doing, find in that return something that’s able to awaken? What awakens carries with it a presence and knowingness that I’m supposed to maintain. The only good thing to say about the burden I find myself under is that it has a sense of humor, because it’s a big white camel just sitting on me.

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John: In this dream, I’ve returned, as an adult, to the creek I used to fish in as young boy. Back then I used to take my bike out and ride to the creek where I would catch these little six-inch fish and bring them back home.

I just did it just for the fun of catching the fish and being by myself on the creek. I didn’t really like eating the fish; it was just the process of doing it and having a flow for myself. So this dream has a nostalgic feel to it. It’s a like a vibrational relinkage to something I used to really enjoy, and an opportunity to see how I relate to those memories now.

The image has me revisiting this place from my childhood. I’m going up along the creek to visit all the old fishing holes. I’m at the upper part of the creek where, essentially, my venture is complete because I’ve reached the upper range where it’s possible to fish.

The fish from this creek come up from a millpond, so the creek becomes smaller and smaller and the fish only travel so far up. I’m sitting down at this spot; I’ve taken off my shoes and I’m laying back, almost in an interlude before I get up and head back.

Then I hear in the distance a couple of kids coming along. I realize they’re going to come all the way up to where I am. I quickly put my shoes back on.

I feel like I’ve done my best to soak up the ambiance of the past, but of course, things have changed. I’m no longer a kid and I don’t quite experience it in the same innocent way. I have barely gotten my shoes on when the kids arrive. I greet them and find out that they’re from Brazil.

The dream then shifts. In the next scene I see myself being ushered into some sort of ceremony that involves the United States. Apparently the United States is recognizing me as some sort of organized body; it’s like I’m being accepted into a League of Nations or something like that.

I’m not really sure what this is all about, other than the United States is going through the motions of an initiation, and that I’m there on behalf of Brazil. The sensation I have is that I’m the heart and soul of Brazil.

I’m hastening to get ready because this ceremony is already in progress. There’s a swearing of allegiance process and, before the final act, I have to push a tube into the crown of my head. It’s a round cylinder, and this part completes the process and the linkage. Once this has been done, everything is recognized as official.

What this dream is portraying is that there’s a vibrational connection lying dormant in me. Through the imagery, and the memory-feeling, of where I used to fish as a boy, this vibrational energy is rekindled and brought to the surface.

The process indicates that I have reached a point where I can appreciate this connective linkage. It also shows, through the second part, that I’ve now agreed to carry forward those early connections and take on a higher responsibility of service for a greater whole.

It’s interesting because the first image is a very personal memory, and in the second image what I carry with me is being recognized and acknowledged on the stage of global affairs. This is so similar to your dream yesterday (see A Type of Magic) in that you began by feeling unsure of your connection to the vibrational essence represented by belly dancing, i.e., you needed practice.

Then in the second part of your dream, you had grown in your ability to hold that essence and had begun to exude it outwardly in a way that could positively affect others. So we both transformed the personal into the universal, which shows an ability to take responsibility for what we radiate into the world, and bring energies into life as a service to creation.

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